These are all things that have been written or thought of in my head, as the characters I create progress through their respective stories. I'll use this page to put up things that I feel make a statement and if necessary will include a short explanation behind each one so that the meaning is understood completely.

"Let's fight together today to save those who are not yet born from the problems that they, hopefully, will never have to experience first hand" -Nei-eliah

"The worst type of outlook to have, well that is pretty easy, a realistic one. The realist sits by content with what is, with the injustices in the world. They see all of the evil but because that is what they believe is and will always be, they do not even attempt to do anything to stop it. The optimist tries to help others and make the world into what he knows it can be, to make it a better place, the pessimist knows and sees what can really go wrong and works to keep the bad from getting worse to minimize the damage" -Sottirek

"That was pathetic, I used to think that he was a good player. He really played it very well but the fact that he would end his game on his own like that, I'm disappointed in him" -Elias, the statement was made in response to the suicide of his fellow serial criminal, Nate Belmont. Although he seems sincere in being disappointed, he is a well-known sociopath who has killed many people in his career as a serial killer/bomber, so it is hard to take the statement at face value.