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Bigdelboy, Djm-mobile, DeirgeBot, Djm-leighpark.
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Is as Contae Shligigh Theas mo shinsir Éireannacha. Chaith mé go leor ama ann nuair a bhí mé óg. Chuidigh mo sheanmháthair, nach maireann, i scoil sular ceapadh ina bean chéile feirmeora í. Mhúin sí beagán den Ghaeilge dom nuair a bhí mé óg. Ba ghnách le mo mháthair nach maireann a cuid uimhríochta ar fad a dhéanamh as Gaeilge! Tá malairt ainmneacha agam ar Djm-leighpark, Djm-mobile & bigdelboy. Féach anseo freisin (see also here for the background to these alternate accounts).

Tú dána

— Cailíní éagsúla Éireannacha, Briathartha


"Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga" a bhí sa chuntas seo roimhe seo. D’athraigh an cuntas go "DeirgeDel" ar nó thart ar 15 Feabhra, 2023.

Go dtuga an bóthar duit bualadh leat. Go raibh an ghaoth i gcónaí ar do dhroim. Go lasadh an ghrian te ar d'aghaidh; beidh an bháisteach ag titim go bog ar do pháirceanna agus buailfimid le chéile arís, go gcoimeádfadh Dia tú i dtearmann a láimhe.

This account was previously "Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga". The account changed to "DeirgeDel" on or about February 15, 2023.

  • Since around that time is this my main account everywhere except on the English Wikipedia
  • I have alt. accounts of Djm-leighpark, Djm-mobile, DeirgeBot & bigdelboy.

  • It is been determined I may have a COI with the RPSI but many would argue I have no such COI whatsoever.
  • COI with regards to the Dublin LUAS in respect of a hoax free ticketing campaign and the journalist behind that hoax.

UPDATE: 21 FEBRUARY 2023 & 9 MAY 2023: (Level DRAFT)

I have taken the decision by account Djm-leighpark will be abandoned and articles/pages previously edited by Djm-leighpark will henceforth be edited by DeirgeDel.

  • DeirgeDel will henceforth be my main account.
  • There is some ambiguity and risks on the English Wikipedia due to Djm-leighpark possibly having to remain main account on that Wiki as I am indefinitely blocked here.
  • DeirgeDel (or per its previous name Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga) was originally created due to a sock/anon IP gravedance on by English Wikipedia account that was not adequately addressed and so I could edit gaWP without being disturbed by alerts from another Wiki. In practice I now know I could have turned off article alerts to achieve the desired effects; I didn't know that at the time.
  • One todo idea on the Gaelic Wikipedia was to bring/expand w:en:Bibliography of Irish rail transport to gaWP. Thst really didn't happen as planned but morphed into a private spreadsheet tool "Egg" that assists loading book editions to wikidata in a "cite Q" compatible format, with special emphasis wheere those books are publicly available or borrowable from Internet Archive. (I've intended to replace the "egg" tool with a "Chicken" tool in python as Egg is a dead end; though Chicken is on the back burner. I've actually become relatively adept at load book editions through the Wikidata User interface to the extent I'm as fast on that as with "Egg" so I've abandoned "Egg" waiting for "Chicken"!). The idea at the time is Deirge would be used where Irish Language was required on Wikidata items and Djm-leighpark would handle non-Irish situations. Similarly on Commons Deirge began to handle images with a Irish connection or using Gaelic Language. One aspect of conflict I became aware of was that I about to load images from both Deirge and Djm-leighpark to monumental as part of WLM 2022 and I made a special request to not be considered for prizes from that competition for that reason (albeit I don't think any of my photos were good enough). This is a potted history and while the gist of it is soundish details may be inadequate.
  • The username has caused one or issues mainly related when taking pictures for commons when I would prefer a little soft anonymity. It's while the flickr account I (now) use was set up under the Deirge monicker; that account sometimes being used to pre-stage images for commons.
  • I had become aware for some time of increasing potential issues from my use of both Deirge & Djm-leighpark on Wikidata and Commons while not abusive could become an issue if an issue arose; and had already made the decision that if only one was to continue if would be DeirgeDel for reasons stated here or otherwise. Recent needs to create Phabricator and Github accounts have reinforced the issue.
  • A number of events occurring in mid-February 2023 which have changed the situation from January 2023 and made it prudent for me desist using both DeirgeDel and Djm-leighpark and has led me to determine use DeirgeDel as my main account and for practical purposes abandon cease use of Djm-leighpark. It is probable this will be seen as enWP block evasation and enUTRS block and possible some email filter evasion as some so I want to be very open about it. Its also not a "Clean Start". DeirgeDel takes responsibility for Djm-leighpark's action. I am convinced it is a good time to reset and ensure future communications are with DeirgeDel.
  • Please note I have had a request go global rename Djm-leighpark to Djm-XXXXX to anonymise location. (I'm not disclosing XXXXX although it was not relevant to the refusal to rename - what was relevant to the refusal to rename was my active indef block on enWP which I had disclosed as part of that request and while not what I had hoped for was something I accept. There were/are some particular reason(s) for that rename request that I have given on emails to oversighters but they have been unwilling to take actions to sanction that request which I accept).
  • I apologise for any issues that this may cause people.

This account (or rather the talk page) is also the contact point for Bot account DeirgeBot

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