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The Mentalist (2008–2015) is an American crime procedural television series, airing on CBS, about a private investigator who uses his skills of observation to help the police solve crimes.

Red Sky At Night [3.01]Edit

Jane parks his car next to the crime scene.
Police officer: You can't park there.
Jane: Sure I can. [points to his car] Look.

Lisbon: The brass and media are going to be all over this like suckerfish.
Jane: Well why don't we just give it to the FBI? They love that stuff.
Lisbon: Oh, I wish. It's too late. The new boss is here doing on-cameras. It's our baby.
Jane: The new boss? I thought Hightower was boss.
Lisbon: The boss of Hightower? The director of the entire division. I told you about it last week. Your memory's going.
Jane: My memory is a mighty fortress, Lisbon, from which no fact ever escapes once committed. Now when you tell me boring things, I set them free immediately. It saves overcrowding.

Giselle Dublin: [under tears] Why am I being punished? I'm a good person.
Cho: Yes, Ma'am.
Giselle Dublin: Stop calling me Ma'am. I'm not your grandmother. How old do you think I am anyway?
Cho: [shrugs] 48, 49.
Giselle Dublin starts sobbing and crying all over again.

Jane: You just put your hand on me.
Drew Yost: No. I mean, yes, but --
Jane: Yes. Don't ever do that again.
Yost: Or else what?
Jane: [leans in close] You ever smell a dead mouse? Remember that smell?
Yost: Yes.
Jane: Well, I just now put a dead mouse in your jacket pocket, and no matter how many times you clean that jacket you will always smell that dead mouse, and you will remember that you should never have put your hand on me.
Yost: [feels jacket pocket and immediately removes the jacket] You son of a bitch.
Jane: It's actually just a wadded up napkin, but it has the same psychological effect. The human mind is funny that way.

Jane: Really, I'm impressed. You played me like a fish and you lied to me.
Lisbon: I kind of did, didn't I?
Jane: I'm glad to see you're learning a few things. Of course, now I shall have my revenge.

Lisbon: What did you tell her?
Jane: I was complimenting her on her jacket. It's a vivid color.
Lisbon: Liar.
Jane: You're going to call me a liar?
Lisbon: Oh, I hate you. I do.

Lisbon: You're isolating yourself. You're pulling away from us, from me and the team. You are. You are and it's not good. What's going on?
Jane: Anybody that gets close to me, bad things happen to them.
Lisbon: A: That's not true, and B: Even if that were true, I'm a cop. It's our job to be in harm's way.
Jane: You're not listening to me.
Lisbon: We're family. What you're doing is a kind of betrayal, a surrender, a defeat. You're letting Red John win.
Jane: Oh, please. Please. Really? Okay, enough. No more pulling away. Give me a hug.
Lisbon: You don't mean it. I can tell.
Jane: What do you mean you can tell. You can't tell. I don't mean it, but you can't tell that I don't. You're guessing!
Lisbon: Yes, I can tell.
Jane: How?
Lisbon: I don't know. I can tell when you're lying now.
Jane: No you can't tell!
Lisbon: I can too!
Jane: That's nonsense. You're lying. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Cackle-Bladder Blood [3.02]Edit

Lisbon: I didn't know your wife was from this world, too.
Jane: Oh yeah. Her grandparents are carnie royalty. They ran big metal: Ferris wheels, ghost trains. They ran them all across the midwest. My wife, she didn't want to have any part of it.
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: Carnies are good people, but you're either with the show or you're not. There's nowhere in the middle, and if you're not with the show, you're a mark. You're a sucker. She didn't like that.

Lisbon: [knocks] Jane! It's me.
Jane: [opens a side door, surprising Lisbon] Hey, Lisbon. Excellent work finding us.
Lisbon: I am very unhappy with you. Is he in there?
Jane: Yep.
Lisbon: Bring him out. No funny business or I will shoot to kill.
Jane: You're very persuasive. We'll be right out.

