The Spectacular Spider-Man (comics)

comic book series

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (started in December 1976) is the title of two comic books published by Marvel Comics, renamed to The Spectacular Spider-Man with #134 (Jan. 1988).

Issue #29, "The Blind Leading the Blind!" written by Frank Miller, Marvel Comics, February 1, 1979.

  • Daredevil (thinking): No! I should have known he'd try that! He can't stand being handicapped! He's got to prove to himself that he can cope! But he's swinging in too low an arc!

  • Spider-Man: I wont take anymore! I'I'd rather be dead than...
  • Daredevil (thinking): I should have expected this! He's starting tocome apart-- lashing out at me as his guts tear him inside-out! I could dodge his blows until he exhausts himself! -- But that's not going to bring him to grips with his blindness!

  • Spider-Man: I'm no good to anyone--now--not to myself...not to anyone! I'm a joke! A sick, pitiful--pathetic--joke...
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