The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (video game)

2006 video game

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is a fighting game based on the television series of the same name. It was developed by High Voltage Software and published by Midway. The PlayStation 2 version's DVD compatibility feature came with behind the scenes footage and the season one episode "Little Rock of Horrors". The game was released in the United States, and the Wii version in the United Kingdom (the video game is a Wii exclusive in the UK).

"Story Mode" cinematicsEdit

[A mojo ball rolls in, and Mogar and Eris start beating each other up]

Grim: "I don't understand mortals, always punching and kicking each other."

(Irwin is seen being chased by a clown)

Irwin: "EEEEEE!!! Help yo!"

Mandy: "The punching and kicking I get, I just don't understand the big glowing balls of supernatural energy."

Grim: "Wait, this is one of me Mojo Balls! Why isn't it in me chest?"

[Grim produces his trunk, looks inside it]

Billy: "Your trunk is empty-just like my heart."

Grim: "Somebody must've broken into me trunk and let all of me Mojo out."

Billy: "It's ok, just fill up the space with potpourri. That's what I did with my heart."

Grim: "You don't understand, the Mojo Balls in that trunk contain an almost infinite amount of dark magical power. Anyone touched by this Mojo will be infected by supernatural rage!"

Mandy: "So?"

Grim: "So? Well this is obviously part of some sort of sinister plot! Whoever opened me trunk must have been powerful to get past the curse I placed on it! But what kind of sicko would make us fight just for their own amusement? (Billy, Mandy and Grim look at the player) We've got to get me Mojo Balls back!"

Billy: "But if we touch those things won't we become infected with supernatural rage and start fighting each other too?"

Grim: "Hey, I've got a scythe. Give me an excuse." [Grim laughs maniacally as the camera closes in on him]

[Later, after a fight took place in "Fight for your afterlife", we see Irwin, mad with rage, locked in a wooden cage]

Mandy: "What's up with him?"

Grim: "He was part of that last fight. He's been infected by supernatural rage. Those Mojo Balls are potent."

Mandy: "What about you? Weren't you in the last fight, too?"

Grim: "I thought we agreed not to talk about the plot-holes, Mandy."

Irwin: "Raggle fraggle!"

Grim: "The dark Mojo will wear off soon, but this could be a bad sign for the future."

Billy: "Ooh ooh! Does the Mojo rage spread from person to person, tearing apart families and homes, overwhelming law enforcement and society, throwing the world into anarchy, creating a world of chaos where only the strongest survive, and in the end only serving to show that we are in fact the true monsters?"

Grim: "I was worried that other people may try to steal me stuff, but I suppose what you said could be a problem too."

[the wind blows a white feather into the shot]

Mandy: "Here's another feather. Could Jack be involved? We should see if any fights have broken out at the pumpkin patch."

Grim: "Good idea."

[the other three leave, as an iris in closes, but opens back up to Irwin]

Irwin: "Hello? I'm feeling much better now, yo. Hello? Is there a restroom in here?"

[After a fight in "Deep in evil"]

Grim: "Another feather. And look at this destruction, mon! Who would want to cause this much chaos?"

Mandy: "Maybe it was Eris."

Irwin: "Or a bank robber."

Billy: "Or a chicken."

Mandy: "Are you two having a contest to see who can say the dumbest thing?"

Billy: "I know you are, but what am I?"

Irwin: "Good one, Billy!"

[Mandy throws a mojo ball at Irwin, and then he, Billy, and several Nerglings start beating each other up]

Grim: "Shouldn't we get back to saving the world?"

Mandy: "In a minute. This is starting to get good."

Grim: "Yeah, okay." [Grim pulls out a plate of nachos as the scene ends]

[After a fight took place in "Clucking Doom", we see Grim, Mandy, Irwin, and Billy riding on the top of a school bus]

Billy: "Wow, I sure am glad that the school bus got away from the giant chicken and didn't blow up like the school bus in 'Horror Chicken IV'".

Grim: "I thought for sure the feathers meant-oh well, the chickens were a red herring, mon. And we still need to find out who stole me Mojo."

Irwin: "I know who stole my Mojo." [He slides close to Mandy, who punches him off the bus, sending him flying]

Grim: "Mandy, have you been infected as well?"

Mandy: [sarcastically] "Um, sure"

Grim: "Then we haven't got much time. Hmm, the criminal always be returning to the scene of the crime. And there be something real ominous feeling coming from Billy's house-and not just from the bathroom this time. I think we should go there and see if any fights be breakin' out. I think we're close to solving this!"

