This page provides quick links to pages that I think need attention but haven't the time to fix or tag appropriately.

Potential VfDsEdit

Urgent maintenance problemsEdit

  • WQ:VFDA no longer works well; must change system, preferably toward (not necessarily into) Wikipedia system.
    • Phase 1: Convert WQ:VFDA to WP-like log system.
      • Step 1.1: Implement a WP-like Wikiquote:Votes for deletion/Log. Done.
      • Step 1.2: Convert all old archives into new logs. In process.
      • Step 1.3: Update policy and documentation to reflect new system. In process.
      • Step 1.4 (optional): Use this excuse to finish restoring missing links in ancient VFDA headings. In process.
    • Phase 2: Move page titles toward WP structure.
      • NOTE: Should probably be delayed while more urgent WQ:SD update is completed.
      • Step 2.1: Decide whether to retain "Votes for" or change to "Pages for".
        • Rationale: Full WP "XfD" system still probably unwise, but "Votes" gives misleading impression of process.
      • Step 2.2: Move all archived entries to "Wikiquote:[Pages|Votes] for deletion/PAGENAME".
      • Step 2.3: Update policy and documentation to reflect new page names and structures.
    • Phase 3: Switch to WP system of nominate using subpages.
      • Needs more investigation, as WP system has a high learning curve and may take some work and maintenance to ensure it works.
      • NOTE: Should probably be delayed while more urgent WQ:SD update is completed.
  • New Wikiquote:Speedy deletions: unresolved issues to raise
    • What should our policy be on notable subject with totally inane and invariably unsourced quotes (common with video games and wrestlers, to name 2 major class offenders)?
  • Category:Articles needing source cleanup - use {{Source cleanup}} to collect articles whose sources are not explicit and detailed (i.e., bare links, inaccurate titles, news/TV without dates or pages, etc.); might also want to use to convert excessive use of footnoting to standard source-line format
  • Template:Quoteworthy — use to tag general problem of large numbers of quotes that aren't original or pithy
    • Probably would frequently accompany a {{Checkcopyright}} tag because this is a very common problem with TV-show articles, where folks paste large tracts of unoriginal dialogue in order to describe scenes and plots instead of to cite excellent, original lines


Interproject standardizationEdit

  • Move Zorro, The Gay Blade to Zorro, the Gay Blade & fix redirects on both WP & WQ
  • Wikiquote:Template — currently redir to Wikiquote:Templates, but some WQ-useful loan templates from WP expect PROJECT:Template to explain MediaWiki templates, not Wikiquote article boilerplate
  • {{Unreferenced}}, {{Fact}} — untangle & fix preliminary attempts to bring these over from WP
  • Copy over more sophisticated "cite" templates and their supporting templates
  • Templates: Add unofficial but common use of "categories=no" parameter for selective suppression of inclusion in categories (e.g, for help/instruction pages that provide an example of what the template looks like)
  • Copy useful tweaks to project CSS/JS files
    • Table "collapsable" feature

Quote of the dayEdit

  • Uplink to Qotd/(month), previous- and next-day links for each month-date article
  • WP-style calendar navigation
  • How to address global problem WP date article errors, often in protected anniversary templates
  • RSS feed for QotD?
  • Should have event dates on month-date pages, just like WP
    • WQ-only links would make clear which people could be used for birth/death/anniversary quotes
    • Would require at least informal periodic synchronization
    • Still need to address WP month-date article errors
    • Might use same idea to list birth/death/anniversary dates for year articles, solving that problem as well
    • Consider Fys's year pages; e.g., Wikiquote:Year pages/1921



  • Wikiquote:Templates & subpages are ancient and seriously deficient, especially on sourcing guidelines
  • Poem extension
    • <poem> is implemented as <div class="poem">
    • If placed inside, poem's div is inexplicably treated as an empty element
    • Q: why not implement it as <span class="poem">? That'd be more flexible.


  • Create list/discussion page for brainstorming & analyzing exactly what the world wants from quotes, and what Wikiquote can and can't provide and why.
    • Consider future possibilities not incompatible with Wikimedia Foundation goals and restrictions.
  • Create Wikiquote:Most common Wikiquote faux pas per Wikiquote:Policies and guidelines and Wikiquote:Welcome, newcomers. We really need this!
  • Stemming the apostrophe plague: find or rewrite concise guideline to stop apostrophe addition to anything that ends in "s", whether for plurals, possessives, contractions, numbers, or acronyms, for both nouns or pronouns).
  • EricBaumansucks (talk · contributions) — used to create Eric Bauman attack page; should this username be blocked?
  • Can templates be used to format poetry & lyrics? (e.g., {{poem | line1 | line2 | ... | lineX}}
  • Can Semantic MediaWiki project help us with atomic quote collection and display?