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Thomas & Friends Season 10


Season 10

Follow That Flour [10.1]

James: I am to take a truck of flour to make cakes and bread for the children's harvest festival supper.
Thomas: I wish The Fat Controller had given me that job. It would be much more fun than shunting trucks.
James: First, I have to take on water. Please shunt the flour truck for me, Thomas. [leaves]
Thomas: Bossy boiler!

[after Thomas has spilled flour throughout the wharf]
Thomas: James, I know you tried to tell me about the flour and I know I was silly, but now I need your help.

A Smooth Ride [10.2]

Peter Sam: Why have you stopped, Sir Handel?
Sir Handel: I have a problem. It happens when I go up hills. I start to rattle and rock, and then I have to stop. Could you help me up the hill?
Peter Sam: Of course I can!

The Thin Controller: You're a fine engine, Sir Handel. But you're no longer a smooth engine. I'll have to send you back to the stone quarry. That's the place for bumpy engines.
Sir Handel: Please, sir, I can be a smooth engine. I only shudder and shake when I go up hills.
The Thin Controller: I see.
Sir Handel: Please, don't send me back to the stone quarry.

Thomas and the Jet Plane [10.3]

Thomas: Hello. I'm Thomas and I'm a tank engine.
Jeremy: Hello, I'm Jeremy and I'm a jet plane.
Thomas: It must be wonderful being able to fly.
Jeremy: It is. I can go anywhere I want. Flying is the most fun in the world.
Thomas: I like traveling on tracks. I puff past farms and villages, and see all the wonderful sights of Sodor.
Jeremy: Well, from the air, I see the wonderful sights of Sodor all at once!
Thomas: [heading for the airport station] I never want to talk to a jet plane again.

Thomas: Jet planes can go wherever they'd like. I wish I were a jet plane.
Percy: But engines can pull carriages and take children to picnics. Engines are really useful!

Percy and the Funfair (UK) / Percy and the Carnival (US) [10.4]

Percy: Maybe Toby and Edward need some help. Helping friends is much more important than delivering coal!

Percy: Do you need any help?
Toby: No, thank you, Percy.
Edward: We can do it.

The Green Controller [10.5]

Lady Hatt: Sir Topham is sick. He has lost his voice.
Percy: I hope he finds it soon.
Lady Hatt: Sir Topham has given me a list of jobs. Listen very carefully - Gordon is to collect coaches of china from Knapford and take them to Brendam Docks. He must pull the coaches very slowly.
Percy: Slow coaches.
Lady Hatt: James is to shunt trucks in the coal yard. He must be as busy as a bee.
Percy: Busy bee.
Lady Hatt: And Toby is to take visitors from Maithwaite to the Scottish Castle. He must go as fast as Gordon's Express.
Percy: Gordon's Express.
Lady Hatt: You're in charge now, Percy.

Percy: James, you must be a busy bee.
James: Do you mean I have to be painted yellow and black?
Percy: Yes, James!
James: But why?!
Percy: Because I am controller.

Duncan Drops a Clanger [10.6]

Duncan: [about the bell] What a wonderful sound!
Foreman: Remember, the bell is very heavy. The track to the polishers is old and in need of some repair. You must go slowly and carefully.

Duncan: [speeds past] HOORAY!
Sir Handel: Slow down! The track ahead is very wobbly!

Thomas' Tricky Tree [10.7]

Duncan: Are you looking for something, Thomas?
Thomas: I'm looking for the Christmas tree.
Duncan: Don't you know what a Christmas tree looks like? It's tall and green and pointy. Peter Sam, Thomas needs our help! He doesn't know what a Christmas tree looks like!
Thomas: [cuts him off] Of course I do!

Thomas: [after his mishap] I've been a very silly engine. I didn't want to listen to you. I thought I knew better than the little engines. but I don't. I need to find the tree, and there's no time to lose.
Sir Handel: Of course I'll help you! Follow me, Thomas.

Toby's Afternoon Off [10.8]

Cranky: What are you waiting for?
Toby: I'm here to pick up the cargo.
Cranky: The ship's been caught in rough seas. The cargo won't be here until morning.

