The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

American animated television series

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (also known as Billy & Mandy] (2003–08), created by Maxwell Atoms, is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. The two main characters, Billy and Mandy, have obliged the Grim Reaper to be their best friend forever after having won a bet over a sick hamster.

For details about characters see the character list.

Season 1 Edit

Meet the Reaper / Skeletons in the Water Closet [1.01] Edit

Mandy: [after the opening theme song] Shut up! Prepare for the next show.

[Billy and Mandy meet Grim for the first time]
Billy: Look! It's Santa! Santa Claus!
Mandy: That's not Santa, you stooge. That's the Grim Reaper.
Billy: ...Do I still get presents?
Grim: Uh... well... no... actually, I'm here for the hamster.
Billy: Oh boy, oh boy! You brought presents for Mr. Snuggles?!
Grim: No... I'm taking him away.
Billy: To the North Pole?
Grim: No. I'm...[Mr. Snuggles bites Grim] Ah! Oof! Oof! Look, I'm just doing me job, but I´m afraid its CURTAINS for Mr. Snuggles.
Billy: ...You got him curtains?
Mandy: You'll have to forgive Billy — he's an idiot.
Grim: Look, aren't you two scared? Boo! Blah! Oh come on! I'm a walkin' skeleton! Isn't that scary?

Grim: [laughs] I love games, and I never lose.
Mandy: Neither do I.

Grim: [upon losing the game of limbo] This is impossible! I'm the Grim Reaper! 'MASTER OF THE FORCES OF LIFE AND DEATH!
Mandy: Not anymore.

Grim: [his head sitting next to Mandy] I loathe you. [Mandy smiles] Why me?

Harold: Gladys! Now, slowly. What the heck are you trying to say?
Gladys: B-B-B-Billy! [wails]
Harold: Yes...
Gladys: Our son!
Harold: Yes!
Gladys: Our son has turned into a big spooky skeleton! [cries]

Opposite Day / Look Alive! [1.02] Edit

Grim: You and that wretched girlfriend of yours are great enough separately, but together... you're insufferable.
Billy: Insufferable? I don't even know what that means. And hey, Mandy's not my girlfriend! She's just a FRIEND, who happens to be a GIRL, just like I happen to be a BOY, and you happen to be a SKI. It's the differences that make our planet so rich, diverse, and wonderful!
[Rainbows in the background]
Grim: I still hate you, though.

Billy: You think that was too mince?
Mandy: He said he did want to. You know what that means!
Billy: You're right.

[At Mandy's kitchen, Grim is doing the washing up together]
Grim: This bites! Those kids don't deserve the friends like me. Everyday, I play with them until my eyes bleed! [sniffs]

Mandy: This is getting boring. Let's torture the Grim Reaper.
Billy: [leaving Mandy's room] OK.

Mandy: Oh, Grim!
Grim: Yes...
Mandy: My little puppy, Saliva's feeling all so sad and lonely, could you cheer him up yourself?
Grim: Cheer him up myself?!
Mandy: Oh Please.. Won't you please cheer him up one little kiss ought to do it. You know, you want to.
Grim: Ugh! I am NOT going to kiss your stinky, smelly, drooling mutt!

Grim: [sobbing] I hate you so much! I'm so miserable!
Billy: That's good, cause misery goes nice with PIE!
Grim: That's it. I've HAD IT! [slices the pie and Laughs]
Mandy: Hey, thank you slicing the pie, Grim.
Billy: Yeah! And WE deserve a nice treat about NOW!

Mortal Dilemma / Get Out of My Head! [1.03] Edit

Mandy: [in Milkshakes' body] You know, Billy... you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose... but you can't pick your friend's nose.

Harold: Son, it's awfully hard to read the paper through your butt.

Grim: [singing, while in Milkshake's body]
Look at me, I'm a kitty cat!
I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat.
If I eat them all, I will get fat.
Blah blah blah, I'm a kitty cat!

[Billy and Grim are watching B production horror film]
Billy: This is scary! Let's watch something else!
Grim: Aw, come on! I've seen scarier stuff in your toilet!
Billy: True.

Mandy: Hey, Irwin!
Irwin: [to Billy in Mandy's Head] [screams a little bit] Uh... Hi, Mandy.
Mandy: YOU are such a cutie!

Billy: Gee, Milkshake. I think Mandy might be mad at me now. I think I deserve on an account of all the naughty stuff I made her do. I deserved to be punished.
Mandy: [Now inside Milkshake's body] Touching.
Billy: M-M-M-Mandy?!
Mandy: You know, Billy, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.

Fiend Is Like Friend Without "R" [1.04] Edit

Nergal: You've come back to save the children?
Mandy: Yeah, what's up with that?
Grim: Umm... well... I'm just taking them with me so I can eat them later.

Grim: That was a great idea kicking Nergal in the shin! I wonder why I didn't think of that?
Mandy: That's because you have no brain. Speaking of no brain, where's Billy?
Billy: [talking to a cardboard cutout of Mandy] Gee, Mandy, it sure was a great idea kicking Nergal in the shin like that. [many hours later] Hey, did you do something to your hair?

Recipe for Disaster [1.05] Edit

Woman: Eat pepper spray, you freak! [sprays Grim in the face]
Grim: It doesn't hurt; I have no eyes.

A Dumb Wish [1.06] Edit

Mandy: [looking sad] What have I done? Everybody has vanished off the face of the Earth. Because of that last dumb wish, I'm alone now. No Billy, no Grim, no Grim's mom, nobody. [smirks sneakily] PERFECT.

Grim Vs. Mom / Tastes like Chicken [1.07] Edit

Harold: Honey, are you okay?
Gladys: Never better! I just needed some time to relax after my skeleton episode!
Harold: There is somebody I would like you to meet. [introduces Gladys to the Grim Reaper.] This is Billy's new friend, George, Grimmy... or something.

Gladys: It's time to kick it up a notch!

Grim: She may have won the battle, but she has NOT won the war.

Phil: Time to put the shrimp on the barbie!
Harold: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Grim: Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee!

Grim or Gregory / Something Stupid This Way Comes [1.08] Edit

Billy: I'm a mummy! Made out of toilet paper!

Grim: Atrocia, you've stolen my heart. Good thing I've got three or four more in the freezer.

[Mandy enters with a halloween costume.]
Billy: Hey, Mandy, what are you supposed to be?
Mandy: I am a ruthless high-priced prosecuting attorney.
Grim: Then what's with the claws?
Mandy:[Pauses and looks at them.] They're for rending human flesh.

Mandy: Since you are now Greg, and therefore have no stomach, I claim all your candy.
[Gregory starts to sniffle.]
Billy: Aw, see what you've done, Mandy. You made Grim cry!
Mandy: I'll let you know when I start to care.

[Mandy busts the door open, hitting Billy straight in the mouth with a super soaker, then turns around and does the same to Grim. She walks up to Billy]
Billy: Ooh... why is the ground shaking?
Mandy: That's called "shellshock". [points super soaker at him] And this is called a "coup de grâce".

Nergal: Hello! Hel-lo, it's you.
Mandy: NERGAL.
Grim: You are unpleasant to be around.
Nergal: Oh, come on, what did I ever do to you? [Mandy and Grim just stare] Heh-heh... I mean, besides the kidnappings and electrocutions?
Billy: Go back to the center of the world, you bum! [throws cotton candy at him]

Mandy: Hope is wasted on the hopeless.

[Billy is teaching Nergal how to make friends]
Billy: Remember, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Nergal: [to Pud'n] Nice shot, bucko! [to a woman standing in the road] You're not completely hideous! [to a fat kid eating ice cream and pizza] You're tremendous-ly adorable.

Nergal: [attempting friendly conversation with Pud'n on a ferris wheel] Obviously I should have known that when the boils became infected I would be... [conversation fades out as the wheel turns as the audience is left to guess what else is said] this point the stench was unmerciful and took thirty... [fades out again - upon returning, Pud'n is looking thoroughly unwell] ...the wounds were boiling over with some sort of viscous... [fades out again - Pud'n is then heard vomiting] Tuesday the whole ear canal was infested with... [fades out again, Grim and Mandy look unimpressed]

Nergal: [after hearing that Billy and Mandy force Grim to be their friend] Of course, all the good things in life must be taken by force. [stops with a look of realization on his face] Now I know what to do.
Billy: What?
Nergal: [revealing his tentacles menacingly] I MUST MAKE PEOPLE BE MY FRIENDS!

A Grim Surprise / Beasts and Barbarians [1.09] Edit

Gollum: Are you here for the ring?
Mandy: What ring?
Gollum: He wears the ring will have the power to someone embarrassed and something are dead who will obey the disaster's command. He's very horrible!
Mandy: Oh, yeah. I could use one of those. You have such a ring?
Gollum: Of course, I'm the keeper. But first, you must answer my riddle.
[dramatic music, close-up at Gollum's face]
Gollum: What is black and blue... and red all over?
Mandy: That would be you if I don't get that ring... pronto!

Billy's Growth Spurt / Billy and the Bully [1.11] Edit

Sperg: I'm afraid of you! YAH! [he runs away]
Mandy: Well, that takes care of that.
Billy: Aw... Did I have to be so hard on him? SPERG! WAIT UP! [He runs after Sperg]
[Sperg is crying and weeping in his bedroom]
Billy: Gee, Sperg. Sorry about you being a chicken and all.
Sperg: [tearfully] All I ever wanted was to be loved. To care... to be cared for!
Billy: Here.
Sperg: Thanks. [blows his nose on the pink napkin]
Billy: Let's be FRIENDS!
Sperg: Really? Even after all those wedgies?
Billy: Friendship is better than wedgies!

Big Trouble in Billy's Basement / Tickle Me Mandy [1.12] Edit

Grim: Man's loneliness is only his fear of life.

New Mandy: [repeated line] Play! Play! Play!

Little Rock of Horrors / Dream a Little Dream [1.13] Edit

Billy: Hey, Mandy! Wanna play? I've got bread. [holds up a loaf of bread]
Mandy: I'm busy. Go play in traffic.
Billy: [shouts] Hey, Grim! What are you doing?!
Grim: Buzz off, kid! I'm busy. [sharping up a his scythe]

Billy: HEY, IR-R-R-R-R-R-WI-I-I-I-IN!
Irwin: [Closes Blinds while watch TV]
Billy: Why doesn't nobody play with me? Oh, mighty wishing star, I wish I had somebody to play with right now.

[Brains by Voltaire Starts Playing]

Brain-eating Meteor: Well, hello there, little boy, don't be shy! Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy! Don't be frightened by the look in my eye; I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky.
Billy: Hey, what you try to do is suck my brains out.
Brain-eating Meteor: Well, I'm just shy and scared in this place,

I'm just a fish outta water from outer space. You can see that the trip has left me tired and drained,

Brain-eating Meteor: ...and bring me some BRAINS!
Billy: Okay! Don't worry, new buddy! I'll get ya' all sorts of BRAINS!
Billy: Okay, where do find these some-called Brains.
Brain-eating Meteor: Go down to your neighbor's place. See the dull expression on his face?

You'd be doing him a favor if you brought him to me: He ain't using his brain, he's just watching TV! Go down to Mr. McGee's: He hasn't had a thought since '43. His brain is the portrait of atrophy. He ain't using it, why not give it to me? Brains, brains, I won't lie! I'll eat their brains 'til they're zombified. Sure they might think it's deranged, But they won't give it a thought after I've eaten their brains. Brains, brains, it's okay! It's not a matter if it isn't gray. And if at first they thinks it's strange, They won't think twice if they don't have a brain! Go down to the Won-Ton Shop, My fortune cookie says that I just can't stop I'll suck the noodle right out of their heads And half an hours later, I'm hungry again! Creep into the donut stop, Sneak in, tip-toe past the cop. Pick me up a cruller and a cupful of tea, And any other sweetbreads you happen to see. Brains, brains, I won't lie! I'll eat their brains 'til they're zombified. Sure they might think it's deranged, But they won't give it a thought after I've eaten their brains. Brains, brains, it's okay! It's not a matter if it isn't gray. And if at first they thinks it's strange, They won't think twice if they don't have a brain! Brains, brains, I love 'em, I need 'em... My tummy jumps for joy when I eat 'em. Big ones, fat ones, short ones, tall ones, They're so delectable, especially the small ones. No time to cook 'em in a skillet. My belly's rumblin', I got a need to fill it. I don't fry 'em, the heat will only shrink 'em, I'll just grab myself a straw and I drink 'em! (ooh...)

Brain-eating Meteor: You've been swell to go around And bring me every single brain in town

But with all these brains, I can't help but think That there isn't one left out there to drink. Now fess up, boy, come on, heck! Is there someone that you're trying to protect? Bring her down here to meet her end And I promise I'll be your bestest friend. Brains, brains, I won't lie, I'll eat her brains 'til she's zombified. Sure she might think it's deranged But she won't give it a thought After I've eaten her brain. BRAINS, BRAINS, It's okay. It's not a matter if it isn't gray, And if at first she thinks it's strange, She won't think twice If she don't have a brain! Brains... Bring me her brain... Bring me her brain! Bring me her brain!

Mandy: Alright, What's Going on Here!
Brain-eating Meteor: What What A World! [while Melting]

Dream Mandy: Resisance is useless.
"Obey. Obey. You must Obey.
"You can't resist.
"Do what I say.
"Do the dishes.
"Walk the dog.
"Clean the cat box.
"Slop the hog."
"Obey, Obey. Do as I say.
"You can't resist.
"Don't be that way!
"Take the trash out.
"Wash my clothes.
"Eat my socks.
"And wipe my nose.
"Give us cookies
"Make my bed
"Let's play soccer
"With your head!
"Give up, give in
"Do what we say
"You must obey
"You must obey
"You can't resist.
"Don't back away!
"You'll never win.
"We'll have our way!

It's Hokey Mon! / Tween Wolf [1.14] Edit

Mandy: And what would you two dweebs do with real-life Hokeymonsters?
Billy: Oh, yeah! We'd be like rock stars! Or news anchormen!
Billy and Irwin: Chicks would dig us!

Grim: Hey Mandy, watch me pull a werewolf out of the hat!

[Grim is watching a B production horror film]
Mandy: Grim, we have a werewolf problem.
Grim: Yeah. The real werewolf would never use that brand of razors.
Mandy: No, the real werewolf. Billy must have got it from your stupid hat.
Grim: And is he tearing him limb by limb?
Mandy: No...
Grim: Aw.

Gladys: Honey, we can't keep the dog. It's a filthy disease carrier and smells like garbage.
Billy: But I smell like garbage and you keep me!

Grim in Love / Love is Evol Spelled Backwards [1.15] Edit

Grim: There's nothing that a bucket of spiders can't fix.

Mandy the Merciless / Really Odd Couple [1.16] Edit

[In a tall spire in the middle of a futuristic city, Grim approaches Mandy who is sitting on a massive throne]
Grim: Empress, the new Billy has just arrived.
Mandy: [Computer Voice] Excellent. Send him in.
[A "Mandy-bot" wheels in a tube containing a Billy with a number on his shirt, smashing the tube open on the floor so he spills out]
Billy clone: Where... am I?
Mandy: Hello, BILLY.
Billy clone: Mandy, is that you? There's something different about you, I can't put my finger on it... is it your hair!
Mandy: You didn't notice I'm now a hideous, disgusting, worm-like creature?
Billy clone: ...Are you sure it's not your hair?
Grim: I swear these Billy's get dumber with each cloning.

Mandy: If we take you fishing with us, you PROMISE not to moan of boredom the whole time?
Billy: Yeah!

[on the boat]

Billy: Mooooaaaan... mooooooaaaaaan... MOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAN...

[At Billy's house, Billy is crying louder, with Grim sitting on the sofa]
Billy: Mandy hates me! I'M A REAL JERK! [bangs head four times]

Mandy: See? I knew we could work things out. Yes, I know you're sorry. I'm glad you see it my way.

Brown Evil (part 1 and 2] [1.17] Edit

[House is been surrounded by zombies.]
Grim: Don't look at me, mon. I already put these dudes down once.

Mandy: It's Hoss Delgado!
Grim: It's Hoss Delgado?
Billy: It's Pat the Baker!

Mandy: The zombies are after brains, so we sent Billy out to fight them.
Billy: I'm the man!
Mandy: Correct, he IS the man. The man who has no brain!

Giant Zombie: More brownies!
Grim: No! No! NO!
Mandy: Ew. Gross.
Billy: Grim's kissing a zombie!

Go-Kart 3000! / Smarten Up! [1.18] Edit

Grim: [as Go Kart] I'm a bone-machine, man!

[The book worm in Milkshakes whacks him with his tail and leaves]
Billy: Abandoned by my own cat!

Educating Grim / Toadblatt's School of Sorcery [1.19] Edit

Billy: They sended me to Fat Math Camp!
Mandy: And I'm being sent to Happy Fun Girls Camp of Joy and Niceness! [shudders]

Nigel Planter: That was my best idea ever!
Mandy: That was MY idea.
Nigel Planter: Man, I'm awesome!

[Nigel is about to be pummelled by the giant one-eyed dwarf as punishment]
Nigel Planter: Oh, come on! It was all Mandy's idea! I swear!
Mandy: Don't be so modest, Nigel. Take credit where credit is due!

