The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

television series

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was a television show created by George Lucas that ran on ABC from 1992 - 1993, along with several made-for-TV movies from 1995 - 1996. The series was re-edited and completed in a chronological viewing order as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones in 1999.


My First AdventureEdit

Passions for LifeEdit

The Perils of the CupidEdit

Travels with FatherEdit

Anna Jones: [scolding Indy] Henry, we are guests in this house.
Henry Jones, Sr.: Guests, Junior. Not rampaging barbarians.

Anna Jones: Your father will deal with you in the morning.
Indiana Jones: What's he gonna do?
Anna Jones: Have you shot in the morning. I will provide the blindfold.

Leo Tolstoy: You reeking little swine, how dare you shoot me in the ass!
Indiana Jones: I thought you were a giant weazle.
Leo Tolstoy: Do I look like a giant weazle? Is it my twitching snout? My long, hairless tail? Are all little English boys as stupid as you?
Indiana Jones: I'm not English, I'm American.
Leo Tolstoy: That explains it.

Indiana Jones: You have dogs? So do I. One I mean, her name's Indiana. I haven't seen her in over a year, though. 'Cause we've been traveling so much.
Leo Tolstoy: You miss her?
Indiana Jones: Yeah, you bet I do. Can't wait to see her when we get home. Wonder if she'll still remember me.
Leo Tolstoy: Of course she will. Dogs are better than people.

Indiana Jones: Hey, they were calling you Tolstoy. I think my father has some of your books. Didn't you write that eh, that really big fat one about war?
Leo Tolstoy: And peace.
Indiana Jones: No kiddin'. My father thinks you're great!
Leo Tolstoy: Your dad's an imbicile.
Indiana Jones: He's usually not wrong about this stuff. You should ask him.

Indiana Jones: Father, I don't think that he understand your ancient Greek.
Henry Jones, Sr.: Well he should have understood it.

Indiana Jones: Father, I really doubt if a bus is even gonna come and if it does, there's probably only one a day and, and it's probably already gone!
Henry Jones, Sr.: Junior, you are now being cynical. [beneath his breath] Yes sir. See, after skeptsism comes cynicism.

Indiana Jones: [Indy and his father are splashing around in a lake] I didn't even know you could swim.
Henry Jones, Sr.: There's a lot you don't know about me, Junior. [splashes water at his son] When I was five years old, I used to go swimming in a loch. Now that was cold!

Indiana Jones: [Indy and his father are splashing around in a lake] Father!
Henry Jones, Sr.: What?
Indiana Jones: You know how you said that we should let ourselves be consumed by nature?
Henry Jones, SrYes.
Indiana Jones: Well, nature is consuming our clothes.

Indiana Jones: So your name's Aristotle?
Artistotle: Yes. So my wife said: Aristotle, she said, if you don't call that donkey Plato, you gonna have noone to talk to [laughs riotously]

Artistotle: Hey, are you interested in politics?
Henry Jones, Sr.: No not much.
Artistotle: Ah, then you're an idiot.
Henry Jones, Sr.: [brief pause] Thank you, Aristotle.
Artistotle: My pleasure. [laughs]
Henry Jones, Sr.: No, he's right, Junior. Our word 'idiot' comes from a Greek word which means 'one who is not interested in politics'.
Indiana Jones: Yeah, I, I'll remember that.

Indiana Jones: I'm bored.
Henry Jones, Sr.: Bored? Bored? We're sitting in one of the most fascinating libraries in this part of the world and you're bored?
Indiana Jones: It's also the only library.
Henry Jones, Sr.: I will not have you bored.

Indiana Jones: A ladder is made of wood, right?
Henry Jones, Sr.: Yes.
Indiana Jones: This cage is made out of wood.
Henry Jones, Sr.: So?
Indiana Jones: Ergo, our cage is a ladder.
Henry Jones, Sr.': That's not what I call Aristotlian logic.
Indiana Jones: We need a ladder, father. Let's turn our cage into a ladder.

