Thomas & Friends/Season 13

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Thomas & Friends Season 13


Season 13

Creaky Cranky [13.1]

Thomas: I'm sorry, sir. I was–
The Fat Controller: You are causing confusion and delay! The Duke and Duchess have no wood, straw bales, or eggs. Now I see you have them all here. Cranky is broken and you, Thomas, think it's a good time to try being a bird!

The Lion of Sodor [13.2]

The Mayor: This is the finest statue I've ever seen!
The Fat Controller: And the cleanest!

Tickled Pink [13.3]

Emily: Cinders and ashes! You're bright pink, James! [laughs]

Toby: Fizzling fireboxes, James! You're a big pink engine! [laughs]

Diesel: What are you doing, James? You're a big pink steamie! [laughs]

Percy: James… you're all... pink! Ha, ha! What a funny colour!
[they all laugh]
Gordon: I'd hide, too if I was bright pink!

Spencer: Oh, dear, James. Bright pink really isn't your colour!

Double Trouble [13.4]

Thomas: Please, sir. We can't stay long. The children mustn't be late for the party.
Sir "Topham" Hatt: Oh, party, schmarty, Thomas. We have plenty of time! You worry too much!

Slippy Sodor [13.5]

Mr. Bubbles: Slow down, Thomas! You're spilling my bubble liquid!

The Early Bird [13.6]

Victor: What's that noise, boss?
Kevin: Who knows, Kevin? Who knows? Some early bird.

Play Time [13.7]

Victor: [to Thomas and Charlie] Steady, boys!

Thomas and the Pigs [13.8]

Thomas: [after the piglets] Aww, that little piglet is looking at me!

Time for a Story [13.9]

Thomas: I mustn't be late for story time! I'll chuff and I'll puff to be there on time!

Percy's Parcel [13.10]

Percy: [to Dowager Hatt] Happy birthday, Ma'am. Here is your very special birthday present!

Toby's New Whistle [13.11]

Victor: Easy does it, Kevin, my friend. Left a little, no, right a little. Perfect! Very good, my friend!

A Blooming Mess [13.12]

The Fat Controller: Emily, you must go to Maithwaite and collect flowers for the new window-boxes…
Emily: Flowers? How lovely! I know all about flowers. I know that buttercups are yellow–
The Fat Controller: Emily! ...And then take them to Knapford Station.
Emily: Yes, sir.

Thomas and the Runaway Kite [13.13]

Thomas: I will catch up with the runaway kite! I'll huff, and I'll puff with all of my might! I'm the fastest engine on Sodor!

Steamy Sodor [13.14]

Victor: Sizzling Sodor! What has happened to my beautiful Steamworks?

Splish, Splash, Splosh [13.15]

Thomas: Here I come! Splish… Splash… SPLOSH!
[water flies into the air, and splashes on Botti and the Fat Controller]
The Fat Controller: Thomas!

The Biggest Present of All [13.16]

Thomas: I was trying to find you a welcome present, Hiro. Something special from Sodor, but I couldn't find anything. I'm sorry.
Hiro: Thomas, my friend. You must not worry. My welcome present is right here - being here with my friends is the biggest present of all, and the most special present from Sodor, there is nothing more special!

Snow Tracks [13.17]

Gordon: Perishing pistons!

Henry's Good Deeds [13.18]

The Bird Watcher: Well done, Henry!

Buzzy Bees [13.19]

Thomas: Farmer Trotter is waiting for you, bees. You will like living on his farm.

Hiro Helps Out [13.20]

Hiro: I'm not Master of the Railway, I'm Master of the Muddle!

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