Danny: So, this is it, huh? [remarking on his sister and niece, along with Jane's wife and daughter's graves] They'd like it, I guess, if they had a preference.
Jane: You know this is the first time I've been here since the funeral?
Danny: Why's that?
Jane: Because they're no here.
Danny: Hey, who knows for sure? Maybe they're up there right now looking down at us. Annie's saying, lighten up, you dummies.
Jane: Yeah, maybe.
Danny: Yeesh. I'm sorry I asked to come. Who would have known a trip to the cemetery would be such a downer.
Jane: It's all right. It's irrational. No reason to be sad. Are you going to give them those flowers or what?
Danny: Guilt is for marks. You know that right?
Jane: [looks away as his eyes fill with tears] Yeah.

The Blood On His Hands [3.03]Edit

Van Pelt: I lied this morning. I do care that you're seeing someone else. It hurts a little. I mean, it's no biggie. I'll get over it. I want us to be friends. We can get to that point, right? Can't we be just friends?
Rigsby: Yeah, sure we can.
Van Pelt: Good. I'd like that.

The Red Carpet Treatment [3.04]Edit

Cho: [looking over a ransacked motel room] Someone was looking for something.
Rigsby: Thank you, captain obvious.
Cho: Three hours of brooding silence and then sarcasm. It's like we're married.

Lisbon: We're with the CBI. What's going on here?
Deputy: [motions to couple on underside of a bridge] They were up there when we arrived. Gotta tell you, it looks like an attempted assault. He's going to reach her soon. We're going to have to shoot to stop him.
Jane: If you shoot him you'll have two victims. She just went up there to see about jumping. He's trying to save her. Can I use that? [takes bull horn from deputy] Uh, Betsy? If you're going to jump, make sure to dive. Head first.
Deputy: Hey!
Lisbon: Jane.
Jane: From that height you'll just shatter bones and suffer massive internal injuries. Make sure you dive. Head first.

Jane: Was it worth it?
Max Winter: Was what worth it?
Jane: The man that killed your wife no longer exists. The time you took pursuing him, the pain, the sacrifice, was it worth it?
Max Winter: Yes, it was.
Jane: Thank you.

The Red Ponies [3.05]Edit

Jane: Why does horse manure smell so good?
Lisbon: It doesn't.

Pink Chanel Suit [3.06]Edit

Jane: Judge Fitzwilliam will change her tune once I reveal her daughter's killer, won't she?
Hightower: I don't imagine she will. When are you planning on doing that?
Jane: This very evening.
Hightower: This very night?
Jane: But you have to trust me.
Lisbon: Right, and what if you're wrong again?
Jane: Well, if I'm wrong then we're in deep trouble, but what are the chances, really, of me being wrong twice in a row. Think about that one. Of course, if either of you have a better idea how to find Abby's body and catch her killer, please: these are not taxi doors, they're ears.

Tubbs: A lot of people today don't know who the heck they are. A man without knowledge of his roots is like a cabbage in this society.

[Lisbon and Jane hiding in a kitchen]
Jane: [whispers] This isn't going to work unless you're quiet.
Lisbon: [whispers] I can't keep quiet. My legs are asleep. [squirms]
Jane: What do you mean your legs are asleep? Legs don't sleep. That's absurd. Don't say that.

Hightower: Hey. So, I just talked to Judge Fitzwilliam.
Jane: And?
Hightower: And she says if you will apologize for the cavalier method in which you disrupted her mother's burial she will not pursue disciplinary action against you, Lisbon or myself.
Jane: Hmm. Tell her Jane says she is a self righteous embittered, old bat and she should thank me.
Hightower: Oh God, Jane, please.
Judge Fitzwilliam: [surprising both Hightower and Jane] You're right, Mr. Jane. I came here for an apology, but I realize now I was wrong to stand on my dignity. I am embittered, and your arrogant, callous, juvenile behavior did reveal the truth after all, so thank you. Thank you very much. Good evening to you.
Jane: Sorry.

