The Scorpion King

2002 film by Chuck Russell

The Scorpion King is a 2002 film about a warrior that rises up against an evil army that is destroying his homeland. It is also a spin-off prequel to The Mummy Returns.

Directed by Chuck Russell. Written by Stephen Sommers.
Warrior. Legend. King.  (taglines)


  • You're lucky we both have the same mother.


Barbarian Chieftain: We have killed Babylonians! We have killed Mesopotamians! We have killed Assyrians, Mycenaeans, Sumerians, BUT we have never had the pleasure of killing... an Akkadian.
Jesup: May the gods have pity on you, for my brother will not.

Mathayus: How long will this time of peace last?
Cassandra: Nothing lasts forever my king, that is the destiny of all kingdoms.
Mathayus: Then, we'll make our own destiny.


  • Warrior. Legend. King.


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