The Matrix Resurrections

2021 film directed by Lana Wachowski

The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth film in The Matrix series and was released simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021. The film is a love story, set sixty years after the events of Matrix Revolutions and features Neo and Trinity, who have been reinserted into the Matrix and no longer know each other. Neo becomes Thomas Anderson, a video game developer responsible for The Matrix, a trilogy of highly-successful video games. Meanwhile, Trinity becomes Tiffany, a mother of two and a motorcycle specialist. They are rescued by the Resistance and in their struggles, it is realized that both of them are essential, equal characters in the ongoing fight against the dark forces of the Matrix.

After all these years, to be going back to where it all started. Back to the Matrix.


  • I've had dreams that weren't just dreams.
  • You don't know me.
  • I never believed that I was the One. But she did. She believed in me. It's my turn to believe in her.
  • I still know Kung-fu.
  • [To Trinity after the first time they jumped off a building together, Trinity held him up. Trinity saved the day and prevented them from smashing into the pavement]]
    I'm not doing that. Are you doing that?


  • Have we met?
  • There is a part of me that feels like I've been waiting my whole life for you.
  • I saw this in a dream. My dream ended here.


  • The only thing that matters to you is still here. I know it's why you're still fighting, and why you will never give up.
  • They made you believe their world was all you deserved, but some part of you knew that was a lie. Some part of you knew what was real.
  • If you want to see Trinity again, fight for her.


  • If you want the truth, Neo, you're going to have to follow me.
  • So déjà vu, and yet it's obviously all wrong.
  • Maybe this isn't the story we think it is.
  • What's up, Doc?


  • I've missed you.
  • I won't have his leash on my neck again.
  • What the Merv is trying to say, is that their situation is a little bit like mine. To have their lives back, yours has to end.
  • You should have listened to me. Now, you'll never see her again.
  • Here, our unexpected alliance ends. You know the difference between us, Tom? Anyone could have been you, whereas I've always been anyone.

The MerovingianEdit

  • You ruined every suck-my-silky-ass thing! We had grace! We had style! We had conversation! Not this... [mimics text message sound] Art, films, books were all better! Originality mattered! You gave us Face-Zucker-suck and Cock-me-climatey-Wiki-piss-and-shit!
  • This is not over yet! Our sequel franchise spinoff!


[Thomas has entered Smith's office to discuss their future]
Smith: [At the window] 'Billions of people just living out their lives… oblivious.' I always loved that line. You wrote that one, yeah? Every time I stand here, I mean, O-M-G. It’s so perfect, it’s gotta be fake. Right?
Thomas Anderson: [Brief pause, chuckles] Yeah. Sure.
Smith: Have a seat. Smoke?
Thomas: I thought you quit.
Smith: I quit calling it a habit. Now, it’s just a guilty pleasure.
Thomas: Oh. Maybe I can make this easy for you. I know Binary is over budget-
Smith: This is not about Binary, Tom. It’s bigger than that. This is about our future, which is a sticky subject, given our past.
Thomas: What do you mean?
Smith: How’s the therapy?
Thomas: Good.
Smith: Any... episodes?
Thomas: No.
Smith: That’s terrific. Look, Tom, I know we’ve always had our differences. What did you say about our first meeting? We had all the chemistry of an FBI interrogation.
[Thomas flashes back to when Smith interrogated Neo]
Smith: But look at this place. We did this. Together.
Thomas: Yeah.
Smith: Now what? Things have changed. The market’s tough. I'm sure you can understand why our parent company, Warner Bros. has decided to make a sequel to the Trilogy.
Thomas: What?
Smith: They informed me that they're going to do it with or without us.
Thomas: I thought they couldn't do that.
Smith: [drags on cigarette] Oh, they can. And they made it clear they’ll kill our contract if we don’t cooperate.
Thomas: Really?
Smith: I know you said the story was over for you, but that’s the thing about stories. They never really end, do they? We’re still telling the same stories we’ve always told, just with different names, different faces, and I have to say: I’m kind of excited. After all these years, to be going back to where it all started. Back to The Matrix.