[In "Billy's Backyard" after the Brain-Eating Meteor boss fight]

Grim: "That meteor had the last of the Mojo, but we STILL don't know who let it all free."

[Billy walks in, holding a bunch of white feathers]

Mandy: "What are you doing?"

Billy: "Well, I was worried about getting lost since we've been going all over the universe, so I've been leaving a trail of chicken feathers so I could find my way home."

Mandy: [facepalms] "Have you been leaving a trail of chicken feathers this whole time?"

Billy: "Yup".

Mandy: "Grim, you said you put a curse on your trunk. What kind of curse was it?"

[Billy sprouts a tail of white feathers]

Grim: "That's the one! [angered] Billy, what were you doing in me trunk?!"

Billy: "I wanted to free Moe and Joe."

[cuts to a flashback of Billy opening Grim's trunk, as all the mojo flies out]

Flashback Billy: "Be free, Moe! Be free, Joe!" [Suddenly, he grows chicken feathers]

[flashback ends]

Billy: "What? What'd I do, huh?"'

[The scene shows Skarr, Irwin, Hoss, Grim, Mandy, Mogar, and Eris who are surrounding him threateningly]

Mandy: "I don't know about the rest of you, but I hope this game's got a mode where we can just beat on Billy."

[Everyone closes in on a nervous Billy, as the end credits begin to roll]

GBA VersionEdit

  • Narrator: Someone has been tampering with Grim's chest... releasing countless Mojo Balls into the universe Mojo Balls are filled with dark magical power, infecting anyone they touch with supernatural rage. Billy, Mandy and Grim must set out to retrieve every single one of these Mojo Balls before the universe... descends in utter chaos... forever. Mandy and Grim watched as Billy ran home but he quickly realized the Mojo Balls had already infected the neighborhood. It was time for a clean up...Billy style. Billy took care of the neighborhood but left Mandy with bigger pies to cake...pumpkin pies. With Halloween just around the corner... Mandy knew she had to take action. A Halloween without Jack O' Lantern just wouldn't be the same... With all the pumpkin smashing going on, Mandy was starting to wonder where on earth Grim was... The Mojo Balls were starting to infect areas outside of the mortal plane. It was time for Grim to take matters into his own hands. With Nergal defeated... and the last of the Mojo Balls collected... Mandy and Grim were wondering... who tampered with Grim's chest in the first place? Grim gazed into his temporal displacement orb. Grim could clearly see the events leading up to the release of the Mojo Balls. It seems Billy just wanted to free Moe and Joe from the imprisonment inside Grim's Chest.


  • (ready to battle) Breaking things makes me feel so alive!
  • (wins) If kicking butt is wrong, I don't wanna be right!
  • (after being selected) I loves you!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) Here comes a demon! [farts, sets opponents on fire, they explode] Tee hee hee!
  • (after finisher move) A: See ya! B: Fore! C: Good-bye!
  • (on fire) Ooh! Ooh! HOT! HOT! But it's a dry heat.
  • (mans turret) A: duh, what's this thing do? B: Me smash you! (Evil Laugh) C: Sticks and stones, they break by bones, but I'm gonna use this to BREAK YOURS!
  • (vs. Mandy) Eat it, Ms. Know-It-All!
  • (vs. Grim) I want to be just like you someday, Grim: knocked out! (laughs)
  • (vs. Irwin) Take that, nerdo!
  • (vs. Mogar) I don't need your rules, man!
  • (vs. Eris) Eat dirt, lady!
  • (vs. Nergal) My fist is your friend!
  • (vs. Fred) Kablowie! Teh heh heh!
  • (vs. Hoss) Tee hee hee! Wuss Delgado!
  • (vs. Dracula) Cha-ching! I'm money, baby!
  • (vs. Jack) I hate pumpkins!
  • (vs. Nergal, Jr.) Eat fist, ya' four-eyed freak!
  • (vs. Boogey) Usually when I'm throwin' boogies, it's a whole different thing.
  • (vs. Skarr) I'd eat my own face off before I let you win!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Time for you to take some pain!
  • (vs. Chicken) There's no way these chickens are gonna fit in my mouth!
  • (vs. Nergaling) You guys look like my uncle Nergal, only teeny.
  • (vs. Clown) Go to your happy place, go to your happy place.
  • (vs. Pumpkin) D'oh wait--these aren't killer tomatoes at all!
  • (vs. Viking) I must crush my enemies, see them tremble before me and hear their lamentations of the women!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) It wasn't planes that killed the beast; it was my farts.
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Ooh! Is there really meat in meteors?
  • (in credits) Destroy us all! (Billy will say it repeatedly until Mandy hits him)