TV Announcer: And now, back to Love Problems.
Actor: I love you... but I have a problem.
Actress: [teary-eyed] But...
[Mandy turns off the television]
Grim: Hey! I was watching that!
Mandy: Not anymore. Now hurry up, or you'll be late to school.
Grim: I am the Grim Reaper, I don't have to go to school.
Billy: This episode, you... DO!
Grim: [whining] But I don't wanna!
Mandy: We all gotta go sometime.

Mandy: [talking about Grim] He's an exchange student, from the underworld.
Mindy: ...Where's that?
Mandy: Why don't you go there and find out?

Irwin: I miss Grim.
Billy: We don't need Grim! We have Abe!
Abraham Lincoln: Four score and ten years ago... or was it twenty? Our great forefathers... Oh, why can't I get this? WHY?!
Irwin: He's scaring me.
Billy: Don't look at him.

Creating Chaos / The Grim Show [1.20] Edit

[Billy is staring at a freshly painted wall]
Eris: You're watching the PAINT DRY?!
Billy: Shh, this is the best part. [goes back to staring]

Who Killed Who? / Son of Nergal [1.21] Edit

Mandy: Turn it up so you can hear the screaming. [Mandy flies up to the black screen as the screaming of a woman was heard offscreen]

Mandy: Billy. Oh, Billy.
Billy: Mandy, is that you? [sees Mandy] Oh, Mandy, it's, uh, nice to see you again.
Mandy: Is that so, Billy? Is that so? [coming out of the shadows, revealing to be a 'ghost']
Billy: [gasps] No! I mean you're all white like a...
Mandy: Ghost?
Billy: Uhhh, yeah!
Mandy: And it's all because you wouldn't let me play your game, because I was a girl.
Billy: No! No! I uh...
Mandy: [shakes the dice] Well, now that I'm a ghost, it's my turn to play [rolls the dice] Who Killed Who!
Billy: [reads the words "BEHIND YOU"] Behind you? Behind me? [looks at the wall that says "BILLY IN THE HALLWAY WITH THE DICE BY..."] Billy in the hallway with the dice by... By...
Mandy: By?
Mrs. Doolin: Meeeeee!
Billy: [screams offscreen] I'm sorry, Mandy! You can play! You can play! Girls are allowed!

Nergal Jr.: But Dad, I don't want to go to camp. I won't fit in with all the other kids.
Nergal: Fit in? Now, why would you think that you won't fit in?
Nergal Jr.: Dad, I'm an egg!

Crushed / Night of the Living Grim [1.22] Edit

Mandy: As I was saying, romance is for the weak-minded.
Billy: It's time to eat some slime!

Billy: We're being attacked by non-toxic edible green slime monsters!
Mandy: Have you been drinking out of the toilet again?
Billy: Y-Maybe...

Terror of the Black Knight / Battle of the Bands [1.23] Edit

Mandy: No. I never lose. I just choose not to win.

[On a renaissance fair.]
Grim: I had so much fun with the real Black Plague, but this just stinks!

Grim: Don't make me go medieval on your -
Irwin: [interrupting] As I was saying...

Billy: Dad? Dad?! DAD!
Harold: For the last time Billy, I'm... MOOOOOGAAAAAAR!
Billy: I didn't know you could fly!
Harold: Fly? [He realizes he can't fly and begins to fall to the ground] ARGH!

The Crawling Niceness / Chicken Ball Z [1.24] Edit

Billy: Bugs are the groosiest! I hate bugs! Hate! HATE! HATE!
Billy: I'm bored.
Mandy: Go get me a soda, stupid.

[arrives at the trunk]
Billy: Ah, let's see. [digs through trunk] Soda, soda... sadistic doll, bag of grave dust, ritual dagger, monkey paw, Ouija board, eye of newt, devil's triangle, dark prince stone, shampoo, giant egg... [throws out egg, but quickly catches it before it hits the ground] GIANT EGG?!

Billy: Oh, good! You came to squish the bug?
Mandy: No. [punches Billy] We're here to kick the crud out of you for waking us up at 3 a.m. to squish a bug!
Billy: You don't get it, man! It was a BIG bug!
Jeff the Spider: Oh, there you are! I figured it out and I'm so sorry. You're obviously allergic to banana bread. Anyway, I didn't mean to interrupt, I'll just go finish alphabetizing your toys. [walks away whistling]
Grim: Billy, did THAT come out of my trunk?
Billy: Maybe, just squish it.
Grim: No. I warned you not to touch my trunk! [kicks Billy towards a flower vase and leaves]
Billy: Mandy, you gotta help me!
Mandy: My services don't come cheap.
Billy: [kisses Mandy's foot] Please. [kisses Mandy's foot twice] I'll do anything!
Mandy: You'll give me your allowance for the next six months, and the next time I tell you to get me a soda, I expect to see results!
Billy: Yes, just squish it.

Billy: Is it done? Did you squish it good?!
Mandy: Jeff and I had a long talk...
Billy: And then you squished him?!
Mandy: ...well, he made this very nice sweater for me.
[short pause]
Mandy: I'm going home.
[Mandy is teaching Billy to do martial arts.]
Mandy: Put your hands UP, Billy! [Mandy hits him] I said defend yourself! [Mandy hits him again] Come on, Billy. [Mandy hits him again] Come on, Billy! [Mandy hits him again] COME ON, Billy! [Mandy hits Billy yet again, and his nose deflates] What's with you, Billy? You'll never learn to defend yourself at this rate!
Billy: I think my brain oozed to my nose.

Mandy: Grim, I want you to make me a black belt so I can enter the junior karate championship.
Grim: Listen, you! I'm tired of wasting me powers on your dumb little requests. It's always "Grim-do-this, Grim-do-that". I'm sick and TIRED of it, not YOU!
Billy: Grim, I wanna be spider-monkey!

Sperg: You got something to say to me, Squirt?
Mandy: Your mother has a job and is a respected member of the community.
Sperg: No one talks about my mother that way!

Mandy: You look like a nerd.
Billy: When I left you, I was but a nerd. Now, I am the master!

[A reference to the original Star Wars film.]

Mandy: Give it up Billy. You can't win!
Billy: [belches] BURP!

[Billy and Mandy are in the Junior Karate Tournament, beating each other up]
Announcer: They're doing the most horrible things to each other! I've never seen someone's spine bend that way!

Mandy: It looks like I'll have to use my full power to fight you, Billy.
Billy: Bring it on, Babycakes.

Grim: I can't believe I'm free of those little brats.
Eris: And I got jiggy with the chaos!
Grim: Everyone wins!
Mandy: No, I win, and I want my $50,000!
Billy: And I want a snow cone!

Grim for a Day / The Halls of Time [1.25] Edit

[Billy changed place with the Grim Reaper for a day. He is preparing for his first day at the work.]
Billy: Being the Grim Reaper is so much fun!
Mandy: Now when you're the Grim Reaper, you'll need Grim's list.
Billy: What's Grim's list?
Mandy: His "To-Do" list!
Billy: "To-Do" WHAT list? [stares confused.] Yes... To-Do list...

Billy: I am the Grim Reaper... Come to-!
Old Man Voorhees: Yes, yes, of course you are. How the time flies... who knew it was Halloween again?
Billy: Halloween?
Old Man Voorhees: There you go, little fella'! [gives Billy a candy and closes the door.]
Billy: [whiney voice] But I'm the Grim Reaper!

[Billy and Grim have finished switching bodies.]
Mandy: I need to stop drinking steak sauce.

Irwin: I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't allow me to go to the netherworld.

Five O'Clock Shadows [1.26] Edit

[Grim is aghast to see Mandy and her shadow as the same and Billy and his many, many shadows at once]
Mandy: Well, Grim, it looks like you'll have to take us all home…
Shadow Mandy: ...And we'll play together...
Mandy: ...Forever…
Shadow Mandy: ...And ever…
Mandy: ...And ever…
Shadow Mandy: ...And ever.
Shadow Billies: ...And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever…
Billy: ...AND EVER!

Mandy: Grim, destroy her!

Billy & Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween [1.27] Edit

Grim: That was a great trick, Mandy.
Mandy: All in a night's work. [eat a piece of candy]
Billy: Why do people do tricks on Halloween?
Grim: I suppose that's partly my fault. [eats a chocolate] You see, it all started a long time ago, here in Endsville, when it's just a tiny village. Now, every village has its problems, and Jack was Endsville's problem. Now, Jack was just a pleasant guy; it's just that he had this one weakness... he loved pulling pranks... Now everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then, but the problem with Jack was that he just didn't know when to stop... Rumor had it he'd stay up through the night inventing new tricks, then he'd laugh himself to sleep... 'Til the townspeople couldn't take it no more, so they devised a prank of their own that would teach Jack a lesson once and for all! They sent a prank gift to the queen and signed it from Jack.
Mandy: [skeptically] Endsville had a queen?
Grim: Hey! Who's telling this story?! Now, everyone knew the queen had no sense of humor, but she did receive gifts... especially candy. But when she opened her gift from Jack, well... the rest is history. Jack had to be taught a lesson... That's when I made the scene. Well, it was his time, but the guy refused to go... I underestimated his power...
Billy: And then...?
Grim: He took me scythe! Well, he wanted to strike a bargain so he could keep playing pranks for all eternity. If I granted him eternal life, he give me back my scythe.
Billy: Did you give it to him?
Grim: Well, I had no choice. I granted him eternal life. But the Grim Reaper does not like being tricked, so I decided that Jack would not be showing his face around town again... ever!
Billy: Y-you cut his head off?!
Grim: Yep. [casually eats more candy]
Mandy: Wow, Grim. Impressive. Didn't think you had it in you.
Billy: What happened next?
Grim: I hear that Jack got himself a pumpkin and wears it as his new head... Time passed, and so did the story of Jack O'Lantern. It is said he still lives in that old house, untouched by time... trapped by a ever-changing world that does not understand him. Every Halloween night, Jack emerges with a sack full of tricks, and he plays terrible pranks on the people of Endsville... So Billy, that's why people trick on Halloween.
Billy: Oh, that is the lamest story I ever heard! I'm SO sure - Jack the evil pumpkin-head prankster! Well, I don't buy it!

Billy: [knocking on Jack O'Lantern's door with scythe] Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
The door opens, and Jack pokes head out. Billy continues to knock on Jack's head, stops when he finally notices him, and then knocks a final time.
Jack O'Lantern: [irriated] WHAT?!
Billy: Trick, or treat. [holds out bag]
Jack O'Lantern: [menacingly] Do you KNOW who I am?
Billy: ...No. Trick or treat!
Jack O'Lantern: Very well, then. Trick! [throws skunk into bag, slams door]
Billy: Wow! My very own pet skunk! Hey, little guy, my name's Billy- [gets skunked] He likes me.
Jack O'Lantern: [comes out house with sack] Out of the way, kid. As you can see, I have more important pranks to pull. So get lost, and take that phony scythe with you. [pushes scythe away]
Billy: Phony?! Hey! This scythe ain't phony! It's the real thing!
Close up on scythe blade shows Grim's name and address.
Jack O'Lantern: [gasps] The real scythe?! Give it to me!
Billy: Oh no, Grim said the scythe could open a vortex to the Underworld, and, in the wrong hands, it could be a... a...
Jack O'Lantern: A disaster? [pulls feather from hat, proceeds to tickle Billy with it]

Jack O'Lantern: The oldest trick in the book, and you fell for it, my boy. Now I have the scythe and ALL of its terrible powers!
Billy: [laughs] You're fun! You wanna trick-or-treat with me?
Jack O'Lantern: Trick-or-treat with you? ... Sure. Do you mind if I bring a few... "friends"? [grins menacingly, drools]
Billy: [naïvely] You could never have enough friends.
Jack O'Lantern: I'm beginning to like you, kid.

Billy: So where are your friends, Jack? All I see around here are a bunch of stupid pumpkins!
Jack O'Lantern: Patience, my boy. Here they come.
Jack lifts the scythe and slices open a spacial rift in the clouds, unleashing hundreds of demons from the Underworld.
Jack O'Lantern: Allow me to introduce you to my friends! ... With the Grim Reaper's scythe at my side, chaos will reign! Be free, spirits of the Underworld! Take these pumpkin for bodies and live again! Together, we will rule the night and take our revenge on the people of Endsville! Now it's OUR turn to walk the streets while the people of Endsville coward in THEIR homes! The sun will never rise again, and it will be Halloween every night... FOREVER! [laughs manically]
Billy: Now that's what I call Halloween spirit.

Billy: Hi, Grim! How's your Halloween been so far?
Grim: Billy! Where's my scythe?!
Jack O'Lantern: You mean this? Nyah-ho-yah-tcha-tcha!
Grim: Jack O'Lantern! Give me my scythe!
Jack O'Lantern: Sorry, but I'll be needing it to control the universe! [thrusts scythe threateningly at Grim] And cut your head off like you did mine!
Billy: Oh, have you two met? Grim, Jack. Jack, Grim.
Grim: [strained] We've met!
Jack O'Lantern: Well, relax, old friend. DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD!
Irwin: Hi, Mandy! I'm Little Bo Peep, and I've lost-
Mandy: [coldly] Your mind, you lost your mind, Irwin.

Jack O'Lantern: Three hundred and sixty-four days a year, I can't even go to the ding-dong grocery store to buy pudding! And do you know WHY?
Billy: [raises hand] Ooh, ooh, is it because you're a pumpkin-headed freak?
Jack O'Lantern: Yes! And why is THAT?
Billy: Is it 'cause Grim cut your real head off?
Jack O'Lantern: Yeees... And tonight, I'm going to return the favor! [evil grin]
Billy: You're going to cut Grim's head off? Don't be such an idiot. [pushes scythe away from Grim's neck] Grim's head is removable; observe.
He removes Grim's head repeatedly to prove his point.
Jack O'Lantern: Ah, but any head cut off with the Grim Reaper's scythe stays off... FOREVER!
Billy: [frowns] That's a different story. Sorry, Grim ol' boy, tough break. Well... [walks away] We sure had some good times together, eh, Grim?
Grim: [guffaws] You're just going to leave me here?!
Jack O'Lantern: Now, now, that's no way to get a head!
Grim: That's not funny...
Jack O'Lantern: Come on, now, [snaps fingers] where's your sense of humor?
A tree demon ties Grim up and forces him to lean over on a tree stump execution-style. Jack O'Lantern laughs deviously and walks away. He returns with a basket, whistling casually as he drops it under Grim's head.
Grim: Oh, poop.

While walking away, Billy whistles casually. Then a lightbulb goes on over his head as he realizes the whole decapitation issue. The lightbulb smashes on his head.
Billy: [panicked] Grim's in trouble! [starts to run, yelling] Help, police!
Mandy: You screwed up again, didn't you?
Billy: [still panicked] Mandy, I've met Jack O'Lantern and he got Grim's scythe and he's crazy! And then we got candy and crush cards [calmly] and that was fun... [panicked again] But then, we found Grim and then Jack, him. Ooh, and now he's going to cut off Grim's head and I don't know what to do cause it's going to be cut off forever and stuff! And why the heck are you pouring super-hot sauce into that milk, girl?

[at the end.]
Billy: You know Grim, if you didn't give me the scythe in the first place, this kind of thing would never happened!
Grim: I hate you, Billy.

Season 2 Edit

Spider's Little Daddy / Tricycle of Terror [2.01] Edit

Mandy: Let's do a bug test. Tell me the first thing that crawls into your little brain. Lady.
Billy: Bug!
Mandy: June.
Billy: Bug!
Mandy: Yo sucka don't be...
Billy: Buggin'!
Mandy: Yep. You're turning into a bug.

