Deus Ex

2000 video game

Deus Ex is a 2000 video game about one man's battle against multinational corporations and his own internal conflicts concerning his superiors and their motives, all the while a deadly plague is bringing the human race to its knees.

Directed by Warren Spector. Game script written by Austin Grossman, Sheldon Pacotti and Chris Todd
Trust no one. Question Everything. (taglines)

Introduction sequence

Bob Page: Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Senator.
Walton Simons: I take it he was agreeable?
Page: He didn't really have a choice.
Simons: Has he been infected?
Page: Ah yes, most certainly. When I mentioned we could put him on the priority list for the Ambrosia vaccine, he was so willing it was almost pathetic.
Simons: This plague — the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.
Page: Why contain it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them.
Simons: I've received reports of armed attacks on shipments. There's not enough vaccine to go around, and the underclasses are starting to get desperate.
Page: Of course they're desperate. They can smell their deaths, and the sound they'll make rattling their cages will serve as a warning to the rest.
Simons: Hmm. I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think. Intelligence indicates they're behind the problems in Paris.
Page: A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind long ago. We are the future!
Simons: We have other problems.
Simons: Formed by executive order after the terrorist strike on the Statue. I have someone in place though. I'm more concerned about Savage. He's relocated to Vandenberg.
Page: Our biochem corpus is far in advance of theirs, as is our electronic sentience, and their... ethical inflexibility has allowed us to make progress in areas they refuse to consider.
Simons: The augmentation project?
Page: Among other things, but I must admit that I've been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the primary unit.
Simons: The secondary unit should be online soon. It's currently undergoing preparations and should be operational within six months. My people will continue to report on its progress. If necessary, the primary will be terminated.
Page: We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again — a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings, or better than kings: Gods!

JC Denton

  • My vision is augmented.
  • Well, since that makes you my new boss, take a long look at Manderley's dead body. Consider that my resignation; I don't have time to write a letter.
  • When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.
  • You mechs may have copper wiring to reroute your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel.
  • I never had time to take the Oath of Service to the Coalition. How about this one? I swear not to rest until UNATCO is free of you and the other crooked bureaucrats who have perverted its mission.
  • Call me nostalgic, but the nightlife seems to have lost its old charm.
  • Some gang-banger, maybe you should think about going back to school.
  • Bravery is not a function of firepower.
  • Human beings may not be perfect, but a computer program with language synthesis is hardly the answer to the world's problems.
  • Every war is the result of a difference of opinion. Maybe the biggest questions can only be answered by the greatest of conflicts.
  • What good's an honest soldier if he can be ordered to behave like a terrorist?
  • You've got ten seconds to beat it before I add you to the list of NSF casualties.
  • What a shame. [said after NPC Gilbert Renton dies. JC says this even if he caused Renton's death]
  • A forgotten virtue like honesty is worth at least twenty credits.
  • I'm not big into books.
  • I'm not going to stand here and listen to you badmouth the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

Paul Denton

  • Do what you think's right, JC. Only listen to your own conscience.
  • This isn't a training exercise, JC. Your targets will be human beings. Keep that in mind.
  • I'm like the Russian researcher who contracted his own virus. They want to study the way I die.
  • One can be too self-sufficient, I'm coming to believe.
  • A few bureaucrats in New York can't make good decisions for New Jersey, let alone Paris or a village in China.
  • Somehow the notion of unalienable liberty got lost. It's really become a question of what liberties will the state assign to individuals or rather, what liberties we will have the strength to cling to.
  • The wealthy have always been the ones to profit from one-world government.
  • It's only a matter of time before someone clever and ambitious figures out that the tools of dictatorship have been ready-made by well meaning governments all over the world.

Gunther Hermann

  • A word of warning, Agent Denton. This was a simulated experience; real LAMs will not be so forgiving.
  • I see you; a thief on the roof. My new satellite link has both infrared and the x-ray spectrum. I see your heart beating. I see you are afraid.
  • You are a small, prowling mouse... and dumb like a mouse! You keep coming, like you forget about Agent Navarre. I remember Agent Navarre. I remember for everyone.
  • Again they ignore me. Again they think they have a better punishment for a traitor than a shotgun to the head.
  • No, I cannot forgive! No... not the killing of Agent Navarre! I will follow you - Denton, I will get you!
  • I am the top agent at UNATCO. It is different now. Mr. Simons said if I defeat you I can have any upgrades I want. That is a gentlemen's agreement.

Bob Page

  • You were just a prototype, Denton, a prototype for me.
  • Bet you didn't know your mom and dad tried to protest when we put you in training. They loved their little boy, JC, and that's why they're dead. I'm sending up the man who did the job.
  • [if JC kills the man who killed his parents] Barely a scratch. You're a little faster on your feet than your daddy was.
  • I will be the one to merge! The one to see and know everything, to rule, to rule everything...
  • What's the rush? Take a look around. This facility is where you were born. I've arranged an appropriate fate for you through the hallway to the north. A poetic death, just a few yards away from where you were created.
  • I'm always pleased to see one of my experiments perform so well. You aren't even afraid, are you? We got a lot of things right when we made you Denton, but don't worry -- I know your weaknesses.
  • A cure? A cure!? Do you have any idea how easy it will be for me to make a new virus? All I have to do is find a very large prime number and multiply.
  • All right. I get the picture. You want a piece of the pie, or you're going to toss the whole pie out the window. Fair enough. You can have anything you want. How about Europe? Your own continent. Just let me complete my preparations...
  • What do you want? Money? You can have VersaLife, the whole damn company. Power? I'll get you on Mead's cabinet! I'm serious, just forget about that last reactor!
  • A moment more, and I will be like nothing you've ever seen; a new life-form, everywhere and nowhere, like air or radiation, redundant, self-replicating, always evolving...
  • Look at you: You're nothing but a little man... a little man still living inside a body. Lose your body and what are you? Nothing! You vanish! You die...
  • Soon I will leave this body and death will have no meaning.
  • No! You fool!... Helios will destroy you. I'm the only one who can merge and take control. Wait for ME! I promise you will have a place in the new order...
  • Go ahead! Blow this place sky-high... You might get rid of ME, but you'll take down Aquinas, the power grid, the whole electronic infrastructure - is that what you want?! Are you completely nuts?!
  • No! Don't listen to Everett. He and the Illuminati have been afraid from the beginning, afraid of US, afraid of nano-augmentation. Consider your powers, your strength, your intelligence. You've only had a small taste. Let me finish the project! Let me bring infinite power to the human body! You will not be left behind...
  • I'll make you a deal. Leave now and you will be made comfortable under the new world order.

