Thomas & Friends/Season 16

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Thomas & Friends Season 16


Season 16

Race to the Rescue [16.1]

Charlie: [to Flynn] You look like a big, red wobble on wheels!

Ol' Wheezy Wobbles [16.2]

Thomas: Two busy boilers are always better than one.
Dash: What did he...?
Bash: ...Say?
Ferdinand: Search me.

Express Coming Through [16.3]

Gordon: But Sir, I am Gordon and I pull the express.
Sir Bertram Topham Hatt: I know who you are, Gordon.

Percy and the Monster of Brendam [16.4]

Diesel: Who's calling me a monster?

Ho Ho Snowman [16.5]

Henry: Oh, me. Oh, my. A giggling, jiggling snowman! This is the stranger than ever.

Flash Bang Wallop! [16.6]

Percy: I hope the photographer will take some photographs of me delivering the mail!
James: I'll be photographed because I am the brightest red engine on the island!
Thomas: And I will be photographed because I am the #1 tank engine!
Gordon: No, Thomas. I will be photographed more than you because I am Gordon! I'm fastest and best and pull the express!

Thomas and the Rubbish Train (UK) / Thomas and the Garbage Train (US) [16.7]

Diesel: Pulling those trucks/cars will make him a stinky engine, not a Really Useful one. Phooey, You’re a stinky engine already. [chuckles]

Diesel: Phewey! You're the stinkiest steamie I've ever smelled!
Thomas: I may be stinky, but I'm being really useful! Bye Diesel!
Diesel [in the UK version only]: Huh! Useful!

Thomas Toots the Crows [16.8]

Den: [laughing] Chasing crows!

Bust My Buffers! [16.9]

Salty: An engine's not an engine without a buffer. Them's the rules of the railway!

Percy and the Calliope [16.10]

Sir Topham Hatt: Percy, what is making that music?
Percy: It's the calliope, Sir. We were told to take it to the Smelter's Yard, but I got it to work!
The Fat Controller: Well done, Percy! I am very proud of you! You have saved an important piece of Sodor's history.

Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor [16.11]

Thomas: So, my noisy friends are the sounds of Sodor!

Salty's Surprise [16.12]

Edward: That's a good story.
Salty: ARGH! That's right. Ha! I likes a good story, me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, har!

Sodor Surprise Day [16.13]

Gordon: [to Thomas] A little engine's "toot toot" isn't going to bother a big engine like me.

Gordon: Thomas, your silly tricks didn’t surprise me, or make me laugh, and you have spoiled my special, I told you that Sodor Surprise Day was silly, now I don’t like it at all.
Narrator: Then The Fat Controller arrived. He was stern.
The Fat Controller: Thomas, you have caused confusion and delay, there are no more fireworks for the party, and you have not picked up the bunting. If we don’t have any decorations or any entertainment, we will have to cancel the party.
Narrator: Thomas felt terrible.
Thomas: I’m sorry, sir.

Emily's Winter Party Special [16.14]

The Fat Controller: [to his hat] Welcome back, old friend.

Muddy Matters [16.15]

The Photographer: Oh, my! How splendid! A hard working engine with his sheep and sheepdog straight from the fields! That's the photograph I need for the front page!

Whiff's Wish [16.16]

Sir Topham Hatt: Well done, Whiff! All the tracks were clear! You have been a Really Useful Engine!
The Mayor: And a grand one!

Welcome Stafford [16.17]

Spencer: Hello Rescue Team! I have the special special of bringing you Stafford, the electric shunting engine. Say "hello", Stafford.
Flynn: We may be missing something here, Spencer, but there's no one with you.

Don't Bother Victor! [16.18]

Victor: Why didn't you find me earlier?
Peter Sam: Because Mr. Percival/the Thin Controller said not to bother you until your visit.
Victor: Bother me? It's my job to fix really useful engines in trouble, and it makes me very happy! [chuckles] Puff with me.

Happy Birthday Sir! [16.19]

Winston: I think I might have found something.
Thomas: We don't have time to find things, Winston.

The Christmas Tree Express [16.20]

Rheneas: We don't have a Christmas tree.
Toby: You must have a Christmas tree! It wouldn't be the Christmas Holidays without one!

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