Stephen Sommers

American film director and screenwriter

Stephen Sommers (March 20, 1962–) is an American film director and screenwriter.

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  • But what it really is about is storytelling. Character, story, character, story and that kind of got me through, and then I just wrote my ass off. Everything I've directed, I've written. So whenever anybody asks me how to become a director, I say "For me, you've got to write." Nobody ever offered me anything the first five years, so I just wrote my own.

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  • What's great is that he's written this, so there's never any confusion between what the writer wants and what the director wants. He always rewriting and tweaking and I like that. I like somebody who's passionate about their project and what they're doing. And he shows up and he knows exactly what he wants and he's incredibly clear. He mustn't be given caffeine. He's got more energy that anybody I've ever seen. It's extraordinary when you think how much of a weight this production must be for a director. I'd be terrified. He's endlessly brilliant and fun and comes up with really good notes. It's been really great.

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