  • (ready to battle) I feel the need. The need for bleed.
  • (wins) It's not enough that I succeed. Others must fail!
  • (after being selected) No mercy.
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown)! (Mandy smiles, tearing apart the fabric of the universe like in "My Fair Mandy", opponents gets decimated).
  • (on fire) Grrr, I hate being on fire!
  • (mans turret) Alright, who wants some of this?
  • (vs. Billy) Why don't you just paint a bullseye on that nose of yours?
  • (vs. Grim) I beat you at your own game, bonehead!
  • (vs. Irwin) Love hurts, Irwin.
  • (vs. Mogar) Anyone who wears more makeup than Mindy deserves to be crushed!
  • (vs. Eris) Get up again and I'll knock out the rest of your teeth.
  • (vs. Nergal) Hope you enjoyed your beating, weirdo.
  • (vs. Fred) You were asking for it.
  • (vs. Hoss) Mr. Delgado, meet my fist!
  • (vs. Dracula) You just sealed your own doom.
  • (vs. Jack) The only good pumpkin is a smashed pumpkin!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Does it count as shape-shifting if I beat you to a pulp?
  • (vs. Boogey) I've seen marshmallows scarier than you!
  • (vs. Skarr) Owned!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Be smart! Stay down!
  • (vs. Chicken) These chickens will be boneless by the time I'm done with them!
  • (vs. Nergaling) Ugh, these things are disgusting.
  • (vs. Clown) Clowns are funnier when they're crying!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) I hate getting pumpkin goo all over my hands!
  • (vs. Viking) Say hello to the Valkyries for me.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Get out the whipped cream, this is gonna be one big pumpkin pie!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Well, there's something you don't see everyday.


  • (ready to battle) I don't like mixing business with pleasure, but I'm really going to enjoy this.
  • (wins) Oh, yeah! Who's bad? Grim's bad!
  • (after being selected) Let's reap!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) To me, forces of the Netherealm! Destroy the mortals! (Grim opens a large vortex, sucking his opponents in as he waves good-bye while cackling malevolently)
  • (on fire) Nothing like roasted bones. (weak chuckle)
  • (mans turret) Mmm, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Your time has come, mortal! I've got a bone to pick with you! Ha, this oughta be like shootin' monkeys in a barrel, mon.
  • (vs. Billy, laughing) I've wanted to do that for years!
  • (vs. Mandy) Before, I was but a learner, but now I am the master.
  • (vs. Irwin) Take that, Billy's ugly friend!
  • (vs. Mogar) Enjoy your dirt nap, Mogar.
  • (vs. Eris) That's the last time you turn me down for a date!
  • (vs. Nergal) Eat scythe, Fool! (laughing)
  • (vs. Fred) It's time you learned some manners!
  • (vs. Hoss) The exterminator has become exterminated! (laughing)
  • (vs. Dracula) See you on the other side! (laughing)
  • (vs. Jack) Next time, I'll take more than just your head!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) You forced my hand, Nergal Jr!
  • (vs. Boogey) This is your last scare, Boogey!
  • (vs. Skarr) I have become Death, Shatterer of Worlds!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) You are beaten as bad guy, mon.
  • (vs. Chicken) Now I'm the Chicken Reaper too? Oh, I don't get paid enough for this.
  • (vs. Nergaling) Someone should really call an exterminator for these things.
  • (vs. Clown) It's funny when their heads come off!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Pumpkins. Why did it have to be pumpkins?
  • (vs. Viking) Didn't I already reap you guys once?
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) I'm gonna carve me a pumpkin.
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) A brain-eating meteor from outer space? That's out of my jurisdiction.
  • (after a finisher) A:See ya! B:Get out of here!


