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Thomas & Friends Season 11


Season 11

Thomas and the Storyteller [11.1]

Thomas: Are you the famous storyteller?
Storyteller: I like to think so. You must be Thomas the Tank Engine. Will you please show me the sights of Sodor?
Thomas: Of course!

Thomas: We didn't visit any sights. I had to take James' passengers to Maithwaite station, Emily's flour to the bakery, and pull Percy out of the water.
Storyteller: But it's a wonderful idea for a story! I should write all about your day, Thomas, and how you helped your friends.

Emily's Rubbish (UK) / Emily and the Garbage (US) [11.2]

Whiff: Hello, Emily. My name's Whiff because I'm a bit smelly. You're going to help me collect some rubbish.
Emily: Come on, then. Let's get started.

Spencer: I've meant to be taken the Duke and Duchess to an important lunch. But my way's blocked by all these smelly rubbish trucks!
Emily: Flatten my funnel!
Spencer: Someone will have to move them.
Emily: I suppose I'll have to move them. Ugh!
[she pushes the trucks as hard as possible, but they do not move a wheel]
Emily: Can you help me move these rubbish trucks?
Gordon: Me?! Certainly not!
Emily: Can you help me move these rubbish trucks, James?
James: UGH! No, thank you!
Spencer: I'm still waiting.
Emily: If Whiff were here now, he'd be happy to help me. He wanted to be my friend but I wasn't kind to him. I must find Whiff, and say sorry.

Dream On [11.3]

Spencer: Take my carriages and shunt them away.
Thomas: I will when I shunted these trucks.
Spencer: I'm faster, shinier, and stronger than you, Thomas. You are just a little tank engine!

Duke of Boxford: There's nothing better than an engine you can rely on! You have saved the day, Thomas!

Dirty Work [11.4]

Percy: I still have lots of work to do. Can you help me, James?
James: Sorry, Percy. It's much more important that I look smart. Now I need to be polished.

The Fat Controller: James, you are a very hard working and really useful engine.
James: You're not cross with me, sir. Even though I'm covered in coal dust and quarry dust and fish!
The Fat Controller: What matters, James? It's that because you helped all your friends and safely delivered your important passenger. Well done!
Narrator: James was very happy, and his friends all thought James was still the star of the show.

Hector the Horrid! [11.5]

Trucks: Big, black, strong, and solid!
That truck's name is Hector Horrid!

Rosie: [eyes Hector] Oh! Do we have to shunt and fill that big truck, Thomas?
Thomas: Yes, but he doesn't want to be shunted. His name is-
Hector: Keep away!
[Rosie shakes and leaves, making Thomas very cross. Thomas furiously biffs Hector to teach him a lesson]
Hector: KEEP AWAY!
Thomas: No, I won't! You are causing confusion and delay! You really are horrid! [biffs Hector, causing him to hit a set of buffers and derails]
Thomas: [rolls alongside Hector] I'm sorry if I biffed you so hard, but why don't you want to be shunted?
Hector: Because I'm scared.
Thomas: Why?
Hector: I'm new, and I'm scared because haven't been filled with coal before. I don't know what it feels like. That's why I didn't want to be shunted.

Gordon and the Engineer (UK) / Gordon and the Mechanic (US) [11.6]

Gordon: Out of my way! I've got an important passenger to collect!
Douglas: You can't get past! I can only go back as fast as the next station, then Donald is in the way.
Gordon: Maybe all the engines can help.

Gordon: [to Douglas] Thank you for helping me, today. Even though an important engine like me needs help.

Thomas and the Spaceship [11.7]

Percy: I've seen a spaceship!
Gordon: Pah! What a silly little engine!

Gordon: How many spaceships did you find?
Thomas: It wasn't a spaceship. It was Jeremy the plane coming in to land. Gordon, I need your help. You are faster and stronger than any engine. If we share the trucks, the mail can still be delivered by breakfast.

Henry's Lucky Day [11.8]

Molly: I thought you were collecting trucks of presents.
James: You're supposed to be at the airport!
Henry: Edward has my lucky trucks. I must find him.
Rocky: Don't worry. I'll have the line cleared in no time!

Henry: [after the trucks are broken] I'm not going anywhere without my lucky trucks.
Edward: But they're broken, and if you don't collect the presents soon the children won't haven anything to open in the morning.
Henry: I'll have to get to the airport somehow, even without my lucky trucks!

Thomas and the Lighthouse [11.9]

Thomas: I'm sure the lightbulb wouldn't break if I went just a little faster.

James: This is going to be the biggest firework party ever!

Thomas and the Big Bang [11.10]

Rusty: You look like a ghost!
Sir Handel: [covered in flour] WHOO! Look at me! I'm a ghost!

The Thin Controller: Where are your trucks?
Thomas: Here they are, sir. Loaded up and ready to go!
Narrator: The little engines laughed, and The Thin Controller laughed too.
The Thin Controller: Thomas, that was a good joke! You are a really funny engine!

Smoke and Mirrors [11.11]

Thomas: I'm going to be in a magic show. I've come to collect something for the grand finale.
Elizabeth: How jolly!
Thomas: [looks at the phone booth] That must be it.

Magician: You've brought all the wrong things. I needed my red carpet, my blue box, and big yellow sheet. Without them, I can't do my grand finale.

Thomas Sets Sail [11.12]

Molly: Be careful, Thomas! The wind is filling the boat's sails!

