Transformers: Age of Extinction

2014 science fiction film directed by Michael Bay

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 2014 American science fiction/action film in the Transformers film series. With mankind now against the Autobots and forcing them into hiding, they must rise up once again and save the very world that is hunting them down from extinction. It is the fourth sequel to the Transformers film series. This movie was released in theaters June 27, 2014 in United States.

Directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg. Written by Ehren Kruger.

Cade Yeager edit

  • Come on, you old wreck. Judgment Day.
  • Oh, man. I am so gonna patent this shit.
  • Sweetie... hand me my alien gun (the civilian runs away.)

Harold Attinger edit

  • A new era has begun. And the age of the Transformers…is over.
  • It’s not their planet. Never was. Time we take it back.
  • [To Savoy after losing Optimus] You got your *** kicked by a garage inventor from Texas. That goes on your resume. [To other agents] Yeah, it goes on all of yours, too!

Joshua Joyce edit

  • We can make you now. Don’t you get it? We don’t need you anymore.
  • Let’s show these alien terrorist what an upgrade looks like.
  • [Laughing hysterically] I can’t… This is really happening. A man, me, who is worth over 20 billion dollars is now being chased by CIA assassins. That’s the truth. And in the middle of a robot uprising. And I’m carrying what is, in essence, a tactical nuke. And the great thing is I… The great thing is that I’m… I’m barely feeling any jet lag.

Lucas Flannery edit

  • Tess, I’m basically your uncle. Su casa es mi casa. And we’re going to lose the casa.
  • They said they were gonna bring a check! I didn’t know they were gonna send a death squad!
  • No f-ing way!

Optimus Prime edit

  • [From trailer] This is not war. It's human extinction.
  • Calling all Autobots! Calling all Autobots!
  • Humans have asked us to play by their rules. Well...the rules have just changed.
  • [To the Dinobots] Legendary warriors, the powers that created us now want us all extinguished. We must join forces, or else forever be their slaves. So today you stand with us…or you stand against me.
  • [To Grimlock] You defend my family, or die.
  • Honor to the end.
  • [Closing line] There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve. But who we are and why we are here are not among them. Those answers we carry inside. I am Optimus Prime, and this message is to my creators: Leave planet Earth alone. ‘Cause I’m coming…for you.

Hound edit

  • We’re the pathetic dirty foursome. And you make five.
  • It’s a bad idea. But I’m all about bad ideas! Let’s go!
  • [After being spit in the face by an alien creature] I'm hit! I'm down! I'm melting! It burns! Oh, I think it's acid!
  • Stay behind me, I'll cover you. If I stop covering you, that means I'm dead. But that ain't gonna happen.
  • I'm a wicked warrior robot!
  • I’m like a fat ballerina, who takes scalps and slits throats!
  • Got your fortune cookie!
  • Bad news Cade: I'm out of ammo, out of ideas!
  • Science fair's over, meatbags!

Lockdown edit

  • Autobots, Decepticons, like little children, always fighting, making a mess out of the universe and i have got to clean it up. There only one way you will survive. Tell me where he is hiding, where is Optimus Prime.
  • Uhm, never is here!
  • Every galaxy I’ve traveled, all you species are the same. You all think you’re the center of the universe. You have no idea.
  • Optimus Prime. Come... to me.
  • I feel sorry for you, Prime. Your allegiance to these humans. The trouble with loyalty to a cause is that the cause... will always betray you.
  • You think you were born? No, you were built. And your creators want you back.
  • You see my face, your life is done!

Tessa Yeager edit

There‘s a missile in the family room!

Bumblebee edit

[after seeing an advertisement for Stinger] -What the [BEEP]

[While feeding Strafe Stinger’s head] -I hate cheap knockoffs.-

Crosshairs edit

All right. We're gonna hold the line, then block the bridge!. - 

Megatron edit

We shall meet again, Prime, for I am reborn.

Dialogue edit

[After finding metal dinosaur remains in the Arctic]
Foreman: Well, what do you think?
Darcy Tirrel: I think history is about to change.