  • (ready to battle) I'm about ready to unload 6 D-20s of damage on your butt!
  • (after being selected) Totally awesome, yo!
  • (wins) Yeah, dogg! Yo' mama!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown, reading from spellbook) Klaatu barada nikto, yo! (opponents are vaporized)
  • (after finisher move) A: See ya! B: Get out of here! C: Good-bye, yo!
  • (on fire) Hey, Mandy! Do you think I'm hot now?
  • (mans turret) Stay on target...stay on target... I am Sir Irwin the bold. HAVE AT YOU! You want a piece of this?! Bring it, yo! I will break you!
  • (vs. Billy) Oops, are you okay, Billy?
  • (vs. Mandy) Oh, Mandy! I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry!
  • (vs. Grim) I beat the reaper, yo!
  • (vs. Mogar) Fighting adults is wrong. Fun, but wrong.
  • (vs. Eris) She started it! I swear!
  • (vs. Nergal) Back to the center of the earth, evil creature!
  • (vs. Fred) Fred Fredburger, no!
  • (vs. Hoss) Maybe you should be my sidekick, Hoss.
  • (vs. Dracula) No! I'm allergic to vampires!
  • (vs. Jack) Pumpkins suck!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) I kinda feel bad for that kid.
  • (vs. Boogey) Worse thing than the Boogeyman tonight: me!
  • (vs. Skarr) For the horde, yo!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) A belt slap from Grandmama can give more pain than you!
  • (vs. Chicken) Now who's the chicken?
  • (vs. Nergaling) These things are annoying, yo.
  • (vs. Clown) Do you think all these guys came in the same car?
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Oh my gosh! Did I do that?
  • (vs. Viking) Hey vikings, you don't have to get all up in my grill.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Pumpkins don't scare me! (screams)
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Actually, when that thing hit the earth, it was no longer a brain-eating meteor, but it became a brain-eating meteorite. Science fact, yo.
  • (Win with Iriwin) Announcer: Irwin...WINS?!


  • (ready to battle) When I'm a-rockin', your head's gonna get a knockin'!
  • (after being selected) I'm gonna rock out with my guitar out!
  • (wins) A: That's what I call a power chord! B: Now that's what I call a power chord!
  • (man’s turret custom): Now this could be used for a opening PYRO!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown;do a guitar solo that the opponent becomes on fire and explodes)
  • (after finisher move) A: Fore! B: See ya! C: Good-bye! D: Good night, Tokyo!
  • (on fire) Hey! Check out the pyrotechnics!
  • (vs. Billy) Tough love, son. tough love.
  • (vs. Mandy) It feels good to push little kids around!
  • (vs. Grim) Sorry, Grim, ol' buddy.
  • (vs. Irwin) Did I break your glasses yet?
  • (vs. Eris) The prettier they are, the harder they fall!
  • (vs. Nergal) Feel the ringin' in your ears? That's called ROCK!
  • (vs. Fred) That's gonna leave a mark!
  • (vs. Hoss) Get up again, Hoss and I'll use your head for a drum kit!
  • (vs. Dracula) Me rock you like a hurricane!
  • (vs. Jack) I always hated gourds.
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Hasta-la poo-poo, Nerdo Jr.!
  • (vs. Boogey) That's what you get for being ugly!
  • (vs. Skarr) Mogar smash!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Say hello to my little friend!
  • (vs. Chicken) Woah, did I do that?
  • (vs. Nergaling) I am Mogar, the Hurtinator!
  • (vs. Clown) I knew I shouldn't have dropped out of clown college.
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Raggle Fraggle!
  • (vs. Viking) Open your great halls for the god of rock!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) I totally have to get one of those for my stage show!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Hey space rock, meet EARTH ROCK!! (Battle shriek)


  • (ready to battle) You'll never know what hit you!
  • (after being selected) Like, totally excellent choice.
  • (after finisher) A:Fore! B:Good bye! C:See ya!
  • (wins) Thank you all so much. I'd like to thank the academy, my dear old dad, and the forces of anarchy & destruction.
  • (preforming Mojo Meltdown) Roses are red, violets are blue, now I'm going to smash you all! (Eris throws the Apple of Discord twice in the air before throwing it to a long distance. The stick pops out saying, "BOOM!" as the opponents blow up whilst she chuckles)
  • (on fire) This really burns me up!
  • (mans turret) Let me give you a lesson in mayhem! Can you taste the chaos? I'm gonna slap you silly!
  • (vs. Billy/Nergal) I don't even like to touch you to hit you!
  • (vs. Mandy) Now, I am the alpha female! (makes monkey sounds)
  • (vs. Grim) You're too skinny, Grim. You need to work out more.
  • (vs. Irwin) Get out of my way, twerp!
  • (vs. Mogar) I'm more of a smooth jazz girl!
  • (vs. Fred) Doo-doo says what?
  • (vs. Hoss) How's that for a good night kiss lover boy?
  • (vs. Dracula) You're so cute when you're losing!
  • (vs. Jack) The only seeds I like are the seeds of destruction.
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Who's your mommy? No, really.
  • (vs. Boogey) You're "snot" my type! (laughs)
  • (vs. Skarr) Pow! Right in the kisser!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Pain isn't my flavor, darling!
  • (vs. Chicken) Which came first, the chicken or my fist?
  • (vs. Nergaling) Oh, these little guys are absolutely adorable!
  • (vs. Clown) All the world loves a clown.
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Good thing I brought my pumpkin-smashing shoes!
  • (vs. Viking) The boys always did gravitate towards me.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Can the pumpkin take his lumpkins?
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Move over, bacon! Here comes something "meteor"!


