Mark Wahlberg

American actor and businessman (born 1971)

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (born June 5, 1971) is an Academy Award-nominated American actor and television producer, formerly known as rapper Marky Mark. He has also been a fashion model.

Mark Wahlberg


Chris Heath, The making of Mark, The Observer, Sunday 27 February 2000 [1]Edit

  • I just fell into the acting thing as kind of an accident.
  • I've been on my own for a number of years now, but I've also found myself very alone. My family looks at me differently now, and that's the hardest thing to deal with, because you want to go home and be the person that you used to be. Obviously, I'm 28 years old and I can't go home and just be my mum's little baby.
  • It's all going to go sometime. You can't take it with you. I'm not saying you should wake up every day with sunshine streaming out of your head. If I could get one day a month, I would be very grateful. But I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I'm just figuring certain things out. It's taken me a while, and some things I could probably do without knowing.
  • It's weird; I've been to prison, I've seen the worst sort of violence and negative shit in the streets, but when it comes to putting my heart on the line and letting somebody get to know me in a relationship, it's very difficult.

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