Tessa Yeager: A truck? Dad, please tell me you didn’t spend our money on this.
Lucas: Oh, no, don’t worry, he didn’t. He spent my money. A hundred and fifty bucks of it.
Cade Yeager: As an advance on your regular paycheck.
Lucas Flannery: What regular paycheck?

Tessa: A truck? Dad, please. You can’t keep spending money on junk just so you can turn it into different junk.
Cade: We do not use the "J" word in here.

Tessa: Dad, you think maybe some things should never be invented?
Cade: No, I don’t. That’s backwards thinking. This is a temple of technology. You guys are standing in a holy place.

[After Ratchet is disabled]
Lockdown: He’s mine now.
Ratchet: …Lockdown.
Lockdown: Autobots. Decepticons. Like little children, always fighting. Making a mess out of the universe. Then I’ve got to clean it up. There is one way you survive: tell me where he’s hiding. Where is Optimus Prime?
Ratchet: Never...
[Steps on Ratchet and tears out his spark, killing him]
Lockdown: Never is here.

Lucas: Besides, you used my money to buy the truck, right? So technically, that’s my truck. Don’t you think?
Cade: You also signed a contract regarding all research lab I.P.
Lucas: Research lab? It’s a barn, dude.
Cade: You signed it and now you’re competing. Any idea of yours is mine. Any thought you have, I own it, so basically, I own you.
Lucas: I don’t think you can own someone. That was, like, a while ago, even in Texas.

Lockdown: I warn you, Mr. Attinger of Earth, an alliance is a contract, and contracts, like humans, expire.
Harold Attinger: On this planet, we have a saying. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Lockdown: I also have a saying: I don't care.

Cade: Took a hell of a hit, you know. The missile just missed your power source.
Optimus: We call it a Spark. It contains our life force and our memories.
Cade: Yeah, we call it a soul.

Optimus: Cade. Why are you willing to help me?
Cade: I guess maybe because you trust me to.

Cade: You know, we got a rule about people messing with people from Texas. And I don’t know what truck you’re taking about.
James Savoy: The kind that cost American lives. Search the property!
Cade: What do you mean, “Search the property”? You don’t have a warrant.
Savoy: My face is my warrant.

Cade: Where’s he from?
Tessa: I told you, he’s a driver from Texas.
Cade: Texas? Where, Dublin, Texas? Shamrock, Texas? So why does he sound like a leprechaun?
Shane Dyson: You’d get your ass kicked in Ireland for saying that.
Cade: Well, we’re not in Ireland, Lucky Charms. We’re in Texas.

[As Optimus reunites with the remaining Autobots]
Hound: Oh, yeah! Hell yeah! He’s back! He’s alive! [Shoots into the air] Optimus is here!
Drift: At last. There is hope after all.
Crosshairs: Yeah! Mr. Leader of the free galaxy's back! I knew you’d make it. I never doubted ya'.
Drift: We got your message. We’ve been waiting.
Hound: Hell yeah, boom time! We got the gang back together.

Hound: Human beings, bunch of backstabbing’ weasels.
Drift: Hound, find your inner compass. Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation.
Hound: What the hell are you saying?
Drift: It’s a haiku.
Hound: Cut the crap before I drop a grenade down your throat!
Drift: Try it, you'll be dead!
Hound: Oh, please pull it. Please do it.

Optimus: Autobots, I have sworn to never kill humans...
Hound: Big mistake.
Optimus: ...but when I find out who’s behind this…he’s going to die.
Hound: Hoo-ah!

Optimus: You have no soul!
Galvatron: That is why I have no fear!

Lockdown: Much as I’ve enjoyed the hunt, I won’t miss you wretched planet. Our deal is done. One Prime for one Seed. Handle it with care. I trust your species is ready.
Savoy: Don’t worry about our species.
Lockdown: Farewell, Earth.

Shane: This is crazy.
Cade: Look, you wanna cut and run, you better do it now. I’m gonna die trying.
Shane: Hey, I’m not here to help you get your daughter. You’re here to help me get my girlfriend.

Crosshairs: [After explaining how to shoot the guns] Good luck.
Cade: Where are you going?
Crosshairs: To lay some hate.

