Totally Spies!

French and Canadian animated television series

Totally Spies! is an animated television series that focuses on three teenage girls in Beverly Hills, California, who work as undercover super agents.

Season 1Edit

A Thing for Musicians [1.1]Edit

The New Jerry [1.2]Edit

Clover: Jerry, you've got to help us...
Jerry: [on recording] Sorry, I can't help you. I'm retired!
Clover: Très uncouth! I mean, I don't care if he is retired, this is an emergency!

Get Away [1.3]Edit

Stuck in the Middle Ages with You [1.4]Edit

Child's Play [1.5]Edit

The Eraser [1.6]Edit

The Fugitives [1.7]Edit

Jerry: Girls, it's OK. We realize that you were only trying to clear your names.
Clover: Oh, I guess we're lucky you figured it out before you gave us lobotomies.

Abductions [1.8]Edit

Model Citizens [1.9]Edit

Spy Gladiators [1.10]Edit

Silicon Valley Girls [1.11]Edit

Queen for a Day [1.12]Edit

Shrinking [1.13]Edit

Aliens [1.14]Edit

Wild Style [1.15]Edit

The Black Widows [1.16]Edit

Spy vs. Spy [1.17]Edit

Jerry: Can I convince you girls to stay with WOOHP?
Pam: Sorry, Jerry. We've had enough WOOHP adventures for one lifetime.

Evil Boyfriend [1.18]Edit

Sam: Here's to never letting anything get in the way of our friendship again.
Clover: Especially not a boy.
Alex: From now on, it's all about togetherness.

Game Girls [1.19]Edit

A Spy is Born [1.20]Edit

Passion Patties [1.21]Edit

Clover: Well, after being a large size everything, I decided having a big hat size is no big deal. It's best being happy with whatever size you are.

Soul Collector [1.22]Edit

Clover: [as the girls are tied up, about to be zapped by an aging ray] We have got to get out of here. I am too young to be old.

Malled [1.23]Edit

Security Guard: Nice try, lady. I hereby assign you to 2 weeks on the store’s cleaning crew.
Mandy: Cleaning crew?! I have never cleaned anything in my entire life! Can’t I just hire someone to do the cleaning for me?
Clover: While you’re cleaning the mall, why don’t you take this opportunity to clean up your act?

Do You Believe in Magic? [1.24]Edit

Iceman Cometh [1.25]Edit

Man or Machine [1.26]Edit

Emperor: Goodbye, ladies. Goodbye.
Clover: OK. A man of few words.
Sam: Too few.

Season 2Edit

A Spy is Born Part II [2.1]Edit

Clover: Lumiere thinks he's nimble, Lumiere thinks he's quick, Lumiere just got busted by three tough chicks.

I Want My Mummy [2.2]Edit

Alex: [as the girls are tied up, being buried in sand] Clover, can you move your hand? The reflection off Mandy's ring is melting my face.
Sam: Alex, that's it!
Alex: What's it? Melting my face?

Evil Hair Salon [2.3]Edit

The Yuck Factor [2.4]Edit

It's How You Play the Game [2.5]Edit

Here Comes the Sun [2.6]Edit

Green with N.V. [2.7]Edit

Sam: She's putting her sweat into the cologne.
Alex: So, it's her sweat that keeps these guys possessed?
Clover: That's genius! I mean, that's sick.

Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands [2.8]Edit

I Dude [2.9]Edit

Sam: [to the evil beach bunnies trying to restrain her] Let go of me, you silicon-enhanced freaks!

Mommies Dearest [2.10]Edit

Clover: This better work or my name is mud.

Zooney World [2.11]Edit

First Brat [2.12]Edit

W.O.W. [2.13]Edit

Stark Raving Mad [2.14]Edit

S.P.I. [2.15]Edit

Animal World [2.16]Edit

Nature Nightmare [2.17]Edit

Alex Quits [2.18]Edit

Totally Switched [2.19]Edit

The Elevator [2.20]Edit

Ski Trip [2.21]Edit

Matchmaker [2.22]Edit

Clover: You won't believe the stunt Chris pulled this time!
Sam: Let me guess. He only called you eight times yesterday to say he loved you instead of the standard ten?

Brain Drain [2.23]Edit

Fashion Faux Pas [2.24]Edit

Toying Around [2.25]Edit

Starstruck [2.26]Edit

Season 3Edit

Physics 101 Much? [3.1]Edit

Freaky Circus Much? [3.2]Edit

Computer Creep Much? [3.3]Edit

Space Much? [3.4]Edit

Evil Coffee Shop Much? [3.5]Edit

Forward to the Past [3.6]Edit

The Incredible Bulk [3.7]Edit

Morphing Is Sooo 1987 [3.8]Edit

Planet of The Hunks [3.9]Edit

Super Nerd Much? [3.10]Edit

Dental? More Like Mental [3.11]Edit

Escape from WOOHP Island [3.12]Edit

Scam Camp Much? [3.13]Edit

Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much? [3.14]Edit

Super Agent Much? [3.15]Edit

Evil Airlines Much? [3.16]Edit

Creepy Crawly Much? [3.17]Edit

Truth or Scare [3.18]Edit

Feng Shui Is Like So Passe [3.19]Edit

Evil Valentine's Day [3.20]Edit

Halloween [3.21]Edit

Power Yoga Much? [3.22]Edit

Head Shrinker Much? [3.23]Edit

Evil Promotion Much? [3.24-26]Edit

Sam: Not only would Jerry never cheat, the idea that he would betray his own brother...his twin brother.
Jerry: It's the only time I've lied in my entire life, and not a day goes by that I don't regret it.

