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Who and what

View from Gaviota Peak, southeast into Santa Barbara Channel; I have called this area home for a while.

I've been a Wikipedia contributor since 2004, and an administrator there since 2005. More recently (but still rather long ago) I began contributing to Wikiquote, which is one of the smaller and friendlier of the Wikimedia projects, at least as it seems to me. I am also an administrator on Wikivoyage, and a curator on Wikiversity. My work on Wikiquote has been a mix of anti-vandalism and content addition. I'm planning on increasing the content work, but we'll see. Life has a way of laughing at you when you announce your plans.

This is a lovely project, and (as far as I can determine) one of the very best and most reliable quote sites on the internet. Others may have more quotes, but how reliable are they? Did Mark Twain really say that, or Abe Lincoln, or Jesus, or is it just another viral misattribution? Wikiquote usually gets it right.

I have a doctorate in music, but have studied a lot of other things -- science, literature, history, philosophy, and other stuff -- those interests may emerge in some form on this site as well.

Rather than bring in language boxes which are rather short on nuance, I'll just say that I can speak a bit of Spanish and German, but I can read most western European languages at least a little.

If I'm not around, I'm probably in the mountains, climbing something, or in a forest, looking at things, or with friends, or family, -- offline. There is life offline. Really. Online has its pleasures, but psychologically it's a little like running on battery power. Human beings did not evolve to interact at great distances without visual cues, and we have not yet, as a species, adapted fully to this strange turn of events. This is a deep and rich topic with lots of side doors to open; some people flourish online in ways they cannot in offline life. And the 2020 COVID pandemic has turbocharged this. Remember: if online stuff stresses you out, go for a walk. It's just a website.