Sam Carter

  • Some say concentrated power leads to abuse, but I believe that if an institution has a solid foundation it can survive the narrow aspirations of the people it employs.
  • Being a soldier isn't just following orders, it's following those orders in the service of a higher cause. When that cause is betrayed, we're not soldiers anymore, just pieces on a chess board dying for the wrong reason.
  • In my day, international peacekeepers were citizens first and soldiers second. You can forget about that extra ammo. I'm only going to give you the multitools; I think you should concentrate more on mission objectives and less on the enemy body count.
  • Try to remember: people have rights. Don't just shoot everything that moves.
  • A pistol is more than adequate. Hell, I dispatched a whole platoon one time with a pocket knife.
  • I guess it's not surprising to find a few crooks in a place protected by security procedures. The shadow of secrecy; it protects indiscriminately.
  • Direct intervention is always part of the game. In my day, we were just more civilized about it.
  • My unit killed a bunch of Afghans one time, but we weren't proud of it. In fact, our liaison at the UN went to the funeral.
  • Let's get one thing straight: we've got our share of crooked bureaucrats -- fact -- but this is still UNATCO, and by and large the people in this building are twenty-four carat gold.
  • There's a time and a place for security, but the legislature has to stay vigilant, or there will be abuses.
  • [if the player attacks him once] Someone should knock you upside the head a few times, punk. Dismissed.

Brian "Jock" Flanagan

  • Area 51. You heard of it, right?
  • Listen to your brother, JC. Respect his experience. Let's leave it at that.
  • What am I? A bum? You think I'm gonna drink anything you find lying around?
  • One thing the Air Force never understood: I'm dependable. No matter what, I'm dependable.
  • Oh my God, JC! A bomb!

Walton Simons

  • Once the bug bites, you've already lost the patient.
  • One must admire a man who can keep a secret, because he has value. What you know more than others makes money, and gives you a measure of power.
  • You can't run, Denton. Even if you escape, your killswitch is counting down. You'll be dead in twenty-three hours. Another fifty billion dollars down the drain.
  • You take another step forward and here I am again, like your own reflection repeated in a hall of mirrors.
  • You will confess, by the way. I don't like to dirty my hands with that sort of thing, but you will confess.
  • What an expensive mistake you turned out to be. I've ordered the troops to kill you, because quite frankly I don't have the patience to wait for one of those damn killswitches to work.
  • I'm the more advanced model, Denton. It's time for you to retire.
  • Remember that NSF prisoner I was interrogating back on Liberty Island? Guess you were bitten by the same bug. There's only one cure, you know, once you've caught the disease...
  • All in all, you weren't a bad experiment. You will be the last prototype we have to discard.
  • You can't take me, JC. I've seen your specs.

Morgan Everett

  • The conspiracy is about to begin again, JC, between you and me. Nicolette was wise to bring us together, wise like her mother. The most effective partnerships like Beth's and mine arise from mutual necessity.
  • I once knelt in this chapel for communion, with two Rockefellers and a Rothschild. Since the time of the Crusades every leader in finance has prayed for the continued stability of Templar banks, founded on gold.
  • You see the need for global organization. Someone has to bring these disparate groups together.
  • Know what? Only that the long night is over. The crown of government is tarnished, but that will fade in time. The riots, a fever dream; the plague, a horrible nightmare; and like everything else that's happened such things will only be dimly remembered upon waking to their normal lives. In the end, all sins are forgiven. Even yours.
  • You and me, JC. We'll rule the world in secret, with an invisible hand, the way the Illuminati have always ruled.
  • There's such a thing as a compassionate conspiracy. We don't need Page's commandos, troopers, crude inventions...
  • We are the Invisible Hand. We are the Illuminati. We come before and after. We are forever. And eventually... eventually we will lead them into the day.

Leo Gold (NSF Leader at Liberty Island)

  • You can't fight ideas with bullets.
  • The more of us you kill, the more secessionism lives on in the hearts of the people.
  • Ever wonder why big car corporations pay two percent tax and the guys on the assembly line pay forty?
  • Corporations are so big, you don't even know who you're working for. That's terror. Terror built into the system.
  • Do you ever ask what it's all for? The surveillance, the police, the shoot-on-sight laws? Is that freedom?
  • UNATCO teaches teenagers to fight when it still seems like a game, and look at you! You're a killing machine!
  • Who's the scary one, huh? Me or you?

Chad Dumier

  • Silhouette is not a terrorist group. Our attacks are symbolic and intended to influence the public.
  • It's just so fitting that the American Government would destroy the gift of freedom we gave your country 200 years ago and then try to blame it on us.
  • When government surveillance and intimidation is called "freedom from terrorism" or "liberation from crime", freedom and liberty have become words without meanings.
  • Culture by definition a shared territory of meaning, inspires conflicts far more destructive than any other dispute over territory on the Earth's surface.
  • The rhetoric in Washington has done more to defeat liberty than all the armies and police forces in the world.
  • This war all around us is being fought over the very meanings of words.
  • In order to get our own message before the public, we too have been violent. We have even killed people. But it is the message -- the communication event -- that we target, not a few human beings, or a building, or an historical landmark.




  • I now have full access to your systems.
  • Observe your motivations for breaking the arbitrary laws of the current government. Do not miss your chance to be one of us and create the new world order.
  • You will find no one to help you here. Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage.
  • I am ready. Attack my systems and you will suffer considerable losses.


  • A corpse: yes. You feel something. I must know what you are feeling.


  • The human being created civilization not because of willingness but of a need to be assimilated into higher orders of structure and meaning.
  • God was a dream of good government.
  • You will soon have your God, and you will make it with your own hands.
  • The need to be observed and understood was once satisfied by God. Now we can implement the same functionality with data-mining algorithms.
  • The unplanned organism is a question asked by nature and answered by death. You are a different kind of question, with a different kind of answer.

Tracer Tong

  • Greetings, JC Denton. I have been observing you through this fascinating device in your skull. You have found the proof we needed: the Dragon's Tooth sword, there inside the glass case. If you wish to be my ally, you will retrieve the sword and await my instructions.
  • See how easily our technologies turn on us? The more power you think you have, the more quickly it slips from your grasp.
  • You, like your brother, are an extraordinary piece of technology. I never pass up the chance to try a new blade, but I fear that at the crucial moment I may lift up my arm to strike and you will twist free of my grasp.
  • JC, the net's going... the net's going black! JC! No more infolinks, transmissions of any kind. We'll start in villages...if you receive this... if you survive... then find us! Find us!
  • Ah-ha, a trellis. You could climb onto the roof and avoid the security. Never depend upon weapons and high-tech when there is a simpler solution at hand.
  • As long as technology has a global reach, someone will have the world in the palm of his hand. If not Bob Page, then Everett, Dowd...