  • (ready to battle) We'll have so much friendly fun!
  • (after being selected) Time to share the hurt! (laughs)
  • (wins) All the good things in life must be taken by force!
  • (preforming Mojo Meltdown) You're in for a shocking good time! (Nergal grabs the opponent by his tentacle like appendages and electrifies his opponent in a crimson aura. Suddenly, the opponent explodes as he cackles wickedly)
  • (on fire) I live in lava! I shouldn't have to put up with this!
  • (mans turret) Even a loser can operate this thingy! Escape? There is no escape! Yippee ki yay, dorks!
  • (vs. Billy) How's that for a handshake, nephew? (laughs)
  • (vs. Mandy) I didn't really like you anyway!
  • (vs. Grim) The kids will be my friends now, Grim. (laughs)
  • (vs. Irwin) Who's cool, now, the one who reads the monster manual, or the one inside it?
  • (vs. Mogar) You are terribly hideous!
  • (vs. Eris) Sorry, darling. Aunt Sis is the only woman for me!
  • (vs. Fred) You're too annoying to be anyone's friend!
  • (vs. Hoss) Right back at you, tough guy!
  • (vs. Jack) Pumpkins taste better smashed, wouldn't you agree?
  • (vs. Dracula) You're all bark and no bite, old man!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Sorry, son. Train harder.
  • (vs. Boogey) You're not so scary when you're losing, are you?
  • (vs. Skarr) Time to meet your doom, little man.
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Rename yourself "Lord Lame". That's a better fit!
  • (vs. Chicken) Oh, Aunt Sis made chicken for lunch!
  • (vs. Clown) I usually don't hurt clowns, it's bad luck.
  • (vs. Nergaling) I'm sorry, my little friends, but it's just so fun to smash you!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Aah, enough of the pumpkins. New enemies, please!
  • (vs. Viking) These chaps spent one too many nights in the buffet line.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) It couldn't possibly hurt us. My childhood memory come to life! No!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Tentacles too, eh? Maybe we're related.

Fred FredburgerEdit

  • (ready to battle) Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger.
  • (after being selected) Fred Fredburger!
  • (wins) Gosh, I won!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown, eating nachos, gets the need to go to the bathroom) I love nachos! (Fred throws the nachos and runs away to the bathroom. Suddenly, a giant bowl of nachos lands on the opponents)
  • (mans turret) Push things! Do things!
  • (on fire) Fire fire! Fred Fredburger!
  • (vs. Irwin) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, eh, yes, yes.
  • (vs. Chicken) I like eggs. I like chicken. I like fried chicken.
  • (vs. Nergaling) Little black things.
  • (vs. Clown) Ha ha ha, funny clowns.
  • (vs. Viking) Vikings.
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Pumpkins.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Big pumpkin, yes.
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Meteor! Yes.
  • (vs. everyone else and after finisher move) Yes!


  • (ready to battle) It's button-mashing time!
  • (after being selected) I'm armed and dangerous, baby!
  • (wins) Bow to your sensei.
  • (preforming Mojo Meltdown) Activate Plasmatronic Ultrablast Grenade Launcher! (shoots opponents) Oh yeah!
  • (on fire) I've been cooked in hotter fires than this.
  • (mans turret) This is where Hoss really gets his chance to shine. I will crush your skull like an acorn! It's go time. Destroy all monsters!
  • (vs. Billy) Scratch one, sasquach!
  • (vs. Mandy) Sorry, little boy, but you were in the way!
  • (vs. Grim) Get some skin, creep!
  • (vs. Irwin) Remember, Irwin, chicks dig scars!
  • (vs. Mogar) That's for wearing that weirdo makeup!
  • (vs. Eris) Sorry baby, but you're just too dangerous!
  • (vs. Nergal) You lose, baby!
  • (vs. Fred) You make me sick!
  • (vs. Dracula) Another one bites the dust!
  • (vs. Jack) Time to make Mama Delgado's famous pumpkin pie recipe!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) It's an early bedtime today, punk!
  • (vs. Boogey) I eat fear for breakfast! Fear, and hash browns!
  • (vs. Skarr) An eye for an eye I always say. 'Course, I only got one eye!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) No pain, no gain!
  • (vs. Chicken) Now all I need is a side order of waffles!
  • (vs. Nergaling) I almost feel sorry for these mutants.
  • (vs. Clown) This is for ruining my third birthday, you dirty clowns!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Pumpkins. They'll make monsters out of anything these days.
  • (vs. Viking) Watch out! I pillage back!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) This reminds me of that movie with the gorilla. Curious something or other.
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) You won't get anything out of me, brain-eating meteor.