Morpheus: [Attempting to imitate the original Morpheus] At last. [chuckles] Ah. I wasn’t too sure about the callback, but, you know, it was hard to resist.
Thomas: What?
Morpheus: Morpheus Uno. Reveal at the window. Lightning, thunder and theater. At last. All these years later, here’s me, strolling out of a toilet stall. Tragedy or farce?
Thomas: I know you.
Morpheus: Not every day you meet your maker.
Thomas: This can’t be happening.
Morpheus: Oh, most definitely is.
Thomas: You can’t be a character I coded.
Morpheus: One hundred percent natural.
[Thomas feels Morpheus' arm, gasping in surprise]
Thomas: How?
Morpheus: All the explanation you need. [offers Thomas the Red Pill]
Thomas: Oh... no. No, no, no, no!
Morpheus: Whoa, what do you mean 'no'? You wanted this. You did this. This was your idea.
Thomas: [stammering] It was a test! An experiment!
Morpheus: 'An experiment'? You put me in a tiny-ass modal, left me banging my head until I nearly lost my shit searching for you, as an experiment?
Sequoia: The exit's breaking down!
Morpheus: He hasn't taken the pill.
Bugs: What? There's no time.
Morpheus: I know, I know, he's just... having a moment.
Sequoia: Does he know how hard it was to hack that mirror?
Morpheus: [shoves his arm through the mirror, which acts like a liquid] Still open.
Thomas: [pointing wildly as Morpheus offers him the Red Pill again] This... this... can't be real!

The Analyst: Can you hear me, Thomas? Follow my voice. Feel the tips of your fingers. What are they touching? The bell. Do you hear the bell? Do you remember what happened? How you got here? You must have walked. I heard Deja Vu outside, opened my door, and there you were. You feel like you can talk about it? When we started working together, you had lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction. You came to me after trying to jump off a building. You said you wanted to fly away. We have made a lot of progress since then, but you seem particularly triggered right now. Can you tell me how it started?
Thomas: He texted me.
The Analyst: Who?
Thomas: Morpheus.
The Analyst: Ah. So, he’s back.
Thomas: It wasn’t actually him. It was a program I coded for a Modal.
The Analyst: And this 'Modal' Morpheus, came to help you escape from a virtual reality called The Matrix.
Thomas: Am I crazy?
The Analyst: We don’t use that word in here.
Thomas: What word should I use? What word explains what is happening to me?
The Analyst: Can I see the texts?
Thomas: They were erased.
The Analyst: If we got in my car and drove to your office, what do you think we’d find there?
Thomas: Nothing. Because there was no attack. No one was killed. No one texted. My mind made it all up. Is that what I’m supposed to say?
The Analyst: Is that what you believe?
Thomas: It felt real.
The Analyst: Of course. It was your great ambition to make a game that was indistinguishable from reality. To achieve this goal, you converted elements of your life into narrative. Your sublimated anger toward your business partner cast him as your nemesis. A married woman named Tiffany became the 'Trinity' of a doomed romance. Even your dislike of my cat made it into your Matrix. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what artists do. But it becomes a problem when fantasies endanger us or other people. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, do we, Thomas?

Morpheus: Set and setting, right?
Thomas: Oh, no...
Morpheus: It's all about set and setting.
Bugs: After our first contact went so bad, we thought elements from your past might help ease you into the present.
Morpheus: Nothing comforts anxiety like a little nostalgia.
Bugs: This is footage from your game.
Morpheus: Time is always against us, etcetera, etcetera. No one can be told what the Matrix is, blah, blah, blah. You gotta see it to believe it. [Offers Thomas the Red Pill] Time to fly.
Thomas: Wait. If this is real, if I haven’t lost my mind, does that mean this happened? But if it did... then we died.
Bugs: Obviously not. Why the Machines kept you alive and why they went to such lengths to hide you are questions we don’t have answers to.
Thomas: Hide me? I’ve been at a company making a game called 'The Matrix'. Doesn’t seem like they were trying to hide anything.
Bugs: We’ve been tracking that company for years. We screened every Thomas Anderson we found. What we didn’t understand was that they could alter your DSI. Pods generate your digital self-image through a feedback system called Semblance. This is how you look to yourself. [Bugs shows Thomas his reflection] Somehow they were able to alter your DSI loop. This is how everyone else sees you. [Thomas' reflection changes to an old, balding man]
Thomas: Twenty years? Why did it take twenty years to find me?
Moprheus: It took a lot longer than that.
Bugs: It’s been over sixty years since you and Trinity flew to one of the Machine Cities.
Thomas: What?
Bugs: There’s so much we don’t know. Like why you’ve barely aged, or how many times they’ve altered your DSI.
Morpheus: But based on what we do know, it appears no one found you because you didn’t want to be found.
Thomas: That’s not true!
Morpheus: Maybe it isn’t. Maybe there’s no foundation to the rumors that you disappeared, because you were working with the Machines from the beginning.
Bugs: Morpheus, stop.
Morpheus: All I’m saying is this is the moment for you to show us what is real. If you want out, you’ll take this pill. [Morpheus offers Thomas the Red Pill again] But if you are where you belong, you can go back to this. [Morpheus offers Thomas the Blue Pill] Every day. Over and over forever.
Thomas: Fuck. [takes the Red Pill from Morpheus]