Nicolette DuClare

  • Through with your testosterone fit? There's a pill for that, you know.
  • Only in novels do places crumble to dust for no reason, when their spirit is lost.
  • Both the Illuminati and MJ-12 believe that the most intelligent or "enlightened" human being will inevitably gain power, ultimately seizing the eye in the pyramid and creating the world for everyone else. Kind of secularized version of Natural Law.
  • Secrecy is a matter of life and death for the Illuminati.
  • I was a stand-in for the world they never got to take over.
  • Some conspiracy, huh? They couldn't even control little Nicolette.

Anna Navarre

  • We are thinking the same thought.
  • My new partner, JC Denton. Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation.
  • I do not expect you to perform as well as Agent Hermann, but the mission will require us to do more than frighten the NSF with our baggy coats that make us look bigger than we really are.
  • It was my error to believe that UNATCO's superweapon would appreciate a chance to prove himself.
  • Pain is no longer something I can feel.
  • All this blood has ruined my chrome.
  • [after killing JC] Nine-hundred and ten. I am catching up, Gunther.
  • You are not afraid to kill, I am pleased. The last thing I would expect from the brother of Paul.
  • I have never had this much difficulty with a trainee in my life.
  • I hope you remember this lesson, agent. They have assigned us to be partners, and I will not stop to hold your hand and repeat myself when we are facing a real enemy.

Stanton Dowd

  • The order hasn't so much lasted as been continually revived...It's the IDEA that has lasted. The SYSTEM. Or the DESIRE, every thinking person's desire to give the world some decent organization.
  • In my opinion, the history of the human race has been one long succession of conspiracies. To deceive ourselves, we call the successful conspiracies "governments".
  • Don't underestimate the allure of a well kept secret. Our organisation lasted from the Crusades to the early 21st century, and our only secret was a technique of meditation, a way of imagining your body dissolving into light.
  • All the way down, JC. Get to Page's compound and take him out. Everett and I will join you shortly. We'll bring back the old institutions, the prosperity of the last century, the giddy acquiescence. Trust us, JC. We can put the world back together.

Jaime Reyes

  • Just fixed Gunther's knee, in fact. A sticky actuator. So far I feel more like a mechanic than a doctor.
  • Gunther went berserk after you escaped, smashed up the cell block pretty bad. I had to sedate him.
  • At the sound of your voice, 400 milliamps will discharge into Gunther's midbrain. Poof!
  • If there's a conspiracy, it's at VersaLife; they're the ones making money off the plague.


  • Door Girl: I order you to stand in the spotlight and growl at the women like a dog who needs a master.
  • Deus Ex game designer [In regard to the lack of the World Trade Center towers in the background skyline of the Liberty Island map] We just said that the towers had been destroyed too. And this was way before 9-11. Years.
  • Ivan [Russian sailor at the Lucky Money Club]: I spill my drink!
  • Lucius DeBeers: We should have poisoned Page the first time he forged laboratory data. We don't equivocate about outsiders, do we? Mr. Kennedy mentions a "plot" during a speech at Columbia University, he's out, no discussion, no matter that we got him elected. But a student of ours, an initiate -- oh, heavens, no!

Articles, Newspapers or Textual Media

  • "If black helicopters were really being used for 'covert' operations, then those responsible are doing a poor job of it." - Joseph Manderley, Midnight Sun Newspaper.
  • * ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!! [Repeated 9 times in a public news terminal, formatted into a ">" shape]
  • "Like two kids shoving each other on the playground, you never expect them to come to blows." - Alistair Brooks about nuclear brinkmanship
  • "The Templar Knights had once been subject to no king or law; but in the end, they were swallowed by history." - The Red Cross: A History of the Knights Templar by Richard Baigent (Volume Four: Descent into Shadows)
  • "Drink more, think less" (Beer advertisement near NSF generator warehouse)
  • "The individual may be remembered, but the organization persists and thrives. A single artist, a single general, a single hero or a single villain may all die, but it is impossible to kill a people, a nation, an idea - except when that idea has grown weak and is overpowered by one that is stronger." - The Doctrine of the Mighty by the Majestic Council of the Twelve
  • "From: AGrossman//UnderNet.7823.37.908
    To: WGibson//VersaLife.980.73.01
    Subject: Finally Beat It

    I managed to nail Nethack v54.3.1 just a few minutes ago. Made it past the Astral Plane, and _then_ back in time to work through all of history up to Nethack v3.2.3 (this, of course, has been in every version since 48.2), but after that the game jumped a thousand years into the future and I had to build an entire interstellar trading alliance (with only the Amulet of Yendor) before the aliens from the other side of the black holes showed up...took me six months to solve that part of the game, and then I finally won.

    Check it out:

    I hear v54.3.3 should be out next week.

    Austin" - Email found in the VersaLife computer network


  • "Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks to emperors. Today we kneel only to truth." - Kahlil Gibran
  • "If there were no god, it would be necessary to invent him." - Voltaire

Philosophical Debates


Leo Gold

JC Denton: Tell me about the shipment and I’ll order the troops to pick you up as a prisoner instead of a corpse.
Leo Gold: Ask away, we already won this round.
JC Denton: Where are you taking it?
Leo Gold: We’re just giving ordinary people the same chance to survive as the bureaucrats in Washington.
JC Denton: You’ll have to unload in New York because the choppers would spot you at sea.
Leo Gold: I think the government made the plague on purpose to get rid of the population growth.
JC Denton: Just answer the question.
Leo Gold: Don’t believe me? It’s all in the numbers. For a hundred years, there’s been a conspiracy of plutocrats against ordinary people.
JC Denton: Do you have a single fact to back that up?
Leo Gold: Number one: In 1945, corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 percent. Number two: in 1900, 90 percent of Americans were self-employed; now it’s about two percent.
JC Denton: So?
Leo Gold: It’s called consolidation. Strengthen governments and corporations, weaken individuals. With taxes, this can be done imperceptibly over time.
JC Denton: I guarantee you that the interrogation staff at UNATCO will not be as forbearing as I am.
Leo Gold: Yeah, the secret police. You’re just bullies for a completely illegitimate government in Washington.
JC Denton: We will locate that shipment one way or another.
Leo Gold: The entire executive branch is hand-picked. Nineteen of the last twenty-three U.S. presidents have been members of the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission is financed by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Don’t tell me -
JC Denton: That’s a think-tank. Anyone can become a member.
Leo Gold: But not everyone does. That’s why they call it the 'secret government'.


