Tom and Jerry: The Mansion Cat

2001 film

The Mansion Cat is a 2001 American made-for-television one-reel animated cartoon, the 162nd Tom and Jerry short and the first Tom and Jerry cartoon in 34 years since Purr-Chance to Dream in 1967. Produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. in association with Turner Entertainment Co., the cartoon premiered on Boomerang on April 8, 2001, making it the only Tom and Jerry short made especially for Boomerang.

Directed by Karl Toerge. Produced by Diana Richey. Written by Karl Toerge.


[first lines]
Tom's Owner: [off-screen] Oh, Tom. Thomas! [Tom let goes of Jerry's tail and Jerry runs into his cage; his owner is now shown on-screen as Tom runs to him and smiles] Now we're going out. The house is spick-and-span and I want to find it that way when we get back. [Tom nods; his owner then points to Tom with an accusation finger] And don't try to blame the mouse (Jerry) like you did last time. [Tom sees Jerry in his cage; Jerry waves to him]

[last lines; Tom's owner drives and parks his car in the driveway of his mansion]
Tom's Owner: Well, the house is still standing. [Jerry opens the door and runs while passing by the car] What is the mouse doing out of his cage? [Tom drives the riding lawnmower out of the door] What th-? [Tom drives and crashes the lawnmower into his owner's car off-screen; the lawnmower has crashed into the front hood of the car with Tom face-first in the windshield] Well Thomas, you make a better hood ornament than a house cat.

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