Totally Spies! The Movie

2009 film by Pascal Jardin

Totally Spies! The Movie (French: Totally Spies! Le film) is a 2009[1] adult animated spy-action comedy film directed by Pascal Jardin and written by Robert and Michelle Lamoreaux. A French-Italian co-production, it is an adaptation of the TF1's animated television series Totally Spies! created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel.


Alex: [looking down, as she and Sam and Clover are girls log rolling on top of the giant sushi roll] We're not the only ones in trouble! Check out that poor little piggy!
Sam: We gotta stop this thing before it turns all four of us into bacon!

Alex: [grabbing the piglet] And not a moment too soon! [The piglet licks her right cheek affectionately, causing Alex to giggle]

Sam: Voilà! The perfect Beverly Hills family. All we need now is a pet.
[Alex whistles. Oinky comes flying out of her backpack. He lands on the ground. He runs into Alex's arms]
Clover: [disgusted] Pee-yew! What are you still doing with that thing, Alex?
Alex: It's not a thing. It's Oinky.
[Oinky oinks, blowing a snot bubble]
Sam: Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess he'll do in a pinch.

Alex: Okay, Oinky. Wanna be a deputy spy? [Oinky nods] Go hog wild for mommy. [Oinky oinks, then deliberately runs around the lobby with the other animals and the receptionist in pursuit]

Alex: Wait! I forgot Oinky!
Jerry: Don't worry, Alex. I'll send another spy out to retrieve him. Cheerio!

Alex: [spotting Oinky behind the crowd] Oinky! What did they do to you? I gotta save him!

[During the evacuation]
Alex: Wait! There's Oinky! [Alex begins crying. Suddenly, she hears him squealing, and sees him running fast to her] Run, Oinky, run! [Oinky runs, tripping, and sliding on the floor, and lands in Alex's arms] Wow! For a little guy with relly short legs, you sure can boogie.
[Oinky oinks, nuzzling her right cheek affectionately, causing Alex to giggle]

[After the mission]
Alex: [to Jerry] Even if you did force us into it. [cuddling Oinky] Mmm. [Oinky squeals excitedly]

Alex: [sighs] Looks like Sam is the only one with excitement in her future. [Suddenly, her phone rings] Hello?
Peppy Wolfman: Alex, this is Peppy Wolfman. I heard you have a pig that's been through a traumatic experience. I'd like to discuss it over lunch.

Alex: And I have to give Oinky a bath.

Voice cast

Character name (English, if different)[2] Original French voice actor[3][4] English voice actor[5]
Samantha "Sam" Claire Guyot Jennifer Hale
Clover Fily Keita Andrea Baker
Alexandra "Alex" Celine Mauge Katie Griffin
Jerald "Jerry" Lewis Jean-Claude Donda Adrian Truss
Mandy Celine Mauge Jennifer Hale
Fabu Karl Lagerfeld Joris Jarsky
Tad Emmanuel Garijo Jay Schramek[6]
Madame Scritch (Mrs. Scritch) Perrette Pradier Barbara Budd
Peppy Garou (Peppy Wolfman) Thierry Mercier Walker Boone
Groin Groin (Oinky)    
Rob Idole (Rob Hearthrob) Donald Reignoux Lyon Smith
Yuri Antoine Tomé Jason Gray

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