[Billy rides the bike.]
Billy: The bike rocks! The wheels are like circles! [The bike crashes and he falls] The bike is fine. I should still be able to ride it at home. [The bike catches on fire] I'm sweating, I should get one lemonade.
[Cut to timecard "An awful lot of lemonade later", with the Male Narrator reading it, then back to Billy with a bloated belly]
Billy: Who needs a dumb bike to have fun anyway? Walking can be its own reward. Come on, legs, you can do it.
Irwin: Hello, Billy.
Billy: Hello, Irwin.
Irwin: I'm having so much fun with my bike!
[Irwin's bike crashes into a wall and his bike tire gets a puncture]
Irwin: Oh no!
Mindy: [knocks Billy over] Sorry! Are you alright, Billy?
Billy: Yep, I'm fine. What have you got on your feet?
Mindy: Rollerblades. You put one on each foot and whoosh!
Billy: You knocked me over.
Mindy: Yes. Sorry. I'll better see how they work. Look. And back the other way!
Billy: [laughs] Very good.
Mindy: Let's go! [Skates off]
Billy: Mindy's going fast. I saw an opportunity and I seized it.
Irwin: It was my bike tire. Look. It a got puncture.
Weird kid: How do bikes work?
Irwin: With pedals.
[Mr. Kid mends Irwin's bike]
Irwin: Mr. Kid has mended my bike.
Billy: Irwin, Pud'n, Sperg and Mandy have bikes, Mindy has rollerblades and Shelly Marsh and General Skarr has a motorbikes.
[Billy has a bloated belly and has to use the portable toilet. After using the portable toilet, he goes to the wheels store.]
Billy: Is it a red tricycle?
Weird kid: You always have to promise to drive it.
Billy: I promise!
Weird kid: I just remembered this story about a tortoise and a hare.
Billy: Can I tell you a story about the tortoise and the hare before I go with the red tricycle?
Weird kid: Of course you can.
Billy: Once there was a tortoise and a hare. They decided to have a race. But the tortoise was very slow. The hare knew he could run much faster than the tortoise and overtook him at once.
Weird kid: Then what happened?
Billy: Well, the hare stopped for a little rest and fell asleep.
Weird kid: Never!
Billy: And the tortoise, who was taking it very steady, overtook him.
Weird kid: You cannot be serious!
Billy: And to everyone's surprise, the tortoise won the race.
Weird kid: The story ended. It's time to go. Don't forget. You must drive it.
[Billy drives it out of the wheels store.]
Billy: Wow, what a cool tricycle! I'll name you... TRYKIE! Come on Trykie, lets have some FUN!
Billy: Hey, guys! Do you notice anything new?
Irwin: [he and Pud'n burst out laughing] What is that, yo? Is that a tricycle?
Billy: Yes. His name is Trykie.
Irwin: Incoming data packet for Billy: only babies drive tricycles.
Billy: I don't know what you're talking about.
Irwin: Aw, what are you going to do? Cry?
Billy: I'm not gonna cry, you dumb doo doo brains!
Irwin: Come on. Let's see the tears coming out of your eyes, Baby Billy.
Billy: Baby Billy? I'm a 9-year-old boy!
Irwin and Pud'n: [singing] Baby Billy, Baby Billy, boo Hoo, it's Baby Billy.
Billy: That's the dumbest song I've ever heard! Trykie is cool! And I'm not a baby!
Irwin: Uh-huh?

Dumb Luck / No Body Loves Grim [2.02] Edit

Grim: No child, that's not bad luck. You're just stupid!

Grim: [scanning Billy] Just as I suspected. His brain is caught in a weird juju vortex, and his good luck matrix is in the red. This could only mean one thing: Catastrophe Snail!
Billy: Catastrophe Snail?!
Grim: Right in your noodle.
Mandy: But how did it get there?
Grim: It must have been in that restaurant when Billy spilled the salt. I told him to throw salt over his shoulder to PREVENT bad luck, but Billy panicked. He reached for the salt, but he grabbed the pepper. That's when the snail must have appeared on Billy's shoulder. Salt would've have fizzled that slimeball, but Billy threw pepper. And at that time, the whole place was sneezing. So, that snail slipped right into Billy's ear with nobody noticing a ting. Once the Catastrophe Snail gets in your head, he plugs his shell right into brain. And once he's plugged in, mon, he'll be reprogramming your mind to have nothing but bad luck only. Dig it?
Catastrophe Snail: I love my job!
Grim: Yeah, mon. And if we don't pull him out soon... I guess it's fatal.
Billy: [screaming] He's messing with my head!

Catastrophe Snail: [after being evicted from Billy's brain] This is definitely NOT my lucky day.
[He laughs stupidly]

Li'l Porkchop / Skarred for Life [2.03] Edit

Harold: So son, wanna go fishin'?
Billy: NO! Turkey
Harold: [happily] That's the spirit!

Harold: No, no, no son... Fish don't have feelings, they're made of foam latex!

[Thinking that a pelican is Billy.]
Harold: Son, I never said you this before, and I probably won't ever say it again, but... I love you son.

Harold: It's not the size of the fish that counts. It's how you cook 'em!

Billy: Thanks, Mr. One Eye.
General Skarr: My name is Mr. Skarr!
Billy: How come you got only one eye? Are you sensitive about it? Because if I had only one eye, I would be sensitive about it. You should wear an eye patch like a pirate, then all you need is a puffy shirt. Do you own a puffy shirt? You look like you would.

General Skarr: I'll show them what real power is! TAKE MY LOVE, MY PAIN, AND ALL OF MY ANGER!

[A reference to G Gundam.]

Mandy: So, we were thinking of setting you free.
Grim: Really?
Billy: Yeah. All you gotta do is say you're a little girl.
Grim: I'm... a little girl.
Mandy: I'm not sure I bought it.
Billy: Yeah! Are you a PRETTY girl?
Grim: [high-pitched, feminine voice] I'm very pretty! Look at me! I'm QUEEN pretty! Aren't boys just so dreamy? I can talk on the phone for hours about nothing!
Mandy: Grim...?
Grim: Let's brush my hair! And paint my toes!
Mandy: can stop. We were only kidding.
Grim: Oh, it's FUN to accessorize! Let's all ride some magical pink ponies! I'll name mine Sparkles Fantastic!

General Skarr: Give me that! [General Skarr takes off with Grim's scythe.]
Grim: Hey! It's not polite to steal from little girls!

Billy: [wearing Skarr's military uniform] Hey, everybody, look! I'm a used car salesman!

Billy: So, as I was saying, there are lots of words that rhyme with "cheese"!

General Skarr: [making cornbread] Real corn makes it special.

General Skarr: What ARE you?!
Mandy: I'm just a PRETTY LITTLE GIRL.

Ernest: ["welcoming" General Skarr to the neighbourhood, shouting] CUUURSED! CUUURSES! Woe to all who live in that house, for they shall only know PAIN! PAIN! [calmly] Oh, and welcome to the neighbourhood. Here's some nice jellatin the wife made. It's got bits of fruit and stuff. [awkward pause] OK, well, bye. [he leaves, and shouts offscreen] CUUURSES!

[Billy has just learned of Skarr's past]
Billy: That story was so beautiful, it gave me gas. [farts] But don't you ever miss your old job?
General Skarr: [fondly] Miss commanding regimented forces of destructive power? As we encircle the globe with our terrible iron fists of might? [raising his voice and slowly becoming more maniacal] Crushing down all the pathetic fools who dared stand before us? Gorging our bellies on their cries for mercy, until at last, I ALONE STAND AS THE GLORIOUS DARK LORD OF ALL THE KNOWN UNIVERSE?!!!! [gasps for breath before suddenly calming down] Not at all. Don't miss it.

Billy: You... DISGUST me! I thought you were bad. You ain't bad, you ain't nothin'!

General Skarr: [On phone] Hello?
Billy: [Whispering] Ultimate power.

House of Pain / A Grim Prophecy / Mandy Bites Dog [2.04] Edit

Grim: You don't want to make me mad! I get angry when I'm mad!

Mandy: Grim! It's chore day, you slacker. Stop monkeying with that Hill Billy dork and go clean the toilet.

Billy: You won't make friends with that attitude!

Mandy: Oh, by the way, I'm borrowing your leg.
Grim: Hey!
Mandy: I need it to get the remote from behind the couch.

[As a child, Grim is about to become the Grim Reaper, as per his mother's wishes]
Grim: I don't want to be the Grim Reaper. I just want to sing and Willy will!
Grim's Dad: Enough! You'll do what your mother tells you. Singing is for birds and sissies.

Cave Witch: [seeing Grim as a child, on his first day of the Grim Reaper] I have been expecting you.
Grim: M'name is Grimmy and I've come to reap your immortal soul.
Cave Witch: I know who you are, for I have forseen it IN MY FIRE! I have seen YOURS as well, a terrible future: a future where you are controlled by two mere children for all eternity...

Billy: [to Lord Pain] I like the way you break stuff.

Mandy: Hey, shut the door! What are ya, raised in a barn?

Harold: [tying things to the roof of his car] See, Mandy? Only a MAN can tie a knot like that.

Mindy: Wow, Mandy, what a great dog you have. Did you teach him to pee himself and run away?

Grim: Cerberus is a monster! He didn't just eat my homework; he ate me dad!

Mindy: So Mandy, what's it feel like?
Mandy: What?
Mindy: Being a loser all the time. Does it BURN?

Mandy: Boy, Saliva, you really are a pathetic dog... but I guess you're MY pathetic dog.

Cave Witch: [to audience] I have seen YOUR future as well: you will soon suffer an eternity of COMMERCIALS!
[She cackles wickedly]

Billy: [after using snapping turtle bikini wax] No more unsightly nubs!

Nursery Crimes / My Peeps [2.05] Edit

Billy: You know what, Pinocchiochiochiochiochiochiochio? You're funny.
Pinocchio: Funny? Why... there's nothing funny about being made of wood.
Billy: ...wuzzat you say?
Pinocchio: I sure wish I was a real boy, like you!
Billy: Uhh...yeah...well... I gotta go!...
Pinocchio: Yeah! And the only way for me to to become a real boy, is to devour the flesh of the real boy. Can I please eat your flesh?
Billy: AAH! [running in terror]

Mandy: [After being trapped in the story-book] Someday, you will all PAY. [her voice echoes throughout the room as the episode ends]

Billy: [thinking a really big kid is Mandy because his eyes are so bad] Boy, Mandy, you've been packing on the pounds lately!

[Billy is terrified at the thought of visiting the optician]
Billy: NOOO! He'll steal my soul!
Grim: Well, if he doesn't, I get second dibs.

[From Billy's point of view, Grim and Mandy appear to be drawn in anime style]
Mandy: 彼 の 目 は まだ きちがい だ。[His eyes are still wrong]
Grim: Hmm.
Billy: I can't understand a thing you're saying! [Grim zaps his eyes again. Billy now sees Grim and mandy in a child's cartoon] Mandy? Grim?!
Grim: [happy voice] I finally think he's back to normal. [Child Mandy giggles. Billy's eyes turn angry and show Grim in each one]
Billy: [roars] Oh, so you're laughing at me?! Gimme that! [snatches Grim's scythe] You're trying to mess with me, aren't ya, Grim? Well, I'm not gonna letcha! Ya hear?! I'm not gonna letcha!
Grim: I assure you, your suspicions are completely unfounded. Mandy and I are only here to help you.
Billy: [babbles crazily; his teeth rattle] Stay away from my eyes! [He swings the scythe at them]
Grim: Billy, this is madness! [Billy chases them, swinging the scythe at them]
Billy: ARGH!

Nigel Planter And The Chamber Pot of Secrets / Circus of Fear [2.06] Edit

Nigel: 'cause i'm being hunted by the darkest most evil villain to ever walk the face of the Earth!
[whispers] Lord Mouldybutt. The mere mention of his name causes things to break.

Billy: I am a golf ball. I am a golf ball. Oh, what a golf ball I am.

Grim: You DO realise that you're watching static?
Mandy: Yeah.

Bully Boogie / Here Thar Be Dwarves [2.07] Edit

Billy: It's our picnic fixings!
Grim: Picnic? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. You remember what happened last time, don't you?
[flashback to Billy, Grim and Mandy at a picnic in the park]
Billy: Please pass the egg salad.
Sasquatch: [popping out of the bushes] RAGGLE FRAGGLE!
[grabs Billy and runs away]
Billy: Ahhhh! Somebody help me!
[Grim and Mandy go back to eating, flashback ends]
Billy: Yeah, that was pretty special. Wanna see my emotional scars?
Mandy: [coming into the room] What happened here? Did the refrigerator throw up?
Grim: Billy want us to go on a picnic.
Mandy: No way, José. You remember what happened last time?
[shows the same flashback of Billy, Grim and Mandy having a picnic]
Gladys: [coming into the room] Have you crazy kids been flashing back in here?
Grim: Yah. We've been trying to talk Billy out of going on a picnic.
Gladys:: A picnic? Oh, honey! No! No! You remember what happened last time!
[shows the same flashback again]
Harold: [coming into the room] What is this, a party?
Gladys: Dad! Talk some sense into your son! He wants to go on a... picnic!
Harold: After what happened last time? You all remember that, right?
[goes to flashback again, only this time, it shows Harold putting on a sasquatch suit behind some bushes]
Billy: [off screen] Please pass the egg salad.
Harold: [leaps out of the bushes] RAGGLE FRAGGLE!
[is heard running off with Billy]
Billy: Ahhhh! Somebody help me!
[flashback ends]
Harold: [Laughs] I say we let the boy go!.
Billy: Rock on!

Billy: [Singing] Walking in the woods, walking in the woods, just lookin' for a place where to eat all our foods! [A scruffy Yogi Bear peeks out of the bushes, his eyes bloodshot and clothes torn]
Yogi: Psst! Psst! Hey, little girl. Come here for a second. [Billy comes over to him] That's a nice pic-a-nic basket you got there.
Billy: Yeah, it's OK. [Pause]
Yogi: You got some nice sandwiches in there, I bet.
Billy: Sure, I suppose.
Yogi: [Steps closer] I think this is a good place for your pic-a-nic.
Billy: [Uneasily] Yeah, I don't know.
Yogi: [Bends down to take the basket] Here. Let me set it up for you. [Booboo, who is also scruffy and ugly, sticks his head out of the bush]
Booboo: You get the food yet, Yogi?
Yogi: Shhhh!
Billy: L-look, I think I really gots to get going.
Yogi: Hey, that's cool, man. Let me just... gimme that basket! [tries to grab the basket, but Billy runs away]
Booboo: [who is fat with big nipples] Don't let him get away! [Yogi gives chase, wild-eyed, waving his arms in the air and yelling gibberish. He stops, gets down on all fours and sniffs the ground while Billy hides behind a tree]
Yogi: I know you're close, you dirty human!
Billy: Hey, I'm not dirty, I just had a bath fifteen days ago! Oops! [He covers his mouth as Yogi glars at him. He then chases him again] Aah! Aah! [Billy runs into a cave] Hey, ya dumb bears! You can't get me now! I'm in a cave!
Yogi: He's right, Booboo. We bears are terribly afraid of caves.
Booboo: Why are we so lame, Yogi?

King Beardbottom: We're stuck with mushrooms! Here, try one.
Billy: It tastes like my cat!
King Beardbottom: They taste like everyone's cat! It's been 300 years and I still hate the taste. I've worked with mushrooms for so long, even my sweat smells like 'em! Here, take a whiff.
Billy: [Sniffs Beardbottom's armpit] Whew, you ain't kiddin'!

[the King Beardbottom is telling the story about the origins of the war]
Billy: [appearing in the flashback] Hey, wait a second! Hold up. How can you be mad at the Elves? You chose to trade cookies for mushrooms!
Druid: Hey, did that kid just step into the flashback?
Other Druid: What manner of sorcery be this?

Censoring Trooper: Alright listen up you little radish munchers, this battle is about to become way too exciting to show our younger viewers. Instead I will show you this soothing image until the fight is over. SWEET MOTHER OF FOG YOU SHOULD SEE THIS! Cookies and mushrooms flying through the air like june bugs in a swamp! Whew it appears to be over, lets go back to the- Whoa ho ho! That was entirely my bad! I misread the signals! I knew a guy named "Joe". He misread the signals in a combat situation - now he eats everything through a mechanical straw!

Billy: Stop it! Stop the fighting! Why do you have to hate each other? Can't you see you're just like peas and mashed potatoes? Some people don't like them to touch each other if they're on the same plate. But it's okay... it's okay if they touch! Because they both get chewed up by the mouth!. And sent down the oesophagus and dissolved into the stomach and absorbed into the intestines and, oh ho, I won't go any further than that. But the point is, we're all just nutrients in the great big digestive system called LIFE!

[Grim and Mandy are washing a car.]
Grim: I wonder how Billy's picnic is going.
[Billy flies past them really fast]
Grim: That answers one question, yet raises so many others...

Boogie: What happened to your face?
Boy: Dude, I'm like fifteen. We all look like this. What are you, my mom?
Boogie: No, I'm-the boogeyman!
Boy:[unimpressed] ...I don't even believe in you. Go talk to my little brother.

[Billy and Irwin are watching TV]
Irwin: This show is awesome!
Lady on TV: Hey Doc, what're ya doing with my legs? [buzzing sound] AAH!
Doctor on TV: Oh, stop it! I'm just shaving you!

Billy: Oh, Grim. The TV wants to talk to you.
Grim: TV?
[Boogie, still disguised as the television, is sitting on the couch holding a glass of wine]
Boogie: Hello, grim.
Grim: [perplexed] Hello, TV...

Which Came First? / Substitute Teacher [2.08] Edit

Billy: Look, I'm a billy goat! Baa! Baa!
Billy: And I'm a hungry as a jaybird on a diet on the fourth of July.
[Cracks a giant egg.]
Billy: Oh! Look! I'm Rocky Balboa!
[Eats egg, then screams as tongue shrivels and falls out.]
[the scientist crawls out of a cave nearby, pecked and bruised]
Scientist: I forgot to mention that super-chicken eggs have acid yolks.
[a giant chicken foot grabs him and pulls him back]

Mandy: Alright, you dumbclucks! There's a new pecking order! [Proceeds to slice at the giant chicks with Grim's scythe]

Pud'n: Giant chickens from the sky! Now we don't have to eat each other to survive.
Sperg: Tough luck for you, kid! [Goes back to eating Pud'ns limbs]

[Sperg throws an eraser at Junior, hitting him in the head]
Nergal Jr.: Can he [coughs] can he do that, Ms. Butterbean?
[Sperg tosses and apple at Ms. Butterbean, who puts it in a drawer that is full of them]
Ms. Butterbean: Why... yes, yes he can. He's bigger than you.