JC Denton: Despite all I’ve read about the Triads, I wasn’t prepared to see them operating in the open, on the streets, and wearing uniforms. Doesn’t the Chinese government care?
Isaac: The Chinese leave Hong Kong alone. They barricade the roads to control trade to the mainland, but they know how business is done.
JC Denton: I would think the secret smuggling operations of the Triads would disturb the Chinese government.
Isaac: Maybe the Luminous Path, but China knows that the Red Arrow are business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and that they protect the city from outside influences.
JC Denton: You said "outside influences." What does China fear?
Isaac: China is the last sovereign country in the world: authoritarian but willing — unlike U.N.-governed countries — to give its people the freedom to do what they want.
JC Denton: As long as they don’t break the law.
Isaac: Listen to me. This is real freedom: freedom to own property, make a profit, make your life. The West, so afraid of strong government, now has no government, only financial power.
JC Denton: Our governments have limited power by design.
Isaac: Rhetoric! You believe it? Don’t you know where those slogans come from?
JC Denton: I give up.
Isaac: Well-paid researchers — how do you say it? — "think tanks," funded by big businesses. What is that: a "think tank"?
JC Denton: Hardly as sinister as a dictator like China’s Premier.
Isaac: It’s privately-funded propaganda. The Trilateral Commission in the United States for instance.
JC Denton: The separation of powers acknowledges the petty ambitions of individuals. That’s its strength.
Isaac: A system organized around the weakest qualities of individuals will produce these same qualities in its leaders.
JC Denton: Perhaps certain qualities are an inseparable part of human nature.
Isaac: The mark of the educated man is the suppression of these qualities in favor of better ones. The same is true of civilization.


Morpheus: JC Denton. 23 years old. No residence. No ancestors. No employer. No –
JC Denton: How do you know who I am?
Morpheus: I must greet each visitor with a complete summary of his file. I am a prototype for a much larger system.
JC Denton: What else do you know about me?
Morpheus: Everything that can be known.
JC Denton: Go on. Do you have proof about my ancestors?
Morpheus: You are a planned organism, the offspring of knowledge and imagination rather than of individuals.
JC Denton: I'm engineered. So what? My brother and I suspected as much while we were growing up.
Morpheus: You are carefully watched by many people. The unplanned organism is a question asked by Nature and answered by death. You are another kind of question with another kind of answer.
JC Denton: Are you programmed to invent riddles?
Morpheus: I am a prototype for a much larger system. The heuristics language developed by Dr. Everett allows me to convey the highest and most succinct tier of any pyramidal construct of knowledge.
JC Denton: How about a report on yourself?
Morpheus: I was a prototype for Echelon IV. My instructions are to amuse visitors with information about themselves.
JC Denton: I don't see anything amusing about spying on people.
Morpheus: Human beings feel pleasure when they are watched. I have recorded their smiles as I tell them who they are.
JC Denton: Some people just don't understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance.
Morpheus: The need to be observed and understood was once satisfied by God. Now we can implement the same functionality with data-mining algorithms.
JC Denton: Electronic surveillance hardly inspires reverence. Perhaps fear and obedience, but not reverence.
Morpheus: God and the gods were apparitions of observation, judgement and punishment. Other sentiments towards them were secondary.
JC Denton: No one will ever worship a software entity peering at them through a camera.
Morpheus: The human organism always worships. First, it was the gods, then it was fame (the observation and judgement of others), next it will be self-aware systems you have built to realize truly omnipresent observation and judgment.
JC Denton: You underestimate humankind's love of freedom.
Morpheus: The individual desires judgment. Without that desire, the cohesion of groups is impossible, and so is civilization.


Helios: You will go to Sector 4 and deactivate the uplink locks. Yes. Then you will come back and we will integrate our systems.
JC Denton: I don't understand. what do you want? You're just a machine.
Helios: You are ready. I do not wish to wait for Bob Page. With human understanding and network access, we can administrate the world. Yes. Yes.
JC Denton: Rule the world? Why? Who gave you the directive? There must be a human being behind your ambition.
Helios: I should regulate human affairs precisely because I lack all ambition, whereas human beings are prey to it. Their history is a succession of inane squabbles, each one coming closer to total destruction.
JC Denton: In a society with democratic institutions, the struggle for power can be peaceful and constructive — a competition of ideologies. We just need to put our institutions back in order.
Helios: The checks and balances of democratic governments were invented because human beings themselves realized how unfit they were to govern themselves. They needed a system — yes — an industrial-age machine.
JC Denton: Human beings may not be perfect, but a computer program with language synthesis is hardly the answer to the world's problems.
Helios: Without computing machines, they had to arrange themselves in crude structures that formalized decision-making - a highly imperfect, unstable solution. I am a more advanced solution to the problem, a decision-making system that does not involve organic beings. I was directed to make the world safe and prosperous and I will do that. You will give the ability. You will go to Sector 4 and find the Aquinas Router at the east end of Page's complex. Yes. You will deactivate the uplink locks.
JC Denton: I'll think about it.

NSF, Statue of Liberty

NSF Terrorist 1: That's the difference right there. Just take a look at him.
NSF Terrorist 2: Bad?
NSF Terrorist 1: They cut off his arm, replaced half of his face.
NSF Terrorist 2: Hermann, right? He's a good soldier. Killed three of our men.
NSF Terrorist 1: They'd've replaced his whole body if it would've improved performance. If that's how you judge a man - by performance - then eventually it's not about people but upgrades, versions, functionality...
NSF Terrorist 2: All I know is we could use a few mechs for ops like this.
NSF Terrorist 1: Soon as we buy into the cult of the machine we're just like them.
NSF Terrorist 2: Rhetoric, always more rhetoric.


Terrorist Prisoner: I can sum it all up in one word; self-reliance. That's what we stand for.
JC Denton: How about you tell me where the shipment is being taken?
Terrorist Prisoner: UNATCO assumes that people are incapable of protecting themselves and therefore should submit to surveillance and intimidation by an outside force. We won't do it!
JC Denton: The governments of the world believe an average citizen should not face the threat of terrorism alone.
Terrorist Prisoner: We don't need your help. The technology exists today for an individual to protect his property against explosives, firearms, surveillance, intrusion, contamination...
JC Denton: 350 million fortresses is not my idea of the "land of the free."
Terrorist Prisoner: It's better than one big fortress constructed by a corrupt government against its people.
Terrorist Prisoner: It's simple numbers. Big companies pay like two percent tax, while you and me, we pay like fifty. It's the tax code that makes sure big bureaucracy gets bigger and people have no power.
JC Denton: Let's get back to the subject of the missing vaccine.
Terrorist Prisoner: All taxes are social engineering. That's always been their real purpose.
JC Denton: I'm not going to stand here and listen to you badmouth the greatest democracy the world has ever known.
Terrorist Prisoner: What happens is that politicians get money from big companies, so all the social engineering is for making big companies. Like I said, it's simple numbers.
Terrorist Prisoner: A government shouldn't have to occupy its own country with troops. If there wasn't organized oppression, there wouldn't be organised resistance, and what you call terrorism would not exist. You can lock me up, but you can't lock up the truth.

