The Times

British daily national newspaper based in London

The Times is a daily morning newspaper published in London. It was founded in 1785 as the Daily Universal Register and took its present title in 1788. It has often been regarded as the newspaper taken by the British establishment. It was nicknamed "The Thunderer" for its strident editorialising.

Front page of The Times from 4 December 1788.


  • The speaker then said he felt inclined for a bit of fucking.
    • The "Harcourt interpolation", a rogue sentence inserted by malicious compositor in column four of page seven of The Times for 23 January 1882. See Fritz Spiegl, "Keep Taking the Tabloids" (Pan, 1983), p. 44.
  • No conqueror returning from a victory on the battlefield had come adorned with nobler laurels.
    • Opening words of Leader column referring to Neville Chamberlain's negotiation of the Munich agreement, 1 October 1938.

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  • Top people take The Times.
  • Advertising slogan, 1960s.

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