Red Hot [3.07]Edit

Jane: Hello, Lisbon. What a great day to not be blown up.
Lisbon: Give it up. Now.
Jane: What?
Lisbon: What you took from Bajoran's house.
[Jane looks blankly at Lisbon]
Lisbon: The toupée, Jane. The housekeeper called.
Jane: Oh.
[Jane throws Lisbon the toupée]
Lisbon: That's just gross! Why would you take it?
Jane: Evidence.
Lisbon: Of what?
Jane: Bad taste.

[Jane has just guessed something about Mashburn]
Walter Mashburn: I do! How do you know?
Jane: Pupil dilation.
Lisbon: Pupil dilation?!
Jane: Yes. When someone see something that they want, their pupils dilate.
Mashburn: Pupil dilation... [stares at Lisbon] It's fantastic!
Jane: [glances at Mashburn's eyes, then at Lisbon's] Yes, it is. [Lisbon smiles]

Lisbon: What about you, Walter? Last year you said you'd do anything for a thrill.
Mashburn: What do you have in mind?
[shots are fired at them]
Lisbon: Get down!
Jane: Thrilling enough for you, Walter?

Mashburn: But if it was him, wouldn't he have hired better assassins?
Lisbon: Okay, is there anybody else who might want to kill you?
Mashburn: I have lots of enemies, Teresa. You know, you'd be surprised to hear this, but some people find me annoying.

Jane: Uh, uh, $90,000?
Auctioneer: That's $90,000 for lot 10. And I see $100,000 from the woman in red. $110,000? Do I hear $110,000? $110,000, and $120,000? [Jane bids $120,000] $120,000. Thank you. $120,000.
Jane: $150,000. [to the woman next to him] Never was any good at math.
Auctioneer: I've got $150,000 from the gentleman in the vest. How about $160,000? $160,000. [the woman in red bids] $160,000 is bid. How about $170,000? I've got $170,000, and $180,000. And the gentleman in the front row, $180,000 is your bid, sir. You've got the bid at $180,000. $190,000?
Jane: Can we move this thing along? $200,000.
Auctioneer: And $200,000 from our enthusiastic friend in the back. Do I hear $210,000?
Woman in red dress: Nice day for it, huh?
Jane: Ah, yes.
Woman in red dress: And whose interests do you represent?
Jane: Well, that's supposed to be confidential, isn't it, but what the heck? Walter Mashburn.
Auctioneer: $230,000 if you wish, sir. $230,000?
Jane: $230,000. $230,000. Do we have $240,000?
Auctioneer: Uh, sir—
Jane: $240,000. Do we have $240,000?
Auctioneer: $240,000.
Jane: $240,000, we have $240,000 right here. And we also have $250,000. I know that because I am bidding it. Do we have $260,000?
Auctioneer: Hey, wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait.
Jane: $260,000? Come on, ma'am, you can do $260,000. I know you can.
Auctioneer: Uh, sir?
Jane: Let's go! What about you, sir?
Auctioneer: We have $250,000.
Jane: No. I want the thing for $260,000. Can I have it?
Auctioneer: Yes.
Jane: Thank you.

Jane: Ladies and gentlemen, quick announcement: I'd like you to give a very warm welcome to Walter's new girlfriend, number one - Teresa Lisbon.

Mashburn: So my friends say because you saved me that means you own me.
Lisbon: They have a return policy?

Mashburn: I upset you?
Lisbon: Upset me? No. Irritate me a little? Maybe.
Mashburn: Why?
Lisbon: You're egotistical. You're arrogant. You're entitled and rich.
Mashburn: When do you get to the bad stuff?

Mashburn: Can't believe I'm a one night stand for Dirty Harry.
Lisbon: Yeah, well, I'd leave you cab fare, but you've probably got that covered.

Ball of Fire [3.08]Edit

Hightower: Teresa, not saying something doesn't mean that something isn't happening.

