Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

2008 film directed by Steven Spielberg

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a 2008 adventure film in which famed archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones is called back into action when he becomes entangled in a Soviet plot to uncover the secret behind mysterious artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls.

Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by David Koepp, based on a story written by Jeff Nathanson and George Lucas.

Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. edit

  • [first lines] Russians.
  • [After he slams into a pursuing truck while pursuing Irina Spalko.] Damn, I thought that was closer!
  • [After Irina asks him if he had any last words] I like Ike.
  • [after hearing siren] Oh, that can't be good. [P.A.: All personel, it is now one minute to zero time. Put on goggles or turn away. Do not remove goggles or face burst until 10 seconds after first light.] Oh, that can't be good at all.
  • [to the Russians searching for him as they leave him at a nuclear test site] Sure, great! Don't wait for me!
  • I think you just brought a knife to a gunfight.
  • If you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library!
  • Come on, genius.
  • [to a crazy Harold Oxley who is speaking apparent gibberish] We went to the University of Chicago together, and you were never this interesting. My name is Ind... [quietly] My name is Henry Jones Jr.
  • This is intolerable. (reference from his father)
  • I have a bad feeling about this. (reference from Star Wars)
  • Leave it to Ox to write a riddle in a dead language.

Henry "Mutt" Williams-Jones III edit

  • [on his motorcycle, to Indiana] Get on, Gramps.
  • [to Indiana] For an old man, you're not bad in a fight. What're you like - 80?
  • Hold up! [combs his hair] Okay, I'm ready. Don't give these pigs anything.
  • Ox, it's Mutt. It's me.
  • Don't call me son! [reference to Indy telling his own father not to call him "Junior"]
  • [To Indy] What are you looking at, Daddy-o! She's getting away!
  • [combs his hair while telling Indy and Marion] I can't concentrate with you two fighting all the time!

Irina Spalko edit

  • And where is it you would imagine I am from, Dr. Jones?
  • [To Mutt while they are dueling] You fight like a young man; eager to begin, quick to finish!
  • And what I do not know, I find out.
  • So we will do this- what is expression? Old-fashion way. You will tell us.
  • [Right before trying to push his truck off a cliff] Do svidaniya, Dr. Jones.
  • JONES!!!!
  • [Right before she gets consumed by the knowledge] I want to know.

Others edit

  • Mac: [The driver of the car he is in is playing Chicken with Indy] Don't get clever, Boris. You don't know him. Know him! Know him! You don't know him! You don't know him! YOU DON'T KNOW HIM! YOU DON'T KNOW...! [the cars crash into each other]
  • Colonel Dovchenko: [last words, spoken in Russian] HELP ME!!!
  • Jocks: Get that greaser!
  • Harold Oxley: [repeated line] Henry Jones Jr.!

Dialogue edit

( voices in Russian )

( panting )

Indy: Hello? Hello? Hello! Hey! I knocked. Wait a minute.

( alarm wailing )

Indy: Oh, that can't be good.

( man on PA ) All personnel, it is now one minute to zero time. Put on goggles or turn away. Do not remove goggles or face burst until ten seconds after first light.

Indy: Oh, that can't be good at all.

( shouting in Russian )

Indy: Wait, wait, wait! Stop! Sure, great! Don't wait for me!

( man on P.A. ) Minus fifteen seconds.

( man on P.A. ) Minus ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

( panting )

( squealing )

Mac: This ain't going to be easy.
Indy: Not as easy as it used to be.
Mac: Well, we've been through worse.
Indy: Yeah, when?
Mac: Flensburg. There was twice as many.
Indy: We were younger.
Mac: I still am young!
Indy: We had guns. Put your hands down, will you; you're embarrassing us.

Colonel Dovchenko: You recognize building, yes?
Indy: [looks over to the Russians dragging away the dead American soldiers they killed] Drop dead. [Dovchenko punches him] I'm sorry, I meant drop dead, comrade.

Indy: You're not from around here, are you?
Irina: And where is it you would imagine I am from...Dr. Jones?
Indy: Well, the way you're sinking your teeth into those wubble-U's, I should think maybe...Eastern Ukraine.