  • (ready to battle) Why Dracula here? Dracula got bridge club today!
  • (after being selected) Dracula got all the moves!
  • (wins) Hah! Dracula gonna keep winning all day long!
  • (Man’s Turrent(custom quote)) Dracula usually don need shooters, but he’ll use it!
  • (preforming Mojo Meltdown, dancing) Check out Dracula's smooth moves! (starts disco dancing, opponents dance along) Haiyy! (disco ball lowers, refraction from disco ball destroys opponents)
  • (after finisher move) A: See ya! B: So long, sucka!
  • (on fire) Something's cookin'. Smells good!
  • (vs. Billy) Dracula wanna bite yo' nose!
  • (vs. Mandy) Dracula see ya on the flip side!
  • (vs. Grim) Hey "Skeleton Man", Dracula's teeth is sharper than yo' stick thing!
  • (vs. Irwin) Dracula need yo' glasses. Dracula not seeing so goo no more.
  • (vs. Mogar) Dracula hate rock music! Dracula's a soul man!
  • (vs. Eris) Dracula not gonna take a bite out of an apple! He gonna take a bite out of you!
  • (vs. Nergal) Dracula gonna send you back to the center of the earth!
  • (vs. Fred) Dracula love elephants! Dracula wanna feed 'em peanuts!
  • (vs. Hoss) Ain't nobody gonna exterminate Dracula! Dracula the original fangster!
  • (vs. Jack) Dracula love pumpkin. Gonna bite yo' head off!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Dracula don't usually bite children. He just kick 'em!
  • (vs. Boogey) Dracula always fighting a boogey. Boogey never go away!
  • (vs. Skarr) Dracula go bite you in the eye, then he gonna steal yo' hat!
  • (vs. Lord Pain/Nergaling) Ain't nobody tell Dracula what to do!
  • (vs. Chicken) Dracula likes his chicken tenderized.
  • (vs. Clown) Laughing is for sissies. Dracula like to hear clowns screamin'!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Dracula ain't too old to kick your butt!
  • (vs. Olaf the Viking) Vampires hate vikings, that's a fact!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Big pumpkin's ain't the boss of Dracula! Dracula grown man! Dracula do what he want!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Meteor don't be telling Dracula what to do! Dracula was born knowing what to do!


  • (ready to battle) Look out, Mac! Jack is back!
  • (after being selected) Everyone's entitled to one good laugh!
  • (wins) Have a nice trip, I take one every fall! (laughs)
  • (preforming Mojo Meltdown) Wanna see something really funny? (Picks up pumpkin bomb from sack, throws it at opponents, opponents are blown up, Jack laughs)
  • (on fire) Oh, oh! Spicy, spicy hot!
  • (damage) A: Ouch! B: Ow! C: He he. D: Doop! E: Dey!
  • (after finisher move) A: See ya! B: Fore! C: Good-bye! D: Get outta here! E: Yah!
  • (mans turret) A: I'm gonna "Jack" this turret! Get it? (laughs) B: This will be your last laugh! (laughs) C: This is gonna be funny! D: In Russia the pumpkin smashes you!
  • (vs. Billy) You don't know "Jack", little boy. (laughs)
  • (vs. Mandy) Here. Let me turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN!
  • (vs. Grim) Feeling "Grim"? Try a punch in the face!
  • (vs. Irwin (it’s just a custom quote since he doesn’t have any quote)) You made me look like a fool nerd!
  • (vs. Mogar) Oh goodness, I thought I was done fighting clowns!
  • (vs. Eris) The joke's on you, Eris!
  • (vs. Nergal) Nergal? More like Nerd-gal!
  • (vs. Fred) Tickle, tickle!
  • (vs. Hoss) That's what you get for picking on the headless!
  • (vs. Dracula) I got some killer pranks for ya!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) You change into anything besides a loser?
  • (vs. Boogey) I'm gonna stick this boogey to the bottom of my shoe!
  • (vs. Skarr) You're a joke! (laughs)
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Oh, you're a pain in my neck.
  • (vs. Chicken) Uh oh! I think they crossed the road To kick my butt!
  • (vs. Nergaling) What's small, black, and about to get squished?
  • (vs. Clown) This will be your last laugh!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Aw, I remember when these guys liked me.
  • (vs. Viking) Hey, you're not thor! But you're gonna be plenty sore after your beating!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) This giant pumpkin's going ape!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Seriously, kids, there's nothing funny about meteors.

