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This is ChasingFeather's userpage. You may call her whatever you like, but she would prefer that you call her Feather. She will be lurking around and making edits occasionally but mostly spends her time on Flight Rising and Discord. If you would like to friend her on Flight Rising, she asks that you please interact with her first, as she does not friend people who she does not know! Her username on Flight Rising is ChasingFeathers.

Hello! Just like my introduction said above, I'm ChasingFeathers! I am a teen who is currently living in the United States where it's mostly warm and the weather is weird. Below are a few things about me:

1. I love animals, drawing, and photography.

2. My favorite animal is the cat. I also like birds.

3. I have a lot of bird knowledge, which is kind of weird, but true.

4. I am an avid NASCAR fan whose favorite drivers are Chase Elliot and Landon Cassill.

5. If you would like to chat with me, please send me a private message on Flight Rising.

6. I will NOT share my Discord username unless I have spoken to you before, because I like my privacy.

7. I'm pretty new to editing on Wikipedia, so I'll probably be mostly stumbling around confusedly in the dark until I can get a better grasp on this thing called editing.

8. You'll probably mostly see me fixing grammatical errors or minor problems. If you see any articles that have a bunch of typos, grammatical errors, or just small things that need to be added/changed, please let me know!

NOTICE: I would like some help with organizing my user page, so if anyone could help me with that, please let me know! :)