Journey of RadianceEdit

Spring Break AdventureEdit

Love’s Sweet SongEdit

Trenches of HellEdit

Demons of DeceptionEdit

Phantom Train of DoomEdit

Oganga, the Giver and Taker of LifeEdit

Attack of the HawkmenEdit

Hobie: [recognizing Indy] I don't believe this, guys, this captain we've been sent is the same little punk who used to run errands for me back in college.

Indiana Jones: What's so funny?
Len: Well you see the longest any reconnaissance guy ever lasted with us is eight days.
Indiana Jones: Why is that?
Len: Well, you fly in low and slow and you got a camera in your hand when what you need is a gun.
Hobie: Hey dog breath, give him a break.
Len: The kid ought to know, right?

Green: [to Von Richthoven] I should have known ya by your tactics. Under the sun. Swift and sudden from behind.

Baron Von Richthofen: Sergeant?
Sargeant: Yes?
Baron Von Richthofen: I want you to paint my albatross red.
Sargeant: Red? Your plane will be visible for miles. You cannot hide. It's to bold.
Baron Von Richthofen: I will not hide from anyone. We are bold and we will let them know it. Just paint it!

Indiana Jones: [a German plane has just dropped a message in a canister] It's from Richthofen.
Hobie: How do you know?
Indiana Jones: I had lunch with him.

Charles Nungesser: [having been challenged to a duel] Well, well, I seem to have finally got Richthofen were I want him.
Raoul Lufbery: Are you going alone?
Charles Nungesser: Of course. We may be at war, but we are still gentlemen.

Baron Von Richthofen: I will make it a priority to deny them the pleasure of filming my death. I believe the heart of the matter is very simple. To shoot down the cameraman first.

Francois: [opening a specially prepared suitcase] Ehm, It is a fitted suitcase, hm? Hairbrush, razor, hair oil.
Indiana Jones: Oh, I- I, I never use hair oil.
Francois: It is not hair oil. It is invisible ink.

Indiana Jones: What is this?
Charles Nungesser: It's the parachute.
Indiana Jones: A parachute? What's it for?
Charles Nungesser: Didn't they tell you? That is how our spies are dropped behind enemy lines
Indiana Jones: What?
Charles Nungesser: You jump out of the airplane with it.
Indiana Jones: I'm not gonna ...
Charles NungesserIt's the latest experimental model. Small enough to wear on your back. Now. Just climb aboard and sit down.
Indiana Jones: I have a bad feeling about this.

General Von Kramer: [giving a tour of the factory] And over here they are working on a new process to refine helium.
Alhorn: If we can perfect the method we will eliminate the explosive dangers of hydrogen.
General Von Kramer: So this is not the place to light up one of your big fat cigars, Mr. Fokker.

Anthony Fokker: Wars come and go. Humanity suffers. But Knowledge and science survive.

Anthony Fokker: Genius is not enough, Forssman, one must be practical as well.

General Von Kramer: With this plane, we can now bomb New York. Do you agree, Herr Fokker?
Anthony Fokker: Possibly. Let me work on it. I will make it fly twice as far.

Adventures in the Secret ServiceEdit

Espionage EscapadesEdit

Daredevils of the DesertEdit

Tales of InnocenceEdit

Masks of EvilEdit

Treasure of the Peacock’s EyeEdit

Zyke: I would like to repay you for the kindness... [Slaps Indy across the face] But it's not in my nature.

Remy: Listen sir, all we want is to get back to civilization.
Bronislaw Malinowski: This is civilization.
Remy: A civilized civilization!

Bronislaw Malinowski: Kanoo, break through your sea passage, fly through peril, leave your imprint in the sand. Perhaps we'll meet again.
Indiana Jones: I hope so

Wind’s of ChangeEdit

Mystery of the BluesEdit

Scandal of 1920Edit

Hollywood FolliesEdit

Erich Von Stroheim: I am an artist!


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