Thomas & Friends/Season 14

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Thomas & Friends Season 14


Season 14

Thomas' Tall Friend [14.1]

Gordon: Will he blow over?
Edward: Why's he so spotty?
Percy: Does he sit down?

James in the Dark [14.2]

James: This lamp will make me look silly! Everyone at the concert will look their best except me!

Pingy Pongy Pick Up [14.3]

Emily: 2, 4, 6, 8! We're the team that won't be late! Sodor United!

Charlie and Eddie [14.4]

Edward: Okay, Charlie. I have a joke for you! How do you know when an engine is eating?
Charlie: Errr, I don't know, Eddie. Tell me!
Edward: You hear it "choo-ing"!
Charlie: That's a good one, Eddie! You really are the most fun of all!

Toby and the Whistling Woods [14.5]

Toby: I'm not scared of the Whistling Woods. I'll puff straight on like Thomas would!

Henry's Health and Safety [14.6]

Victor: [to Henry] Watch out now for health and safety. Anything dangerous must be taken away. If not… BAM!

Diesel's Special Delivery [14.7]

The school children: Hooray for Diesel! Now we won't be wet! Hip, hip, hooray for Diesel! Well done, Diesel!

Pop Goes Thomas [14.8]

Thomas: If I bounce along the track, perhaps that sound will soon come back. The sound that makes me smile and giggle when I puff on tracks that jiggle!

Victor Says Yes [14.9]

'Arry and Bert: We were here first!

Thomas in Charge [14.10]

The Fat Controller: Thomas, you are a really useful engine. I am very proud of you!
The Railway Inspector: And I am very pleased to see such a busy engine. I wasn't sure, but now I know the Fat Controller's Railway is the best!

Merry Winter Wish [14.11]

Salty: It's called the Star of Knapford. It's a very special star. If an engine passes by it, they can make a wish and maybe, just maybe, their wish will come true.

Being Percy [14.12]

Gordon: Out of my way! Express coming through!

Percy: Out of my way! Mail coming through!

The Fat Controller: Percy, why do you want to be Gordon? You're perfect being Percy and that's what I want you to be!

Henry's Magic Box [14.13]

The Fat Controller: Henry, you are an old and kind engine, but you worry too much!

Thomas and the Snowman Party [14.14]

Thomas: I found a hat, I found a hat! The children will be pleased with that!

Thomas' Crazy Day [14.15]

Jumping Jobi Wood! [14.16]

The Fat Controller: Thomas, what is going on?! The Mayor is waiting for the Jobi wood, Edward is swinging on a bridge. logs are jumping like frogs and–
James: My shiny red coat is ruined!

Thomas and Scruff [14.17]

Gordon: Scruff, it's Gordon here. Would you like to see my express carriages? They're the grandest on the island!
Thomas: Thank you, Gordon. I don't think Scruff wants to see your Express.
Gordon: Oh, the indignity!

O the Indignity [14.18]

Gordon: Oh, the indignity!
The Fat Controller: No, Gordon. "Oh, the silliness!"

Jitters and Japes [14.19]

Thomas: Shake, shake! Make me quake!
Dowager Hatt: Make me quake until I shake!

Merry Misty Island [14.20]

All the engines: Merry Misty Island! That's right!

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