Nergal Jr.: I'm not interested in the test. I'm interested in revenge!
Mandy: Now you're talking. I can't support cheating [glares at Billy who looks sheepish] but revenge is something I can really get behind.

Sperg: [about to be wedgie'd] But... Ms. Butterbean, you can't do that! You're a teacher!
Nergal Jr. [as Ms. Butterbean]: I can do whatever I please! I'm bigger than you!
[Scene switches to Billy, Mandy and Grim, who watch fascinated. Unpleasant noises are heard.]
Billy: Oh, look, Sperge's gots the same bunny underwear I do. [Pauses in "thought"]

Super Zero / Sickly Sweet [3.01] Edit

Harold: You're gonna love shed building, son. Even a complete and total nincompoop can do it.
Grim: Like you?
Harold: Yeah, like you. Now where was I gonna build that shed? It's all about location. [starts yodeling loudly]!
Grim: What the heck are you doing?!
Harold: Checking the acoustics! [continues]!
Grim: I'm going home.
Harold: That's it! [drops material at Grim] The best location is always closest to the house.

Announcer: And now we return to Captain Space Heifer.
Ninjas: You win this round, Heifer!
Captain Space Heifer: Yes... I do... But I couldn't have done it without my... Heifer farm's brand fruit-at-the-bottom all natural-styled yogurt!
Ninjas: It's partially hydrogenated!
Captain Space Heifer: QUIET, YOU! [Captain melts Ninjas with his laser eyes.] It's partially hydrogenated! Buy some today. If you don't, I'll melt you, too! [starts laughing, with Billy laughing back. He then stops, serious.] ... I will.

Harold: While you kids are talking, I'm gonna pick my nose! Just wanted to give you the heads up.

Mandy: Do you know what is this?
Grim: Uhh... orange juice?
Mandy: Wrong! This is an empty Orange Juice container. Somebody drank it. They probably wanted me to get scurvy from lack of Vitamin C!

Billy: [trying to find an evil empire to destroy with his superpowers] Hello? Evil empire? Legion of doom? Plague of society? Threat to mankind, where are you?

Billy: [still trying to find an evil empire, he looks down and sees a bunch of bacteria] Infinitesimal evil! In the name of the Earth, and all that is clean and fresh! Environmentally safe, and partially hydrogenated! I... uh... I! Uh, I... uh... ...AH SHOOT MAH YOGHURT!

Mandy: I'm gonna open up my own personal can of Powerpuff on you two.

Grim: The only thing I keep in me' robe are terrible cursed objects! [makes scary noises]
Billy: [pulls out the Mask of the Beast] You mean like this one?
Grim: Yes, exactly like that.
Billy: Oooooh... it's a pair of butt wings!
Grim: No, you simpleton! It is the Mask of the Beast! Whoever puts it on must be nice, polite, friendly, and happy, or they'll turn into a terrible hideous beast!
Billy: OH! I WANNA BE A TERRIBLE HIDEOUS BEAST! [puts the Mask on his nose] Is it working? Is it working? Is it working?
Grim: [snatches the mask] You dope. It won't work on you. You've already been a hopelessly happy goon all day long.

Grim: Isn't about time for you to go?
Mandy: Yeah, the evil empire remember?
Billy: Captain Spring Green Squeaker reporting for intergalactical duty! In the name of truth, justice, and YOGURT![armpit squirts yogurt on Mandy and Grim.][Laughs]

Grim: [takes out notepad and pencil] What can I get for Billy?
Billy: Ooh! I wanna be green!
Grim: Okay, green!
Billy: Spring Green.
Grim: Spring Green.
Billy: [squeals] Ooh! And I want to squeak!
Grim: [confused] Squeak?
Billy: Yeah, every time I move. Squeak. And uh....
Mandy: Billy, pick a real superpower. [Milkshakes walks by covered in yogurt. He shakes the yogurt off his feet and paws.] So, what'll be?
Captain Space Heifer: [echoing] It's partially hydrogenated!
Billy: And to shoot Heifer Farms Brand fruit-at-the-bottom all-natural styled yogurt FROM MY ARMPITS!

Bearded Billy / The Nerve [3.02] Edit

[Billy asks his dad why he shaves his beard.]
Harold: Well, you see son, if Daddy shaves his face, mommy shaves her legs!

Hoss Delgado: Stupid... but clever.

Billy: Uh, mom? The bathroom is talking to me again. Should I get my vitamins?

Billy: All the ladies love me!

Harold: Hey, boy. Trying to think, huh?
Billy: Uh, no. I don't do that anymore.

[After drinking the hair tonic Grim souped up, Billy watches the hair grow on his face]
Billy: Oh, I like that! Rugged Billy! [Hair grows more] Mountain Billy! [Hair throws into a thick beard, and Billy laughs] Hillbilly!

Mandy: [about Billy] Listen, Hoss, what you have there isn't a sasquatch. What you have there isn't far enough up the evolutionary scale.

Billy: You spent the reward money on a new TV?! Awww! I wanted a baby iguana!

TV commercial: Bacon-flavored toothpaste? Why didn't anybody think of it before??

TV commercial: Get a jump on puberty or just look cooler than ever before!

Animal Control: He's gone wild! Take him down!

Grim: [after Billy takes him by surprise] Billy, what are you trying to do?! Scare me to me?!

[After Billy steals and eats Mandy's nerve]
Grim: Billy, it worked! It worked! Now, what do you say we take Mandy and--
Grim: [nervous] I follow.

Mandy: [to her nerve] Now you listen up, pal. You are NOT what makes me Mandy. I don't need some pompous polyp to be dark, foreboding and charmingly cynical! I am what makes me Mandy! You got that?!

Test of Time / A Kick in the Asgard [3.03] Edit

Mandy: OK, Grim, when the rainbow appears, you take me to the end of it, and I'll shake down the leprechaun for its gold.

[an army of Norsemen are fighting each other. Billy walks up to Thor]
Billy: You don't always have to solve your problems by fighting, you can work through them by talking things out. Or, by buying expensive gifts.

Harold: [Viking cuts Harold's pompadour off] Hey! My brain was in there!
Brain: Put me in the freezer!
Harold: Young man, you can be rude, break furniture, run up phone bills, shave the cat, and even harrass your mother! But when you touch the pomp, it's GO TIME!
Gladys: [as the Viking tries to attack her while she defends herself with a chair] See, Harold? I told you it was not a good idea for Billy to have doughnuts three times a day!

Billy: [referring to the root beer fountain] Didn't you say that I had unlimted access to the fountain?
Heimdall: Well, yes, but-
Billy: But nothing! I am still accessing.

Billy: T by x over y plus M divided by 365 divided by E squared by Pi OF COURSE! [gets pie from fridge] PIE!

Attack of the Clowns / Complete and Utter Chaos [3.04] Edit

Mandy: Now matter how bad it seems, it could get worse. [screen flashes revealing herself as an ugly, green monster as she disappears in a flash]

Mandy: I'm gonna guess this has something to do with Billy.
Billy: Hey, Mandy.
Mandy: 5 points for me. What are you doing?
Billy: Hiding from the clowns.
Mandy: The clown thing, I should have known. Get out here. [Billy comes out] You're gonna make me ask, aren't you?
Billy: Ask what?
Mandy: What's with all the oranges?
Billy: They're not oranges, they're tangelos!
Mandy: OK. What's with all the tangelos?
Billy: Clowns hate tangelos. Messes with their equilibrium.
Mandy: Who told you that fungus? [Oranges man walks away, whistling nervously] Billy, you've got to get over this ridiculous fear of clowns.
Billy: Hey! Who you calling ridi-culous? Well, what about your fear of professional figure skaters?
Mandy: That's not a fear. I just don't trust the way they spin is all.
Billy: You gotta believe me, Mandy! The clowns are nothing but ULTIMATE EVIL! They wanna become the dominant species on the planet, and they'll DESTROY US ALL to make it happen! [shouts at the top of his lungs] DESTROY US ALL, DESTROY US ALL, DESTROY US ALL, DESTROY US ALL, DESTROY US ALL, DESTROY US ALL! [sitting at his desk in class with his fellow students; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [at the chalkboard, attempting to solve a math problem; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [at his locker in the hallway; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [in Biology class, dissecting a frog; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [on the swingset at recess; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [in the lunch line; calmly to the lunch lady] I'll take the chicken. [sitting at the lunch table with Mandy and Irwin; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [doing sit-ups with the other kids in gym class; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [in the Boy's bathroom, we see Billy's feet underneath a closed stall; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [feeding the school pet; shouting] DESTROY US ALL! [getting off the bus with Mandy; shouting] DESTROY US ALL...! [walks home off-screen, still shouting]
Mandy: [annoyed] All right, that's it! [Mandy has been carrying Grim (in several pieces) around in her backpack]
Grim: Okay, we need to talk about this backpack thing. It's very demeaning. I'm the Grim Reaper, for God's sake. I used to have a chariot of four-hundred burning horses. My arrival on the scene would be a raging thunderclap of fear! Now it's "Hey, have you seen Grim? Yeah! I think he's wedged between a history textbook and a tuna-fish sandwich!"

Grim: See, Mandy? All we had to do was shake him and yell. It's the answer to everything! [Billy punches him in the face] Me face!

Inner Frat Boy: What's up, Billy? You look a little down.
Billy: Who're you?
Inner Frat Boy: I'm your Inner Frat Boy, dude.
Billy: Wow! I didn't even know I had an Inner Frat Boy!
Inner Frat Boy: Well, Sure. Everybody has an Inner Frat Boy. Since your here, it must mean you need my help. [belches]
Billy: Well, as a matter of fact I do have a problem. These really scary clowns keep on scaring me!
Inner Frat Boy: Aw, clowns aren't scary, Billy.
Billy: They're not?
Inner Frat Boy: No, they're just different, and just because someone's different doesn't mean you should be afraid of them. It means you should be ANGRY at them! How dare they be different?! What, my way of life ain't good enough for ya?!
Billy: So you're saying I should beat them up?
Inner Frat Boy: Billy, fighting outside of a hockey rink is WRONG. But I'm imaginary, so do what you gotta do.
Billy: Thanks for all your help, Inner Frat Boy.
Inner Frat Boy: No problem, Billy! [Pulls out a paddle] Now, ya ready for your paddlin'?
Billy: Uh, no.
Inner Frat Boy: [Sounding disappointed] Oh... OK... another time, then...

[Grim and Mandy, dressed as clowns, pursue Billy into a beauty parlor with 1980s music playing in the background]
Grim: And people think I'm scary. [calls out to the women in the parlor] 1983 ended a REALLY long time ago, ladies!

Mandy: [dressed as a clown] Billy! Don't fear us! We're here to make you smile!
Grim: [also dressed as a clown] And for Pete's sake, stop wettin' yourself!

[Grim tries to juggle but the balls hit Billy in the face]
Mandy: What was THAT?!
Grim: I TOLD you I can't juggle! I wanted to do the routine with the umbrellas, but you said "No"! [Billy tries to crawl away] And WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?! [picks Billy up by the collar of his shirt and shakes him] Listen! STOP BEING AFRAID OF CLOWNS! STOP IT, YOU NINNY! STOP IT, OKAY?! STOP BEING AFRAID OF CLOWNS!
Billy: Gotta go to my happy place, gotta go to my happy place, happy place, HAPPY PLACE...

Billy: [singing while playing with a toy truck] Keep on truckin', truck-truck-truck-truckin'!

Eris: Hey, guess what - chicken butt, but seriously, did you know at Flabburger they actually THROW AWAY food that's been under a heat lamp for more than 36 hours? So, I brought you dorks lunch.
Grim: [transformed into a hideous monster; sarcastically] Here, Eris. Put it on my slimy flippers.
Mandy: [also a hideous monster; sarcastically] No, Eris, put it in my claw of a head, or rest it on Billy's udders.
Billy: [shoots milk out of his nose] Heh heh, I gots an udder.

Whatever Happened to Billy Whatsisname? / Just the Two of Pus [3.05] Edit

Billy: I'll win Mandy back, or die trying!
Grim: Let me know if you need help with the last part!

Mandy: What's going on here?
Billy: Did I just...
Mandy: Stalking us?
Billy: No, I was just following you wherever you went.
Mandy: So, you were spying..
Billy: I wasn't spying, I swear! I was just lurking in the bushes watching you every move!
Mandy: Listen, Billy. Bobby's the new Billy around here. Get the message, you are nothing. [she pushes Billy into a mailbox] Come on, Bobby, let's go.

Mandy: Better be good, Bobby.
Grim: Where's he taking us, Mandy?
Mandy: I don't know? Bobby said: "It was a surprise".
[Bobby takes a carpet off to shown of their new cars]
Mandy: What the..
Bobby: Their gifts for the both of you my two bestest friends!
Mandy: Uh, you're giving me a car? But I can't drive yet.
Bobby: It's just something nice for being such good friends!
Mandy: I...I don't know what to say? But you're much better friend than Billy ever was.
Grim: I'll see. [he honks a car horn for twice]
Bobby: Yeah, I'm not just some Billy clone, guys. I'm by own person, I am your friend! [laughing] Who even remembers old Billy what's his name, anyway?
[Billy screaming]

Bobby: Listen Billy and listen good! I want you gone!
Billy: Can I go to the arcade, then?
Bobby: What? No, NO! I mean I want you to disappear, permanently! Your friends don't like you, you're nothing but a burden to your poor Mother and Father! They all choose me over you, so there's no reason for you to even be here! I'm giving you 24 hours to get out of here! Or I'll get rid of you myself!
Billy: Who are you? Why are you doing this?
Bobby: If I told you, I would have to destroy you!
Billy: But, weren't you going to destroy me, anyway?
Bobby: Well, yeah, but... NOW YOU'VE ONLY GOT UNTIL MORNING!
Billy: Alright, Bobby, it's on at dawn!

Grim: Billy, what are you doing with my scythe?
Billy: Nothing?
Mandy: Where's Bobby at?
Billy: Oh, I sent him to another dimension.
Grim: Yeah, I never really like him too much anyway.
Mandy: Me neither, I only hung out with them because I had nothing better to do. Hey, Billy! fetch me some water, you doug.
Billy: I'm bet in a settle!

Chocolate Sailor / The Good, The Bad and The Toothless [3.06] Edit

Billy: [to the box of Chocolate Sailors] You won't be disappointed this time, Chocolate Sailor. You'll see. I'm gonna be the best dang sailor in the whole dang army! I'll sell gazillions. Together, we'll make major booty, 'cause you're so BOOTYLICIOUS!

Tooth Fairy Cowboy: [to Billy] What's so funny?!

Billy: Do you have a shrunken head?
[A man with a very large body but a very small head appears in front of him]
Man: What do you mean by that?
Billy: Holy freak show! I mean, nothing.
Man: So are you going to buy something, smart guy?
Billy: Nope, I'm broke. Penniless. A Pauper. Too poor to pay attention. Too cheap to buy this cheesy crud!
[Man picks Billy up and kicks him into space]
Billy: Nice kick!

That's My Mummy / Toys Will Be Toys [3.07] Edit

Billy: Washing my hair, washing my hair... wait a minute, this isn't shampoo, it's DOG-! [The screen fades to black just when Billy is about to say "poo"]

Gladys: Oh sorry, Billy. We weren't laughing AT you, we were laughing WITH you!
Harold: I was laughing at him.

Irwin's Dad: Yes, Irwin's mom is actually a mummy. Nobody can tell you who to fall in love with, but we've managed to make it work all these years. Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.
Mandy: Eh, works for me.
Grim: Me too.
Billy: ...But how did you and Irwin's mom...
Irwin's Dad: Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.

Billy: Grim, why do the good die young?
Grim: Well, it's mostly because I get confused.

[Pud'n is holding Professor Gaylord]
Pud'n: You're a pretty girl!

Grim: Milkshakes, where are you going?
Triceratron: [hiding behind the unconscious Milkshakes] To destroy all that is good. ...I mean, meow.

Pud'n: [roars like a T-Rex from Jurassic Park]

Season 3 Edit

The Secret Snake Club [3.08] Edit

Wiggly: Once you join the "Secret Snake Club" [Secret Snake Club wiggle their arms and hiss] they can never unjoin!
Viper: Is unjoin even a real word?
Wiggly: Who cares? She understand what she meant!
Wiggly: Well then shut up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!
Viper: SHUT UP!

Mandy: So you're telling me the whole point of this stupid club...
Wiggly: to resurrect an ancient snake creature and make him eat the cool kids, leaving nerds to rule the world! Yes.

Grim: [to the Snake Nerds] You disgust me, too! You're all old enough, so wear some deodorant! I've been trying not to vomit in my own mouth all day!

[CIA Agent is in another room, speaking via intercom]
Agent: [To Billy] So, you wanna join the organization.
Billy: What organization?
Agent: The CIA.
Billy: J-J-J!
Agent: What?
Billy: ...Q-R-S-P-U-Z! Now I know the ABC's, next time won't you sing with ME?

[CIA Agent is in another room, speaking via intercom]
Agent: Do you think you have what it takes to join us?
Billy: I have a rash on my butt!
Agent: Okay...
Billy: My mom tells me not to touch it, but I touch it anyway! [pauses] Please don't tell my mom!
Agent: Uh, sure.
Billy: Are you invi-siable?
Agent: No Billy, I'm in a different room.
Billy: The bathroom?
Agent: Billy, how would you like it if we wiped your mind and turned you into a covert warrior?

