The Nameless Mod

2009 mod for Deus Ex

The Nameless Mod is a 2009 video game about an internet forum dedicated to the popular computer game Deus Ex with a story of its own, eerily similar to the original game, with conspiracies to unravel and factions to side with. Most notably however are the two parallel storylines, hence the difference in certain characters' attitudes toward Trestkon, the protagonist; namely, Scara B. King and King Kashue, the leaders of the two organizations you can side with, but also their various associates. The Nameless Mod is a total-conversion modification of Deus Ex; itself free, but requires Deus Ex with the latest patch to play.

Directed by Jonas Wæver. Produced by Lawrence Laxdal.
The Internet. Serious business. (taglines)


  • Despot serves a shadowy organization that calls itself GameSpy. They rule every city administration on Forum Planet in secret, and I found evidence that they were the ones who kidnapped DD, and that they plan to mindwipe him and deliver him back to you in a few days. If they rule the entire planet, it would make sense that they would operate from outer space, from some sort of space station.
  • (After being given several fetch-quests) I've found myself transported to World of Warcraft.
  • I'm here to evict your skinny ass. With violence.
  • That's really not what's going on, but I'm sure if they wanted to replace you, they would have simply chained a monkey to a desk.

Scara B. KingEdit

  • Trescock! Long time no see. Come visit my office in the WorldCorp building as soon as you have time, I have some very important information for you. And quite a good offer too, if you arrive on time. Hahah, see you here Trescock.
  • I am deeply disappointed that you chose to visit PDX before you came to me, Treknon. I don't know what sort of communist propaganda they've been filling you with, but you must come talk to me now. Believe me, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
  • Don't go into the parking basement yet, it's a very precarious situation down there, you could seriously fuck things up if you make an uninformed decision. And that would be bad. Visit my office on the fourth floor and talk to me before you do anything you'll regret later.
  • (Upon betraying Scara) NO! SON OF A WHORE! GODDAMN SHIT ON A STICK! You are dead meat, Treslon! DEAD MEAT! If you ever get ANYWHERE near this building again, I will have you riddled with bullets, smashed into a fucking thin paste, burned into ashes, and BURIED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE FUCKING SEA! I'LL KILL YOU TRESTKON! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR OPPOSING ME!!!
  • I don't need to know - I have people to know it for me.
  • You may have beat my assassin, but in your efforts to get to the staff before me, you've given me a free hand to take over the city. The pathetic firewall system doesn't stand a chance against my commandos - soon, I will have full control of the corporate sector. You PDX idiots are so predictable.
  • Hand me the staff now. You'll get it back when I'm done with it. Not out of some kind of bullshit generosity, mind you, but simply because it will increase your chance of success and thus increase MY chance of success.
  • Listen to me very closely Trespicoot, because I'm only going to explain this once: There is an ancient organization known as Gamespy. Everyone here thinks Despot runs PDX, even his moderators, but he's just a puppet for Gamespy. They reside on a space station in orbit around the planet, from which they run the show. They have absolute power over Forumplanet.
  • We've known this for a while, my researchers discovered the truth several months ago. The only problem was that those incompetents couldn't locate Gamespy's base of operations for me. Oh, you wouldn't believe how incredibly frustrating that was. But then fate smiled upon me when those Gamespy knuckleheads kidnapped Deus Diablo. After that I knew that all I needed to do was recover the firestaff, use it to locate Deus, and I could find out exactly where the Gamespy space station is! Hah! This is great! I did it! Those fools left their fly down and now I got them by the balls.
  • Oh Gamespy, how your days are deliciously numbered.
  • I know you're down there somewhere, making your way to the shuttle. It's too late, Tresnot. Kylie is already up there, wreaking the havok that could've been yours to wreak if you had made the right choice yesterday. If you go up there, you'll never come back - you know that as well as I. If you value your life, just log off... and never come back.


  • (When you make a wrong turn to his apartment) No, your OTHER right.
  • How do you plan to kill me, exactly... without any guns?