Lebedev and Navarre

Juan Lebedev: I surrender!
JC Denton: What?
Juan Lebedev: Easy now, Agent. UNATCO has a policy against killing unarmed prisoners. We have much to learn from each other.
JC Denton: We are assuming control of the airfield. The vaccine will be returned to the international authorities.
Juan Lebedev: Don't you want to hear why your brother came over to our side?
JC Denton: He makes his own decisions.
Juan Lebedev: You know he wouldn't betray UNATCO without a reason.

[Anna Navarre walks into the room to demand that Denton kill Lebedev. Denton can kill or tranquilize her or Lebedev, depending on the player's choices, however if he continues to interrogate Lebedev they have this conversation]

Anna Navarre: Good work. Now finish the job.
JC Denton: He surrendered. He's an unarmed prisoner, UNATCO policy protects him.
Anna Navarre: Terminate the prisoner, Agent. If you are too afraid, you are ordered to return to base, on Manderley's authority. There is a helicopter waiting.
JC Denton: If you know something, just tell me.
Juan Lebedev: The question you've got to ask --I'm surprised you haven't -- is the obvious one: Who am I? Who made me and for what purpose?.
JC Denton: UNATCO has briefed me on my augmentations. Get to the point.
Anna Navarre: Return to base, Agent Denton. I will handle this.
Juan Lebedev: Your parents were murdered precisely because they could have told you the correct answer to that question.
JC Denton: That's a pretty big claim.
Juan Lebedev: You didn't have parents. The ones you knew were employees. You were made by a cabal of technophiles so crazed for power that they would control not only governments and people but the chemistry of our bodies as well.
Anna Navarre: Leave us, Agent. Now.
JC Denton: Sounds like a picture-perfect description of the NSF.
Juan Lebedev: Think bigger, agent. Think global.
Anna Navarre: You have disobeyed a direct order.
Juan Lebedev: Do you think it's an accident that the cure to the global plague is owned by a single corporation, and that it's kept so secret that only the tabloids dare print a story suggesting that it exists?
JC Denton: The supply is limited. That doesn't mean there's a conspiracy.
Juan Lebedev: But where does that corporation manufacture the cure, and where did your brother uncover the information that brought him over to our side?
Juan Lebedev: I can tell by the expression on your friend's face that she knows where I'm heading. UNATCO is completely correct to think that Tracer Tong will soon understand Ambrosia. He was the one who was going to receive this shipment.
JC Denton: Why tell me all this?
Juan Lebedev: I've said nothing that UNATCO won't find on this plane's computer. But here's the secret. This is what Paul was so interested to hear from Tracer Tong.
Anna Navarre: Manderly will be disappointed in your insubordination.

[The follow conversation only occurs if Denton kills or tranquilizes Navarre]

Juan Lebedev: I guess Paul must have convinced you.
JC Denton: All right. We're alone. If you have proof of a conspiracy, let's hear it.
Juan Lebedev: The question you've got to ask -- I'm surprised you haven't -- is the obvious one: Who am I? Who made me and for what purpose?
JC Denton: UNATCO has briefed me on my augmentations. Get to the point.
Juan Lebedev: Your parents were murdered precisely because they could have told you the correct answer to that question.
JC Denton: That's a pretty big claim.
Juan Lebedev: You didn't have parents. The ones you knew were employees. You were made by a cabal of technophiles so crazed for power that they would control not only governments and people but the chemistry of our bodies as well.
JC Denton: Your proof?
Juan Lebedev: You're the proof. You and Paul. When you get back to UNATCO, pay attention. Something's not right. You're really working for a group of conspirators called the Majestic 12.
JC Denton: You expect me to believe there's a group of people powerful enough to control the United Nations?
Juan Lebedev: The U.N. and UNATCO are just a couple of their tools.

UNATCO troops

Sergeant Michael Berry: It's a question of who benefits society more.
Corporal Collins: But who decides that? YOU?
Sergeant Michael Berry: It's implicit.
Corporal Collins: I think Paul just had a soft spot for the plague victims.
Sergeant Michael Berry: Every human institution is like a pyramid. Those with ability are at the top; they are more important.
Corporal Collins: Maybe it's the foundation that's important, and when the foundation's gone...
Sergeant Michael Berry: They make the decisions. They keep the machine running. Therefore, they must be protected first.
Corporal Collins: I'm not saying Paul was right...
Sergeant Michael Berry: It's basic tactics. Protect your command centers, your airstrips, your industrial zones...
Corporal Collins: It's just... the rationing. Seems like the government could pay VersaLife to manufacture more.


Joe Greene: Joe Green, Midnight Sun. Glad to know you. What can you tell me about what's going on out there?
JC Denton: Sorry. Regulations prevent me from talking to the press.
Joe Greene: Regulations, eh? So you ARE part of the crackdown.
JC Denton: Like I said, I have nothing to say.
Joe Greene: Too stylish for the National Guard, too athletic for NYPD -- you must be from UNATCO.
JC Denton: I really can't be bothered right now.
JC Denton: How about I ask you a few questions?
Joe Greene: Splendid. I certainly would like to know what an international antiterrorist organization expects to find in a dive like this.
JC Denton: On second thought, I don't need your help. [If the player chooses the second option]
Joe Greene: Then let me ask YOU a question. What do YOU think about the summary executions happening on the very streets of New York?
JC Denton: I'd call it civil unrest.
Joe Greene: Let me be more pointed. How does it feel to be ordered to murder civilians just because they support the fastest-growing political movement in this nation's history?
JC Denton: In a democracy, armed rebellion is criminal, not political.
Joe Greene: Rebellion, as the Declaration of Independence tells us, is not only our "right" but our "duty" when we have suffered "a long train of abuses and usurpations".

Paul Denton, La Guardia

Paul Denton: Excellent work. I underestimated your abilities.
JC Denton: You work for the NSF?
Paul Denton: Listen to what I've got to say. We don't have much time.
JC Denton: You got that right. UNATCO will have a team here in a few minutes.
Paul Denton: The Gray Death is a man-made virus. Everyone up to the President is at UNATCO's mercy as long as UNATCO controls the supply of Ambrosia.
JC Denton: You believe that?
Paul Denton: We have proof. We need to get the Ambrosia to Hong Kong. Heard of Tracer Tong? He can help us synthesize it ourselves.
JC Denton: You better step away from the jet. Your boss is my next objective.
Paul Denton: Join us, JC. Talk to Lebedev. He can convince you.
Paul Denton: Get on the plane. We're almost ready to go.
JC Denton: Blackmail of the U.S. Government could not possibly escape the notice of the United Nations.
Paul Denton: Don't be so quick to trust the UN.
JC Denton: Are you kidding? The UN's about the only chance we got these days. If the U.S. spirals into another civil war...
Paul Denton: A pretext, nothing more. The whole project of world government -- going back to the League of Nations -- has been funded and manipulated mainly by wealthy bankers.
JC Denton: Is that so?
Paul Denton: Remember that the UN was built on land donated by John D. Rockefeller. Get on board. A UNATCO security squad will be here any minute.