Wiggly: Yes! Come, Lord Shnissugah! Come and make us kings!
[the basement door opens, but the scene abruptly changes back to Irwin's club]
Billy: You sickos are in big big trouble!
Irwin: The CIA is on to us! Run, girls! [he runs to an open window] You ain't gettin' jack on me, yo! [he jumps out, and a CIA agent moves to follow him]
Billy: No. Let him go. He seems to have forgotten this classroom is on the third floor.

[Irwin is arrested by the CIA.]
Irwin: This isn't right! This episode was supposed to be about snake nerds! SNAKE NERDS!

Shnissugah: What are you, crazy in the head?! Cool kids are full of transfatty acids! Do you have any idea what that would do to my indigestion?

Wiggly: Our world has crumbled!
Viper: Completely-y-y!
Grim: Hey, have fun guys! Hahahahaha!
Wiggly: Have fun? With what?... Oh, no!
Mandy: Cover your eyes Wiggly Jr., cause this is about to get ugly.

[Wiggly Jr. closes his eyes and covers his tail, while Mandy starts to beat up the Secret Snake Club]

He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot / Hog Wild [3.09] Edit

Billy: Hey! It's the Fluffy Cat... Fluffy... Cat.
Mindy: You've already said that!
Billy: (stupidly) Oh, yeah...

Grim: Why does the fate of humanity always end up in the hands of an idiot?

[Harold is telling Gladys how much his new bike costs]
Harold: ... and it only cost us Billy's entire college fund!
Gladys: [Grabs Harold by the collar] WHAT did you say?!
Harold: I said "It's only cost us Billy's entire college fund!"
Gladys: Oh... well, it must be nice.

[Billy complains after Mandy tells him to tell Harold he destroyed the bike and "face the music"]
Billy: But I hate music! All kinds! Especially soft rock!

The Bad News Ghouls / The House of No Tomorrow [3.10] Edit

Grim: Just who is that Sassy Cat character anyway?
Mandy: It's some stupid cartoon character based on some stupid cartoon media icon used to build this whole stupid amusement park.
Grim: Cartoons are stupid.
Mandy: I agree.

Master Control: [monitor activates] I am Master Control, computer of the future.
Billy: [screams and jumps on Grim's arms]
Grim: That'd better be sweat dripping down your leg, boy.
Master Control: I am programmed to run all of the machines at this attraction. My intelligence is beyond measure; I know everything there is to know, and I'm not too shabby at checkers.
Grim: Wait, how do you know EVERYTHING?
Master Control: I just do, so there.
Grim: If you know everything, then what's the meaning of life?
Master Control: Life has no meaning; only machine intelligence is truly significant on a cosmic scale.
Grim: Hmm, I didn't think he'd get that one right.
Billy: Oh, yeah? Then what's my favorite color?
Master Control: Blue.
Billy: What's the best kind of bean?
Master Control: Pinto.
Billy: Why is the sky blue?
Master Control: Because of the refraction of sunlight through the water droplets in the sky.
Billy: Why do I ask so many questions?
Master Control: Because you're a nuisance!
Billy: What's the color of my underwear?
Master Control: White...
[Master Control raises an eyebrow]
[Master Control puts on an annoyed face]
Master Control: ... with pink frilly lace.
Billy: [checks in his pants] WOW! It really DOES know everything.

Billy: [singing] Sassy cat, sassy cat, full of sass, full of sass, if you dont like her you can kiss... her... BUTT!

[Mandy decides to leave the funhouse despite the robot threat]

Funhouse worker: Oh, man! She really IS a goner!
Grim: I'd like to say it was nice knowing her...
[Mandy walks to the door, completely indifferent to the chaos and destruction around her. When she makes to the door, the robots swarm her]
Mandy: [sarcastically] Oh, no, whatever shall I do? [pulls out a nearby plug, which turns off the robots] You idiots coming or not?
Worker: Wow, she's BAD!
Grim: You have no idea.

Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears / Secret Decoder Ring [3.11] Edit

Grim: I'm so BORED!
Mandy: I know what you mean. I've been watching Billy pick stuff out of his ear for the last two hours. And the worst part is... I can't stop watching.

Mandy: Money is the root of all evil. I think I NEED more money.

TV Commercial: ...and, if you get to the Endsville mall in the next four minutes, you'll get a free Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear!
Billy: [thinking] Wait! Something was said... something good! Was it peanuts? No, something with free... was it FREE peanuts! No, peanuts are never free. What was free!
TV: Free toys!
Billy: [grunts as he attempts to remember]
TV: free BOYS!
Billy: [long pause] ... FREE BOYS!

Mandy: What's wrong with the TV?
Grim: Nothing, I'm just waiting for Billy to realize it isn't on.
Billy: [staring at a blank screen] ... Ooh, I LOVE this show!

[Irwin gets a Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear from Mandy]
Irwin: A gift from Mandy! I will call you... Mandy Two! And I will teach you the meaning of LOVE...

Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear: I love you!
Billy: I love YOU.
Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear: I'll be your friend!
Billy: I'll be YOUR friend.
Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear: I'll do your bidding!
Billy: [in a trance] I'll do your bidding. Pardon me I have bidding to do. [leaves]
Mandy: Is Billy drooling more than usual.
Grim: Just be happy it's drool this time.

Eris: Mind control doesn't work on people who think.

Grim: One little, two little, three headless huggy bears, four little, five little, six headless huggy bears, seven little, eight little, nine headless huggy bears, and I still have a million to go!

Mailman: Delivery for Mandy.
Billy: Oh, big money! No whammies!

Billy: Hey, Grim! Why'd you cut off the head of my Huggy Stuffy Pony Bear?
Grim: Because it made you into a zombie.
Billy: Oh, You bears are all alike. You love us, you turn us into zombies, your heads get cut off and leave us brokenhearted.

Eris: Just think, Mandy. You, me, all the control, all the power, ALL THE FREE CHICKEN! Legions of zombie children to assist us in our quest for chaos! IT CAN ALL BE OURS! [laughs]

Wild Parts / The Problem With Billy [3.12] Edit

Grim: You mortals are always picking your noses: [flashbacks] in your car, at the mall, in your car, at work, in your car, at school, in your car...
Billy: Hey, that's me!

[The Nasalmancer is digging through Billy's nose]
Billy: Hey, now! Get yo fo' shizzle out of my nizzle, Dawg!

[Billy's and the Nasalmancer's noses collide and blow up]
Nasalmancer: [to Billy] You blew my nose... up!
Billy: [to the Nasalmancer] You blew MY nose... up!

Wishbones [3.13] Edit

[Billy and Irwin are in Billy's wish world, dressed as Jonny Quest and Hadji respectively]
Billy: Why you talkin' funny?
Irwin: [with an Indian accent] Because I am from Calcutta, in the mystical east.
Billy: No you're not, you live down the block and what's with that weird thingy on your head?
Irwin: [normal voice; angrily screaming] IT'S A TURBAN! IT'S WHAT I WEAR! I'M FROM THE MYSTICAL EAST! I'm in character, yo, so WHY DON'T YOU JUST GET OFF ME?!?

[Pud'n has found a wishing skull and wished for a bunny, a pet bunny that will love him.]
Evil Bunny: I love you Pud'n. Do you love me?
Pud'n: I love everyone, especially you.
Evil Bunny: Do you regret wishing for me, Pud'n?
Pud'n: How could I ever regret wishing for you?
Evil Bunny: Pud'n, have you ever heard of, Tough Love?
Pud'n: What's that?
[the bunny roars and hits Pud'n]
Pud'n: What was that for?
Evil Bunny: Sometimes, love hurts, Pud'n... AND I LOVE YOU A LOT.
[proceeds to a beat-down]

Evil Bunny: Cake won't save you from my love, Pud'n.

Pud'n: [crying] Poor, poor bunny. Why did you have to explode? Why?
Evil Bunny: [after being blown up, emerges from wreckage with skin and flesh falling off of him. His skull and bones are visible] It's okay, Pud'n. I forgive you. I forgive you because I love you, and I love death. [Pud'n'lets out a wailing scream as the scene zooms into his mouth.]

Thromnambular: My name is Thronambular, granter of wishes. If you wish for a cake, it will be delicious.
Nergal Jr.: [to Thromnambular] Cake, eh...

Sperg: [angrily] What are you looking at?
Thromnambular: Contradiction young man, from what I can see, for you are the one who is looking at me!

Mindy: I guess not everyone can be as beautiful as I am or as popular as I am. But as beautiful and popular as I am, I bet there are some people who've never even heard of me: people in countries like Paris or Toronto, or in cities like Africa. I wish I was a big star!
Thromnambular: I can make you the biggest star of all. But the bigger they get, the harder they fall!
[wish number 8 is granted]

Thromnambular: [to Mandy] So it's down to you; and it's down to me. One more wish left, and I'll be set free!
Mandy: Don't sell yourself short. You're worth more than free.

Grim: Okay, Thromnambular. I guess we're both trapped in situations we don't like. So let's help each other out. I wish I was free from Billy and Mandy forever, and that you were free from your prison of wishes so that you'll never make another wish again!
Thronambular: I heard your proposal, let's broker a deal. I'll grant you your wish and we'll see how you feel!
Grim: [as the wishing skull] NOOOOOOOOOO!
Thromnambular: [as the Grim Reaper] Muhahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaahh!

[At Mandy's auction of Thromnambular]
Harold: I gotta have it! I didn't learn my lesson the first time!

Mandy: Billy, do you want to be a TV star?
Billy: I wish!
[Mandy tosses Billy in the washing machine]
Mandy: Wish granted.

Dream Mutt / Scythe for Sale [3.14] Edit

Grim: Hey, Billy, have you seen my scythe?
Billy: I just sold it to Irwin for a smashed amusement park penny.
Grim: YOU WHAT!?
Billy: I just...sold it to...Irwin.
Grim: Do you realize what could happen if my scythe gets into the wrong hands?!
Billy: I sure do! I mean, no.
Grim: It could cause mass destruction and chaos, creating an imbalance in the universe, and bringing about the end of time as we know it!
Billy: You make funny faces when you're angry.

Dumpster Grouch: You see, kids. Playing with scythes isn’t cool, or fun!
Guy in a Broken Car: It's dangerous!
Dumpster Grouch: So, if you ever see a scythe, don’t pick it up!
Guy in a Broken Car: Tell an adult immediately!

Irwin: Oh, Mandy. Our time together has meant, so much to me. I picked this flower for you as a..
Billy: Excuse me, sir. Wouldn't you have a great time?
Irwin: Look, I've kind of getting a groove on. If you know what I'm saying?
Billy: My. What a nice-looking scythe you have today! Where did you get it?
Irwin: I stole it from the Grim Reaper, alright? Now if you don't mind...Wait a second, you look familiar. Do I know you somewhere?
Billy: You sure don't, Irwin.
Irwin: Oh, okay. Billy!
Grim: Mandy! Snap out of it! Irwin's using my scythe to control you. You gotta fight it!
Mandy: Ugh.... Grim, Is that you?
Grim: Yes, Mandy! It's me!
Irwin: Oh no, you don't! [he's using a scythe to zap to Mandy]
Mandy: What the heck is going on? [she got zapped from the scythe by Irwin] Irwin is my boyfriend.
Grim: No!
Irwin: You're gonna pay for that, Grim!
Billy: Hey, barf-face! Bet you can zap me with your stupid scythe!
Irwin: You asked for it! [he zapped with the scythe]
Billy: Nope. Miss me. Try again. Uh-uh. You got nothing!
Irwin: [angrily screaming] You're gotta get it, Billy! What the?! Who did that?!
Grim: Incoming! [he jumps on a seesaw with a pile of rocks to throw at Irwin with a scythe]
Irwin: Ha! It's that all you got?!
Grim: Darn! We need something harder then rocks.
Billy: I got it!
[Billy has a plate of submarine sandwiches to put on a seesaw, and Grim jumps on a seesaw will throw submarine sandwiches will targeting and beating at Irwin and a scythe, Irwin got beating by submarine sandwiches and a scythe falls on a ground to zapping back to normal]
Grim: [he picked his scythe on a ground] Mine! [smooching]
Mandy: Get a room.
Grim: Mandy! You're back to normal!
Irwin: [groans] M-Mandy?
Mandy: You know, Irwin, the thing about crushes is, they always hurt in the end. That's why they're called CRUSHES.

Wiggy Jiggy Jed: If Jed don't get a bed, he gets red in the head.

Harold: When it comes to matters of the heart, Billy is-
Mandy: Doomed.
Harold: ...Yeah.

Wiggy Jiggy Jed: I said, if Jed don't get no bed, HE GETS RED IN THE HEAD! And one heck of an appetite.

Jeffy's Web / Irwin Gets A Clue [4.01] Edit

Billy: I missed you, but my aim is improving.

Jeff: Come on, dad. What do we sit around talk about this like normal people?
Billy: [inside a tumbling giant teacup] NEVER!

Billy: Hey, pal. Don't be sad. You're a nerd! So what? Nerds play an important role in the world.
Irwin: Like what?
Billy: Well, nerds are like the moist towelettes in the universe. They make other people feel better about themselves.
Irwin: Thanks, Billy. I guess.
Billy: Glad I could help.

Duck! / Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me? [4.02] Edit

[Duck keeps blowing raspberries, Librarian appears]
Librarian: Young lady, is this any way to behave?
Mandy: No, I suppose not. Walking up and yelling at someone while they're trying to work does seem quite rude.
Librarian: Young lady, I do not tolerate such behavior!
Mandy: Well, that's really your problem, not my problem, is it?
Librarian: I will not stand for this!
Mandy: There's an empty chair right there.
[The librarian is infuriated.]
Mandy: [to Librarian] Look, lady, can you have your meltdown somewhere else? I've got a history report due tomorrow on the history of corn... and you're kind of distracting me.

[Grim is asleep]
Grim: Hi, honey, I'm home! Man, even the flies were dropping like flies. [sniffs] What that smell.
[Grim walks up to his lion-esque Wife]
Grim: Hello dear, whats cooking?
Wife: AAGH!
Grim: My favorite. Oh, what did I ever do to deserve a wife as good as you?
Wife: AAGH!
[Much later, Grim and his "wife" are lying by the fire]
Grim: I just love these quiet evenings, don't you?
Wife: AAGH!
Grim: Wait, this is not my beautiful home! This is not my beautiful wife! [Screams]
Billy: Same as it ever was. [Repeated multiple times]
Grim: [screams]
[Reference to "Once in a Lifetime"]

[Billy, Mandy and Grim are watching tv]
Guy on TV: Labbie, Timmy has fallen into a well again! Go save him, Labbie!
Mandy: Do we have anything else to watch?
Billy: But if we turn it off now, we won't know what happens to Labbie!
Mandy "Oh, Labbie. You're our hero. Here, take this golden dog bone as a token of our gratitude."
Grim: Woof, woof.
Guy on TV: Oh, Labbie! You're our hero! Here, take this golden dog bone as a token of our gratitude.
Labbie: Woof, woof!
Billy: Hey, are you guys puh-psychic?
Grim: No, you pea-brain. We've watched this movie 60 times in a row.

Billy: It's over!
Grim: Woo hoo! Yes, now what shall we do?
[Few hours later]
Guy on TV: Run, Labbie! Run like a wind!
Billy: I can't believe that Timmy fell into the well again. I mean, wouldn't he get sick of falling into it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over-and over and over and over, ooh, it's over; let's watch it again!
Mandy & Grim: NO!
[Grim takes out the tape]
Grim: No more Labbie!

[Mandy and Grim walk into Billy's living room, the whole place practically destroyed]
Grim: Billy, what happened here?
Billy: I don't know, Grim... I fell asleep, and I had this crazy dream that I was NAKED at school and the Tchupakabra attacked me!
Grim: Billy! Oh, my goodness! What's that?!
Billy: What's what?
Grim: Over there!
Billy: I don't see...
Grim: On your back!
Billy: On my hat?
Grim: Curse you boy! On your back!

[a chupacabra has latched onto Billy's head]
Grim: I think it's trying to suck his brains out, man!
Mandy: Poor thing's gonna starve.

Grim: [glances at Rudolpho] So, what are you... in for?
Rudolpho: I beat the snot out of a guy... for farting!
[Grim looks down and spots the duck ready to blow a raspberry]
Grim: [desperately] Guard!
Rudolpho: Just the sound of it makes me so angry!
Grim: [more desperately] Guard!
Rudolpho: Angry!
Grim: [as desperate as possible] Guard!
Guard: [finally arrives] All right, Reaper, your bail is here.
Irwin: I came here as soon as I got the call, yo!
Grim: [relieved sigh] I knew I could count on you, Irwin.
Irwin: [hands a piggy bank to the guard] Here you are, Officer!
Guard: Gee, thanks.
[throws the piggy bank across the room, breaking it]
Guard: How much was in that piggy bank?
Irwin: Four dollars and thirty-two cents.
Guard: So, you like to be a jokester, do ya, Mr. Funny Guy? Mr. Comedian, eh?
Irwin: I don't understand.
Guard: Well, the bail is thirty-five hundred dollars!
Irwin: [sobbing] I was only trying to be helpful!
Guard: Now get out of my jail, Irwin. OUT!
Irwin: [stops sobbing] Yes, Grim! "[walks out]"
Guard: Yeah, yeah, I'm not Grim! You'd better run, Irwin!
Guard: I'd like to think I'd make a difference.
Irwin: That was wiggety-whack, yo.
[finds the duck]
Irwin: Hey, a duck!

