The Karate Kid Part II

1986 American film directed by John G. Avildsen
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The Karate Kid Part II is a 1986 film about Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi and when he returns to Okinawa with his karate student Daniel LaRusso, and meets an old foe's challenge to a duel to the death. It is the second film in the Karate Kid series.

Directed by John G. Avildsen. Written by Robert Mark Kamen.
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Daniel LaRusso edit

  • You know... When my father died, I spent a lot of time thinking maybe I wasn't such a great son. It seemed to me like I could have listened to him a little more, spent some more time with him... I felt so guilty, you know, like he did everything for me, and I didn't do anything for him. Then one day it occurred to me... that I did the greatest thing of all for him just before he died: I was there with him, and I held his hand, and I said goodbye.

Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi edit

  • [repeating Kreese's words] Mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful here. A man face you he is enemy. Enemy deserve no mercy.
  • Aha... here are the two rules of Miyagi-Ryu Karate. Rule number one: "Karate for defense only". Rule number two: "First learn rule number one".
  • Daniel-san, never put passion before principle. Even if win, you lose.
  • Six hundred dollars say he break all six.
  • [to Daniel LaRusso] When you feel life out of focus, always return to basic of life...breathing, no breath no life.

Sato edit

  • Out of respect for my teacher, I give you three days to mourn. When finish, I come back. You prepare to join him.
  • Miyagi, I wait long time for this. No tricks tonight, or tomorrow, everything gone. Their homes. Their church. Everything...GONE!

Dialogue edit

Daniel LaRusso: Hey Mr. Miyagi, you know I've been thinking.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: About what, Daniel-san?
Daniel LaRusso: That we should come with some kind of strategy.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: For what?
Daniel LaRusso: My future, my whole tournament career.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Miyagi already have one.
Daniel LaRusso: Really? What is it?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Early retirement.

Daniel LaRusso: You could have killed him.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Hai.
Daniel LaRusso: Well, why didn't you?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Because Daniel-san, for person with no forgiveness in heart, living worse punishment than death.

Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Ah, Daniel-san! Must've been some senior prom. What happened?
Daniel LaRusso: You mean, what didn't happen. First I let Ali borrow the car, and she redesigns my fender. And I don't know what she's done to my engine, but that ain't running right either. And you know what else she's done? She tells me she's fallen in love with some football player from UCLA. Why couldn't she just lie to me or something?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Things could be worse.
Daniel LaRusso: Don't worry, they are. Last night, my mom tells me she got transferred by her company to their new branch in Fresno. Two months. I'm going to spend my entire summer in Fresno. We're supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon.
[Miyagi is examining the car, reaching under its hood]
Daniel LaRusso: You're not gonna be able to fix that.
[No sooner than the words out of Daniel's mouth than Miyagi twists something around; now the engine runs perfectly]
Daniel LaRusso: How'd you do that? What'd you do?

Daniel LaRusso: Hey, what are you building out there?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Guest room.
Daniel LaRusso: Are you expecting company?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Nah, refugee.
Daniel LaRusso: Refugee? Oh yeah, that's great. From where?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Fresno.

Daniel LaRusso: If you and Sato fought, would your father be the referee?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: No referee.
Daniel LaRusso: Then how do you know who wins?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: The one who's dead, doesn't.

Daniel LaRusso: You think you could break a log like that?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Don't know. Never been attacked by a tree.

Sato: So, coward, you return...
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: To settle affairs with father.
Sato: And with me.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Sato, I no fight you.
Sato: Then you die as you have lived: a coward. You see your father, then you see me.

Daniel LaRusso: I don't get something. If Sato hates you so much, why does he give you time to mourn?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Because, Daniel-san, my father was his teacher. Deep in heart, Sato still know right from wrong.
Daniel LaRusso: Then why does he still want to kill you?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [shrugging] ...Because sometimes, what heart know, head forget.

Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Daniel-san, you alright?
Daniel LaRusso: Yeah... I'm sorry; that was pretty stupid, wasn't it?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [with a grim smile] Miyagi say that to father when same thing happen. Father agree, was stupid. Father was right.

Daniel LaRusso: Don't those lies bother you?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: No.
Daniel LaRusso: Why not? People might think that they are true.
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Lies only become true if person choose to believe.
Daniel LaRusso: Is that an old Okinawa saying?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: No. New Okinawa saying.
Daniel LaRusso: How new?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [pauses, pretends to think] About ten seconds.

Daniel LaRusso: [referring to their Obon dance] Maybe we should take it on the road!
Kumiko: [confused] But we're on the road.
Chozen: You dance very nice like geisha! [snickers, Daniel and Kumiko run off] His favorite teacher's karate technique... the "let's go".

Daniel LaRusso: Oh, please, not again. Hey, I don't want any trouble.
Chozen: This time, trouble want you.

[The morning after the storm, Daniel and Mr Miyagi survey the damage as the villagers try to pick up the pieces]
Daniel LaRusso: How are they gonna recover from this? All the seeds are gone, the place is wrecked. Whare are they gonna do now?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Best they can.
Daniel LaRusso: [sees vehicles from Sato's company arrive] Hey, what's this? What's Sato doing here?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Don't know.
[Sato gets out, dressed in a foreman's outfit]
Sato: [bows to Mr Miyagi]I come help rebuild. [presents box] Here deed to village. Forgive me. I beg of you. [bows lower]
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [claps Sato on the shoulder] Oh, Sato, nothing to forgive.
[Daniel and Kumiko approach Sato]
Daniel LaRusso: [to Kumiko] Now's a good time to ask him.
Kumiko: It's not my place.
Daniel LaRusso: Mr. Sato, O-bon dance is soon... and it'll be really hard the way things are to have it here in the village.
Sato: What do you ask of me?
Daniel LaRusso: Well, can they have it in the castle? I mean that's where it really belongs, isn't it?
Sato: [smiles to Miyagi] Your student become my teacher. [Mr Miyagi and Yukie smile. to villagers] Obon will be held in castle, now and forever! [Everybody cheers; to Daniel with index finger] One condition: you dance with us. Okay?
Daniel LaRusso: You got it! [shakes hands with Sato]
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [puts his hand on theirs] Okay.

[Chozen ambushes Kumiko during her dance routine, and holds her at knifepoint]
Sato: Chozen, don't do this. I was wrong! Hate is wrong! It's over!
Chozen: [with scorn] I cannot hear you, uncle. I'm dead to you, remember huh?
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: Chozen, you are your uncle's finest student. No disgrace him here.
Chozen: Your student disgraced me. I have been dishonored all because of him!
Daniel LaRusso: Whatever happened, I apologize!
Chozen: Apology will not give me back my honor!
Daniel LaRusso: Well, neither will this!
Chozen: In their eyes it will. No more talk! You cross bridge or I kill her!
Mr. Nariyoshi Miyagi: [feels Daniel moving to the bridge] Daniel-san, this not tournament. This for real.
Chozen: NOW!! [Daniel crosses] Oi. No bridge.
[Daniel looks at Mr Miyagi, who nods to him. He tosses the bridge into the water]
Daniel LaRusso: Now I dropped the bridge! Let her go! Come on!
Chozen: Now... [throws his knife away] we fight to death!

[Daniel has severely beaten Chozen]
Daniel LaRusso: Live or die, man.
Chozen: Die.
Daniel LaRusso: Wrong. [honks Chozen's nose]

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  • The story continues...
  • One more lesson to share. The price of honor. The glory of friendship. And the way you must fight when only the winner survives.

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