Irina: [lightly slaps Indy twice] You're a hard man to read, Dr. Jones.
Indy: Ouch.
Irina: So, we will do this, what is expression, old-fashioned way. You will tell us.

Irina: This warehouse, where you and your government have hidden all of your secrets. Yes?
Indy: This is a military warehouse. I've never been here before in my life.
Irina: Object we seek; rectangular storage container, dimensions 2 meters by one half meter by 66 centimeters. Contents of box: mummified remains. This is no doubt familiar to you.
Indy: What makes you think I've got any idea what box you're talking about?
Irina: Because 10 years ago, you were part of the team that examined it.
Indy: Look, [Irina points her rapier at Indy's shoulder] even if I...knew what you were talking about...
Irina: You will help us find it.

Indy: Compass. I need a compass. You know, North, South, East -
Mac: West.

Irina: No defiant last words, Dr. Jones?
Indy: [sarcastically] I like Ike.
Colonel Dovchenko: Put down gun.
Indy: You got it, pal. [drops the gun and it "accidentally" shoots a Russian soldier in the foot]

Indy: What was in the steel box they took?
FBI Agent: You tell us. You've seen it before.
Indy: Oh, you mean that Air Force fiasco in '47? I was tossed into a bus with blacked-out windows and twenty people I wasn't allowed to speak to. Hauled out in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on some urgent recovery project and shown what?! Pieces of wreckage and an intensely magnetic shroud covering mutilated remains. None of us was ever given the full picture and we were threatened with treason if we ever talked about it. So you tell me, what was in the box?!

Indy: How did Deirdre take the news?
Dean Stanforth: How does any wife take such things? The look on her face was a combination of pride and panic.
Indy: I never should have doubted you, my friend.
Dean Stanforth: No, you have reason to question your friends these days.
Indy: Brutal couple of years, huh, Charlie? [Part of the "Henry Jones theme" from the previous film plays as Indy looks at pictures of Marcus Brody and Henry Jones Senior] First Dad, then Marcus.
Dean Stanforth: We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away.

Mutt: The name's Mutt. Mutt Williams.
Indy: Mutt? What kind of name is that?
Mutt: It's the one I picked, you got a problem with that?
Indy: [calmly] Take it easy.

Mutt: What is it the crystal skull?
Indy: Deity carving. Mesoamerican. There are a number of crystal skulls in the world; I saw one in the British Museum. Interesting craftsmanship, but that's about it.
Mutt: Well, laugh if you want. Oxley said he found it this time. He said this was real and he was off to a place called Akator with it.
Indy: Akator? He said that? You're sure?
Mutt: That's what he said, he said Akator. What is it?
Indy: It's a mythical lost city in the Amazon. Conquistadors called it El Dorado. Supposedly, the Ugha tribe were chosen by the gods 7000 years ago to build a giant city out of solid gold. It had aqueducts and paved roads and technology that wouldn't be seen again for 5000 years. Francisco de Orellano disappeared into the Amazon looking for it in 1546. I almost died of typhus looking for it myself. I don't think it exists.
Mutt: Why would Ox want to take the skull there?
Indy: The legend says that a crystal skull was stolen from Akator in the 15th or 16th century, and that whoever returns the skull to the city temple will be given control over its power.

Indy: Who is your mother, again?
Mutt: Mary, Mary Williams. You don't remember her?
Indy: There've been a lot of Marys, kid.
Mutt: [punches the table and storms from his seat] Shut up! That's my mother you're talking about, okay?! That's my mother.
Indy: [ordering Mutt to sit down immediately] You don't have to get all sore all the time just to prove how tough you are. Sit down. Please, sit down.

Mutt: [driving his motorcycle through the library] Split, split, split, split, split, split!
Indy: You're going too fast!
Mutt: That's a matter of opinion!

Mutt: [shows Indy the ladder] This way down. [falls down the ladder]
Indy: [walks down the stairs, helps Mutt back up] This way up.
Mutt: [takes Indy's hand] Yeah...

[After Indy has shot a native grave guard with his own poison dart and scared off a second]
Mutt: [disbelievingly] You're a...teacher?
Indy: [shrugs] Part-time.

Mutt: Dead end.
Indy: Maybe.
Mutt: [combs his hair] Hmm-
Indy: What are you doing? Put that thing away! [Mutt hears him and stops combing his hair] Give me some light over here.

