The Raccoons and the Lost Star

1983 television film

The Raccoons and the Lost Star is a precursor TV special to the animated series The Raccoons and debuted on December 13, 1983. It came after the first two Raccoons seasonal specials, which were The Christmas Raccoons (1980) and The Raccoons on Ice (1981). There are some thematic elements that did not exist in the first two specials, such as the Raccoons' world being separate from that of the humans. In the United States, where The Raccoons specials were in the top 10 in Nielsen ratings, The Raccoons and the Lost Star was the number one children's two-part special in syndication at the time.


Bert: Bingo! What a catch! Hey, we snatched three of the animal snatchers!
Schaeffer: Let us out of here!
Bert: Oh, so you can capture more animals? No way, Shaggy!

Pig One: Give me the reconnaissance data!
Pigs Two and Three: The data, the data! OINK!

Sophia: Hello! Who are you?
Schaeffer: Schaeffer! Don't you know me?
Sophia: How could I? We just met!

Bert: I'm not scared of Cyril Sneer!
Melissa: He could have laser guns! Booby traps! Couldn't we all just agree to be cautious?
Bert: Yeah, sure, sure.....

Cyril: Why, those meddlesome raccoons! I should have known! Who are those two?
Cedric: Why would I know, Pop?
Cyril: Because when I came In here you cried out, "Sophia"....AH HA! That's it! Your girl!
Cedric: She must have been forced against her will!
Cyril: Not very likely!

Cyril: Well well well, we meet at last! Sophia isn't it?
Sophia: Cedric! How could you?
Cedric: But Sophia...I, I, I didn't know...honest!
Sophia: Here! I'll never be able to look at a chocolate again!
Cyril: I'll take those!

Pig One: Take them, and the skinny one, to the Imperial Commander!

Cyril: Stop that plane! Dismantle it! I want those Raccoons! The dogs! I want revenge! Do you hear me?? I'm giving orders! I'm your Imperial Commander! Obey me!

Bert: I was wrong thinking you couldn't be of help, little Broo. You were great.
Melissa: You were pretty wonderful yourself, ace.
Bert: [smiling bashfully] Gee... thanks.

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