King KashueEdit

  • I saw you got a PM from Scara. Whatever you do Trestkon, don't go to WorldCorp. Come to PDX and hear what I have to tell you first. You cannot trust Scara, just don't listen to anything he tells you.
  • God dammit. You idiot. What do you think you're doing!? Phas was wrong about you. You're not setting foot anywhere near my headquarters, Trestkon, do you understand? We will have nothing to do with you from now on, you're on your own! Imbecile.
  • You treacherous scumbag, this is your doing isn't it!? Scara is flying troops and thugs in from his airfield by the bucket load, he's invading the city! And it's all because of you! You have the blood of civilians on your hands, Trestkon!
  • We're accepting TRM's proposal. It's time we break free of GameSpy. We can't accept being ruled by a secret dictatorship any longer. We called you here to look for a friend, but this has turned into something much larger. None of us wants to live in a world where hidden masters are pulling our strings.
  • I'm still reeling at the thought that I've been working for GameSpy all these years.
  • I don't know what you're doing in ABI, but if you get this message, please stop and think really long and hard about what you're doing. Think about the consequences your actions will have for the 10,000 people who call Forum City their home. You can still walk out of this. Just log off and walk away.


  • Welcome to my domain, mortal. I've put up a scrambling field to disrupt all communication in and out of the facility. Let's see how long it'll take before I can make you scream like a little girl.
  • Heheh, check out this mess. There used to be a freight elevator back there, but I guess I put a little too much effort into this trap. Ah well, that leaves you with the route through the transfer conduit full of leaked toxic waste. I win either way!
  • (Upon entering a poison gas trap) I'm terribly sorry, apparently I got a bit of gas. Must be the beans I ate last night.
  • (Upon entering a tunnel lined with mines) Run Forest, RUN!!! MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  • (After you shut down his first server) Look at you, hacker... a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?
  • (After you shut down his fourth server) For God's sake Jim, I'm a doctor, not a physician!
  • (After you shut down his sixth server and isolated him in a non-networked PC) ...I hate you.

That GuyEdit

  • 'sup? I'm That Guy, WorldCorp HQ system administrator. I'll be looking over your shoulder during your operations, I can help you with maps and codes and whatever else I can pull out of the computer while you're busy shooting people, and you can trust me to dispense plenty of handy advice. Regardless of whether or not you want it. Anyway, I'll be playing some Neverwinter Nights now, but I'll keep an eye on you if you need any help. Cya.
  • Here's the meanest virus I've got, have fun.
  • (As you enter Despot's lair) Looks like you found it... hm, the GPS is sort of giving up on you, but it looks like you're somewhere near the old PDX HQ. And underground. And... possibly displaced into another dimension, it's hard to tell with these things. Guess you should take a look around.
  • This may not come as a surprise to you, but you just fell into a hole. And... now you should probably find a way back out of it.
  • (If you kill one of your contacts after getting what you need) Well, at least he fixed your clearance first, but Trestkon... you're not a very nice person, are you?

Alpha OperatorEdit

  • You kidding? Loads of stuff's happened around here since you left! DXO and PDX are basically in open war with each other, WorldCorp has grown HUGE since Jonas Waever left, and recently they took over Aunt Betty Industries, and the excavations of DXI have been closed down because of some accidents. Also, two religious cults have surfaced, and no one knows much about them except the members. And they sure aren't talking!


  • You should address me by my full name when you are explaining my history. I am Abomination the Second, son of the great protector of Lamar. Evaluation: My name fills me with pride. If it does not fill you with pride, you are Goat scum.
  • You're unemployed and using a subpar (see FC/Standards_of_Retail_Stores) store as a makeshift lab. Evaluation: You suck. I want to be with my real dad.
  • I beg to differ. I am far more sophisticated than other bots designed to secure WorldCorp holdings. Evaluation: The other bots can suck my user I/O port.
  • Your implied superiority is diminished by the very fact that you are present in this conversation. Evaluation: You are a petty narcissist who is incapable of seeing the irony in his own speech. Your name is also stupid.
  • You have displeased the one who maintains me and now threaten our safety. I shall enjoy incinerating you. Evaluation: Medium difficulty target, vulnerable flesh. Probability of underestimating me, the son of Abomination: 90%.
  • (After being told its weapon would be replaced by something non-lethal) That sucks. Evaluation: My ability to inspire terror in my idiotic foes will be reduced by 57%.
  • I would like to note that I support your decision to kill, human. Evaluation: Improvised killings often offer the greatest learning experience.