Nergal Jr.Edit

  • (ready to battle) All I ever wanted was to be loved.
  • (after being selected) I knew you'd pick me.
  • (wins/vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) You might be bigger than me, but I still got a few tricks up my sleeve.
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) Time to learn a lesson. (jumps up and squashes opponents flat as a giant amoeba)
  • (after a finisher) A: Get out of here! B: Good Bye! C:See ya!
  • (on fire) I live at the center of the earth, so this isn't so bad.
  • (mans turret) I control the tools of your destruction.
  • (vs. Billy) Relations mean nothing in the field of battle.
  • (vs. Mandy) Your words are meaner than your punch!
  • (vs. Grim) Reap this!
  • (vs. Irwin) I usually don't hit girls, but in your case, I'll make an exception.
  • (vs. Mogar) My dad is a lot scarier than you.
  • (vs. Eris) An apple won’t stop my attacks!
  • (vs. Nergal) Sorry, dad.
  • (vs. Fred) Sweet, sweet vengeance!
  • (vs. Hoss) What do you think of this punch line?
  • (vs. Dracula) Heh heh heh!
  • (vs. Jack) I thought you would be a lot taller.
  • (vs. Boogey) I’m giving you a time-out!
  • (vs. Skarr) I am unstoppable!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) That armor won't protect you from me.
  • (vs. Chicken) I heard that chicken tastes like people.
  • (vs. Nergaling) Yes, I can feel your anger.
  • (vs. Clown) Hurting clowns fills the hole in my heart!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) This is why I don't like plants.
  • (vs. Viking) Ew, you guys need to use deodorant.
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) It's on, my pumpkin con!


  • (ready to battle) I think I'll take this opportunity to SCARE you to pieces! (Taken from Big Boogey Adventure)
  • (after being selected) This is one boogey you'll be glad you picked.
  • (wins) You can't stop me! I'm like a ninja!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) With Horror's Hand, I'll be unstoppable! Boo! (Boogey scares the opponent but fails and turns around in annoyance. The opponent screams in terror as an image of Horror's Hand pops up on the screen. The opponent explodes as Boogey chuckles evilly.)
  • (on fire) Ooh! HOT! HOT! Hot.
  • (mans turret) Ah, elements of destruction, how I love thee! I'll show you the true meaning of fear! Let the gankins begin!
  • (vs. Billy) Sweet dreams, ya little brat!
  • (vs. Mandy) You're finished, little girl!
  • (vs. Grim) Looks like I win the grudge match, Grimmy!
  • (vs. Irwin) Look in the mirror, nerd! Why, that's even scarier than me!
  • (vs. Mogar) If you're looking for rock, you may find one down there!
  • (vs. Eris) I thought chaos and fear could work together. I guess I was wrong.
  • (vs. Nergal) You're uglier than your son, and that's saying something!
  • (vs. Fred/Nergaling) Ha ha! In your face!
  • (vs. Hoss) I'm really enjoying this new Hoss Delgado punching bag!
  • (vs. Dracula) I'm "scarily" good!
  • (vs. Jack) Looks like I "jacked" your victory. Ha ha!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Try shape-shifting into a victory sometime.
  • (vs. Skarr) My Kung Fu is stronger than your Kung Fu!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) Fear always comes before pain!
  • (vs. Chicken) They don't call these things "chickens" for nothing.
  • (vs. Clown) Some people say clowns are scary. But I just feel sorry for them.
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Ugh, I hate the color orange! It gives me indigestion!
  • (vs. Viking) Ooh, sorry I destroyed you!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) Sometimes you eat the pumpkin, sometimes the pumpkin eats you, eh?
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Brain-eating meteors, huh? How cliché!