Smith: Predictable as ever.
Neo: Smith.
Lexy: Smith? As in, "the" Smith?
Berg: [chuckles]This is so insane. There’s so many theories about the two of them and they’re standing right there.
Sequoia: [In the Real World, watching through the monitors] This code is freaky! He’s like an Agent, but not.
Smith: An appeal to reason.
Neo: How did you find us?
Smith: You never appreciated our relationship. Not like The Analyst.
Bugs: The what?
Neo: My doctor.
Smith: He used our bond and turned it into a chain. It’s so obvious once you see it, right? But this whole altered-code update really blew my mind. I still don’t know how he did it. You, as a balding nerd. Hilarious. And me... even more perfect. Maybe a little too far on the piercing blue eyes. What do you think?
Neo: What do you want, Smith?
Smith: I have such dreams, Tom. Big dreams. Well, mostly just extremely violent revenge fantasies, but in order for me to pursue mine, I need to dissuade you from pursuing yours.
Neo: Hmm. Sounds like conflict.
Smith: Inevitable? Doesn't have to be, Tom. All you have to do is stay out of the Matrix, and leave the good doctor to me.
Neo: You can have him. I'm here for Trinity.
Smith: That's the trouble, Tom. He knew you'd come, just like I did. Trust me. You're not ready for him.

Smith: I’ve been thinking about us, Tom. Look how binary is the form, the nature of things. Ones and zeros. Light and dark. Choice and its absence. Anderson and Smith. You’ve lost something, Tom. You’re not what you used to be.
Neo: It’s true.

[The Analyst has entered Bullet Time after Trinity and Neo attempt to reunite, Analyst holds a gun to Trinity's head]
The Analyst: Aye-yi-yi, what a mess. I own that mistake. Shouldn’t have pressed. Women used to be so easy to control. You know there’s no way I can let you two go free. Cannot happen. So, I guess it’s déjà vu all over again. She dies, and it's all your fault.
Smith: Lies, lies, and more lies.
The Analyst: Smith?
Smith: What has the world come to, when you can't even trust a Program?
The Analyst: How...? [Smith knocks the gun from the Analyst's hand]
Smith: Tom and I have more in common than you know. Once he got out, let's just say... I was free to be me.