The Fat Controller: Thomas, I see you have decided that full steam is better than full sail!
Thomas: Yes, sir!

Don't be Silly, Billy [11.13]

Thomas: Today, I am to look after a new engine.
Salty: That's a special job, me hearty. [sees the engine arrive] Here he is.
Billy: I'm Billy. Let's go.
Thomas: Wait, Billy. We can't go yet. We have to wait for The Fat Controller.
Billy: Why?
Thomas: Because he tells us what we are to do.
The Fat Controller: Billy, you have a very busy day. First, you must take empty chicken vans to the farm and bring chickens back to the docks. Then, you are to deliver diesel fuel to the quarry, and lastly, you have to take coal to the depot.
Billy: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
The Fat Controller: Thomas, you must show Billy how to be a Really Useful Engine.
Thomas: Billy, you must pull the chickens slowly and smoothly.
Billy: I know that!
Thomas: Don't pump your pistons before you are ready to leave. It wastes coal and water, and first you must take on enough coal and water for a busy day.
Billy: Thomas! Stop telling me what to do! You are a very bossy engine!
Salty: He thinks you're a bossy boiler, me hearty.

Thomas: Goodbye, Billy. The Fat Controller will be very pleased you have finished all your jobs.
Billy: Thomas, you're not a bossy boiler. You're a Really Useful Engine, and I really enjoyed working with you.

Edward and the Mail [11.14]

Edward: I don't want the Fat Controller to think I can't deliver the mail. I'll have to work out how to do it myself.

Edward: Percy, will you tell me how to deliver the mail?
Percy: Of course I will! I deliver the parcels in a special order. I always start with the delivery that is furthest away. Then I work my way back to Tidmouth Sheds.

Hide and Peep [11.15]

Cranky: [looks at the ship in the horizon] The ship will be late.
Thomas: Let's play a game while we wait.
Percy: What should we play?
Thomas: Hide and Peep! You go and hide, Percy. And when I find you I will peep loudly!
Percy: You will never find me! I am the best hider ever!
Thomas: Well, I'm the best finder!
Cranky: Can I play?
Thomas: You are much too tall to hide!

Percy: [about The Fat Controller] Bust my boiler! Where is he, Thomas?
Thomas: FOUND YOU!
Percy: That's not fair!
Thomas: I'm sorry. Hide again. This time, I won't trick you.

Toby's Triumph [11.16]

Botti: [looks at Toby] I can't arrive at the picnic on such a dirty train! What would my public say?
Narrator: Toby was so worried he didn't know what to do. If Alicia Botti wouldn't get into Henrietta, Toby couldn't take her to the picnic, and the concert would be cancelled. Alicia saw that Toby was very worried.
Botti: Don't worry, a good clean is all you need!

Botti: [looks at Henrietta] I've never seen a coach have a bath before! How delightful!

Thomas and the Runaway Car [11.17]

Thomas: All the engines wanted this job.
Gordon: The Fat Controller chose me to take the brand-new bandstand, and I'm ready to go. I'll be first at the Sodor Show!
Thomas: I'll deliver The Fat Controller's car to the show before you!
Gordon: Pah! [leaves]
Thomas: Hurry up, Rocky!
Rocky: I must be careful, and you must wait.

Thomas: [after seeing the car in the haystack] Oh, no!
Gordon: I told you I'd get to the Sodor Show first.

Thomas in Trouble [11.18]

James: Bust my boiler! You've broken down, Thomas!
Thomas: No, I haven't.
James: You must've done. Otherwise you wouldn't be at the fitter's yard. What a shame you're not a smart and useful engine like me!

Thomas: STOP!
James: Bust my boiler! I said you were a broken down little engine!
Thomas: I am! So I need your help. Can you take the children to their concert?

Thomas and the Stinky Cheese [11.19]

Diesel: The problem with working with steamies is that they are much too stinky!
Bert: And Thomas is the most stinky steamie ever!
['Arry, Bert and Diesel laugh]
Thomas: It's not steamies who are stinky! It's the diesels!

[after Thomas delivers the cheese to Brendam Docks]
Diesel: Pee-you! You really are the stinkiest steam engine on Sodor, Thomas!
Workmen: Thomas has brought the stinky cheese!
The Fat Controller: Well done, Thomas! Sodor Cheese is famous for being really stinky, and this is the most stinky cheese I have ever smelled! You are a really useful engine!
Thomas: Thank you, sir!
The Fat Controller: Now go to the washdown.
[Arry and Bert arrive]
The Fat Controller: Diesel, 'Arry and Bert. Now you can shunt the stinky cheese!
'Arry, Bert and Diesel: Oh, no!
Thomas: Pe-uuu! What a stink!

Percy and the Left Luggage (UK) / Percy and the Baggage (US) [11.20]

Dowager Hatt: You're a very reliable engine.

Duncan Does it All [11.21]

The Thin Controller: The farmer has just telephoned. His straw hasn't been delivered, there are sightseers in his field and his sheep haven't arrived at market!

Sir Handel in Charge [11.22]

Thomas: Where's my train?
Sir Handel: Bust my buffers!

Cool Truckings [11.23]

Policeman: [after being sprayed by Madge] Oi!
Madge: Sorry!

Ding-a-Ling [11.24]

Freddie: Ding-a-long, ding-a-ling, find the bell with the very best ring.

Skarloey Storms Through [11.25]

Skarloey: I'm braver than I thought.

Wash Behind Your Buffers [11.26]

Madge: Goodness! You're a real mucky buffers!

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