Henry: Where are you going in such a hurry?
[Toby explains about going to the farm and helping his friends]
Toby: I thought friends helped each other, but they were all too busy to help me.
Henry: That's because they've all been helping me!
Narrator: Toby was surprised.
Henry: I broke down, so Mavis brought me my special coal, Thomas took my passengers, and Salty brought me a new piston rod.
Toby: They were all helping you! Is there anything I can do to help you, Henry?
Henry: But then you won't get to the farm to see the animals.
Toby: It doesn't matter. Helping a friend is much more important. What can I do?
[Henry tells Toby to take his carriages]
Toby: I don't know if I'll be able to move them, but I'm going to try.
[he backs up and is coupled to Henry's carriages, Toby leaves the junction]
Henry: Thank you, Toby! Sorry about your afternoon off!

It's Good to Be Gordon [10.9]

[Henry is feeling ill due to the coal he has been given]
Gordon: Are you feeling alright?
Henry: I didn't get my special coal this morning. My firebox feels funny.

Henry: I'm sorry you didn't set a new record today.
Gordon: And I'm sorry I took your coal.
Thomas: Who holds the old record?
Gordon: I do!

Seeing the Sights [10.10]

Thomas: [to the visitors] Welcome aboard! I will show you all the wonderful sights of Sodor.
[Gordon shows up]
Gordon: I should be showing the sights to the important visitors!
Thomas: Why?
Gordon: Because I could show them around much more quickly than you! Then they would see everything there is to see on Sodor!
Thomas: I can show you all the sights as quickly as you can! Just you see!

[after all the visitors have been left behind earlier]
Thomas: What's happening?
Bertie: No one is getting out, Thomas, because no one is left onboard.
Thomas: Cinders and ashes!
Bertie: You were in so much of a hurry you left them all behind.
Thomas: I must go back and pick everyone up.

Fearless Freddie [10.11]

Sir Handel: Hello, Freddie. I haven't seen you for years.
Freddie: Fearless Freddie is back.
Thomas: I didn't know you two were friends!
Sir Handel: Oh, yes.
[Rheneas and Skarloey show up]
Skarloey: I'm the winner!
Rheneas: No! I am.
Freddie: Who are you?
Rheneas and Skarloey: We're the fastest engines in the hills.
Freddie: I'll show you who's fastest. I'll race you down the mountain.

[after the race]
Freddie: I'm sorry I tricked you. You're much faster engines than me.
Rheneas: But you know all the old tracks. Please tell us about them.

Toby's New Shed [10.12]

Percy: Look what I'm taking to Farmer McColl's farm! It's a new house for his doves.
Thomas: [with the timber] Well, I'm helping build a new roof for Toby's shed.
Percy: That's exciting! Toby must be very happy!
Thomas: He didn't look very happy when I told him.
Percy: Maybe he likes his old roof.
Thomas: Well, I'm going to show Toby his new roof will be the best new roof ever.

[after Toby's shed is repaired]
Thomas: Now you have the smartest shed on Sodor, Toby.
[he sees Toby growing very sad]
Thomas: What's wrong, Toby?
[Toby sighs]
Thomas: It's much better than your old roof, and it hasn't got any holes.
Toby: But I liked my old roof with holes. Little birds flew into the holes to make their nests. My shed was their home too.

Edward Strikes Out [10.13]

Rocky: My name's Rocky.
Edward: I'm Edward.
Rocky: Can I come with you? I could help you with those heavy pipes.
Edward: I don't need your help! New-fangled nonsense!

Harvey: [picking up the pipes] This is going to take me a very long time!
[Thomas and Emily arrive]
Thomas: We have to get through. Why don't you go and get Rocky?
Edward: No, no! Harvey is doing a fine job! We must be patient!
Emily: I don't like being patient! We have a very important job to do!
[Gordon arrives quickly, but collides with the pipes and derails]
Harvey: I can't lift Gordon. He's too heavy.
Thomas: Edward, we need Rocky!
Gordon: New-fangled nonsense!
Narrator: But Edward knew this was a disaster, and he knew that Harvey couldn't lift Gordon. There was only one thing to do.
Edward: [leaves the junction] I'll go and get Rocky.