  • (ready to battle) I kick puppies! (laughing)
  • (after being selected) Excellent choice. Prepare for war!
  • (wins, laughing) To the victor goes the spoils!
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) Feel the power of my automatic Stabbin'-Flabber! (red Skarr robot appears, then falls and crushes opponents, Skarr laughs)
  • (on fire) I crisp quite nicely, actually!
  • (mans turret) Whoa, I feel right at home with this! I'll show you what real power is...! We have ways of making you talk!
  • (vs. Billy) Little boys should stick to spears and rocks!
  • (vs. Mandy) You're no mere little girl! What are you?
  • (vs. Grim) The Grim Reaper. Child's play for General Skarr!
  • (vs. Irwin) Take my love, my pain, and all of my anger!
  • (vs. Mogar) Oh come on, is that all you've got?
  • (vs. Eris) Beauty means nothing to an evil eye.
  • (vs. Nergal) Hither after my destructive power, freak!
  • (vs. Fred) Say "yes" again! I dare you to say it!
  • (vs. Hoss) Eye patches are for pirates, and little girls!
  • (vs. Dracula) Out of my way, old man!
  • (vs. Jack) I hate pranksters! Only the weak laugh out of joy.
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) That'll send you slithering home to daddy!
  • (vs. Boogey) I've crushed you, you pathetic green fool!
  • (vs. Lord Pain) The name's Skarr. General Skarr.
  • (vs. Chicken) Ooh! Chicken fight!
  • (vs. Nergaling) Gotta catch them all! (A reference to the Pokémon series)
  • (vs. Clown) Target sighted!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) Ah, so many fun recipes use pumpkin!
  • (vs. Viking) It's time to meet your maker!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) We have to cross the streams!
  • (vs. The Brain-Eating Meteor) Oh! A one-eyed pet would be perfect for me!

Lord PainEdit

  • (ready to battle) Take me to the master!
  • (after being selected) I feel as happy as a pony!
  • (wins) Bah! The Plain of Eternal Suffering awaits you!
  • (mans turret) Let's break things, hm?
  • (performing Mojo Meltdown) Welcome to my plain of pain! (draws lightning with mace, draws electricity from his mace to his shield, electrifies opponents, opponents are vaporized) Hm ha ha!
  • (on fire) Ha! You think this is pain? It is nothing!
  • (vs. Billy) Prepare to enter the spirit world, Billy!
  • (vs. Mandy) Sorry, little master--the player made me do it!
  • (vs. Grim) Controlled by a little girl? HA! You deserve this!
  • (vs. Irwin) I must break you, for the master!
  • (vs. Mogar) What plain are you from, strange fat man?
  • (vs. Eris) An apple a day won't keep Lord Pain away! (laughs)
  • (vs. Nergal) Make friends with my mace!
  • (vs. Fred) Have some nachos--of PAIN!
  • (vs. Hoss) I'm going to beat you like a red headed spectral exterminator!
  • (vs. Dracula) I hope you got medical insurance.
  • (vs. Jack) Jack may be your name, but of all trades, you are not!
  • (vs. Nergal Jr.) Goodbye, little one!
  • (vs. Boogey) Time to flick you away!
  • (vs. Skarr) Bet you didn't see this coming! (laughs)
  • (vs. Chicken) I don't serve chickens! I only serve chickens to the master!
  • (vs. Nergaling) I don't serve blobby things! I only serve the master!
  • (vs. Clown) I don't serve clowns! I only serve the master!
  • (vs. Pumpkin) I don't serve pumpkins! I only serve the master!
  • (vs. Viking) I don't serve beards. I only serve the master!
  • (vs. Giant Pumpkin) I already know the outcome of your demise, pumpkin!
  • (vs. Brain-Eating Meteor) Nice to "meteor" you. (laughs) Prepare to be crushed!

Voice castEdit

  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Billy and Mogar
  • Grey DeLisle as Mandy
  • Greg Eagles as Grim
  • Vanessa Marshall as Irwin Dracula
  • Maurice LaMarche as Jack O'Lantern
  • Martin Jarvis as Nergal
  • Rachael MacFarlane as Eris
  • Diedrich Bader as Hoss Delgado
  • Armin Shimmerman as General Skarr
  • C.H. Greenblatt as Fred Fredburger
  • Debi Derryberry as Nergal Jr.
  • Phil LaMarr as Dracula
  • Fred Willard as Boogey
  • Henry Gibson as Lord Pain
  • Weird Al Yankovic as Announcer

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