Indy: Dance on your own dime, will ya?
Mutt: Ow! A scorpion just stung me, am I gonna die?
Indy: How big?
Mutt: Huge!
Indy: Good.
Mutt: Good?!
Indy: When it comes to scorpions, the bigger the better. A small one bites you, don't keep it to yourself.

[looking at the odd shaped human skulls]
Indy: Nazca Indians used to hang their infants with rope to elongate their skulls like that.
Mutt: Why?
Indy: To honor the gods.
Mutt: No, no, God's head's not like that, man.
Indy: Depends on who your god is.

Indy: Crystal's not magnetic.
Mutt: Neither is gold.

Irina Spalko: "Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds". You recognize those words? It was your own Dr. Oppenheimer after he created the atomic bomb.
Indy: He was quoting the Hindu bible.
Irina Spalko: It was nuclear intimidation. But now this next level of weapon is ours to have, yours to fear.
Indy: Weapon? What weapon?
Irina Spalko: A mind weapon. A new frontier of psychic warfare; that was Stalin's dream.
Indy: [laughs] Now I know why Oxley put the skull back where he found it. He knew you were looking for it.
Irina Spalko: That skull is no mere deity carving, surely you knew that the moment you laid eyes on it. It was not made by human hands.
Indy: Who made it then? [Spalko stares at him, until he realizes her train of thought] Come on!
Irina Spalko: The body we found in New Mexico was not the first; we had already dissected two others from similar crash sites in the Soviet Union.
Indy: [skeptical] Saucer men from Mars.
Irina Spalko: The legends of Akator are all true. Early man could not have conceived it, much less built it. It was a city of supreme beings, with technologies and paranormal abilities.
Indy: You've got to be kidding me.
Irina Spalko: Why do you choose not to believe your own eyes? [reveals the body stolen from Area 51 and exposes a wound in the back of its head, baring the skull] The New Mexico specimen gave us hope; unlike the others we'd found, its skeleton was pure crystal. A distant cousin, perhaps. Maybe they too were sent to find Akator. Perhaps we're all searching for the same thing. [covers the body] There is no other explanation.
Indy: There's always another explanation.
Irina Spalko: The skull was stolen from Akator in the 15th century. Whoever returns it-
Indy: -Returns it to the city temple will gain control over its powers. I've heard that bedtime story before.

Marion: [being dragged out of the tent by the Russians] Get your hands off of me, you rotten, Russky son of a bitch! [sees Indy with a smile] Indiana Jones. [Indy smiled with a shrug] About time you showed up.
Mutt: Mom!
Marion: [looks at Mutt] Sweetheart! [runs up to her son with a hug] What in the world are you doing here?
Indy: [shocked] "Mom"?
Mutt: [ignores Indy, to his mom] Ah, don't worry about me. Are you alright?
Indy: [to Mutt] Marion is your...
Marion: [still ignores Indy] Young man, I specifically told you...
Indy: [to Mutt] ...your mother?
Marion: [still ignores Indy] ... not to come down here.
Indy: [to Mutt] Marion Ravenwood is your mother?
Marion: [ignores him once more] I should've known Jones would drag you into this.
Indy: [to Mutt] Marion Ravenwood is your mother?!
Marion: Oh, for God's sake, Indy! It's not that hard.
Indy: Well, I know. I just thought that...
Marion: I would have a life after you left.
Indy: No, I didn't mean...
Marion: I had a really good life.
Indy: Well, that's fine, but...
Marion: A damn good, really good life!
Indy: Well, so have I!
Marion: Yeah? You still leaving in a trail of human wreckage or have you retired?
Indy: Why, you're looking for a date?
Marion: With anyone but you!
Irina: So, Dr. Jones, you will help us? [Dovchenko cocks a pistol and points it at Marion's back] A simple "yes" will do.
Indy: Oh Marion, you had to go and get yourself kidnapped.
Marion: Not like you did any better.
Indy: Same old, same old...

Mac: [Jones punches Mac in his nose after Mac unties Jones] OW! You broke my nose!
Indy: I told you!
Irina: ENOUGH! You will speak to Oxley and lead us to Akator, yes?
Indy: Nyet.
Irina: Take him outside.

