Thomas & Friends/Season 18

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Thomas & Friends Season 18


Season 18

Old Reliable Edward [18.1]

Edward: And what do you say?
Gordon: Oh, the indignity!
Edward: Sorry?
Gordon: I mean thank you. Thank you, Edward!
Edward: You're welcome, Gordon. Any time.

Not So Slow Coaches [18.2]

Clarabel: This is the fastest we've ever been!
Annie: I don't like it... AT ALL!
Clarabel: I've got my eyes closed!
Annie: Does it help?
Clarabel: No, not really!

Flatbeds of Fear [18.3]

Henry: I don't want to hear the Flatbeds of Fear, I don't want to hear the Flatbeds of Fear.

Disappearing Diesels [18.4]

Diesel: I'm a truck load of sausages! Ha ha ha!
Paxton: Sausages? Diesel, wait! Come back!
Reg: Oh, what do you want to go chasing after him for?
Paxton: He's my friend!
Reg: Is he really?

Signals Crossed [18.5]

Gordon: [to Toby] Look out, you silly little tram! And learn your signals!

Toad's Adventure [18.6]

Dowager Hatt: [to Toad] You are a really useful and very brave brake van!

James: Thanks for your help today, Toad.
Toad: And thank you very much, sir.
James: Call me James.
[Oliver whistles and arrives]
Toad: Hello, Mr. Oliver, I...
Oliver: Hello, Toad! You'll never believe what happened to me today. Let me tell you all about it.
James: Actually, Oliver, I think you should ask Toad about the adventure he had today. [whistles and leaves]
Oliver: You, Toad? You had an adventure?
Toad: Well, yes. As it happens, it all started when I was coupled to Mr. James, but he's started to go a bit too fast. By the time, we reached Gordon's hill, we were going so fast, my wheels were shaking!
Oliver: Well, that doesn't sound like more like an adventure, Toad.
Toad: But that's not all! That's what when we came across a branch, fallen on the line!
[the other engines show up]
Oliver: No!
Toad: Yes! The thing was we were going so fast, we couldn't stop!
Oliver: [gasps in shock] So, what happened next?
Toad: That's what it got really scary.

Duck in the Water [18.7]

James: Honestly, I thought ducks liked being in the water!

Duck and the Slip Coaches [18.8]

Duck: [to the slip coaches] Hello, Slippies!

Thomas the Quarry Engine [18.9]

Thomas: You're not Mavis and Diesel!
Toby: I never said we were, did I?
Henrietta: I would've noticed if you had.

Thomas and the Emergency Cable [18.10]

[after the bird watcher pulls the emergency cable, Thomas stops]
Bird watcher: I'm sorry. I got a little overexcited. I thought I heard the sound of a very rare bird I've been lookin' for, and I wanted to see it. So I pulled the emergency cable. In any case, it's bound to have flown away now.
Guard: Seeing a rare bird is not an emergency. [shuts the door]
Annie: Quite right!
Clarabel: I couldn't have put it better myself!

Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger [18.11]

Duncan: Why do people always think it's me who's always grumbling? I mean, I've never grumbled in my life! Me, grumbling? Don't think so!

Marion and the Pipe [18.12]

Marion: Goodness gracious me! I found something!

Missing Gator [18.13]

Salty: Aye, Percy, and who knows, but he might come back to Sodor one day!
Percy: I hope so, Salty. I really do.

No Steam without Coal [18.14]

Porter: Hey! Watch out, Bill! Or is it Ben?
Salty: Watch out, Ben... err, Bill… Well, whoever you are!

Spencer's VIP [18.15]

Spencer: [to Sir Topham Hatt] Perhaps, you'd let me take the Deputy Minister home, after all! I can learn from my mistakes, sir. [to the Deputy Minister] I just need to be given one more chance.

Toad's Bright Idea [18.16]

Oliver: See you later, Gator! In a while, umm… Toad.

Long Lost Friend [18.17]

Percy: This'll be the best Christmas ever!

Last Train for Christmas [18.18]

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, ho!

Duncan the Humbug [18.19]

Mr. Percival/The Thin Controller: Merry Christmas to you, Duncan!
Luke: Merry Christmas to one and all!
Duncan: Bah humbug!

The Perfect Gift [18.20]

Percy: It's a bit dark and gloomy around here, isn't it, Reg?
Reg: Not really, Percy. It's no different from usual.
Percy: Exactly, and this is a special time of year, when the rest of the island does look different from usual. All twinkly and lovely and magical.

Emily Saves the World [18.21]

Salty: Clattering Columbus! The world's heading straight for us!

Timothy and the Rainbow Truck (UK) / Timothy and the Rainbow Car (US) [18.22]

Bill: Phwoar! It's a bit pongy!
Ben: You mean you are!
Bill: Did you just call me pongy?
Ben: Yes, I did. You're pongy!
Bill: No, you are!
Ben: No, you are!
Bill: You are!
Ben: You are!
Bill: You are!

Marion and the Dinosaurs [18.23]

Marion: Eeeeeeeeeek! Look out, look out! Steam shovel coming through!

Samson at Your Service [18.24]

Peter Sam: Fancy bringing Gordon's coaches up the quarry! The stones would have been very comfortable!
Rheneas: Every stone would have had a seat to itself!

Samson Sent for Scrap [18.25]

Reg: Oh, I do love a bit of the old scrunch 'n' munch!

Millie and the Volcano [18.26]

Samson: The volcano! It's erupting!

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