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I'm Benn, I'm a Democrat, a hopeless packrat and a glutton for quotes, minutiae and trivia.

I'm also on Wikipedia, Wikispecies, Wiktionary and Wikisource. I am an Aspie.

I will never list negative editing here, just what I've contributed to the content of the site.

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  • Simon Hoggart
  • Boys Crusade
    • p. xv "Historian Modris..."
    • p. 8-10 "And these young..."
    • p. 10-11 "Adolescent fervor..."
    • p. 11-12 "In May 1945..."
    • p. 18 "When the boy..."
    • p. 19 "Over/under"
    • p. 23 "They are not soldiers in the..."
    • p. 23 "Ernie Pyle..."
    • p. 85 "He was innocently violating..."