Indy: Yeah, but you're alright?
Mutt: They left my bike.

Mutt: [when Irina holds her sword at him] Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop, stop! [holds comb out] Huh? [combs his hair, shoves comb back in the pocket] I'm ready. Don't give these pigs a thing.
Indy: You heard him.
Irina: Hmm. Clearly, I've chosen the wrong pressure point. [referring to Marion] Perhaps I can find a more sensitive one.

[Indy and Marion are trapped in drysand pit]:
Mutt: What is it, quicksand?
Marion: I'm calm.
Indy: No, it's a dry sand pit...
Marion: I'm sinking, but I'm calm.
Indy: Quicksand is a mix of sand, mud and water and depending on the viscosity it's not as dangerous as people sometimes think.
Marion: Oh, for Pete's sake, Jones, we're not in school!
Indy: Don't worry. There's nothing to worry about unless there's a... [there is a sudden void collapse] ...a void collapse.

Marion: [to Jones] Mutt can be a little impetuous.
Indy: Believe me, it's not the worst quality in the world. Keep your arms above the surface. When the kid comes back, grab on.
Marion: Indy, he's...
Indy: He's a good kid, Marion. You should get off his back about school. Not everybody is cut out for it.
Marion: Mutt, I mean, his name's Henry.
Indy: [absent-mindedly] Henry. Good name.
Marion: He's your son.
Indy: [shocked] My son?
Marion: Henry Jones III.
Indy: Why the hell didn't you make him finish school?!

Mutt: [after rescuing Marion, passes the snake to Indy] Grab on. Grab it. [Indy is terrified of the snake] Just grab it, Indy. It's a rat snake!
Indy: Rat snakes aren't that big.
Mutt: Well, this one is, all right? It's not even poisonous. Now grab on!
Indy: Go get something else.
Mutt: Like what?
Indy: Like a rope or something.
Mutt: There's no Sears and Roebuck here! Grab the snake!
Indy: [sinks further down] Maybe I can touch the bottom with my feet.
Marion: There's no bottom, Indy. Now grab it.
Indy: No, no. I think I can feel it with my feet.
Mutt: Grab the snake!
Indy: Stop calling it that!
Mutt: It's a snake! What do you want me to call it?!
Indy: [afraid to touch the snake] A rope!
Mutt: What?
Indy: Say "grab the rope!"
Mutt and Marion: [look at each other, back to Indy] Grab the rope!
[Indy reluctantly grabs the snake]
Mutt: Hold tight. It's slimy.
[Marion and Mutt managed to pull Indy out of the sand pit]
Indy: Get rid of that thing, will ya...son?
Mutt: [throws the snake to get rid of it] Afraid of snakes. You're one crazy old man.

Indy: [surrounded by Russian soldiers after getting pulled out of the sandpit by Mutt] Good work, Ox. Thanks.
Oxley: [points at the Russians] Help.

Mutt: [looking at Indy and Marion] No! No, he was British! My dad was an RAF Pilot; he was a war hero; not some school teacher!
Marion: No, sweetheart! Collin was your stepfather. We started dating 3 months after you were born! He was a good man!
Indy: Wait, wait, wait. Collin? As in Collin Williams? You...Ha! You married him? I introduced you!
Marion: I think you gave up your vote on who I married, when you decided to break it off a week before the wedding!
Indy: I think we both knew Marion, it wasn't gonna work!
Marion: You didn't know that! Why didn't you ever talk to me about it?
Indy: Because we never had an argument I won!
Marion: It's not my fault if you can't keep up!
Indy: I didn't want to hurt you!
Dovchenko: [annoyed] Oh, for love of God! Shut the hell up!
Marion: Didn't you ever wonder why Ox stopped writing? He hated that you ran away!
Mutt: Would you two just stop?!
Indy: Yeah, Marion! Let's not let the kid see mom and dad fight!
Mutt: You're not my dad, okay?
Indy: You bet I am, and I've got news for you; you're gonna go back and finish school!
Mutt: Really?! Whatever happened to your advice of "if school isn't for you just live your life and don't let anyone tell you otherwise"?! You don't remember saying that!
Indy: That was before I found out I was your father!
Mutt: You're not my father!
[Dovchenko gets up]
Marion: Oh yes, he is your father!
Indy: You should've told me about the kid, Marion; I had a right to know!
Marion: [as Dovchenko gags her mouth] You vanished, after that!
Indy: I wrote!
Marion: [muffled by the gag] A year later! By then, Mutt was born, and I was married!
Indy: Why are you bothering to tell me now?
Marion: Because I thought we were gonna die!
Indy: Not yet!
[Indy and Mutt start kicking Dovchenko until he falls over]
Mutt: [empties his knife out of his shoe and throws it to Indy, and it lands on Indy's shoulder and drops to Indy's hand] Got it? [hears a rip] Oh shit!
[Indy cuts himself loose, then Mutt, and goes over to Marion. She lifts her head, requesting he pull the gag out. He pulls the gag out of her mouth and begins to cut the ropes binding her hands]
Marion: I'm sure I wasn't the only one to get with my life. There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.
Indy: There were a few, but they all had the same problem.
Marion: Yeah? What's that?
Indy: [rips a hole in the roof to climb through] They weren't you, honey. [climbs out of the truck]
[Marion then smiles in realization]