Lisbon: You're looking a little creaky.
Jane: Yeah, a cattle prod will do that to you.
Lisbon: The doctor says there's no lasting effects.
Jane: Well, that doctor should try it himself sometime. [watches as Lisbon smiles] That was a big smile.
Lisbon: Of course I'm glad you're back. I'm also glad we solved one without you.
Jane: You were kidnapped and delivered to me. That counts as solving one?
Lisbon: Hightower and the team found us.
Jane: But if I hadn't held off Rachel, they would have found us dead in a burned out house.
Lisbon: Oh, you held off Rachel?
Jane: Yes.
Lisbon: Where's my apple?
Jane: Your what?
Lisbon: My apple. I asked you to get me an apple.
Jane: I come through the valley of death and all you can think about is your stomach. A piece of fruit.
Lisbon: That's right.
Jane: An apple.
Lisbon: Yes.
Jane: That's just plain selfish.
Lisbon: Selfish. Me: selfish.
Jane: Yes, it is. You're on my couch. I'm trying to have a cup of tea. Have you finished? You called me creaky. I've been cattle prodded all week. I just want to have a rest and a cup of tea and a little sleep.
Lisbon: [sigh] Oh, I wish I had a cattle prod.

Red Moon [3.09]Edit

Todd: Rest assured, I won't be pulling any vigilante nonsense.
Lisbon: I'm very sorry for your loss, and I'm glad you see it that way. There's no upside to taking the law into your own hands. Revenge truly doesn't work.
Jane: Well that's just a sweeping statement, isn't it? I'm sure we can all think of examples where revenge has worked splendidly.
Lisbon: Thanks for your input.
Jane: Just saying.

Lisbon: Examples where revenge worked splendidly. Nice.
Jane: I was just teasing. A little hypocritical to lecture him on revenge, don't you think?
Lisbon: How's that?
Jane: Uh, all these years you've been helping me seek revenge?
Lisbon: Well that's different.
Jane: How's that?
Lisbon: I'm in control of the situation.
Jane: Oh, really.

Jane: What do you mean, "you're in control of the situation"?
Lisbon: When the day comes when we find Red John, I'm gonna be there to stop you from doing anything foolish. We're gonna put him in front of a judge and a jury.
Jane: You really believe that?
Lisbon: Yes, I do.
Jane: Really? I just assumed you took that judge and jury stuff with a grain of salt.
Lisbon: Well, you assumed wrong. No salt.
Jane: You know the reality will be different. Red John is mine, and I will exact my revenge on him.
Lisbon: I think when the time comes, you'll see that violence is not the answer.
Jane: I had no idea your naïve idealism was so deeply felt.

Jolly Red Elf [3.10]Edit

Lisbon: [activates an automatic dancing toy Santa] I can't believe people buy this crap.
Jane: I sense a Christmas speech coming on.
Lisbon: No, I just think people can celebrate a holy day without lying to children about a magical fat guy with a sack full of toys.
Jane: So you took the whole Santa revelation badly, huh?
Lisbon: It crushed my heart like a cigarette.
Jane: That explains why you're still looking for magic in your life.

Lisbon: LaRoche is looking for you.
Jane: Well, tell him I wish him luck.

May: Any time anything cuts you off from experiencing your life, it's unhealthy. Right?
Jane: Wouldn't know.

Minelli: Listen, ahh, I'd, ahh, I'd like to convey my gratitude--
Jane: Easy, cowboy. You just met her.

Bloodsport [3.11]Edit

Big man: You don't wanna go back there.
Jane: [imitates Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi] These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Floyd Benton: Police, aren't you?
Jane: How'd you know?
Benton: Police and fine women always think they got a right to be wherever they're at. And you ain't no fine woman.

Lisbon: Mr. Lima, put your hands on your head where I can see 'em.
Jane: Mr. Mitchell left the ICU yesterday. But I'll be glad to pass on your best wishes.
Suge Lima: Whatever. You got nothing. That notebook shorthand crap won't fly in court.
Jane: True enough. I happened to write that notebook shorthand crap myself.

Bloodhounds [3.12]Edit

Jane: A decision science consultant?
Lisbon: Don't start. This is way above us. If we're good to the feds, the feds will be good to us. When in doubt, don't act out.
Jane: You just made a rhyme. When are we ever in doubt?
Lisbon: Seriously, you start trouble and I will --
Jane: Burst my bubble?