Sam: [after beheading a spy-droid] Not a good time to lose your head.

Season 4Edit

The Dream Teens [4.1]Edit

Futureshock! [4.2]Edit

I Hate the Eighties [4.3]Edit

The O.P. [4.4]Edit

Alex Gets Schooled [4.5]Edit

Mime Your Own Business [4.6]Edit

Attack of the 50 Ft. Mandy [4.7]Edit

Evil Jerry [4.8]Edit

0067 [4.9]Edit

Arnold the Great [4.10]Edit

Alex: [holding Sparky] But look at how cozy and fuzzy and cuddly and nuzzly he is.

Jerry: [to Sparky, in a game of tug of war with him over the magazine] Ugh. Let go of that. [Sparky growls, then releases the magazine, looking cute. Jerry is holding the now slobbered magazine, sarcastically] Charming. [pushing Sparky aside] Moving on.

Jerry: [to Sparky, at the park near a tree] Come on now. Like we did in my office. Heel. [Sparky sniffs the ground. He barks. Jerry groans] I trained those girls to be spies. [picking up Sparky] It's only a matter of time before I've trained you too. [Sparky licks Jerry on the nose] Aw. [cuddling Sparky] Who's a good wittle doggy?

Mani-Maniac Much? [4.11]Edit

Déjà Cruise [4.12]Edit

Evil Bouquets Are So Passe [4.13]Edit

Evil Heiress Much? [4.14]Edit

Sis-KaBOOM-Bah! [4.15]Edit

Evil Ice Cream Man Much? [4.16]Edit

Beauty Is Skin Deep [4.17]Edit

Like, So Totally Not Spies [4.18-19]Edit

The Suavest Spy [4.20]Edit

Spy Soccer [4.21]Edit

Spies in Space [4.22]Edit

Spies on the Farm [4.23]Edit

Totally Busted! [4.24-26]Edit

Season 5Edit

Evil Graduation [5.1]Edit

Evil Roommate [5.2]Edit

Evil Professor [5.3]Edit

The Granny [5.4]Edit

Another Evil Boyfriend [5.5]Edit

Return of Geraldine [5.6]Edit

Evil Sorority [5.7]Edit

Evil Gymnasts [5.8]Edit

Evil Pizza Guys [5.9]Edit

Evil Shoe Designer [5.10]Edit

Virtual Stranger [5.11]Edit

WOOHPersize Me! [5.12]Edit

Evil Hotel [5.13]Edit

Totally Mystery Much? [5.14]Edit

Evil Sushi Chef [5.15]Edit

Miss Spirit Fingers [5.16]Edit

Mime World [5.17]Edit

Evil Mascot [5.18]Edit

Alex: [to the kitten as the kitten meows in pain] You poor baby. We didn't mean to hurt your fuzzy, little ears with our evil siren. [She turns The Silent Siren Tracking Device off. The kitten stops meowing in pain. Alex laughs, taking the kitten from Sam and cuddling it]

Alex: [to the kitten after the kitten has bitten the Silent Siren Tracking Device in half] You poor baby. [She picks up the kitten] Thanks, kitty. We totally owe you. [She kisses the kitten, making it happy]

Alex: [gasps, remembering the kitten] Speaking of situations that need remedying, there's a little cat that needs a new home now that its owner is being relocated to the W.O.O.H.P. Containment Facility.
Jerry: Don't fret. [as a W.O.O.H.P. agent holds the kitten in his arms while the girls go "Ahh"] W.O.O.H.P. will take the cat to W.O.O.A.P.— The World Organization Of Animal Protection. [The kitten meows happily while the girls go "Ahh"] Cheerio. [The kitten meows happily as Jerry drives off to W.O.O.A.P.]

The Show Must Go On... or Else [5.19]Edit

Zero to Hero [5.20]Edit

WOOHP-tastic [5.21]Edit

So Totally Not Groove-y [5.22]Edit

Ho-ho-ho-no! [5.23]Edit

Totally Icky [5.24]Edit

Totally Dunzo [5.25-26]Edit


Sam: You'll never get away with your crazy scheme. By the way, what is your crazy scheme?

Clover: [after the girls are sucked through the tunnel to headquarters] Jerry, would it kill ya' to send a limo, just once?

Clover: [after destroying a spy-droid's ankles] Someone has to take the fall.

Alex: [to Sam, about Oinky] Oh, but he could find truffles for us, and he's cleaner than a dog, and he's so cute!

Jerry: [hiding Oinky in his suit] I wanted it to be a surprise, [as Oinky's head pops out of the suit] but Oinky hasn't learned the art of stealth yet.

Clover: Since I have sworn off boys, I have tons of free time. Last night, I completely reorganized my handbag closet.
Sam: You have a handbag closet?
Clover: I told you, I have tons of free time.

Clover: [as the girls are tangled in seaweed while making a getaway] Now I know what sushi feels like.
[the girls get trapped in a net]
Clover: And this must be what cooked sushi feels like.
Alex: I think they just call that seafood.
Clover: Whatever.

Sam: Time to go to Plan B!
Clover: Do we even HAVE a Plan B?

Sam: We've got a villain to catch.
Clover: Yeah, and we also have one to save.

Jerry: [after summoning the girls to headquarters from a sauna] Sorry to interrupt your conversation just as things were "heating up".
Clover: Not funny much.

Alex: [to Oinky] Oink, oink. [Oinky oinks] Oink, oink. [Oinky oinks] Oink, oink, oink. [Oinky oinks] Really? Wow, that's incredible.
Clover: [to Alex] Well? What did he say?
Alex: [to Clover] I have no idea.
[Clover faints while Alex pets Oinky]


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