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Thomas & Friends Season 15


Season 15 edit

Gordon and Ferdinand [15.1] edit

Gordon: I don't want anyone to see me with funny, frumpy Ferdinand! I am Gordon! I am fastest and best, and I pull the express!

Toby and Bash [15.2] edit

Bash: [to Toby] I want to go… I want to go... home!

Emily and Dash [15.3] edit

Charlie: Trembling tracks, Emily! What's happened to your face? You look very funny!

Percy's New Friends [15.4] edit

Cranky: Not so loud, Percy! You scared Seagull!

Edward the Hero [15.5] edit

Dowager Hatt: [to his son, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt] There he is, Bertram! Edward the hero!

James to the Rescue [15.6] edit

James and Toby: We're the rescue engines on Sodor for the day! We're very busy engines! Stand back, watch out, make way!

James: (after he and Gordon fell into the muddy fen) I am not a rescue engine. I am not a hero. I am not the brightest red engine on Sodor. I am silliest and muddiest engine...

Happy Hiro [15.7] edit

Hiro: Please, Thomas! I would like this to STOP!

Up, Up and Away [15.8] edit

Percy: Big balloons make my boiler bubble, Thomas!

The Fat Controller: My hat!
Lady Hatt: My hat!
Dowager Hatt: My hat!
Narrator: All the Hatts... were hatless.
Sir Bertram Topham Hatt: Thomas, what are you doing?!

Henry's Happy Coal [15.9] edit

Arry: There he is!
Bert: Mr. Special Steam himself!
Victor: Shoo, oily wheels! Go away!

Henry: I'm chuffing, I'm puffing, I feel quite at my best! I don't need special coal! I can steam like all the rest!

Let It Snow [15.10] edit

Gordon: Stuff and nonsense!

Surprise, Surprise [15.11] edit

Victor: Rocky, what are you doing with that crate?!
Rocky: Dropping it… boss.

Spencer the Grand [15.12] edit

Spencer: A little bit of fog won't bother me. I'm Spencer the grand! I can puff perfectly!

Stop That Bus! [15.13] edit

Dowager Hatt: Ooh, I like Misty Island!

Stuck on You [15.14] edit

Thomas and Butch: Rescue engines ready for action!

Big Belle [15.15] edit

Belle: I wanted you to be my friend, I wanted to have fun with you so that you would want to be my friend too, but you didn't have fun at all, now i'm sure you won’t want to be my friend.

Kevin the Steamie [15.16] edit

Kevin: Biff, Bash, Bosh!

  • Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duke were set to appear in this episode.

Wonky Whistle [15.17] edit

Victor: Workmen, fix that whistle. The whistle is clearly wonky!

Percy the Snowman [15.18] edit

Chlidren: Hooray for Percy, hooray for Thomas!

Tree Trouble [15.19] edit

Thomas: Happy Christmas holidays, diesels!

Fiery Flynn [15.20] edit

The Fat Controller: Flynn, what are you doing?!
Flynn: I was saving Gordon.
Gordon: [gasps] Gordon doesn't need saving.
Flynn: You’re not on fire Gordon?
Gordon: No, I'm not.
The Fat Controller: But I'm wet through!

Den: [laughing] Firey Flynn fudges it!

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