Grim: At the rate this duck is getting people in the trouble, I predict this cell will be full in about...four hours.
Caption: Two hours later... [fart sound]
Grim: Man, he's working fast!
Hector Con Carne: I'm not even on this stupid show anymore!

Billy: Oh, I get it! We're playing a game where we make stuff up, right? Okay... I see a big green eleflant! He plays the drums and listens to FREEDOM ROCK!

Zip Your Fly / Puddle Jumping [4.03] Edit

[Mandy's head has been swapped with fly's head]
Pud'n: Mandy looks kinda funny.

Mandy: I'm not a fly, Billy's Dad. It's me, Mandy. I need you to get Grim.
Harold: I get it! You're one of those talking flies that try to look like people!

[Mandy sees a poster with Billy]
Mandy: Look, it's Billy, and he's racing with wieners.
Grim: You mean Irwin and Pud'n?
Mandy: No, wiener DOGS.

Runaway Pants / Scythe 2.0. [4.04] Edit

{Grim is in the Garage trying to sharpen his scythe}

Billy: Of course your wasting your time sharpening that piece of crud!
Grim: [angry] Why you little... [Scythe shatters and the lights go out]
Billy: [in the dark] Where'd all the pieces go? [A light is turned on and it shines thru the holes in Billy's face] Wow! Look at the lights!
Mandy: [Holding a flashlight] Power tools in the dark? Darwin should be paying you goons a royalty.
[a possible reference to the Darwin Awards]

Scythe 2.0: I was never meant to be used as a hedge trimmer, a drain cleaner or a depilatory aid! I was meant to carve a swath of despair and destruction through the world of men, to blacken the skies and redden the seas, leaving nothing behind but entropy and uncomfortable silence...
Grim: Yeah, yeah, be quiet. One of these guys is gonna win a million bucks for milking a goat with his mouth!

The Firebird Sweet / The Bubble With Billy [4.05] Edit

Mandy: Wait a second. What kind of breakfast cereal comes with a phoenix inside?
Grim: Well, it says here it's made in Arizona.

Grim: You'll have to use your feminine wiles to get him to talk.
Mandy: [groans] I hate Billy.

Eris: [furious] Thud! THUD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
Thud: [nervous] Having some cereal.
Eris: And what have I said about having some cereal in the boardroom!?
Thud: Uhhh?
Eris: [spraying Thud with spray bottle] Bad Thud!
[Thud backs away in terror while Grim and Mandy look on, weirded out]
Thud: No, no!
[Thud, in a panic, drops the cereal bowl and Mandy picks up a piece while Eris threatens him with the spray bottle]
Thud: [begging] No, please, no!
Mandy: Hey, Eris!
Eris: [whips head around] What!?
Mandy: You got a piece of food stuck between your teeth.
Eris: [looks down at her teeth] No, I don't...
[Mandy flings an AppleScrap into the gap in Eris's front top row of teeth.]
Mandy: You do now.
Eris [startled] What in the... [the firebird comes of Billy's head and latches onto Eris']

Mandy: [trying to be nice] Billy, we've known each other now for what seems like a nightmarish eternity. And though I insult you and lie to you daily, steal your stuff, make fun of you, your family, and anyone who looks like you, I still don't feel like I [frustrated grunt] know you. Why don't you tell me more about yourself?
Billy: If I told you, you wouldn't understand. I'm a very complex and multi-layered person.
[He blows tiny gum bubbles]
Billy: [speaking rapidly] But if you really want to know more about me, it's all here in my new autobiography! Hot off the presses! Complete and UNABRIDGED'!

Billy Idiot / Home Of The Ancients [4.06] Edit

Billy: We're here to see Mrs. Fingerwiggle.
Mandy: Pollywinkle.
Billy: Hairyankle!
Mandy: Pollywinkle!
Billy: Terrytingle?
Mandy: Pollywinkle.
Billy: Molly Ringwald!
Mandy: Pollywinkle! Oh, forget it!

Harold: I'm no quitter... and I'm NOT girly... I'm a ballet dancer!

Harold: No one steals Billy's soul. That wasn't in the school curriculum.
Mrs. Pollywinkle: Oh, yes it was. It was on the first page of the brochure in bright red letters.
Harold: Yeah, but you didn't count on one thing: I can't read!

Grim: What's going on up there? The whole place is falling apart.
Mandy: Yet another school that Billy's ruined.

[Why Grim talks to a bush]
Pud'n: Maybe he's apologizing for peeing on it for such a long time.

[After Grim's plan disasterously fails at the end.]
Mandy: The road to stupid is paved with good intentions.

Grim: Uh, excuse me, sir? Do you have time for an informal survey? What do you think is more frightening, these three scary monsters... [Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolf Man make scary noises] ...or this glass of water?
Man: Water! Eh, eh, WATER!
Grim: Look, man, I'll give you five bucks. Five bucks! If you say those monsters are scarier than the water.
Dracula: Dracula thirsty. Gonna drink this water.
Grim: [to Dracula] Dracula, please don't!
Dracula: You can't tell Dracula what to do! Dracula a grown man. Do what he wants!
Man: Can I please go now?

Dracula: Wolfman swallowed a squirrel whole. Dracula told him to chew, but no one listens to Dracula!

Season 4 Edit

My Fair Mandy [4.07] Edit

Posters on the school wall: Scurvy Prevention Week; Let's all agree with vitamin C!

Mandy: Mindy, beauty pageants are ridiculous contests for ridiculous girls.
Mindy: Oh, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Man-deeeee. You ugly people are so predictable. But since you were born hideous and beast-like, it's not my place to judge.

Mindy: Putting makeup on you is like putting diamonds on a doo-doo. Give it up, Mandy. I was Little Miss Rickets last year, Little Miss Toe Jam the year before and, GIRRRRL, I'm gonna be Little Miss Scurvy this year.

Principal Goodvibes: Look, Mandy! I've got a lemon for a head! I guess that makes me... CRAZY?
Mandy: Hello, Principal Goodvibes.
Principal Goodvibes: Mandy, I overheard the hurtful things that Mindy said to you. And I think she's got a point. You have to look deep inside, and realize that the only person who can decide if you're truly pretty... is a panel of three judges! Here's a pageant entry form.

Mindy: You REALLY are going to enter the Little Miss Scurvy pageant, aren't you, Mandy?
Mandy: Yes, Mindy. Scared of the competition?
Mindy: I'm scared that the judges will mistake you for a big doo-doo monster and chase you out of town with torches.
Grim: Oh, yeah? We'll see who chases whom with torches.
Billy: Yeah! Mandy'll take your pants off!
Grim: Beat your pants off...
Billy: BEAT your pants off.
Mindy: Oh, I'm SO sure she'll win. And in case you didn't know -- that was sarcasm. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get a rib removed.

Crabina: [about Mandy] What does this girl's attitude say to you?
Billy: It says bad things. Things I'm not supposed to repeat. Make the bad things go away! [cries] I'll be good Mommy! I promise.
Crabina: Exactly. She is what we refer her as "sour grapes".

Crabina: Gentlemen, prepare for shock and awe. The plain, drab Mandy you knew before is dead.
[Grim slaps Billy upside the head, causing his nose to fall off]
Grim: It's a figure of speech, dummy!

Grim: Look at these little girls all tarted up. What kind of sad, needy person would force them to do that?
Mom #1: Don't forget this is Mommy's big day.
Mom #2: The bigger you smile, the more beautiful Mommy looks!
Mom #3: Baby, it's time to earn Mommy's love!

Principal Goodvibes: And say hello to our impartial judges: General Skarr... Cap'n Greengums... and Mindy's mom!
Mindy's Mom: Hi, honey!
Mindy: Hi, Mommy!
Grim: Impartial my big, boney...
Principal Goodvibes: BUT, before we begin, let's stop and think about why we are here...
Audience Member: My wife made me come!
Principal Goodvibes: [Scowls, then resumes] Scurvy is a terrible, terrible disease... Isn't that right, Cap'n Greengums?
Captain Greengums: Arr, I used to have a set of perfect gums, over which the tavern wenches swooned! But then, I got the scurvy! They had to replace me gums with... with... KOSHER PICKLES! [Starts to cry, and hugs Skarr] And I hate pickles!
Principal Goodvibes: Statistics show the number one cause of scurvy is IGNORANCE! Please do not boil your fruit juices. I cannot stress this enough, people! [farts] Now with that out of the way -- let the pageant begin!

Principal Goodvibes: First round, Evening Gowns! Julie. Laura. Eva. Xina. Anna. Ray. Sue. Mindy. Mandy.
Irwin: Oh, yeah!

Principal Goodvibes: Gom Jabbar!
Mindy: It BURRRRRNS! [pulls out hand]
Captain Greengums: Arrrr, that'll cost 'er some points.

Sir Raven: Will Mandy win the pageant? Will she ever smile? I don't care. Instead, here's an important commercial message. IMPORTANT... COMMERCIAL... MESSAGE!

[Grim, Billy and Mandy have been transported to The Powerpuff Girls universe, dressed as the titular characters. Suddenly the hotline rings]
Professor Utonium: Girls! Girls, wake up! Mojo Jojo just snuck into the movie theater without paying!
Grim: Yeah, yeah. We're on it, professor.

Grim: Okay. We keep flying, we don't look back, we NEVER talk about this again!
Billy: Yep.
Mandy: Uh-huh.

Grim: Never get this feeling something really bad is about to..


One Crazy Summoner / Guess What's Coming to Dinner [4.08] Edit

Gladys: Oh, for Pete's sake, Harold, what the heck is a giant anaconda doing in my kitchen?!
Harold: Pretty much whatever it wants, I'm thinking.

Nigel Planter: So, will you help me?
Billy: Nope.
Grim: Not really.
Mandy: Who cares?

: Dorko Malfly [waves the wand and to Nigel Planter] I hope your show turning into a cartoon! [Dorko laughs evilly]

Hoss Delgado: So there I was, facing 12 feet poop elves. Didn't have anywhere to run-
Principal Goodvibes: Umm, excuse me, but how could they be elves if they were 12 feet tall?
Hoss Degaldo: It was a leap year.
Goodvibes: But, that still doesn't explain-
Hoss Degaldo: You sharpshooting me, Goodpudding?
Goodvibes: Uh, I was just-
Hoss Delgado: Are you stepping in my cornflakes?!
Goodvibes: No, I was just-
Hoss Degaldo: Lemme tell you something about stepping into people's cornflakes... it's a weird way to eat cornflakes.

Hoss Delgado: [interrupts Goodvibes] Come on, Goodvibes, out with it! Is our little Remus on the bullet train to Smartsville, or is he riding the slow pony to the rubber forest?
Goodvibes: Well, I think...
Hoss Delgado: [pulls out a giant green spork] Think hard.

Eris: Do you like lobster, Mr. Goodpoop?
Principal Goodvibes: It's good VIBES, and yes, I love lobster.
Eris: How about giant alien zombie lobster?
Principal Goodvibes: Well, I can't really say...
[giant lobster picks up Principal Goodvibes]

Mandy: Rollington Academy is for...
Billy: Geniuses! Which I is one of am!

Billy: Ask me a question. Give me a challenge. Anything at all.
Grim: Who developed the theory of relativity?
Billy: That is a trick question, Grim. Everyone knows fruit bats are mammals.

Grim: [after Billy is hit by a flying croquet ball] What? It wasn't me. If I wanted to get rid of you two, I'd use something bigger. Like a truck.
[a truck falls out of the sky and crushes him]

Eris: [indicates Hoss] This is Billy's dad. [indicates herself] I'm Billy's mom, [pulls out a trout] and this is a trout. [she proceeds to smack Goodvibes around the head with it
Principal Goodvibes: ...Why'd you just hit me with a trout?
Eris: Because the mackerel wasn't fresh.

Mommy Fiercest / The Taking Tree [4.09] Edit

[Billy's mom has been transformed into a little girl]
Billy: Bread-fairy elf-gnome, indeed! You're nothin' but a filthy stranger, and my mom tells me not to accept bread from filthy strangers!
Gladys: But Billy, I am your [Gladys' tic kicks in] Mommy!
Billy: My mom's ancient and grappling with the onsets of menopause.
Billy: Heheheh, you're fun! A little odd, but fun! I'll name you... Corn!

[At the movie theater, Billy decides what movie he wants to see]
Billy: Weeeellll... Y-I don't make any life-altering decisions without consulting my friend Mr. Bread first. [Irwin runs out of the Exploding Penguins theater]
Irwin: I've sure gotta go to the bathroom, yo!
Billy: Sorry, guys, but when Bread's gots to go, he gots to go!

Gladys: [Repeated throughout the episode] He's MY baby!

Grim: Don't make me use my Kung Fu...
Mandy: You were on a children's Kung Fu class?
Grim: Silence, non-believer!

Billy: This pillow stuffing tastes like I'm choking! [Gagging noise]

Gladys: Oh, Mandy! You're such a legpuller!

[Billy's dad notices Grim's scythe.]
Harold: Say, Grim left his magic stick thingy!
[He grabs the scythe]
Harold: [talking like a commercial announcer] Hello, friends! Tired of living? Those Sunday brunches gotcha down? Well, I can relieve all that ails 'ya with this "magic stick thingy"! Side effects may include missing limbs, hair loss, and not living anymore!
[Harold gets zapped with the scythe and turns into a child.]

Billy: But I'm looking for Captain Fathead!
Mandy: Your dad's in the garage.

Mandy: [after seeing Billy's butt through the hole in the back of his pants] I've just lost my ability to see! I can still feel your butt looking at me.

Reap Walking / The Loser from the Earth's Core [4.10] Edit

Billy: Hey Grim, do you want one chocolate pickle or two?

Billy: It's empty, just like my soul.

Mandy: I would ask if you're okay... but I don't care.

Grim: I sense a disturbance in the force.

Gladys: I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!
[The camera shows the Scooby-Doo cast]
Mandy: No, over here.
[Camera pans down to Billy and Mandy]

Nergal: And so you see, Billy, I'm a sad, sad failure. I can't ever show my face in that household again.
Billy: [cheerfully] Well, maybe you can show some other parts of your body.

Nergal Jr.: Drop dead! I have no father.

Nergal Jr.: Are you all better in the head now?

Grim: Lady! I'm the Grim Reaper not the Happy Morning Sunshine Reaper!

Ecto Cooler / The Schlubs [4.11] Edit

Lord Byron: We will write a witty poem about Sperg's mother. Your words will be as 10,000 arrows in his buttocks!

Lord Byron: [after stopping Billy from attacking Sperg] No, Billy. A gentleman is a GENTLE man. We are pacifists by nature. The pen is mightier than the sword.
Billy: What about an AXE?
Lord Byron: Huh?
Billy: Crossbow?
Lord Byron: No.
Billy: A phase plasma rifle with a forty watt range?
Lord Byron: Let's just get you a pen.

Lord Byron: You must not fear, Billy. Fear is the death that brings total obliteration!

Lord Byron: Trained well and strong with coolness you are... But not that strong. [disappears]

Mandy: [to Atilla the Hun and Rasputin] You and you, get teaching. [to Abraham Lincoln] Honest Abe, you get the chips.
Ghost of Abraham Lincoln: Why is it always my job to get the chips?

Billy: But I thought you were AGAINS fighting. Like Switzerland.
Lord Byron: Switzerland is a cursed, selfish, SWINISH country of BRUTES, located in the most romantic region in the world...

Prank Call of Cthulhu [4.12] Edit

Billy: You STILL knew it was me?! I even dressed up as a stupid cowboy so nobody would recognize me! I HATE CALLER ID SO MUCH! IT'S RUINING MY LIFE, GRIM! MY LIFE! MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!

Grim: [After Mandy asks why he's crying] Billy, and... and his... UGLY friend... They made a call during the week, and I've only got a limited amount of weekday minutes! That is so EVIL, man! And I know evil - I'm the Grim Reaper!
Mandy: Get ahold of yourself. They were probably playing around with your phone making a bunch of phony phone calls. Where are they, anyway?
Grim: Oh, I don't know. They probably got sucked through the phone into another dimension beyond time and space, yadda-dabba-doo, and we're all doomed if they awaken the Great Cthulhu, 'cause he'll probably come up and destroy the universe. Let's go watch television.

[Billy is transforming into a Lovecraftian monster]
Mandy: Your nose looks like a cuttlefish.
Billy: Chicks dig cuttlefish!
Mandy: And your mouth looks like a big, disgusting sucker.
Billy: Chicks dig--
Grim: Don't go there.

Mutated Endsville citizens: [singing] It looks like it's Endsville for Endsville!
The Endsville we all loved was just a fluke!
We have tentacles, sharp teeth and great big gills,
But the sushi in this town all tastes like puke!
It looks like it's Endsville for Endsville!
The Endsville folk have really lost the fight!
We have sunk into some weird amoebic ooze,
So flush it down and don't forget to wipe!

