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Constantinos Pouyioukkas

Joined 31 December 2010


So, in this case, change your attitude and change your state of mind and in the end, everything will be alright.

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-13 Jan. 2016/1056PM

Never grow upEdit

Secret to a happy life - never and I insist, never grow up

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-22 March.2015/1001PM


Miracles happen my friend when you don't expect anything..

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-22 Feb.2015/1151PM

No titleEdit

For them its all about the money, but little do they know its all about the science

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-22 Feb.2015/0258PM


Continue breaking me apart, I feel more alive in pieces

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-28 Jan.2014/0621PM


Darkness taking over gradually, consuming skies... There is no light that can escape this abyss of darkness...

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-10 Jan.2014/1221AM


I didn't have the need to change who I am for other people to accept me. I had the need to change for me to accept who I will become...

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-16 Dec.2013/0656PM

Being youEdit

Its all about being you, believeing in you will bring the most of you, no matter what others believe!

-Constantinos Pouyioukka-06 Dec.2013/0313AM


Συμβάλλω και ακολουθώ τα δρόμενα της εποχής χωρίς να ξεχνώ τα χαμένα ιδανικά του παρελθόντος!!

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-06 Aug.2013/0703PM/+2GMT-


There are too many women out there, only few though know how to behave like real ladies!

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-22 Feb.2013/0200PM

Being strongEdit

In order to be strong, you have to be sensitive and take the hits with all your inner self. You'll make it through at the end having only in mind that after a storm definitely a rainbow will rise!

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-13 Feb.2013/0224AM


Although I sit here all day, my mind travels to infinity and back trying to find solutions to all my problems...

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-02 Jan.2011/0351PM/+2GMT-


Life is just a fine prologue of what's coming next...

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-01 Jan. 2011/0501PM/+2GMT-

Without youEdit

Even if the world is so "warm" to me, I still feel like a cold iceberg stuck in the middle of nowhere without you by my side...

- Constantinos Pouyioukkas -01 Jan. 2011/04:30AM/+2GMT-

Our Lives...Edit

After 23 hours of continuous sleep I realised that hours and days in general terms of time, pass like the water that flows in a stream ...But when that stream dries up the water-time stops... That's how our lives "work" in manners of time.. Time Never stops though, the only thing that stops is the time-line of our lives...We are just like a stream...When we dry up the only thing that stays behind are memories that show,someone or something, somewere, excisted and now its over..

- Constantinos Pouyioukkas -31 Dec. 2010/09:19PM-

Key to SuccessEdit

You hold the key to your success.. nobody else except from you...

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas -26 May 2010/11:37AM/+2GMT-