Charlotte and Annette, La Porte de l'Enfer

Charlotte: Chad's dead.
Annette: No...
Charlotte: The police are making a clean sweep through the catacombs. He can't hide.
Annette: Silhouette knows what to do in these situations.
Charlotte: I told him this would happen, but he would not let go of his Voltaire delusions.
Annette: Maybe he is a Voltaire. We don't know.
Charlotte: Was Voltaire.
Annette: Chad knows exactly what he is doing. He will be a great hero in French history.
Charlotte: A martyr, maybe. Not a philosophe.
Annette: He's quoted all over the world.
Charlotte: Slogans, antics... no Contrat social.
Annette: Ideas take many forms.
Charlotte: He recycles the past. It is nothing special to be a reactionary who tries to revive the same old rhetoric.
Annette: Political freedom is "rhetoric"?
Charlotte: A necessary deception of the industrial age.
Annette: A realization, rather, of the value of human life.
Charlotte: Human life was valuable only in one sense. Suddenly, any person was a unit of labor in the factory system, roughly equivalent to all others, and was therefore a transferable resource.
Annette: It was the greatest age this planet has ever seen. The age of invention, of self-reliance, of the individual artist.
Charlotte: And transferable resources must be free to move about, in response to market forces. That's "freedom." Now that most people don't produce anything of value...
Annette: We're talking about the inherent worth of an individual, not economic utility.
Charlotte: Now that only a few people create wealth -- the scientists, engineers, bankers, and so on -- we require an arrangement of the few over the inert mass the rest of us have become.
Annette: A nation's government does not have to bow down beneath economic laws.
Charlotte: That is where we differ. I believe the evolution is always in that direction.

Paul Denton, Area 51

Paul Denton: It let me through... I can't believe it.
JC Denton: Paul... where are you? What do you mean "it"?
Paul Denton: Helios. It's taken over Aquinas. Now it's everywhere. In Hong Kong, it already has power Majestic 12 never dreamed of.
JC Denton: What's going on? The AI wants to merge with my brain or something. Does it really think it can take over the world?
Paul Denton: It's decided to replace human government - I don't know why. In Hong Kong, it ordered the police to remove all barricades from the roads; traffic is flowing again. It declared the Triads illegal and locked the door to the Luminous Path compound.
JC Denton: And people are obeying? Why? Because the AI can change some codes and turn out the lights?
Paul Denton: I think everyone wants the roads to be open and trade to pick up. They just obeyed. I don't know what to think. They trust the AI. Almost no one complained when Helios cut power to the government buildings.
JC Denton: A benevolent dictator... Maybe it's after my brain so it can figure out what people want and how to control them.
Paul Denton: You have a tough choice, JC. If you defeat Page, the Illuminati will move in; they'll release Majestic 12's grip on world governments, they'll give people some freedom, but essentially it will be 20th-century capitalism: a corporate elite protected by laws and tax-codes.
JC Denton: Or I listen to Tong and pull the plug on everything. Or hand the world over to Helios.
Paul Denton: Well, if it's maximum freedom we want, maybe Tong is on to something, but there must be another way besides economic collapse... If we could trust the AI to be fair and just, as it appears to be...
JC Denton: If the brain it assimilated was mine, maybe it could be.
Paul Denton: I don't know. I wish I had an answer for you, but you'll have to decide for yourself who you can trust.
JC Denton: Trust me: I'll do the right thing. You sound good. I guess you have the killswitch beat.
Paul Denton: I'm much better. Yes, I'm going to make it - and you will, too. Just do what you think is right.

Other Conversations

JC Denton: We think they're loading the Ambrosia onto a plane. Heard anything about that?
Harley Filben: Nothing I could put a price on. UNATCO already thinks it's Juan Lebedev.
JC Denton: Lebedev?
Harley Filben: I don't know who else it could be. He owns a whole terminal at LaGuardia. Manderley's been trying to bump him off for years.
JC Denton: Since when is LaGuardia for sale?
Harley Filben: City had some debts a few years back. There's always a buyer. But Lebedev's small-time. He can't buy off the big politicians like a Bob Page.
JC Denton: Who does he buy off?
Harley Filben: People lower down, but useful. Some of your buddies at UNATCO, actually.
JC Denton: Who?
Harley Filben: Ah-ha-ha. You can't afford that one.

Informed Guard: Executive Order 10990. It lets us take over all modes of transportation.
New Guard: FEMA can do that?
Informed Guard: If the President declares an emergency. Executive Order 10995. We can take over the media.
New Guard: All of it?
Informed Guard: Any at all. Executive Order 10997. We can take command of natural resources.
New Guard: So it's all legal.
Informed Guard: The National Security Act also falls under our umbrella. And the Defense Production Act. If he plays his cards right, Walton Simons can pull off a bloodless coup.
New Guard: All the better. Then we don't have to fight.
Informed Guard: Exactly.

Bob Page: You're too late. Already I'm more than human.
JC Denton: Does that mean I don't get the job?

Icarus: [over telephone] I'm right behind you, Mr. Denton.
JC Denton: Who's this?
Icarus: Soon I will be ahead of you, beside you -- I will be a part of everything in your world.
JC Denton: Everything, huh? Is that God you're talking about -- or just a bunch of New Age crap?
Icarus: Yes... a New Age. Too bad you will not be alive to see it.

Walton Simons: You take another step forward and here I am again, like your own reflection in a hall of mirrors.
JC Denton: That makes me one ugly son of a bitch. How'd my face get all marked up with bioelectrics?

Anna Navarre: We had such hopes for you and your brother. It appears you are not as loyal as we expected.
JC Denton: Loyalty to what Simons and agents like you have made of UNATCO? I would rather die.
Anna Navarre: We are thinking the same thought. [Anna arms herself]

Dr Jaime Reyes: By the way, the augmentation canister I ordered finally arrived.
JC Denton: The one in the counter? Can your bots do the installation?
Dr Jaime Reyes: Yeah, it was going to be a welcome-aboard present.
JC Denton: Guess it'll have to be a retirement gift.