Dr. Montague: If you're so sure that it's not the Caveman, why are you reading up on his file?
Jane: I like to read. I have insomnia. I don't like warm milk. I'm lactose intolerant. I could go on.
Montague: Did you know that habitual mockery is a strong indicator of depression?
Jane: No. But thank you for enlightening me.

Jane: Life is just one giant mathematical equation for you, isn't it?
Montague: I would like that, I confess.

Red Alert [3.13]Edit

Chief Dale: Agent, I'm not opposed to extending a professional courtesy, but your man ignored a reasonable request from my officer and fled.
Lisbon: And he will pay the ticket.
Jane: Nah. Speed traps: legalized extortion. If you want people to slow down, park out in the open where they can see you, but no. You lay in wait like thieves in the night.
Lisbon: He will pay the ticket today.
Jane: I'm not going to pay it.
Lisbon: Jane.
Jane: I'm not going to pay it!
Lisbon: Stop. Stop!
Jane: [to the chief] Extortionists.

Blood For Blood [3.14]Edit

Aunt Jodie: What is he doing? [to Lisbon] Could you please control your man?
Jane: Oh, believe me, she's tried.

Aunt Jodie: How do you sleep at night?
Jane: Most nights, I don't.

Red Gold [3.15]Edit

Lisbon: Tell us about the victim.
Jane: Look! A hawk! Family of hawks. Ah, they're gone. Wow.
Sherrif Trey Hughes: Rick Loomis. Been in town five months. He's dead in his truck by the creek.
Jane: Well, maybe he died of happiness - too much natural beauty. It's the Stendhal Syndrome.
Hughes: No...
Jane: No?
Hughes: He was shot in the head.
Jane: Oh, well. Never mind. [taking in the landscape] Beautiful!

Jane: Hey, Lisbon.
[Agent Hightower gets out of the truck]
Jane: No, Hightower! I didn't even know you had legs.
Hightower: Let's go. What were you doing back there?
Jane: Five-card draw.
Hightower: For money?!
Jane: No! For gold.
Hightower: Oh, gold, gold. That makes it all right, then.

Jane: You're really committed to keeping your temper contained, huh. What's up with that?
Hightower: You're really committed to testing my temper, huh. What's up with that?
Jane: Idle curiosity. [Wes Atwood emerges from his store and Jane ducks down and hugs Hightower]
Hightower: What - What are you doing?
Jane: I'm hiding from Wes Atwood.
Hightower: Why?
Jane: Because we're gonna follow him.

Hightower: Thanks for not asking questions.
Jane: Oh, no need to ask questions when you know all the answers.

[Lisbon, stuck at the office with a hurt ankle, is looking after Hightower's kids]
Lisbon: So... cookies?
Mimi Hightower: Okay.
[Lisbon starts walking to the kitchen on her crutches]
Mimi: Are you disabled?
Lisbon: No, no, I'm injured. Not that disabled is bad! But I'm not. I'm injured.
Mimi: You walk like disabled.
[Rigsby laughs]

Jane: Ah. Yes. Jeff, what did your dad stop doing recently?
Jeff: Uh... washing himself?

[Hightower has just shot Puttock]
Jane: Is he dead?
Hightower: Yes.
Jane: You know, I should applaud your bravery but I gotta say...practically speaking, what were you thinking? You could have killed me.
Hightower: I'm sorry. I got mad. I didn't know what I was thinking.
Jane: That was some good shooting though. That leg shot that took him down was very precise.
Hightower: [smirks]: I was aiming for his head.
Jane: Oh, fantastic.

Red Queen [3.16]Edit

Hightower: [as Jane catches her smoking] What?
Jane: I didn't say anything.
Hightower: You were thinking it. Mentalizing me.
Jane: You can tell?
Hightower: I can read it on your face. So stop.
Jane: Well, if you can read it on my face, then you're mentalizing me, so you stop. [Hightower sighs] No, on second thought, keep going. What am I thinking?
Hightower: Please go away, Jane.
Jane: No, that's wrong. Try again.