Topped Off Thomas [10.14]

Thomas: Hello, Spencer. What are you doing on Sodor?
Spencer: I am to pick up Sir Topham, Lady Hatt, and the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. They are waiting at Kellsthorpe station. I am to take them to a very important tea at the Scottish castle.
Thomas: [disappointedly] Why can't I take them in Annie and Clarabel?
Spencer: Because you are a small engine and small engines get small jobs! I am a big engine, and big engines get big jobs!
Thomas: I can go faster than the wind!
Spencer: Nonsense!
Thomas: [growing very cross] I'll race you to Kellsthorpe station! Then we'll see!

Thomas: Sometimes going slowly is as good as going fast!

Which Way Now? [10.15]

Rusty: [honking impatiently] It's time to go, it's time to go!
Workmen: We haven't finished our jobs.
Rusty: But we have to leave now! I can't be late for Sir Topham!

Rusty: It was all my fault for hurrying you, but I can take you back to put them right, and this time I won't rush.

Thomas and the Shooting Star [10.16]

Gordon: I'm going to wish to be grander!
James: I'm going to wish to be redder!
Percy: I'm going to wish to pull the mail forever and ever!
Thomas: Never to have to work with Diesel again, or never wearing my snowplough, or never having to pull smelly fish!

Percy: I wished you would come home safely!
Thomas: Thank you, Percy! Both of our wishes came true!

Big Strong Henry [10.17]

The Fat Controller: Farmer McColl needs lots of bricks, iron, and concrete. I need a strong engine to fetch them.
Henry: I can do it, sir!
Gordon: You're not as strong as I am. I'll do the jobs, sir.
The Fat Controller: Gordon, you can do it. Henry, you can deliver the empty trucks.
Henry: Empty trucks?
Thomas: Never mind, Henry. We know you're big and strong.
Percy: You can pull 10 trucks of sand, couldn't you?
Henry: Yes, I could.
Emily: You could pull 20 trucks of coal.
Henry: I suppose so.
Thomas: You could pull 50 trucks of iron and steel because you're "Big Strong Henry".
Gordon: "Big strong Henry"?! What nonsense!
Thomas: You'll see.
Gordon: Pah!

Percy: Look, Henry! If Gordon sees you pulling 5 heavy trucks, he'll see just how strong you are!
[Henry backs up to the trucks; Gordon soon arrives]
Gordon: Put those trucks back! Those are for Farmer McColl! I'm collecting them later!
Percy: He's not as strong as you are!

Sticky Toffee Thomas (UK) / Sticky Taffy Thomas (US) [10.18]

The Fat Controller: [at the scene of the accident] Toby, you must go to the yard to be repaired.
Toby: If I don't take the sticky toffee to the party, the children won't be able to make toffee apples.
Thomas: Please, sir, I could take the sticky toffee to the party.
The Fat Controller: Very well. [firmly] But no more trying to be in fancy dress!

Thomas: [while still at the airport] Oh no, I've been daydreaming! And now I'm late.

Wharf and Peace [10.19]

James: [after Skarloey jumps] Fancy jumping at a silly old crane! Scaredy little engine!
Narrator: Skarloey felt very upset, and smaller than ever.
Thomas: James was only teasing.
Trucks: Scaredy engine! Scaredy engine! Clickety-clack! Don't come back!
Skarloey: Maybe I am a scaredy little engine.

Trucks: Clickety-clack! Look who's back! The scaredy engine's on our track!
Skarloey: I am NOT a scaredy little engine! And If you biff me, I'll biff you back so THERE!
Trucks: OOH!

Thomas' Frosty Friend [10.20]

[Thomas and Percy look at the snowman balloon]
Percy: I've never seen such a big snowman!
Thomas: Neither have I.

Farmer McColl: [sees Thomas with the snowman balloon] Thomas! What are you doing with a balloon attached to your buffers?

Emily and the Special Coaches (UK) / Emily and the Special Cars (US) [10.21]

Diesel: [sees Emily and The Fat Controller] Now I'm in trouble.
The Fat Controller: Diesel, where are Gordon's special coaches?!
Diesel: They're in a siding, sir.
The Fat Controller: Take Emily there at once!
Diesel: Yes, sir.

Emily: [sees Diesel sputtering] What's wrong with your engine?
Diesel: My engine's old. All that rushing 'round has worn it out.
Emily: Then you shouldn't have taken the coaches.
Diesel: And you should have listened to me!
Emily: Why should I listen to smelly old Diesel?!
Diesel: Because Gordon's not the only one to set a record. I've set one too.
Emily: Have you?!
Diesel: I've shunted more trucks in one day than any other diesel!