Indy: [to Mutt and Marion as he climbs onto the roof of their newly captured truck] Keep driving.
Mutt: Well, what's he gonna do now?
Marion: I don't think he plans that far ahead.
Mutt: Yeah...
Indy: [pops out from the inside of the truck with a bazooka] Scoot over, will ya, Son?
Mutt: Don't call me "Son". Don't.
Indy: I think I'd cover my ears if I were you! [shoots a rocket at a giant tree cutter but it sends the large circular blade bouncing straight for them, cutting through other trucks as it goes] Duck!

Indy: Marion, take the wheel!
Mutt: That's not fair; she drove the truck!
Indy: Don't be a child - find something to fight with!

Mac: Jonesy! [Indy knocks off two Russians] Jonesy?
Indy: Hi, Mac! [punches him]

Mutt: [after swinging on tree vines and landing back in the truck] Whoa!
Indy: [impressed] Whoa. [looks ahead to see a cliff] WHOA!

Indy: [notices the giant group of ants] Siafu.
Mutt: What?
Indy: Big damn ants! Go!

Mac: [points his gun at Indy] Sorry, Jonesy.
Indy: [to Mac, after it is revealed that he is actually working for the Russians] So, what are you, like a triple agent?
Mac: No, I just lied about being double.

Mutt: What are they, spacemen?
Oxley: [now completely sane] Interdimensional beings, in point of fact.
Indy: Welcome back, Ox.
[The ceiling opens to reveal a wormhole opening]
Marion: What the heck is that?
Oxley: [points at the ceiling] A portal! A pathway to another dimension!
Indy: Don't think we wanna go that way.

Indy: Where did they go? Into space?
Oxley: Not into space. Into the space between spaces.

Mutt: I don't understand. Why the legend about the city of gold?
Indy: Well, the Ugha word for 'gold' translates as 'treasure.' But their treasure wasn't gold, it was knowledge. Knowledge was their treasure.

[Spalko admires the crystal skeletons of Akator]
Irina Spalko: Look at them! Still waiting for the return of the one who was lost. They are a hive mind; one being physically separate but with a collective consciousness. More powerful together than they can ever be apart. Imagine what they could tell us!
Indy: I can't imagine it. Neither could the humans who built this temple, and neither can you!
Irina Spalko: Belief, Dr. Jones, is a gift you have yet to receive. My sympathies. [starts to climb the dais]
Indy: Oh, I believe, sister. That's why I'm down here.

Indy: Be careful, you might get exactly what you wish for.
Irina: I usually do.

Indy: Why don't you stick around, Junior?
Mutt: I don't know. Why didn't you, "Dad?"
Oxley: [scoffs] Dad... [gives Indy a questioning look] Dad?
Indy: [chuckles, wraps his arm around Marion] Somewhere, your grandpa is laughing.

[Last lines]
Oxley: Well done, Henry.
Indy and Mutt: Thanks, Ox.

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  • The fans are all upset. They’re always going to be upset. Why did he do it like this? And why didn’t he do it like this? They write their own movie, and then, if you don’t do their movie, they get upset about it.

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