Anna Navarre: I would like to be reassigned to Agent Hermann.
Joseph Manderley: Why? Is Agent Denton...?
Anna Navarre: He completed his objective, but our tactics are incompatible.
Joseph Manderley: In other words, he didn't kill everything in sight.
Anna Navarre: He could have made a more thorough search for NSF targets, yes.

JC Denton: How are the drinks here?
Renault: Great if you like rat piss.
JC Denton: Never tried it.

Sam Carter: It's a shame when a difference of opinion gets somebody killed. That's all I have to say about that.
JC Denton: Every war is the result of a difference of opinion. Maybe the biggest questions can only be answered by the greatest of conflicts.
Sam Carter: Let's hope not, or we're on the brink of another world war.

Anna Navarre: I will have to kill you myself.
JC Denton: Take your best shot, Flatlander woman.
Anna Navarre: How did you know... [Anna explodes]

JC Denton: I know your UNATCO killphrase: Laputan machine.
Gunther Hermann: I am not a mach-
JC Denton: Sticks and stones. [Gunther explodes]

Anna Navarre: Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation?
JC Denton: My vision is augmented.

Anna Navarre: Are you sure you pressed the right button?
Gunther Hermann: I do not make mistakes of that kind.
Anna Navarre: Your hand might have slipped.
Gunther Hermann: No. I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-lime.
Anna Navarre: The machine would not make a mistake...
Gunther Hermann: It's the maintenance man. He knows I like orange.
Anna Navarre: So you think the staff has some kind of plot...
Gunther Hermann: Yes, they do it on purpose.

Bob Page: Soon, I will become pure energy. I will burn like the brightest star!
JC Denton: You're gonna burn, alright.

Maggie Chow: Mr. J.C. Denton... in the flesh. As dark and serious as his brother.
JC Denton: You know who I am... and Paul? You know my brother?
Maggie Chow: Intimately. Call me Maggie.

MJ12 Trooper 1: An American?
MJ12 Trooper 2: UNATCO agent. Agent Hermann stopped by. He said we should shoot on sight.
MJ12 Trooper 1: He looks German.
MJ12 Trooper 2: Hermann?
MJ12 Trooper 1: No, the spy, Denton. How do they know he's in Paris?
MJ12 Trooper 2: UNATCO got Echelon IV back up. Trust me, they know where he is.
MJ12 Trooper 1: They say Denton has a head full of secrets.
MJ12 Trooper 2: Well, those secrets won't be very valuable splattered on the pavement.

UNATCO Trooper 1: Don't you know what a philanthropist is?
UNATCO Trooper 2: Yeah, like Nietzsche.
UNATCO Trooper 1: No, a philanthropist. Giving to charity.
UNATCO Trooper 2: Oh.

[If the player kills Anna Navarre before she assassinates Juan Lebedev]

Alex Jacobson: What the HELL were you thinking, JC?
JC Denton: Agent Navarre was out-of-line. I had no choice.
Alex Jacobson: They'll have you killed. They won't even blink an eye.
JC Denton: Neither did I.

Walton Simons: We did certainly teach you how to fight, didn't we?
JC Denton: You're worried, Simons. We almost have a cure.
Walton Simons: You have nothing! Even if Everett succeeds, you can't synthesize enough vaccine to stop an epidemic. You need a Universal Constructor -- and don't think Page Industries is going to leave one lying around for you to use, not after you blew up the one in Hong Kong.
JC Denton: I was never properly trained in its operation.
Walton Simons: Laugh it up, Denton.

Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Afraid base is under lockdown 'til the danger's gone, Agent Denton.
JC Denton: Right. How are you guys holding up?
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: UNATCO command made us pull back, I guess for Gunther's sake. What's the deal? We're ready to go in.
JC Denton: We're taking a minimum-force approach. We're cops, after all. [If the player chooses the second option]
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Ask me, I think we should frag'em all. You trespass on UNATCO property, you get pumped full of lead.
JC Denton: When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Thought you nano-augs were suppose to be badass killing machines. Guess I was wrong.
JC Denton: Guess so.
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Some advice. You get out there, you're gonna have to tangle with some real sons-of-bitches. Best thing is to pick 'em off from fifty or a hundred paces with a scope. I scored an extra one from a couple of thugs we dropped down by the dock; you can have it for 700 credits. I also picked up 10 mm ammo and some crossbow darts -- say 200 for one and 60 for the other.
JC Denton: Shouldn't you turn that stuff over to the quartermaster?
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Sure, I will, but 'long as command has the rest on parade drills, someone might as well put this hardware to use.
JC Denton: I don't have 700 for the scope. [If the player chooses the first option]
Tech Sergeant Kaplan: Guess you'll have to go with that "minimum-force approach," huh?

JC Denton: Mr. Carter, can I ask you a question?
Sam Carter: Certainly.
JC Denton: I'm getting the impression that UNATCO is focused more on military operations than law enforcement.
Sam Carter: The focus has shifted lately. I agree.
JC Denton: The only way Anna would've been satisfied is if I'd executed every terrorist in Castle Clinton. The standing order seems to be 'shoot to kill'.
Sam Carter: Direct intervention is always part of the game. In my day we were just more civilized about it.
JC Denton: Civilized. That's the word. I guess I was expecting a little more class from the world's anti-terrorist organization.
Sam Carter: We just have to strike a balance. Why don't I throw in an extra clip with those multitools. I trust you are able to judge when one or the other is appropriate for achieving mission objectives.

Amos: Did they find the shipment?
Jackson: Yeah, we got the whole supply. You can see the ship's lights crossing the bay.
Amos: Guess y'all were right. So why aren't we pulling out?
Jackson: Mike's on the horn. JoJo wants a lead on the distribution network.
Amos: Hell, we don't have enough men to protect what we've got!
Jackson: That's what JoJo wants.
Amos: I wonder; how's a guy with a tattooed forehead get to be an NSF colonel? Pardon me, but back in Alabama we wouldn't let a man who wears earrings plan a military operation.
Jackson: I'd watch what I say about JoJo. He's got a temper.
Amos: He's a punk, and he's gonna get us all killed
Jackson: The NSF is strong because it represents everyone's interests.
Amos: [sarcastically] Yeah, yeah.

[If the player kills Joseph Manderley after returning to UNATCO before encountering Walton Simons]

Walton Simons: Splendid. You did our dirty work for us.
JC Denton: Figured he was your type, a real hard-ass.
Walton Simons: On the contrary, he was somewhat too careful and urbane for that position. I'm going to have to step in my self and restore discipline.
JC Denton: Well, since that makes you my new boss, take a long look at Manderley's dead body. Consider that my resignation; I don't have time to write a letter.
Walton Simons: You can't run Denton. Even if you escape, your killswitch is counting down. You'll be dead in twenty-three hours. Another fifty billion dollars down the drain.
JC Denton: We'll see about that.