Thomas and the Colours (UK) / Thomas and the Colors (US) [10.22]

Thomas: [sees James decorated] Cinders and ashes!
James: Look, Thomas! Don't these flags look wonderful on me?
Thomas: But you pulled the team carriages last year!
James: And I'm pulling them again this year because I finished all my jobs. I got to the yard first.
Thomas: It's not fair!

Bertie: Please, Thomas, can you take the children to the football match for me?
Thomas: I'm sorry, Bertie, but I have to help James.
[he thinks he could only help James, but Thomas suddenly gets an idea]
Thomas: I can take your passengers, Bertie, and I can help James too.

Thomas and the Birthday Mail [10.23]

Rosie: Hello, Thomas. What are you doing?
Thomas: It's Alice's birthday. I want to get all her presents up to High Farm in good time.
[Harold arrives]
Harold: Another storm warning, I'm afraid! High winds on the way, and heavy rain! Heavy rain can cause landslides on that hilly route! [leaves]
Thomas: High winds don't bother me...
Rosie: ...or me. I'll come as your back engine.
Thomas: No, thank you, Rosie. I can do it on my own.

Rosie: [seeing Thomas stuck] It's meeeeeee! I'll go and get help.
Thomas: Wait a minute! Please, will you deliver Alice's presents for me?
Narrator: Rosie was very happy.
Rosie: Of course I will!

Duncan's Bluff [10.24]

Duncan: You were a long time getting here.
James: You're lucky I came at all. I've got an important job to do later. I'm taking some children to a concert.
Duncan: Is doing 2 jobs in one day too hard for you?
James: Pah! I can do more jobs in one day than you can! I'm really useful!
Duncan: How about a week on petition? I bet I could take coal to the villagers faster than you can deliver it.
James: Alright! You're on!

The Thin Controller: James is stuck. He has run out of coal. Now he won't be able to take the children to the concert.
Duncan: I have to tell you about the hidden coal.
The Thin Controller: You have caused delay and confusion, but you have told the truth, and a really useful engine always tells the truth.
Duncan: I'll only be really useful if I could help James.

Missing Trucks (UK) / Missing Cars (US) [10.25]

Peter Sam: Why are you so excited?
Rheneas: Can't tell you.

Rheneas: I must tell the other engines about my surprise. Maybe they can help me find the missing trucks before Skarloey finds The Thin Controller.

Thomas and the Treasure [10.26]

Salty: The admiral is always looking for the lost pirate treasure of Sodor.
James: Pirates?!
Emily: Treasure?!
Salty: Yes, but no one has ever found it. First, find the eagle in the mountains. It's beak will point to the clouds, not in the sky. Then those clouds will lead to the skull and crossbones. And there, you'll find the treasure, me hearties.
Thomas: Eagle? Clouds? Skull and crossbones? I'm sure I could solve those clues.

Admiral: I am very proud to declare the new maritime museum open!
[the big engines start whistling cheerfully along with the crowd cheering]
Thomas: [sees the last clue] That's it! The pirate treasure's right here.
Emily: Don't be silly!
James: Everyone knows it's just a silly old story!
Thomas: I followed all the clues.
Admiral: Then you have found the skull and crossbones. Someone get me a shovel.
[he starts digging for the treasure, until it appears]
Admiral: The pirate treasure will be the most important thing in the whole museum.
The Fat Controller: Thomas, you have made this the best opening ever!

James the Second Best [10.27]

The Fat Controller: This year there is to be a holiday poster for the railway, and I need an engine to be on the poster.
James: I will look wonderful on the poster!
The Fat Controller: The engine on the Sodor Railway poster will be... Edward!
[Edward whistles excitedly; the photographer prepares his camera but James obstructs Edward]
The Fat Controller: James, leave the shed now!

The Fat Controller: James, your racing around has caused confusion and delay.
James: Yes sir, sorry sir.

Children: It's Edward, and look at James! He's pushing him! Isn't James a grand engine for being so kind?
Edward: Even though you weren't the engine on the poster, you are still really useful.

Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out [10.28]

Thomas: [to Skarloey] I'll show you some wonderful new sights, sights you'll never see in the mountains. This will be your big day out.

Skarloey: [after being repaired] This is the best big day out ever!

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