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The Guardian is an English-language daily newspaper founded in 1821 and based in London. Its website,, is one of the most popular newspaper sites in the world.[citation needed]

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  • India broods the horror of the cold-blooded massacres by the Moplahs, still daily showing how Hindus fare in the hands of fanatical Mohammedans. The public, obscurely but rightly, connect the holocaust of Hindu lives and property with Khilafat preachers and realize that the rule even of the arrogant British is better than no rule.
    • The Manchester Guardian . Manchester Guardian , 12 December 1921. as quoted from Vikram Sampath - Savarkar, Echoes from a Forgotten Past, 1883–1924 (2019)


  • We have grounded our new editions in the qualities readers value most in Guardian journalism: clarity, in a world where facts should be sacred but are too often overlooked; imagination, in an age in which people yearn for new ideas and fresh alternatives to the way things are.
  • We want the Guardian to play a leading role in reporting on the environmental catastrophe. [...] We will continue our longstanding record of powerful environmental reporting, which is known around the world for its quality and independence. [...] We will report on how environmental collapse is already affecting people around the world, including during natural disasters and extreme weather events. [...] We will use language that recognises the severity of the crisis we’re in. [...]

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