Uni (mythology)

Etruscan goddess of love and marriage

Uni is the ancient goddess of marriage, fertility, family, and women in Etruscan religion and myth, and the patron goddess of Perugia. She is identified as the Etruscan equivalent of Juno in Roman mythology, and Hera in Greek mythology. As the supreme goddess of the Etruscan pantheon, she is part of the Etruscan trinity, an original precursor to the Capitoline Triad, made up of her husband Tinia, the god of the sky, and daughter Menrva, the goddess of wisdom.


Quotes about Uni

  • lrbt lʻštrt,
    ʼšr qdš ʼz, ʼš pʻl, wʼš ytn tbryʼ wlnš mlk ʻl kyšryʼ.
    byrḥ zbḥ šmš, bmtnʼ bbt, wbn tw.
    kʻštrt ʼrš bdy lmlky šnt šlš, byrḥ krr, bym qbr ʼlm
    wšnt lmʼš ʼlm bbty šnt km h kkb m ʼl.
    • To lady Ashtarot,
      This is the holy place, which was made, and which was given by Tiberius Velianas who reigns over the Caerites.
      During the month of the sacrifice to the Sun, as a gift in the temple, he built an aedicula.
      For Ashtarot raised him with Her hand to reign for three years from the month of Churvar, from the day of the burial of the divinity [onward].
      And the years of the statue of the divinity in the temple [shall be] as many years as the stars above.
      • Pyrgi Tablet KAI 277. The text records the foundation of a temple and its dedication to Uni, who is identified with Astarte in the Phoenician text. Transcription from Hildegard Temporini, Joseph Vogt, Wolfgang Haase. 1972. Aufsteig und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, vol. 2, part 25. P.201. Also, along with the original Phoenician letters, in Haarmann, Harald. 1996. Early Civilization and Literacy in Europe: An Inquiry into Cultural Continuity in the Mediterranean World. P.355
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