Rigsby: It's our lucky day, buddy. See that taco truck just as we got off the freeway?
Cho: That taco truck's always there.
Rigsby: Ohh yeah. A little carne asada after we check out the warehouse? Muy bien!
Cho: No.
Rigsby: Why not?
Cho: I don't wanna cross Hobo Alley to order lunch from a truck that's near the sewage ditch under the freeway.
Rigsby: But there's tacos there!

LaRoche: [answers the door] Jane.
Jane: LaRoche. You have a fluffy white dog and an entire house. Are those Hummel figurines?
LaRoche: Yeah. You find that amusing?
Jane: I just didn't picture you living in an actual house.
LaRoche: Where did you think I lived?
Jane: In a burrow on a riverbank. Somewhere like that.

Hightower: You risked a lot for me.
Jane: Well, not for you entirely.
Hightower: I understand. Still, thank you for getting me out of that building and back to my family.
Jane: And thank you for not shooting me in the face. No one can know about this. This has to stay between you and me.
Hightower: Jane, you should at least tell Lisbon what's going on—
Jane: Nobody. He's too smart that way. He'll sense a trap. You're better off alone.
Hightower: Nobody is better off alone.

Bloodstream [3.17]Edit

Jane: This impact label was marking his shots. And in this particular case the "X" doesn't mark the spot. His shots are more at the front of the club.
Lisbon: What does that mean?
Jane: Well, it means he was—
La Roche: Slicing them. Coming across the face. Happens when you're feeling stressed. Lisbon, may I speak with you?
Lisbon: We really need to get you a bell.

Cho: Victim's ID badge was in his briefcase. He's a doctor over at Blessed Sacrament.
Jane: [having correctly predicted the victim was a doctor] Oh! You may touch the hem of my garment.

Francine Trent: Are you the CBI agents?
Jane: Yes, She does the detecting and I do the insulting.
Lisbon: Consulting.
Jane: That too.

Lisbon: If there's a group hug coming, I am so outta here.

The Red Mile [3.18]Edit

Lisbon: Dr. Steiner.
Dr. Steiner: Agent Lisbon. It's not as bad as it looks.
Lisbon: Go get yourself checked out and then come talk to us.
Dr. Steiner: Jane, was this you? Another trick?
Lisbon: Jane had nothing to do with this. Nothing at all. You didn't, did you?
Jane: Of course not.
Lisbon: You swear on your life?
Jane: On your life, even.

Lisbon: [kicks the couch] Wake up. Newsome Kirk posted bail. He's going to be gone in an hour.
Jane: Just in time for the 6:10 to Alpha Centauri.
Lisbon: He was right about Harley's psychiatrist. She did propose a book, but she withdrew it, so she had motive.
Jane: Kind of.
Lisbon: Who do you think did it?
Jane: Jabba the Hutt.
Lisbon: Seriously.
Jane: Ming the Merciless.
Lisbon: Okay.
Jane: ALF?
Lisbon: When the aliens do come, I hope they eat you.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn [3.19]Edit

Erica Flynn: What do you want from your life?
Jane: I want my life to be free.
Erica: Free how? To love? To be loved?
Jane: Free from my past.

Jane: I'm looking for someone who, uh -- someone I can trust. Someone strong. Someone at peace with themselves. Someone better than me. Someone who knows the worst side of me and still loves me.
Erica: Sounds like an amazing woman.
Jane: She was.

Redacted [3.20]Edit

Lisbon: Open it up.
Officer Gary O'Donnell: He's in there with his lawyer.
Lisbon: Perfect.
[Lisbon and Jane enter the room where Culpepper is being held]
Donny Culpepper: A lady cop? Okay. I can get behind that. A dumb cop who's pretty is better than a dumb cop who ain't—
[Lisbon punches Culpepper in the face, knocking him off his chair]
Shyster lawyer: What do you think you're doing? You—You can't do that!
Lisbon: Oh?
Lawyer: That's a violation of due process! You just got this case dismissed!

