About me

Hi! I'm Guillaume Paumier, a French Wikimedian mainly active on the French-language Wikipedia, Commons and meta.

I completed my Ph.D. in the field of labs-on-chips and microfluidics for analytical chemistry in November 2008. I have a particular interest for science outreach and photography; you may have come across some of my photos.

I've been serving the Wikimedia community as a volunteer since 2005 in almost every possible role, from writing Wikipedia articles to giving presentations, doing crosswiki service work, helping small wikis deal with vandalism, creating documents, operating a bot, organizing events, translating texts and software, administering the French Wikimedia chapter, co-authoring a book on Wikipedia, and co-leading the Volunteer response team.

These days, my activities mostly focus on taking pictures for Wikimedia.

My work

I am currently working for the Wikimedia Foundation as a Senior Analyst. Before that, I worked as Product Manager for the Multimedia usability project (2009–2010) and as Technical Communications Manager (2011–2014).

Mandatory legal disclaimer: "I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation."


I'm also guilty of creating Wikipedia-themed versions of a few Internet memes: