The Town (2010 film)

2010 film directed by Ben Affleck

The Town is a 2010 film about a longtime thief who tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, as well as the FBI agent looking to bring him and his crew down.

Directed by Ben Affleck. Written by Ben Affleck, Peter Craig, and Aaron Stockard, based on the novel Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan.
Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America.

Doug McRay

  • Hey, next time you guys wanna take pictures of me, just call ahead. You know, we can do better than a barbecue. A calender shoot... you know, maybe topless, lubed up. Whatever you guys are into. The FBI car antenna's are half inch mat black about three quarters way down the rear windshield. Statie a pigtail, BPD half and half. Every pewee in town knows what an FBI rear antenna looks like. So in the future you guys need try to be slick, be slicker than a six year old. I gotta get back to work. Can I go? [he gets up to leave the interrogation room] Good luck with that print.
  • No matter how much you change, you still have to pay the price for the things you've done. So I got a long road. But I know I'll see you again - this side or the other.

Adam Frawley

  • This is the not fucking around crew so get me something that looks like a print because this not fucking around thing is about to go both ways.
  • [to Doug] You and your boys didn't just roll a Star Market over in Malden for a box of quarters. No, you decided to bang it out in the North End at nine o'clock in the morning with assault rifles. You fucking dummies shot a guard! Now you're like a half off sale at a Big & Tall - every cop is in line. Fortunately though, for you, this guard, who is two-thirds to a retard, has miraculously clung to life. Now, if it were up to me, and they gave me two minutes and a wet towel, I would personally asphyxiate this half-wit so we could string you up on a federal M1 and end this story with a bag on your head and a paralyzing agent running through your veins. This isn't fucking Tommy Hopscotch anymore, Doug. But I did wanna say one thing: You're here today so I can personally tell you that you are going to die in federal prison. And so are all your friends. No deal. No compromise. And when that day comes when you start trying to be my hero collaborator so hard that I have to slap you to shut up, and it will come, despite your pitiable, misguided, Irish Omertà. When your code of silence finally gives way to fear of trafficking in cigarettes to prevent sexual enslavement, I just want you to know that it's gonna be me who tells you to go fuck yourself.


Doug MacRay: You following us, Jem? Who were you tailing, me or her?
James Coughlin: I told you. I made the Avalanche.
Doug MacRay: You got nothing to worry about. It's all under control.
James Coughlin: So, you're trying to get us jammed up, that it?
Doug MacRay: Yeah, I'm trying to get you jammed up.
James Coughlin: Tell me you got a move here, Dougie. Cause the only way I see it, is that you got sprung like a goddamn bear trap on some toonie pussy who happens to be the one goddamn person-fuck! the one person that can give us to the fucking feds.
Doug MacRay: Calm down. Don't you think we need to be smart right now?
James Coughlin: Smart? Let's start fucking all the witnesses. Oh yeah I'm blowing the Assistant manager, am I smart now? And no, I didn't tell the other guys because they'd flip the fuck out! And I want them ready for the next thing.
Doug MacRay: I told you, the next fucking thing ain't ready yet.
James Coughlin: Then fucking make it ready!
Doug MacRay: I don't like the guards on the next thing, alright. One kid is like fucking G.I. Joe, He wears the vest on the outside and tucks his pants into his fucking combat boots.
James Coughlin: The truck's fucking waist high.
Doug MacRay: We'll find another truck with the driver who's a fucking fat kid with his fucking shirt on top who don't think he's special forces.
James Coughlin: Well I know you're happy in fuck-city over there but I waited nine years in Walpole for you motherfucker, just nine years that's all. I'm done waiting
Doug MacRay: This is the last one. We're hitting pause after this. We get pinched, remember whose idea this was, okay? Be ready on Friday.

Claire Keesey: A few days ago my bank was robbed. Four men took over and opened the safe. They took me as a hostage. Uh... they blindfolded me and drove me around. And then they stopped and let me out over at the beach and... and one of the guys told me to walk until I felt the water on my toes. It's the longest walk of my life, I kept thinking I'd step off a cliff. And... and then I felt the water.
Doug MacRay: I'm sorry.
Claire Keesey: It's not your fault.

Claire Keesey: I lied to the FBI.
Doug MacRay: What?
Claire Keesey: When the guy attacked David, I could see the back of his neck and he had a tattoo.
Doug MacRay: Of what?
Claire Keesey: It was one of those fighting Irish tattoos. I'm afraid if I report it they'll make me testify. What do you think I should do?
Doug MacRay: You tell the FBI. If the guy's got a record, and I'm sure he does, they'll have his tattoos on file. They'll ring him up the next day. Robbery, weapons, he'll get thirty years. Of course he'll worry someone's gonna come looking for the witness. FBI will probably want to put you in a WitSec, you know, witness security. You know, he'll probably put you somewhere, like you know in uh... Cleveland or Arizona. You know, somewhere safe. Or... you could wait. You have a card, there's nothin' says you gotta play it right away. You're the one who's vulnerable in this situation right now. The FBI are just people, like anyone else who want to find the bad guy so that they can go home and do their supper. You have to look out for yourself, Claire.
Claire Keesey: Quite an expert.
Doug MacRay: Not really. Just watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of CSI. So I'm a really big expert on all this. I know. And Miami CSI and New York CSI. All the... all of them I have watched.
[Claire starts to laugh]
Claire Keesey: You're well prepared.
Doug MacRay: And Bones.

Doug MacRay: I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're gonna hurt some people.
James Coughlin: ...Whose car are we gonna take? (and they rush to the prospects to beat up a tough guy who damaged Claire's car...)

[Doug visits his father in prison]
Doug MacRay: I'm thinking about um... taking a trip. Going dark for a minute.
Stephen MacRay: Takin' heat?
Doug MacRay: Nah, just... Makin' a change.
Stephen MacRay: Yeah, don't tell me. "Makin' a change." Either you got heat or you don't. I heard a bread truck got dropped.
Doug MacRay: Oh, yeah? I didn't hear about it.
Stephen MacRay: Okay.
Police Guard: You got five minutes! Five minutes!
Doug MacRay: Let me ask you something. In case I don't see you again. How come you never... How come you never looked for her?
Stephen MacRay: Uhhhhh... Looked for who?
Doug MacRay: [short pause] For Ma. For my mother. How come you never looked for her? How come you never tried to call nobody or look for her, or ask around?
Stephen MacRay: [sighs] Look, when your mother left, you cried so hard you were throwin' up. All over parlor. So I told you if you looked around you might find her. Just to give you an activity. I didn't think you'd carry it like a fuckin' disease. What, you wanna think she was an angel? Go ahead. But look out your front door. How many 22 year old girls are out there, they're fuckin' around with kids they don't want... and... you know... no sense in their heads. And your mother wasn't no different. That's the hard truth. I made my peace with it. You make yours. I didn't look for her because there was nothin' to find. Look, I gotta die five times before I get outta here. But, I'll see you again. This side or the other.

Adam Frawley: You used to hang around with Doug MacRay a little bit, huh?
Krista Coughlin: How do you know Dougy?
Adam Frawley: We sorta worked together.
Krista Coughlin: Sand and Gravel?
Adam Frawley: No. No. [pulls out a $20 bill] You a pretty decent judge of size?
Krista Coughlin: [smiles] Depends. Size of what?
Adam Frawley: [pulls out a $20 bill] What do you think? 6 inches? Under or over?
Krista Coughlin: Under.
Adam Frawley: Wrong. 6.1 inches. See I know everything there is to know about money. Thickness, 0.0014 inches. Weighs about 1 gram.
[Krista stays silent]
Adam Frawley: You know what that means? That means this $20 bill isn't even worth its own weight in value for Oxycodone.
[Krista realizes he really is an FBI agent]
Adam Frawley: You thinking of running out on me? Not gonna work. Because once I start waving this, [flashes FBI badge] it's trouble for you.
Krista Coughlin: I want a lawyer.
Adam Frawley: Good, get one. Because it's all about protecting yourself. Not even yourself... you have to protect your daughter.
Krista Coughlin: Don't talk about my daughter.

Fergus 'Fergie' Colm: You're going to do this for me, or I'm going to clip your nuts, like I clipped your daddy's.
Doug MacRay: Don't talk about my father.
Fergus 'Fergie' Colm: Son, I knew your daddy. He worked for me for years. Years. Then he wanted his own thing. You play the horses? You know they either geld the horse with a knife or with chemicals. When your Daddy said no to me, I did him the chemical way. Gave your mother a taste. Got the hook into her. Ahh, she doped up good and proper. Hung herself with a wire, on Melnea Cass. And you, running around the neighborhood looking for her. Your daddy didn't have the heart to tell his son that he was looking for a suicide doper who was never coming home. If there's a Heaven, son, she ain't in it.

[Krista has been hospitalized after a car accident. Frawley approaches her]
Krista Coughlin: There he is. Mr. Six Inches.
Adam Frawley: What happened?
Krista Coughlin: You're a crime stopper, figure it the fuck out.
Adam Frawley: Sweetheart, I know you have oxycodone, cocaine and alcohol in your system. I know that you have five cars registered in your name and I know right now your daughter is sitting in the back of a state van, being driven by a stranger to the Department of Social Services. So, how long do you wanna do this?
Krista Coughlin: I'm a person, you know?
Adam Frawley: Yeah, you're a person who's gonna need a plea agreement if you ever wanna see your kid again.
Krista Coughlin: Why is it always I'm the one who's gettin' used?

Adam Frawley: I didn't realize you left your job at the bank.
Claire Keesey: Uh... oh yeah. Yeah. Last week. I'm sorry, was I supposed to notify someone?
[Frawley shakes his head, and picks up the box with the necklace that Doug gave to Claire]
Adam Frawley: Fancy.
Claire Keesey: Yeah. It was a gift.
Adam Frawley: We have our suspects. I came by to share this with you. [takes several photos from the envelope he's holding] James Coughlin. Albert Magloan. Desmond Elden. Part of the crew that we tied into the bank job at North End and at least three other armed car robberies. [He shows her the next photo, which is a mug shot of Doug] Look familiar? You opened the safe for him. He left you unharmed. And now the two of you are carrying on a relationship about which you lied to the FBI. I was wrong, you do need a lawyer.


  • Welcome to the bank robbery capital of America.


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