  • You're one sharp tool, that you are. I can't leave, can't go too far. Disconnects, it all shuts down, so to go to the basement, underground.
  • That's the plan, that's the jist. Be ye warned, the basement's dangerous. Mine are like a virus contagerous. The glow burns red, not your blue. They come in threes, not one or two. So keep an eye out, don't stick your foot out. The robots are stirring, cameras whirring.
  • Not quite, there's one last thing. Don't use my cells, they'll cause you pain.
  • Bounty aplenty, reward in wait, is the access code to a codelocked safe.
  • This is chill, feeling groovy, but there's a sore I can't ignore. Two cells are missin', that's for sure, so get them pronto, nothin' rhymes with sure.
  • Now we're crusin', you've got the skills, but one last cell awaits to increase my bills.
  • Hell yeah, you've walked a mile. I've infected you with my speakin' style!
  • This is my deck, don't call it a wreck. Churns out a beat that's quite elite.
  • It's a sad fact, Diablo's missing. Now I got noobies, squaling and hissing. Noobs believe they got free reign. No banhammer around to cause them pain.


  • Ah, if you find a bar of soap down there, um, I'd appreciate it if you'd take it with you. Um, I haven't had a bath in a year! The funk rolling off me could drop a skunk at fifty paces. Whoo-ey!
  • You know Trestkon, rats are really unfairly maligned creatures. I mean sure, they stink, and are disease ridden, and have a nasty habit of swimming to tropical islands and devouring all the cute and rare native fauna, but after you catch them, declaw them, and get rid of the parasites and feces in their fur, they make nice pets. And when you get bored of them you can eat them. And boy can you eat them! I mean there's fried rat, roast rat, boiled rat, rat boiled in its own urine, steamed rat with shoe leather, barbecued rat strips, rat tail spaghetti, baked rat on a bed of rat entrails, rat pate de fois gras... man, I'm getting hungry just thinking about this. Oh, and they also make smashing cat toys.
  • Let me know if I'm annoying you any. Oh, right, you can't. Well let me tell you, it's great to finally talk to someone after all this time. Ooh, I've got an idea, let me try to change the frequency on your infolink see if I can make it a two-way link. Ok, here it goes... Hmm... that didn't work. Let me try...Nope, how about if I turn this to the left... Wait, I got it, I just have to... No? Ok, how about... ah, on the other hand maybe I should give it a rest.
  • You know what I was thinking about today? Pants. I mean what a wonderful invention! I shudder to think about the horrible, horrible world that mankind lived in before pants were invented. Oh, I guess when there was a nice breeze in the air people might have found it a bit pleasant, but what about when the temperature dropped? Or what about when the wind picked up, flinging your toga or kilt up to the heavens? Before pants humanity always had to live cowering behind the terrifying shadows of embarrassment and frostbite. It's a testimony to the cruel oppression of women throughout history too. Think about it; women got the right to vote before they got the right to wear pants! And what about the great man who invented these hand-stitched, comfortable yet durable, pillars of modern civilization? Forgotten, just like all the great inventors of the past. I guess that'll be my fate too, but at least I'll die with my pants on.
  • You know Trestkon, Deus Ex is a great game, but there's one thing I could never quite figure out. Infolinks. What a horrible design choice. I mean the last thing I'd want if I was going on a highly dangerous secret mission is to have some idiot yammering in my ear non-stop. Man that'd be annoying. Wouldn't it Trestkon? Gosh, that would be so annoying. God, the way the guy would just go on and on, yammering away!
  • You know what I miss most about the outside world? Watching my favorite Deus Ex soap opera, "As the Globe in the Giant MJ12 Hand Turns". Man! I loved that show. You've got to tell me what's happened on it since I got stuck down here. Did they ever figure out who Walton Simmons' father was? I mean, it SEEMS like Bob Page, but my money is on Lucius DeBeers. And did Paul Denton! Did he ever recover from his amnesia? I mean wow! Did you see the look on his face when he discovered that Nicolette DuClaire was his sister and that Louis Pan was his love child with Maggie Chow?! Man, I miss that show.


