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w:Haltlose personality disorder, also termed Unstable Psychopathy, is a disorder that involves short-sighted selfishness, irresponsible hedonism and an inability to anchor oneself to a future or past.


  • It is not possible to send Wolf as an apprentice...he would end up in prison if I let him go into the world, with his lack of morality, and that is something I cannot do.", Max Scheler, speaking about his Haltlose son who eventually died in a concentration camp.[1]
  • "Even a man of God naturally encounters...those whose minds live in other, very distant, realms. Privately I would call them dangerous lunatics and haltlose psychopaths. Thanks to w:de-institutionalization and open cellphone networks, all of these troubled people can be found uncontrolled out on the street, and when it is summer they are naked or as near to it as possible...one cannot avoid appreciating other cultures in which there is a strict requirement of veiling."|Fr. Michael Hass, 2009.[2]


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