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About meEdit

I am a 20 year old third year student at McGill University in Montreal studying Political Science (Canadian Gov't) and Jewish Studies. I currently work with the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students as well as a number of other student advocacy and student government groups.

Teaching is my guilty pleasure, be it teaching swimming, youth activism seminars, or Jewish history classes for kids. I also enjoy working at the Williams-Sonoma Canadian Flagship store in Toronto.

I am an avid follower of politics and am currently a supporter of the Liberal Party, though that may change quickly depending on the outcome of the leadership race.

Wiki interestsEdit

My first edit to the English Wikipedia was on October 31, 2005 and it remains the main focus of my efforts in the Wikisphere. I joined Wikiquote on 25 November 2006 and hope to be able to contribute positively to its development.