Phasmatis: "Trestkon, glad to see you made it."
Trestkon: "Yeah, it wasn't easy. Every major street being locked off is a recent development, isn't it?"
Phasmatis: "I'm sorry about that, it's part of the curfew. To limit the rioting, we locked off all the districts and put up guarded checkpoints at the barricades."
Trestkon: "That's really necessary? It seems rather quiet out there."
Phasmatis: "That's because you haven't seen the bad districts. Even the west residence sector, "the slums", is a day on the beach compared to some sectors. You can only access the three districts with subway stations at the moment: The corporate district, downtown, and the slums. And those are all well patrolled."
Trestkon: "Tell me what's happened."
Phasmatis: "It's bad. Very bad. Deus Diablo has been kidnapped, and with one of the moderators missing, this city is going to hell."

Phasmatis: "Oh my God, Trestkon, you stink! What have you been doing!?"
Trestkon: "Well, you've seen James Bond, right? Being a super-spy is not all it's cracked up to be."
Phasmatis: "Hahah, oh man. If you need to borrow my shower, go right ahead! You need it."
Trestkon: "You're a life-saver, Phas."

Slicer: "There you are. About damn time."
Trestkon: "What are you doing here, Slicer? Are you a boss-fight?"
Slicer: "What? No! Obviously YOU are the boss-fight, you half-wit."
Trestkon: "But you're the one who's been waiting here for me to come along so you could try to stop me from achieving my objectives."
Slicer: "I haven't been waiting here, I've been following you around and keeping an eye on you ever since you set foot down here, and it took me quite a while to pick this particular spot to ambush you."
Trestkon: "Still though, I'm clearly the protagonist of this show. You're... a supporting act, at best."
Slicer: "You're obviously the villain, Trestkon! Protagonists do not sell their soul to evil corporations!"
Trestkon: "Why don't we let history decide, eh? Go ahead and put up a fight, and whoever walks out of here alive will be the undisputed main character."
Slicer: "Sounds good! Prepare to face the dramatic turning point, then!"

King Kashue: "Trestkon! It's been quite a while. What have you been up to all this time? Cooking moose-kebabs over a polar bear dung fire?"
Trestkon: "I'll have you know that moose-kebabs are a healthy part of any diet. You wanted to talk to me... Oration Monkey?"

Closing quotesEdit

As in Deus Ex, each of the different final cutscenes finishes with a quotation, appropriate for the choices the main character made to get to that specific ending.

  • "Existence is random. Has no pattern save what we imagine after staring at it for too long. No meaning save what we choose to impose." -- Alan Moore
  • "Here's to lowering caskets of old friends, choice and consequence - we'll birth a new day with the death of an old and start over." -- Atreyu (from their song Shameful)
  • "Conscience is but a word that cowards use, devised at first to keep the strong in awe." -- William Shakespeare
  • "In a true state of nature, indeed, all men are born equal, but they cannot continue in this equality... they recover it only by the protection of laws." -- Charles de Montesquieu
  • "No reason to get excited, the thief he kindly spoke. There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke." -- Bob Dylan

Main Cast (voice)Edit

  • Jeremiah Costello - Trestkon, Scara B. King
  • Matthew Nichol - Phasmatis
  • Michael Myers - King Kashue, Shadowcode
  • Daniel Rodrigues - Deus Diablo, Raving Nutter, Silver Dragon, Yardbomb
  • Edwyn Tiong - Abom|nation, Beeblequix
  • Jonas Wæver - Jonas Waever
  • Chris Zito - Evil Invasion
  • Shane Tapp - That Guy
  • Mike Arthur - Alpha Operator
  • Robert Shields, Jr. - Despot
  • Nicholas Van Sickle - NVShacker, A2
  • Henry Sargeant - slicer
  • Liz Muirhead - Kylie

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