Thomas & Friends/Season 17

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Thomas & Friends Season 17


Season 17

Kevin's Cranky Friend [17.1]

Cranky: [to Kevin] I told Sir Topham Hatt and I'm telling you. I don't need any help, especially from a funny little crane like you!

Scruff's Makeover [17.2]

Scruff: I can't stay clean while I'm working at that dirty, smelly, oily, dusty, old dump!

Wayward Winston [17.3]

Gordon: Young Winston is heading for trouble… Big trouble.

Gordon Runs Dry [17.4]

Paxton: Umm… Gordon? Have you got your, uh… brakes on?
Gordon: Maybe…
Paxton: Well, take them off, will you? How can I push you with your brakes on?

Gordon: Let’s see… Tidmouth, Knapford, Crosby, Wellsworth, Maron, Cronk, a lake? [gasps]

Paxton: Sorry, Gordon, are you okay? That stone gave you a nasty thump.
Gordon: Yes, Paxton, I’m fine. You can’t damage a big strong engine like be so easily.
Paxton: You should be checked for damage though, Gordon.
Gordon: Nonsense! I have to hurry. The Express must not be late!

Calm Down Caitlin [17.5]

Gordon: Don't you streamlined engines ever stop?

Steamie Stafford [17.6]

Stafford: Puff-puff-puff-puff, chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff, wheesh! WHOO-WHOO!

Henry's Hero [17.7]

Hiro: Well done, Henry! Keep on puffing!

Luke's New Friend [17.8]

Rheneas: Honestly, Luke, the quarry is no place for an animal.

The Switch [17.9]

Sir Robert Norramby: The passengers don't like being bounced around like peas in a pod!
A little boy: Again, again!

Not Now, Charlie! [17.10]

Charlie: There's an elephant on the line!

The Lost Puff [17.11]

Paxton: Hi, Stephen. Thomas lost his puff and I'm trying to find it and... well, I thought that might be... the lost puff... up there...
Stephen: Up there? Well, that's just a cloud...
Paxton: Yes, of course. I knew that. A cloud. Okay... got to go. Great to see you. Bye, Stephen.

The Thomas Way [17.12]

Duck: You know something, Thomas? I think there might be 3 ways of doing things.
Thomas: Really?
Duck: The Great Western Way", the wrong way and... "The Thomas Way"! But "The Great Western Way" is usually the best.

The Phantom Express [17.13]

The Fat Controller: Come on then, James. Let's go on a ghost hunt!

Percy's Lucky Day [17.14]

Percy: Bill, why don't you try and pull Ben back to safety?
Bill: I tried that, Percy, but Ben is too heavy.
Ben: I'm not heavy!
Bill: Yes, you are! You weigh tones!

Bill or Ben? [17.15]

Bill: Oh, dear. What's happened here, sir?
Ben: Oh, no. Has Connor broken down, sir?
Connor: There are two of you! You played a trick on me. You aren't really faster than I am!

Too Many Fire Engines [17.16]

Flynn: Maybe those inspectors were right. Maybe the Fat Controller doesn't need 2 fire engines.

No Snow for Thomas [17.17]

Percy: Hello, Edward! All ready for the snow?
Edward: Oh, yes, Percy. Better to be safe than sorry!

Santa's Little Engine [17.18]

Sir Robert Norramby/The Earl of Sodor: It's Thomas the red-nosed engine!

The Missing Christmas Decorations [17.19]

Percy: Christmas is a time for being kind and giving presents!

The Frozen Turntable [17.20]

Gordon: I am not sleeping at a smelly waste dump. It's simply out of the question.

Away From the Sea [17.21]

Salty: [singing] Don't take me away from the sea, boys…
Don't take me away from the sea!

The Smelly Kipper [17.22]

Trucks: James is scared of the smelly fish, James is scared of the smelly fish!

No More Mr. Nice Engine [17.23]

Narrator: The Fat Controller was covered in cream, he was very cross indeed.
The Fat Controller: Hiro, you have caused confusion and delay, and terrible to my trousers.
Hiro: I’m so... uh, so sorry, sir.

Hiro: Right! That's it! No more Mr. Nice Engine! I am Master of the Railway!

Gone Fishing [17.24]

Porter: Water off a duck's back, remember!

Thomas' Shortcut [17.25]

Bertie: Don't be cross, Thomas. Should I tell you my secret?
Thomas: What secret?
Bertie: I've been re-routed. Now I take a shortcut, so my route is much quicker!

Narrator: The Fat Controller was very cross.
The Fat Controller: Your passengers don’t like to be late, Thomas. You have caused confusion and delay.
Thomas: I’m very sorry, sir. I was hoping to find a shortcut, but I will stick to my branch line for now on.

The Afternoon Tea Express [17.26]

Spencer: The visitors will wait a long time for their afternoon tea if Stephen is given the job!
Stephen: I'll have you know they used to call me the Rocket, because I was so speedy!
Spencer: Ha! Compared to a horse and cart, maybe!

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