Cade: You know, when I was your age, I liked to get a little wild. I liked cars, girls. But then there was Tessa. And when she was born, all I ever wanted out of life was for her to be happy and healthy and safe. Somehow I thought I’d always be enough to protect her. But I won’t be. I’ll never be. So somebody better be. Thanks for being here today, Lucky Charms.
Shane: Well, thanks for not shooting me when you had the chance.
Cade: I’ll have more.
Shane: Yeah, I can see that.

Cade: [On the phone] Hey, big shot. Your company’s in serious trouble.
Joshua Joyce: You better have a damn good lawyer.
Cade: Really? Well, you better have a great one ‘cause you’re about to be responsible for the annihilation of a city. Now, you listen to me. Your tech has been hacked. Your prototypes are infected. And now Galvatron is after that Seed. Look. I know you have a conscience because you’re an inventor, like me. Do not let Galvatron anywhere near that Seed.
Joshua: I control Galvatron. I created him.
Cade: Deep down, I know you know. Your prototype’s been controlling you.

[After Tessa decides to continue travelling with the Autobots]
Shane: She’s a keeper. Must take after her mom.
Cade: I can’t argue with that, kid.

Joshua: Threatening a professional CIA killer. Possibly not my finest hour. I’d like to have that one back.
Darcy: Killer? I thought they were your friends!
Joshua: No. Not friends. Business. They gave me this bomb.
Su Yueming: Bomb? Is there a bomb in the bag?
Darcy: Yes, there’s a bomb in the bag.

Cade: When you said you were done fighting for humans, you didn’t mean that, did you?
Optimus: How many more of my kind must be sacrificed to atone for your mistakes?
Cade: Well, what do you think being human means? That’s what we do. We make mistakes. And sometimes out of those mistakes come the most amazing things. When I fixed you, it was for a reward. That was it. That was why. For money. And it was me making a mistake. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. So even if you got no faith in us, I’m asking you to do what I do. I’m asking you to look at all the junk and see the treasure. You gotta have faith, Prime, in who we can be.

Savoy: I’m seriously pissed we’re not getting paid for this.
Attinger: Well, at least we get to kill him.

Attinger: They live, they talk, we’re dead. Kill them all.
Savoy: Pleasure.

Joshua: I may have started the apocalypse, but you brought your family. And that’s, you know, terrible parenting.
Cade: I’m about one second away from knocking you out, taking the bomb, and just leaving you here.
Joshua: Please, do me a favor.

Savoy: Never should have hidden that truck.
Cade: You should have never came after my family.
Savoy: Tough luck, Yeager. We all have family.
Cade: Yeah, but I’m gonna live to see mine.

Lockdown: Where is my escaped bounty?
Attinger: Autobots at this location. Prime is close. Do whatever you have to do.
Lockdown: I intend to.

Optimus: They’re in trouble.
Crosshairs: Nah! This isn’t our fight! I’m done being an underdog. Underdogs suck! I say they get what they deserve. What’s the play, Prime?
Optimus: It’s time for reinforcements. [Enters the ship’s armory and approaches a sword] Recognize one of your Knights.
[Unsheathes the sword and then uses it to free Grimlock, who growls]
Optimus: [In Cybertronian] The legend exists.

[After taming and mounting on Grimlock]
Optimus: Autobots, we’re going to prove who we are and why we’re here!
Crosshairs: Ah, you just want to die for the guy. That’s leadership. Or brainwashing, or something.
Drift: No. That’s Optimus Prime!
[The other Dinobots transform to their beast forms.]
Optimus: Autobots, we charge together! Now roll out!

Attinger: [Holding Cade at gunpoint] There are no good aliens! Or bad aliens, Yeager. It’s just us and them. And you chose them.
[Optimus shoots Attinger, saving Cade]
Cade: Anytime.

Optimus: Cade, get out of here! This is my fight!
Lockdown: It’s my fight, and you’re all gonna die!

Cade: Kind of nice being your hero for a change.
Tessa: You always were. All my life.

Optimus: There remains a price on my head. I endanger you all if I stay. I shall take it where it can never be found.
Cade: Will we ever see you again?
Optimus: Cade Yeager, I do not know. But whenever you look to the stars, think of one of them… as my soul. [To the Autobots] Defend this family, Autobots, as they have you. Defend. All they can be.

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