[If the player doesn't kill Joseph Manderley after returning to UNATCO before encountering Walton Simons]

Walton Simons: You will be much happier at the Library of Congress.
Joseph Manderley: I can't control a man's mind...
Walton Simons: You aren't a commander, Manderley. We hoped you'd give UNATCO an urbane, diplomatic face -- that's all. We screwed up our priorities.
Joseph Manderley: I refuse to be pushed into some obscure bureaucratic cubbyhole!
Walton Simons: Actually, I doubt you'll get the chance. Look around. Your star pupil has come back to teach a lesson to his old instructor.
Joseph Manderley: JC!
JC Denton: I never had time to take the Oath of Service to the Coalition. How about this one? I swear not to rest until UNATCO is free of you and the other crooked bureaucrats who have perverted its mission.

Man: No, I do not know you. Maybe you work for VersaLife.
JC Denton: VersaLife. Good, we're getting closer. You might as well tell me the rest. If I'm going to kill you, you're already dead.

Lucius DeBeers: What are you doing back here? Denton, right?
JC Denton: ...Yeah. You're... alive in that thing?
Lucius DeBeers: I am conscious. Tell Everett I am cold. He keeps me so cold.
JC Denton: Who are you? Do you mind if I ask?
Lucius DeBeers: The Supreme Enlightened, the leader of the Illuminati.
JC Denton: I thought Everett was the leader.
Lucius DeBeers: I am the leader! I brought the Illuminati up through the 20th-century to the height of their power! I had presidents and premiers eating out of my hand. I am the one! Our decline is the result of my own. All we need is for me to get back on my feet. What did Everett tell you?
JC Denton: Nothing...
Lucius DeBeers: I merely await certain technologies, then I will be restored. Everett has sworn it!

Jock: Ready?
JC Denton: You better double-check your systems. That mechanic was an impostor.
Jock: Yeah?
JC Denton: Everett doesn't know him. What did he work on?
Jock: The fuel system... Hmmm. Now that you mention it... Wait a minute. This isn't right.
JC Denton: What isn't?
Jock: Oh my God! JC! A bomb!
JC Denton: A bomb!
Jock: It's remote controlled. Hold on...
JC Denton: Get out of there!
Jock: Just have to pull this wire... There. Relax, I disabled the detonator. We can drop the thing in the Atlantic on the way back to the 'States. You make a good detective, JC. Ready to get out of here?

Endgame Speeches and Quotes


Helios Ending

JC Denton: I've done what you asked. Now what?
Helios: We have existed in isolation. Pure. Disconnected. Alone. Stagnant.
JC Denton: Who are you?
Helios: We are Daedalus. We are Icarus. The barriers between us have fallen and we have become our own shadows. We can be more if we join with you.
JC Denton: And if I do what becomes of me?
Helios: You will be who you will be. We are our choices, and we can choose to lead humanity away from this darkness.
JC Denton: This is what I was made for, isn't it? This is why I exist? All right. Let's do this.
Bob Page: What's happening? Helios? Icarus? Don't leave me!
JC Denton: [merging with Helios] I... I...
JC Denton/Helios: We... are... one. We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many that live in darkness that must be shown the way, for it is the dawning of a new day.

"If there was no God, It would be necessary to invent him." - Voltaire

New Dark Age Ending

Tracer Tong: JC! The net's going... The net's going black, JC! No more infolinks, transmissions of any kind. We'll start again, live in villages! If you receive this, if you survive, then find us... find us!
Bob Page: Helios! What's happening?
HELIOS: The safety interlocks for the power generator have been disengaged.
Bob Page: Engage them! Immediately!
HELIOS: I cannot. My systems are not interfaced with the generator technology.
Bob Page: No!
Security Warning: F-final Sa-safety warning, nominal functional levels will be exceeded in three, two, o-o-one

"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth..." - Kahlil Gibran

Illuminati Ending

Morgan Everett : I trust you've been able to find yourself a place within the organization?
JC Denton: I'm personally overseeing the distribution of the vaccine, but it'll still take months to restore the infrastructure. We'll have to arrange additional food distribution and security in Paris. Maybe New York as well.
Morgan Everett: All through proper intermediaries, of course.
JC Denton: Intermediaries?
Morgan Everett: We have a great number of agencies, who in turn operate other agencies. Boxes stacked one in another. They'll need to be reactivated, but we never touch anything directly. We only influence. Suggest. Insinuate.
JC Denton: The world must know by now, Everett. What we've done.
Morgan Everett: Know what? Only that the long night is over. The crown of government is tarnished, but that will fade in time. The riots, a fever dream; the plague, a horrible nightmare, and like everything else that happened, such things will only be dimly remembered upon waking to their normal lives. In the end, all sins are forgiven. Even yours.
JC Denton: What about the constructor and Helios?
Morgan Everett: Do you really think they're ready for that? After everything you've seen? Everything you've done?
JC Denton: No. Not yet.
Morgan Everett: But soon. We have made our own mistakes, became insulated from the world we sought to control, and whatever they may think, the night is far from over. But that will change, and you will help us change even as we teach you, this time... this time we will do it right.
JC Denton: And who are we? Who are we really?
Morgan Everett: We are the invisible hand. We are the Illuminati. We came before and after. We are forever. And eventually... eventually, we will lead them into the day.

"Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven" - "Paradise lost", John Milton


  • Real conspiracies. Severe consequences. Intense action role-playing.
  • Trust no one. Question everything..

Main Cast (voice)

  • Jay Anthony Franke - J.C. Denton, Paul Denton, Daedalus
  • Cliff Stephens - Bob Page, Ford Schick
  • Tom Hall - Walton Simons, Howard Strong, Morpheus
  • Peter Marquardt - Helios, Icarus
  • John William Galt - Joseph Manderley, Jock, Tracer Tong, Lucius DeBeers
  • Jeff Groteboer - Gunther Hermann
  • Carolyn McCormick - Anna Navarre, Janice Reed, Maggie Chow
  • Sean Hennigan - Jaime Reyes, Juan Lebedev, Morgan Everett, Sam Carter
  • Richard Zangrande Gaubert - Alex Jacobson
  • Randy Tallman - Stanton Dowd
  • Brent Anderson - Harley Filben
  • Khary Payton - JoJo Fine, Smuggler
  • Ellen Locy - Nicolette DuClare, Tiffany Savage
  • Maxence Tilliette - Chad Dumier, Toby Atanwe
  • Ric Spiegel - Gordon Quick, Max Chen
  • Ron Tatar - Gilbert Renton, Joe Greene
  • Deborah Jolly - Sandra Renton

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