Like A Redheaded Stepchild [3.21]Edit

Lisbon: What do we know about the victim?
Rigsby: He's a prison guard from Carson, just outside of town.
Jane: You sure?
Rigsby: Yeah.
Jane: Hmm... Oh, okay! It's in his hands. Yeah. Bitten nails, not too calloused, blue-collar job, high stress but no heavy lifting, prison guard. Thought I was losing my touch there for a second.
Lisbon: God forbid.

Jane: Memory is unreliable because the untrained brain has a crappy filing system. It takes everything that happens to you and throws it all whilly-nilly into a big, dark closet. When you go in there looking for something all you can find are the big obvious things, like when your mom died or stuff you don't really need. Stuff that you're not looking for, like the words to Copacabana. You can't find what you need, but don't panic because it is still there.

Jane: I get it. I've been down. Snitches get stitches.
Nick Monaco: See now, that's a popular misconception. The stitches are for live people.
Jane: Got it.

Rigsby: Wait, there's one more thing: I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be at your wedding.
Van Pelt: Oh? [she sighs] That's too bad. You have something else planned for that day?
Rigsby: No, you see the problem is: I'm still in love with you.
Van Pelt: You can't --
Rigsby: Hold on. I'm not trying to win you back. You're marrying a good man. That's not gonna change. But neither am I. This whole thing where we pretend we're just friends, it doesn't work. I don't know what will work. But I know one thing: I can't watch you marry another man. You have a good day and a good life.

Rhapsody In Red [3.22]Edit

Jane: [holds out a flower] For you.
Lisbon: Does it squirt water?
Jane: No. It's no trick. Maybe just a little trick to catch the killer.
Lisbon: With a hydrangea?
Jane: Yeah.
Lisbon: How?
Jane: Well wouldn't that be spoiling the fun?
Lisbon: For you. Spoiling the fun for you.
Jane: That's the fun that matters.

Strawberries & Cream Part I [3.23]Edit

Jane: [walks into Lisbon's office to see her trying on a bridesmaid dress] Hey, Lisbon. Any word on that list yet?
Lisbon: Geez, Jane! Do you mind knocking?
Jane: Whoa. My, my.
Lisbon: Van Pelt must die.
Jane: No, no, no. You look good. This is beautiful, like a princess. An angry little princess. Someone stole your tiara.
Lisbon: She caught me by surprise when she asked me, otherwise I never would have agreed to be a bridesmaid. Any why would she even ask me to do this? She knows I hate this crap!
Jane: I told her to ask you. I told her that you secretly wanted to be a bridesmaid.
Lisbon: Really. Why would you do that?
Jane: Oh, for the fun, and because deep down you secretly really do want to be a bridesmaid. Go ahead. Confess.

Strawberries & Cream Part II [3.24]Edit

Jane: When I was held captive by Red John... I told you that he didn't say anything to me. That was a lie. He recited a poem. "Tyger, Tyger, burning bright/In the forests of the night/What immortal hand or eye/Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"
Cho: [reciting the poem with Jane] "In what distant deeps or skies/Burnt the fire of thine eyes?" That's William Blake.
Rigsby: What does it mean?
Cho: God made the lamb, but he also made the tiger. You can't have light without darkness. Life without death.

LaRoche: You're a fascinating man, Patrick. Who knows what you might have achieved in this world, were you not quite so damaged.

Jane: Why are you telling me all of this?
Timothy Carter: Well, I think we have a connection that needs to be honored. I want to say goodbye. I want to apologize for any pain I might have caused you, and I want to release you from this curse you've been under.
Jane: I'm not under a curse.
Carter: Doomed to an endless angry search for vengeance you will never have? I would call that a curse, wouldn't you?
Jane: I look on it as a hobby. And I will have that vengeance.
Carter: Vengeance? On what? Look at me. I'm just a regular guy. I bet you thought I'd have horns, huh? Right? I'm not a monster. I'm not the devil. I'm just another human being with flaws and vices... and problems just like anybody else. Forget about me. I'm not worth ruining your life over.
Jane: Wherever you go, you delusional freak, I will find you, and I will kill you. And then— Then I will forget about you.