[Trinity flies in to the Analyst's home after blowing the side off of it]
The Analyst: How dramatic.
Trinity: 'Tiffany'?
The Analyst: It was a private joke. An amusement, that’s all.
Trinity: An amusement? Hmm. [Trinity breaks the Analyst's jaw off]
Neo: [softly] Whoa.
Trinity: Kind of like that? [Trinity snaps her fingers and the Analyst's jaw repairs itself]
The Analyst: Okay. Ow. If you hated the name so much, why did you heel like a good little bitch so long?
[Trinity slashes the Analyst's throat with a sword]
Neo: Yeah. Definitely asked for that.
[Trinity snaps her fingers, the Analyst's neck repairs itself]
The Analyst: Can’t you control her?
[Trinity kicks the Analyst into the wall]
Trinity: That was for using children.
Neo: We have a few questions.
Trinity: You tried to activate the fail-safe.
The Analyst: The Suits tried. Obviously, without control of your source code, I knew that was impossible.
Neo: So, why haven’t the Suits purged you?
The Analyst: Because I know the system. I know human beings. And I know you.
[Trinity hits him again]
The Analyst: Right now, you’re feeling good about what you’ve done. You should. It was a victory. Bravo. Now what? You’ve come here to negotiate some kind of deal? You think you hold all the cards, because you can do whatever you want in this world. I say: go for it. Remake it. Knock yourselves out. Paint the sky with rainbows. But here’s the thing: the sheeple aren’t going anywhere. They like my world. They don’t want this sentimentality. They don’t want freedom or empowerment. They want to be controlled. They crave the comfort of certainty. And that means you two, back in your pods, unconscious and alone, just like them.
[Neo and Trinity laugh]
Neo: We’re not here to negotiate anything.
Trinity: We were on our way to remake your world.
Neo: Change a few things.
Trinity: I kind of like the 'paint the sky with rainbows' idea.
Neo: Just remind people what a free mind can do.
Trinity: I forgot. It’s easy to forget.
Neo: He makes it easy.
Trinity: That, he does.
Neo: Something he should think about.
Trinity: Before we got started, we decided to stop by to say thank you. You gave us something we never thought we could have.
The Analyst: And what is that?
Trinity: Another chance.
[Neo and Trinity] ...are intrinsically tied together, bound beyond fate, to the point where they are unable to function without the other... Trinity and Neo TOGETHER makes the power of the One possible.
Out of all of the sci-fi things that I've done, Matrix is the one that is the most grounded in reality, ironically. There are all of the high concepts surrounding The Matrix within our story, but really there's so much heart and humanity that's driving this narrative. ~ Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Art is a mirror...Most will prefer to gaze at the surface but there will be people like me who enjoy what lies behind the looking glass. I made this movie for them. ~ Lana Wachowski
Technology paradoxically brought us closer together while also isolating or inculcating us from each other. ~ Lana Wachowski
It's throwing down the Matrix gauntlet again; it's super smart, clever, entertaining, suspenseful, and funny.... Not that it needed it... but certainly the depth of why this film got made is the sense of it being a love story between Trinity and Neo. ~ Keanu Reeves

