The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

American animated sitcom

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is an American animated television sitcom created by Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar which premiered on Disney+ on February 23, 2022. It is a revival and soft reboot of The Proud Family, which originally aired on Disney Channel from 2001 to 2005.

Season 1 Edit

New Kids on the Block [1.1] Edit

Suga Mama: Why is my grandbaby dressed like Darth Vader?
Oscar: To keep the boys away like you did during the Crusades! [laughs until Suga Mama stomps his foot with her cane] Ow! You hit me! Ow, I'm calling child service!
Suga Mama: Ooh, you a snitch, huh?

Bad Influence(r) [1.2] Edit

It All Started with an Orange Basketball [1.3] Edit

Father Figures [1.4] Edit

Snackland [1.5] Edit

Get In [1.6] Edit

When You Wish Upon a Roker [1.7] Edit

Home School [1.8] Edit

Penny: Mom, Dad, this is my teacher, Ms. Hill.
Oscar: Whoa, hold on. What did you do now, Penny?
Penny: Nothing! I just invited Ms. Hill over for dinner, if you don't mind.
Trudy: Of course we don't mind. Welcome, Ms. Hill. I'll go set an extra place.
Penny: And I kind of told her she could stay with us until she got on her feet.
Oscar: Why in the heck would do something like…?! [stops as he sees Trudy glaring at him] Ahem. Excuse me, my dear woman, we'll be right back. [pushes Penny and Trudy aside. Comes back] And please don't touch anything. We have GoPros everywhere. [bolts out]
Penny: Look, I know what you're gonna say, but the fact that she got fired and is living in her car was all because of me. If I hadn't shown those pictures to Dijonay, she wouldn't have shown them to the principal.
Oscar: Well, Ms. Hill needs to take her butt over to Dijonay's house since she's the one who snitched. [waves to Ms. Hill who waves back]
Trudy: Oscar, this is what we've always taught Penny: to be generous to those who are less fortunate.
Oscar: We lied. Now, as the man of the house, I'm telling you to get that woman out of my house.
[Cut to Oscar carrying Ms. Hill's bags]
Trudy: Follow me, Ms. Hill. I'll show you to your bedroom. That way you can freshen up for dinner.
Ms. Hill: Thank you very much, Trudy. You're much nicer than your husband.
Oscar: Well, you know what else is nicer than me? WizBnB.

Raging Bully [1.9] Edit

Old Towne Road Part 1 [1.10] Edit

Season 2 Edit

Old Towne Road Part 2 [2.1] Edit

[Penny sees Suga Mama leaving Towne]
Suga Mama: Got me out here in the middle of nowhere. Not my fault I can do everything better than those knucklehead brothers of mine.
Penny: [runs after Suga Mama] Suga Mama!
Suga Mama: Could have been home watching my wrestling.
Penny: Suga Mama! Wait up! What's wrong?
Suga Mama: I'm getting the H-E-double-hockey-sticks outta here!
Penny: Ooh! Finally! Good, 'cause I'm going with you.
Suga Mama: Well, suit yourself.

Grandma's Hands [2.2] Edit

[Penny hears a doorbell ringing and she answers it to find her friends here]
Dijonay: Hey, Penny. We're going to the mall. Let's go.
Penny: RUN!!!!
Dijonay: Run? Run where?
[Suga Mama approaches them as they scream and Suga Mama has Dijonay, Zoey, LaCienega and Michael them do her yard work]
Suga Mama: And when y'all are finish here, I want you to paint my garage.
Dijonay, Zoey, LaCienega and Michael: Zang!
Suga Mama: What did you say?

Curved [2.3] Edit

A Perfect 10 [2.4] Edit

Puff Daddy [2.5] Edit

The End of Innocence [2.6] Edit

The Soul Vibrations [2.7] Edit

Oscar: [as he finishes his version of the story] And the rest, as they say, is history.
Man: [in thoughts] These snacks suck! Get him!
Young Oscar: [as he gets chased by people who tasted his Proud Snacks] Make a run for it, monkey!
Bobby: Uh, baby bro, you know we can see your thoughts, right?
[Oscar sees his thought bubble still in the air and makes it disappear]

Us Again [2.8] Edit

BeBe [2.9] Edit

Juneteenth [2.10] Edit

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