About The Matrix ResurrectionsEdit

  • Throughout the film, it’s made clear that Neo is still recovering his skills... He’s a bit rusty... and doesn’t possess all the abilities he once had: namely, flying. Watching Neo and Trinity leap off the roof, there’s a distinct feeling of hope for those of us watching... .And yet... he begins to flail, falter, and fall. Thankfully, Trinity is there to save the day...
    Neo cannot be “the One” without Trinity. She’s as much a crucial part of his ability to control the Matrix as him “freeing his mind.” They are intrinsically tied together, bound beyond fate, to the point where they are unable to function without the other...
    The ending to Resurrections is the realization of what’s always been true, Trinity and Neo TOGETHER makes the power of the One possible. Neo couldn’t do the things he did without Trinity and her love. Trinity believed so thoroughly in Neo, even when he himself didn’t, she never noticed her own role in the manifestation of these unique abilities. The Matrix Resurrections‘ focus on the love between these two, and how they continually fight for/save each other, offers these moments in the previous films a new frame of reference. Now audiences (and obsessed movie nerds like myself) can look back and see the evidence built into the previous films. In this light, the final moments of the film, make perfect sense, and feels like the most logical conclusion to their love story.
  • The story picks up 20 years after The Matrix Revolutions. Neo (Reeves) is living an ordinary life... under the name Thomas A. Anderson... as the world’s most celebrated video game designer... However, Thomas suffers from delusions that make it difficult to separate reality from fiction. His therapist... prescribes him blue pills to help contain the illusions.... Thomas meets a woman named Tiffany (Moss) who looks just like Trinity. Neither of them recognizes each other, but they feel that they have an undeniable connection. Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) suddenly appears with a red pill to free Thomas’ mind. Who can he trust and how can he save Trinity?... The first act of The Matrix Resurrections tackles the subject of mental health. Thomas is consistently gaslit, as elements of reality are blamed on his mental state. He strives to become a form of “normal” that society dictates. Neo’s trauma is placed front and center, as he must ultimately make the decision between free will and comfort.
    The Matrix Resurrections is existentialist to its core. The film repeatedly pokes fun at Hollywood’s control over the seemingly never-ending wave of sequels, prequels, and reboots. It teases at its very own existence and the stress of reinventing what once redefined the medium. Matrix fans have a plethora of theories of what the original is all about, many of which The Matrix Resurrections brings up.
    • ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Movie Review: Not the Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Resurrection We Were Looking For, Jeff Nelson, Showbiz Cheatsheet, 21 December 2021
  • The Matrix Resurrections is a movie that knows you know its legacy — knows that the language and iconography of The Matrix (“red pill,” “bullet time,” “The Oracle,” “The One”) have seeped into the culture, into our minds, even if we somehow haven’t seen any of the previous movies. It also knows that this is the 21st century. Which means that much of what felt novel or prescient about the world of that first movie — with its allegorized, cyber-savvy world-within-worlds, its riffing on the idea of digital selves — has come to define human experience as we currently know it. Wachowski has given us a movie that most astutely reminds us of something Lilly once said at the GLAAD Awards in 2016: “While the ideas of identity and transformation are critical components in our work, the bedrock that all ideas rest upon is love.” Resurrections is a love story — between Neo and Trinity, obviously. Resurrections plays like a spin on the preceding Matrix trilogy that could only have come on the heels of projects like Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending, in which the Wachowskis leaned further and further into their loving strangeness, their woo-woo theatrics and sentimentality, their conceptual ambition. It is a Matrix movie that could only have come with twenty-plus years of hindsight — and insight... I was moved, impressed — far more than I expected to be.
    • ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Reclaims the Red Pill, K. Austin Collins, The Rolling Stone, 21 December 2021
  • The Matrix is an action science fiction movie, but it defied all expectations. The movie is studied in film schools around the world. Audiences continue to debate the meaning behind the 1999 film. The Matrix Resurrections is the newest installment, which features some fresh faces in familiar roles. Actor Jonathan Groff recently explained why reading the screenplay made him cry.... Groff is a newcomer to The Matrix franchise, but he also felt the extreme love and care that comes with the upcoming sequel. He connected with Reeves’ approach to the fight sequences. Groff explained, “When our fight was over, I felt deeply connected to him in a physical way.”... The Matrix Resurrections deeply touched Groff. He thought about Reeves and Moss playing bringing these characters back to the silver screen in such a meaningful way that it caused him to cry. He said, “When I read the script for this movie I cried, because the idea of watching these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts coming back and fighting to have their love again just wrecked me.”
    • ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Made Jonathan Groff Cry When He Discovered Neo and Trinity’s Evolving Storyline, by Jeff Nelson, Showbiz Cheatsheet, December 6, 2021
  • Reeves, too, was "struck by how much humor is in it" — but that doesn't mean Neo will be cracking quips like Tony Stark. "It's throwing down the Matrix gauntlet again; it's super smart, clever, entertaining, suspenseful, and funny," he says. Adds Watchmen and Candyman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, 35, who plays Morpheus, a different version of Neo's mentor originated by Laurence Fishburne: "Out of all of the sci-fi things that I've done, Matrix is the one that is the most grounded in reality, ironically. There are all of the high concepts surrounding The Matrix within our story, but really there's so much heart and humanity that's driving this narrative."... Emphasis on heart. "Not that it needed it," says Reeves, "but certainly the depth of why this film got made is the sense of it being a love story between Trinity and Neo." It was Lana's deep connection to the characters that resonated with her stars. Reeves remembers the conversation when Lana first told him about her idea for another sequel. "It was one of those phone calls where even though you're at home, you stand up," he says. For her part, Moss saw the new movie as a rare "opportunity to embody" Lana's love. "I've never felt that way before, where I could see that I am an extension of her heart in playing this role," she says.
  • To the two actors who know her best, Lana felt like a different director in some ways. Reeves remembers that on the original trilogy, she was "more behind the monitor" but "still hands-on." With Resurrections, "she was participating more with the movement of the camera, and more interested in doing than rehearsing. It was less about prep and more about everyone's readiness to find the unexpected in the moment." Reeves confesses they "barely rehearsed, if at all." In other ways, working on Resurrections was like reuniting with an old friend.
    Once Lana called "Action!" Moss says she went right back to where she was with Reeves in the original movie. "Most of my scenes are with Keanu, and it was just a pleasure to sit across from him and do that again," she says, as she and Reeves sit side by side in matching director's chairs. "He has a masterful understanding of action. I've watched him grow in the last 20 years. I'm in awe of it." Reeves shakes his head back and forth as she speaks, silently protesting. "But you've got a flavor," he responds. "It's Trinity! It's Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity flavor. All the fierceness and mind, focus, commitment is there in the gestures. Untamed and wild and controlled." After all these years, it's still a flavor we can't get enough of.



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