Christmas special Edit

Billy & Mandy Save Christmas Edit

Grim: I never liked the livin' undead... walkin' around all dead but alive... Makes a mockery of my job.

Grim: Oh ,come on, Mandy. I always wanted to save Christmas with a vampire sidekick. Ever since I was a little boy...
[Flashes back to Grim as a child in kindergarden.]
Grim: [out loud to no one in particular] Someday I'll save Christmas with a vampire! [cheesy smile]
[A snowball hits him in the face.]

Baron Van Ghoulish: Besides, you don't want the Head Vampire, you want the HEAD Head Vampire.
Mandy: The HEAD Head Vampire?
Baron: Yes, they did this whole reorganization thing a couple of hundred years ago. It doesn't make much sense to me... Eh, what was I talking about? Oh yes, yes, the "Head" Head Vampire. I think he was at my Labor Day SOIREE. I'd definitely know him if i saw him.
Mandy: If he spilled something on your rug, I'm sure you'd recognize him.
[Van Ghoulish hisses at her.]

Grim: How come every time I take you kids to a mall it burns to the ground?
Billy: I blame the economy.

Mandy: [to vampire Santa] You're lucky Death was here to save you this time, fat man!

Grim: [after knocking on Santa's door and nobody answering] Strange, the door is locked and nobody is answering.
Mandy: If you saw the Grim Reaper at your door, would you answer?
Grim: Good point. But there should at least be some frightened screamin'. [reaches into pocket] Hang on, I got something for this.
Mandy: What?
Grim: [pulls out a key] A skeleton key!
[A snowball hits him in the face.]

Von Ghoulish & Grim: Hurrah!
Von Ghoulish: Now we're off.
Grim: Yes, we're off.
Von Ghoulish: We're off to save Christmas.
Grim: Off to save Christmas.
Von Ghoulish: And we're cold.
Grim: Super cold!
Baron Von Ghoulish: Yes, we forgot our jackets
Both: Yes, we did not bring our jackets, so we'll freeze and we will...
Mandy: Can it, you two. Alright, Baron if you know the way let's hear it, because we're... LOST,
[singing continues]
Both: And we're lost!
Oh so lost, and we can't feel our fingers.
No we can't feel our...
Mandy: I said, knock it off. [Sees Baron Von Ghoulish & Grim in a block of ice] Great, I get to spend Christmas Eve with a couple of dorksicles.

Season 5 Edit

Billy Ocean / Hill Billy [5.01] Edit

Captain Deadwood the Heartless: They call me Captain Deadwood, the Heartless, Arrrr! But don't let the name fool ya'... I'm not a real captain.

Billy: I've never been a real son to anybody before! Except my real dad...

[Mandy gets sprayed by cow's milk]
Grim: What's this? [He sees a retro cartoon phonograph] Hey, Mandy, I've figured out what's making that music. [Mandy gets up] You okay?
Mandy: Do I LOOK okay?
Grim: It's hard to tell; you sort of always look that way.
[Mandy gets sprayed by cow's milk again]
Grim: [laughing] Now that's comedy!
Mandy: [REALLY furious; screams] I HATE RETRO CARTOONS! [The retro phonograph hears this and becomes infuriated]
Grim: SHE said it! [They both start to run away]

Grim: Me Spidey Senses inidicate that whatever's making that music is turning everything into a retro cartoon.
Mandy: Grim, you don't HAVE Spidey Senses.
Grim: ... Now that complicates things.

Keeper of the Reaper [5.02] Edit

Billy: Destroying stuff makes me feel so ALIVE!
Mandy: I second that emotion.
Grim: Ditto.

Grim: [in Billy's fantasy] Gimme a banana!

Harold: Honey, remember what I promised would happen someday?
Gladys: You got the surgery?
Harold: Even better! I got transferred on work!
Grim: Transferred?
Billy: Transferred?
Harold: Aren't you excited? We get to move to another town and leave behind everything that has meaning to you!
Billy: But I don't wanna leave. I just finished marking my territory.

Grim: Stop it! Just stop it! You're behaving like spoiled children! I suggest you behave like spoiled adults, and settle this in court.
Billy: Fine! I'll see you in court! [He appears in a tennis court]
Grim: Wrong court, dummy.

Judge Roy Spleen: Let's get this party started. Do you, Billy, take Mandy to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Billy: I DO!
Judge Roy Spleen: And do you, Mandy, take Billy to be... [security guard whispers in his ear] Wait, not a wedding?

Mandy: This whole charade is pointless! Grim should belong to me!
Billy: Shut your dirty pie hole! He should belong to me!
Judge Roy Spleen: BOTH of you shut your dirty pie holes! You will follow the rules of the underworld court, or so help me, I'll make you sit in the chocolate pudding chair! THE STAINS WILL NEVER COME OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES!
Billy and Mandy: [both gulp]
Judge Roy Splean: Got it?!

Billy: Don't worry, Irwin, the monsters won't hurt you... unless they DECIDE to hurt you.

Billy: [psst, psst], [Billy sneak at witness bench] Irwin!
Irwin: Billy, I'm wet and I'm naked. And there's monster everywhere.
Billy: Don't worry, they won't hurt you. Unless they decide to hurt you. [Billy left the bench] Irwin, if you would, please read to this court your pre-written words that I, Billy, not MANDY, is the best person to take custody of said Grim.
Irwin: I'm cold, yo! Can I get some pants please?
Billy: READ IT!
Irwin: I believe... Billy is the best person... in all of the universe to take care of Grim. To keep him fed and clothed... and with or without him there will be nobody to unleash a deep reservoir of love...
Grim: Reservoir of love?! Sick.
Irwin: I wanna go home, please!
Billy: Not until you read the part about my warehouse of COMPASSION!
Mandy: Objection! He's leading the witness.
Billy: I'm not leading him. I'm just trying to make him say exactly what I want him to say.

[Jeff is being questioned by Mandy in the court.]
Jeff the Spider: Hi, everyone.
Billy: [gasp]
Mandy: Could you tell the court your relationship with Billy?
Jeff the Spider: He's my dad.
Jury and Court: Ewwwwwww!
Grim: Billy only hatched the egg, people. That's all.
Jury and Court: Ohhhhhhhh...
Mandy: And how would you rate Billy as a caregiver?
Jeff the Spider: Pretty good, I guess... except he's never remembered my birthday... or paid child support... in fact, he usually just jabs me with a big stick. OW!
Billy: [begins to jab Jeff with a really big stick] I'll jab you good, you filthy bug!
Jeff the Spider: Why don't you love me, dad?! I'll be anything you want me to be!
Mandy: No further questions.

[Li'l Porkchop is being questioned by Mandy in the court.]
Mandy: Li'l Porkchop, how long were you Billy's pet?
Li'l Porkchop: Eleven minutes.
Mandy: And what did he do to you, in those eleven minutes?
Li'l Porkchop: Horrible, horrible things... I don't want to talk about it! I still wake up, every night, screaming... SCREAMING! [quietly] Screaming...
Mandy: No further questions.

Billy: So, Mandy? You think you can make me look BAD?! Well, guess what, Mr. Missy-miss? I don't need YOU to make ME look bad! I can do that all on my own. And now, you force me to play dirty. [Billy starts playing in mud, laughing] I'm a dirty boy. I'm a dirty, I'm a dirty boy!
Mandy: Billy, you've just evolved a notch up the idiot ladder.
Billy: Such biting comments, Mandy. But now, they'll bite YOU - in the butt! I call to this court, Mandy's mom and dad!

Mandy's dad: It's not that we don't LOVE Mandy...
Mandy's mom: We love her very much!
Mandy's dad: It's just that we're... uhh... kinda scared of her.
Mandy's mom: I'm usually too afraid to even make eye contact!
Mandy's dad: When she was born, wolves came to try and raise her as one of their own. Sometimes I wonder if we were wrong to stop them...

Fred Fredburger: Gosh, I love paperwork... especially the part where I get to write my name. F, R, E, D... F, R, E, D... B, U, R... G... E... R! Fred Fredburger! Yes!

[About the judge's gavel.]
Fred Fredburger: I like the hammer-thingie. When you do NOT get one!

Fred Fredburger: [About Wiggy Jiggy Jed's hat] Hey, can I try on that hat? I think it's important. I think it's important that I try on the hat, because...
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: No! Shut up!
Fred Fredburger: ...Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: SHUT UP!
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: I ORDER YOU TO SHUT UP!
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: WHY WON'T YOU SHUT UP?!?!?! [Silence]
Fred Fredburger: ...Judge? [Judge Roy Spleen finally gives in and he gives Fred the hat]
Fred Fredburger: Yes.

Chorus: It's obvious to everyone here,
it's obvious to everyone here,
it's obvious to everyone that...
Fred Fredburger: I have to make poo-poo!
[music stops]

Fred Fredburger: Judge, the nachos made my poo-poo really stinky.

Mandy: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Billy is a doofus. Just look at him. If you give Grim to Billy, he'll abuse him, abuse him in all the wrong ways.
Billy: It's true.
Mandy: But, if you give Grim to me, I'll abuse him in all the right ways!
Grim: [gulps]

Fred Fredburger: Hey, hey... are you gonna cry?
Billy: [crying] Sh-Shut up!

Scooby-Doo: She makes fun of the way I walk! I mean, look at me, I'm a stinkin' dog!

Fred: Uh Judge, where are the nachos?
Judge Roy Spleen: There aren't any nachos!
Fred: Oh, then, where are the hot dogs?
Judge: There are no hot dogs!
Fred: Pizza?
Judge: No!
Billy: Tacos?
Fred: I like tacos!
Judge Roy Spleen: [bashes Billy and Mandy together] Don't encourage him!

The Love That Dare not Speak Its Name / Major Cheese [5.03] Edit

Grim: [About Billy's choice to be the grim reaper when he grows up] So you want to be me when you grow up. I don't know whether to be flattered or terrified.

Mandy: Since when has Billy ever been with a girl? So who is this pathetic, lonely, desperate, desperate, desperate, desperate, desperate, desperate creature?

Grim: That's right, I can change my size because I'm SUPERNATURAL!
Billy: Is it me or is Grim getting lamer?

Boys: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Grim: Blandy, Blandy! Thank goodness you're here. You've got to tell Billy there's nothing between us!
[Blandy shows her teeth evilly at Grim]

Harold: We've look for Billy for hours. He's no where to be found. We're too late! We failed him, Mandy! Failed! [cries] Oh, there he is.
Mandy': We got to tell Billy what we've found out about Blandy.
Harold: I hear you loud and clear. Let me handle this.
[Billy is shown choking Grim and his dad shows up]
Harold: [shouting] BILLY! I have something very very important to tell you! It's very crusel that you listen to me! OKAY? [Billy is still beating up Grim] Where'd you put the remote control to the TV? I can't find it anywhere!
Billy: In, the, bathroom, UGH!
Harold: Alright! Thanks, Billy!

Billy: Mandy, what are you doing? This doesn't involve you!
Grim': Mandy! Mandy! You've got to talk some sense to that boy! He thinks something's going on between me and Blandy! Tell him it's untrue!

Billy: [To Blandy who is a monster now] I don't care about that, Blandy! I still love you!
Blandy: I don't mean you, I meant Grim.
Billy: [to Grim, angrily] I'LL KILL YOU!

Blandy: Billy? I thought I was marrying Grim.
Adult Billy: [to Grim, angrily] I'LL KILL YOU!
Adult Mandy: Remember, kids: Love only leads to pain.

Modern Primitives / Giant Billy and Mandy All-Out Attack [5.04] Edit

Pud'n: Captain Deadwood, they called him. But don't let the name fool you... He's not REALLY a captain...
Mrs. Butterbean: Thank you, Pud'n, for that... Interesting show-and-tell...
Pud'n: I don't need your pathetic sympathy!

Mrs. Butterbean [angrily talk to the mean old caveman, Fred Flintstone, drove roughly in Mrs. Butterbean's car] You do know, that now you'd kidnapped me, I expect to be married.

[doorbell rings]
Mandy: Grim. Door. Now.
[Grim walks off screen and returns with Billy and Irwin]
Grim: Here you go, your highness. Count Idiot and Lord Weenie.

Billy [sobbing]: Goodbye old friend, may you find you destiny in the future, mighty Jake Steel. The future, where cars will fly and we'd all have nano machines in our bloodstream that will enable us to tell the time without a watch. The future... the FUTURE.

Mandy: He's not dead, Billy. We just re-buried him in your front yard. What a waste of an episode.

The Wrongest Yard / Druid, Where's My Car? [5.05] Edit

Grim: [after turning into a penguin] Wait a minute, my spirit animal is a penguin? I was hoping for a tyrannosaurus.

Mindy: That's not fair! I'm a captain! And if I go, I'm taking all my girls with me!
Football Coach: Fine! Mandy's way better than you, anyway.
Mindy: Listen here, Mandy! If you'll become captain. I swear! I will never, ever, EVER speak to you again!
Mandy: Well, I can't pass up that offer. I'll do it.
Mindy: Uh! [growls] You...AGGGHHHH! [anger mumbling)

Herbicidal Maniac / Chaos Theory [5.06] Edit

[Eris turns into a praying mantis and eats Hoss Delgado alive]
Eris: When a praying mantis devours her mate, it's because she loves him. When I do it, it's because I'M CRAZY! HAHAHAHA!

Hoss Delgado: You've never truly been loved until you've been eaten by a giant bug.

Pud'n: Mister Skarr, there's a candy bar in the pool!

General Skarr: Ahh, Billy! [spots Billy's parents] ...And some other people.

[Skarr has been transformed into a plant-like creature]
Harold: You know, Skarr, there's something different about you lately. I can't quite squeeze my finger on it.
General Skarr: Different? [laughs nervously and gulps] It must be my... healthy glow of victory.
Harold: No... it's your hair! [indicates the giant leaf growing out of Skarr's head] You finally got one!

General Skarr: Billy, how would you like to see something REALLY special?
Billy: Ooh! Is it a lady covered in ants wearing a loaf of bread as a hat, 'cuz I'd really like to see that, mmm-hmm.
General Skarr: [bewildered] N-No.

A Grim Day / Pandora's Lunch Box [5.07] Edit

Mandy: What do you want, bonehead?
Grim: Billy's off to his Grammy's for the day, so I guess you have custody.
Mandy: No can do, slim.
Grim: Huh?
Mandy: This is the one day of the year that's all about me.
Grim: But I thought every day was all about Mandy.
Mandy: True, but this is the one day of the year that I pamper myself. Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage. The works.
[Grim looks confused]
Mandy: Okay, I sit on the couch, stuff myself with cheesy foam and watch demolition derby. The point is, I need a break!

Woman #1: Can you believe she said that?
Woman #2: No kidding?
Woman #1: Yeah, I'm just kidding.

General Skarr: Who dares challenge Skarr! Prepare to meet my DOOM!
Grim: I guess it's your turn Billy... I mean Pud'n.

Pud'n: Hey... you are that nice mister Skarr, with all those pretty flowers?

Grim: I can't believe that you actually saved the humanity. But you hate humanity!
Mandy: I won't be tricked into unleashing a never-ending sorrow on humanity. When the time comes, I'll do it on my own.

[About Dora the Explorer]
Billy: Is it that show about the little girl who wanders around the jungle without any adult supervision, averting crisis and conversing with wild animals with the aid of her foreign language-speaking monkey?

Mandy: Grim, you're gonna tell me how to stop her, and you're gonna do it now.
Grim: And why should I do that?
Mandy: [angrily grabbing Grim by the neck of his cloak] You're gonna tell it! Or, so help me, I will pull your stupid cloak through your eyes and use it as reins to ride your bony butt back to the darkest pits of the Underworld FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!
Grim: Aghh, OK! Sorry I asked, you little psychopath.

Mindy: [to her cheerleading squad] Don't stop! Get it! Get it! SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!

Dora: [after trying to make Mindy open her lunch box for some time] Look, are you gonna open my lunch box and look inside or not, you big LOSER! [Mindy, the girls and Irwin scream]
Mindy: [stamering in shock] Wh-what? I-I-I'm not a lo-loser! You're the... [Dora walks away] Hey, get back here! I'm not through humiliating you, you... you bean!
Dora: Er, mind if I join you.
Mandy: Anyone who can do THAT do Mindy can join us!
Mindy: [in increasingly panicked voice]I'm not a loser. Loser...bean, BEAN, LOSER!

[Mindy screams in frustration, hits herself with the remains of the 7-Layer Dip and passes out]

Grim: [To Skarr] " Blah Blah Blah Scythe. Blah Blah Blah Blah Scythe. Blah Blah Blah! Ultimate Power!"

Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians [5.08] Edit

Gladys: Billy, you need to clean your

Irwin: Mandy! Take my hand!
Mandy: No, I know where that thing's been.

Billy: You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.

Billy: [Talking quickly] Ergh, I feel like a just ate a quarter tonne or raw meat, went into a coma for 6 days and fell out of a moving vehicle in to a pile of vomit.
Irwin: That's exactly what happened yo! Except, it's only been an hour.

Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons / Fear and Loathing in Endsville [5.09] Edit

Boss Del Guapo: Prepare the scythe wipe.

Dracula: Great, now HOW is Dracula supposed to get to the Early Bird Special? This is all Skeleton Man's fault. Dracula wanted to call a limo!
Grim: There AREN'T any limos in the desert!
Dracula: You can't tell Dracula what IS or AIN'T in the desert!
Grim: OK, then, show me a limo.
Dracula: [glancing around, then points off screen] There! Dracula see a limo.
Grim: [looking annoyed] That's a cactus.
[Camera cuts to Dracula sitting on cactus]

Singer: They went over the speed limit like an angry woman
They caused property damage like an angry woman
Oh man, just like an angry woman

Truck driver: Everyone thinks that once a fingernail falls off it's useless, but that's wrong. See, I've been writing a book about fingernail arts and crafts. Here, take a look at this.
Grim: What's that?
Truck driver: Fingernail sunglasses! [Grim and Dracula are disgusted] The hardest part is finding enough fingernails, so sometimes I substitute toenails. Don't tell no one.

Grim: [after being stung by the giant scorpion] Dracula... DRACULA! Please hurry, I'm in terrible pain! You gotta suck out my poison!
Dracula: Nuh-uh, Dracula don't suck.
Grim: But you're a vampire! Vampires suck... Blood!
Dracula: Nah, see that's a myth. Dracula scrape with his fangs and lick up the blood. Like this... Scrape...then lick. Scrape...then lick.
Grim: [getting progressively weaker] But what about my poison...
Dracula: Didn't Dracula just tell you about the scrape-and-lick? Now, Dracula's gonna say it again for dummies who don't pay attention! Scrape and lick!
Grim: Ooh... [Falls on the ground]

Giant Scorpion: My babies!
Dracula: Well, maybe if you didn't make your babies so delicious, Dracula wouldn't have to eat 'em!

Dracula: Get your butt up. Dracula still gotta make it to the Early Bird Special.
Grim: WHY are you such a selfish old man?
Dracula: Whatcha say? Nobody calls Dracula old!

Grim: What do you know about me?! Nothing! You don't even know my name!
Dracula: Your name is DUMMY, and if you knew anything about anything, you'd notice there's an Early Bird Special EVERY... SINGLE... DAY OF THE WEEK!
Grim: You just don't understand! You'll never understand! NEVER! [runs away crying]
Dracula: No fried fish for Dracula then.

Tusken Raider: RAGGLE-FRAGGLE!
Grim: Aagh! A sand man!
Tusken Raider: Actually, we prefer "people of sand".

Mandy: Ordinary morality is for ordinary people.

Dad Day Afternoon / Scary Poppins [5.10] Edit

Harold: Take me with you. I mean, yeah. Go home to your own- Hold on. You mean to tell me that Mandy isn't our daughter? This whole time I thought she was, and what? Now you say she isn't. So tell me, who does Billy belong to? How much of my life is a lie? Is our Marriage fake? What about this house? My shirt, my underwear. Is this all part of some interplanetary conspiracy to make me think I'm a lowly construction worker?

Hurter Monkey / Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus [5.11] Edit

Goodvibes: Save the Buck Tooth Hippo! Save the Buck Tooth Hippo!
Hip Hop Kid: Yo Goodvibes! Yo' momma's so hairy, Bigfoot takes pictures of her.
Goodvibes: I can guarantee you this mister. My mother is not hairy.

H2O: Word.

Irwin: Hippo? He looks more like a fat cow.
Grim: [After a long, awkward silence] He's dead.
Goodbling: Oh, no, you didn't! I know you didn't just insult my man, H2O, dawg!
Irwin: It was a mistake yo! I'm sorry!
GoodBling: Is Goodbling gonna have to insult yo' Momma?
Irwin: No! Please!
Goodbling: Yo' momma's so.
Grandmama: She's so what?
Irwin: Grandmama!
Goodbling: Grandmama?

Grandmama: Yo' momma's so ugly that people go as her for Halloween!
Students: Ooh!
Goodbling: Yo' momma's so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!
Students: Ooh!
Grandmama: Yo' momma's so ugly, she made an onion cry!
Students: [Laughing]
Goodbling: Yo' momma's so ugly, she turned Medusa to stone!
Students: Ooh!
Grandmama: Yo' momma's so stupid, she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept!
Students: Ooh!
Grandmama: Yo' momma's so stupid, she cheated off Billy's test!
Billy and Students: [Laughing]
Goodbling: Yeah, well! Uh!
Grandmama: Yo' momma's so ugly, she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning!
Students: Ooh!
Goodbling: Uh, uh, uh, Yo' momma.
Grandmama: Now let me tell ya somethin! Yo' momma so ugly. I tell ya she's so ugly, she needs two bags to cover her face! Mmm-hmm! That the pound wouldn't take her away! No, they wouldn't! That Dracula wouldn't drink her blood!
Dracula: Dracula wouldn't touch her with Wolfman's teeth!

Billy: Hey, hey, Grim, Yo' momma is so ugly, I heard your dad met her at a dog show!
Grim: Shut up!
Billy: Ooh, ooh! Yo' momma's so stupid she put lipstick on her head just to make up her mind!
Grim and Mandy: Shut up!

Spidermandy / Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred [5.12] Edit

Jeff: Will you be my mommy?
Mandy: Does a chicken wear underwear?
Jeff: Hmm... [imagines Billy in a chicken suit and underwear] Well, I'd have to say...

Grim: Ah, you're awake, but some most kids who drink half a cup of spider venom don't live to tell about it. But then most kids aren't friends with the Grim Reaper.

Fred Fredburger: [Grim accidentally spilled Fred's frozen yogurt] NO! You... KILLED my yogurt!
Grim: No, Fred! It was an accident!
Fred Fredburger: Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger!
Billy: Eh, good going, yogurt killer.

Season 6 Edit

Everything Breaks / The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name [6.01] Edit

  • Miss Butterbean: Billy, is it remotely possible that you have your science project ready?
  • Billy: [beholds the Endsville playset] A natural disaster. [carries a meteor toy] GIANT ASTEROID FROM OUTER SPACE! [slams the meteor toy onto the Endsville playset and the meteor toy smashes through a window] I suppose a giant meteor should work.

The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E. / King Tooten Pooten [6.02] Edit

Billy: Are there any chocolate cupcakes?
Pud'n: What happens if I eat the chocolate cupcake?
Irwin: Chocolate gives me diarrhea, yo!

CIA agent: So, you want to join our organization.
Billy: What organization?
CIA agent: The CIA.
Billy: J, K, L, M, N, O, P!
CIA agent: Wait, what?
Billy: Q, R, S, P, U, Z! Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with ME?!
CIA agent: ...Do you think you have what it takes to join us?
Billy: I have a rash on my butt!
CIA agent: Okay...
Billy: My mom says not to touch it, but I do anyway. PLEASE DON'T TELL MY MOM!
CIA agent: Uh, sure.
Billy: Are you invisible?
CIA agent: No, Billy, I'm in a different room.
Billy: The bathroom?
CIA agent: ...Billy, what if we warped your mind so that you'd be cooler?

Viper: Shut up!
Wiggly: You shut up!
Viper: No, you shut up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!
Viper: No, you shut up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!

[Billy and the boys continue to repeat Wiggly and Viper argument]

Viper: Shut up!
Wiggly: Shut up! Shut up!
Viper: Shut up! Shut Up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!
Viper: No, you shut up!
Wiggly: No, you shut up!
Viper: Shut up! Shut up! I said shut up!
Wiggly: I said shut up!
Viper: Oh, you shut up! You shut up!
Wiggly: All of you, SHUT UP! This oath is over, do you understand?!

Billy Gets an "A" / Yeti or Not, Here I Come [6.03] Edit

Yeti: You know what hatches from this egg?
Billy: [confused] A two-headed grandma?

Nergal's Pizza / Hey, Water You Doing? [6.04] Edit

Company Halt / Anger Mismanagement [6.05] Edit

Bunny: Pat my belly, [pauses, Deep hoarse voice] PAT MY BELLY!

Billy: Hey, bear butt! Bet you can't hit me with one of those stupid rubber bands.
Hector: Bear Butt? Prepare to be destroy, little boy!

[The big rubber band fire at Billy, he jump away and aim at Skarr's garden instead]

Skarr: My garden, MY GLORIOUS GARDEN! I told you to stay away from my garden.

Waking Nightmare / Beware the Undertoad [6.06] Edit

Exercise Dude: You! I need your bicycle!
Bicycle Guy: What? Why?
Exercise Dude: BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY!

The Most Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever / Detention X [6.07] Edit

Nergal Jr.: What's it feel like, being in love, Irwin?
Irwin: It's like a beautiful flower inside your chest that's trying to burst out through your ribcage.
Billy: Like my dad's heartburn!

[Irwin is too nervous to give Mandy the Valentines card he made for her]
Nergal Jr.: Irwin, you HAVE to give Mandy your card. You put your soul into making it! Your blood, Your sweat, Your tears!
Billy: ...Your puke!

Irwin: [After Nergal Jr. gets Mandy to go out with him] YOU... STOLE... MY... WOMAN!

Nergal Jr.: I've gotta stop making my hand big like that.

Irwin: I'm not the cool stud you think I am!


Billy: What the- Sp-sp-sp-sp-SPIDERS! [screams]

[Stuck in the Detention Dimension with Billy]
Grim: This is going to be a long eternity...

El Dia de Los Muertos Estupidos / Heartburn [6.11] Edit

Mandy: I thought we are going out for a hamburger. We've been in this car for hours. I get cranky when I get hungry!
Billy: I get hungry when I'm cranky! We're like twins! [burps as Mandy punches the back of the seat where Billy sits causing him to have an airbag on his own face]

Dick: [angrily] Irwin!

Dick: Go give that pacifier back to that baby!

Dick: How would you like it if he stole your mouse head collection?

Codename: KND CrossoverThe Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door Edit

[At Billy's house, a picture of him and his parents is hanging on the wall. Suddenly, an apple plows into it, breaking it.]
Billy: Oh! He nailed that one! [golfing, using Grim's scythe as the club and apples as the golf balls] All Billy needs is one more shot, and he'll win the Continental Breakfast Golf Tournament! [takes a hefty swing at the next apple. It sails across the room just as the door opens and his father walks in. The apple nails Harold in the middle of his forehead, knocking him over]
Billy: [worried] Dad! [runs over to his dad, a worried look on his face; angrily screaming] YOU JUST MADE ME LOSE THE TOURNAMENT! [The force of his shouting blows his father across the room. Harold gets up and walks over to his son.]
Harold: Look, Billy. I'm going underwear shopping for a couple of hours, so while I'm gone, you'll be the man of the house, and I suggest you ACT like it! [grabs Grim's scythe and sticks it in an umbrella stand]
Billy: [excited] Man of the house? Does that mean I get to wear your lucky pants?!
Harold: No. I'm the one who wears the pants in this family! You just keep an eye on things while I'm gone! [exits the house through the front door. Just after exiting, he sticks his head back in] And keep your FILTHY MITTS OFF MY PANTS! [slams the door firmly]
Billy: [stares straight ahead blankly] So... that's a "yes"?
[A whirlwind bursts out of a closet and spins to a stop in front of a mirror. It's Billy, wearing a gigantic pair of plaid orange pants. Billy proceeds to jiggle his butt, does the Prisyadka, goes swimming the pants, break-dances, and moonwalks–until he steps on a Sassy Cat doll, at which point he proceeds to stumble backwards, fall through a banister, and drop screaming to the floor. Suddenly, though, he slows to a stop, as his underwear has just been caught by Grim's scythe. Unfortunately, though, the scythe bends and pops out of the umbrella stand, dropping him to the floor, and to add insult to injury, the scythe lands blade down in the middle of his dad's lucky pants. Billy slowly stands up and looks at the scythe, now trapped in the exact middle of the pants, before freaking out.]
Billy: Aah, Dad's pants! What do I do? Dad's gonna sell my organs if he finds out I ripped his lucky pants! [determined] There's only one group of kids who can help me now.
[The Eds are in Eddy's garage, over which a sign is hung reading "Ed's Pesky Problem Fixers". Eddy is behind a desk, Edd (Double Dee) is with a typewriter, and Ed is mopping up some of his own drool. Suddenly, the phone rings.]
Ed: Hello!
Eddy: [picking up the phone] Ed, Edd n Eddy's Pesky Problem Fixers! Got a problem that's pesky? We'll fix 'er, for just 1 lousy quarter! [Billy muffled gobbling comes from the telephone. Eddy gives it a look.]
Eddy: [angry] WHADDYA MEAN, YOU'RE BROKE?!? HEY, if you're looking for charity, call Kids Next Door. They're cheap. [angrily hangs up the phone]

[At Billy's house, the doorbell rings. He steps over and answers the door.]
Billy: Oh thank goodness you're here! [notices who it is] Hey! You're not Powerpuff Girls!
Numbuh 1: No, we're not. I am Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door and these are my teammates. Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5. We're here to solve your problem.
Billy: So you're like elves?
Numbuh 1: No, we are highly trained operatives skilled in the art of covering things up that get kids grounded. Normally we try to stay away from this town, with all the weird things that happen. But the Kids Next Door never say no to a problem.
Billy: IT'S THESE PANTS! My dad told me to never ever wear them, but I couldn't resist! [lying on the floor, whimpering] And now I've broke them.
Numbuh 1: Nothing the Kids Next Door can't handle. So, first things first, off with the pants! [his teammates rush over and try to pull the pants off of Billy]
Numbuh 5: Get them!
Numbuh 4: Hold still!
[The 4 are unable to get the pants off, and both they and Billy go flying. Billy's nose comes off and lands on Numbuh 3.]
Numbuh 5: Those pants are not coming off.
Numbuh 2: Maybe if we take Billy to the Kids Next Door Deep Sea Lab, our scientists could find a way to remove them.

[Billy is standing in the middle of the living room, staring straight ahead.]
Numbuh 3: [looking at him] Wow, great disguise, Numbuh 1! You look exactly like Billy!
Numbuh 1: [offscreen] That IS Billy.
[The camera pans over to Numbuh 1. He has a saucepan on his head and a tomato on his nose, and he's wearing Billy's clothes.]
Numbuh 3: Um, why do you have a tomato stuck to your face?
Numbuh 1: Because while you guys take Billy back to the lab to get those pants fixed, I'll stay here in disguise. If his dad comes back, I'll keep him away from the closet so he won't know his pants are missing.
Billy: But what if my dad finds out you're not me?
Numbuh 1: Don't worry, Billy. I'll never tell anyone where you or those pants are, even if they try torturing me. Now get him out of here! [his associates grab Billy and carry him away] All right. Phase 1 complete. [the doorbell rings] Ah. Ahem. [acting like Billy and imitating his voice] I'll get it! [opening the door] Hello...?
[At the door is Mandy who squints at Numbuh 1.]
Mandy: Who are you?
Numbuh 1 [in Billy's goofy laughing]: I'm Billy!
Mandy: No, you're not. What have you done to him?
Numbuh 1: I told you I'm– [Mandy slaps him on the tomato; in his normal voice] Hey! [Mandy slaps him again] Stop that–! [Mandy slaps him again] I– [Mandy slaps him several times]
Mandy: Tell me who you are and what you've done with Billy before I'm through with you.
Numbuh 1: I'd like to see you try!

The Delightful Children From Down the Lane: Finally. With the latest adjustments to Father's Delightfulization Chamber, we'll be able to create even more well-behaved obedient children–like ourselves. And together, we will finally destroy those Kids Next Door! [laugh evilly]
Billy: Scuse me. Are you in line for the bathroom?
DCFDTL: Why, no. Go right ahead.
Billy: Thank you. [darts into the Delightfulization Chamber]
The Delightful Children: You're wel– Hey, that's not a bathroom! Get out of there this instant! [tromp into the chamber after Billy]
Numbuh 4: Oh crud. What's Billy doing?
Numbuh 5: [cocking her weapon] Challenging you for fool of the month. C'mon! [The members of Sector V charge out screaming, heading for the Delightfulization Chamber.]
Billy: Hey, is this button to flush?
The Delightful Children: No, don't touch that!

Grim: Ooh! Something terrible just happened!
Numbuh 1: Well, I don't know what happened to you or why you're wearing that dumb Halloween costume, but to tell you the truth, I... don't... care! [takes the tomato off and throws it to the ground] I'm out of this nuthouse! [stalks out the front door]
Grim: No! You've got to help me, Billy! Horrible children have fused with me scythe. I can feel it! They're evil and strangely... delightful.

Numbuh 5: Is everyone okay?
Delightful Children: Yes! I can feel the power going through me! I can feel the–
Billy: Hey! Can you slow down? This talking at the same time is really hard.
Numbuh 3: Ooh, ooh! I want to try talking at the same time too!
Billy and the Delightful Children: That can be arranged, for you can be first to be assimilated by... THE DELIGHTFUL REAPER!
Numbuh 3: Wait, start over! I wasn't ready!
Numbuh 5: Come on back to the ship! [the Delightful Reaper assimilated Numbuh 2] NUMBUH 2!
The Delightful Reaper: He's only the first one to be assimilated by us. [Numbuh 2 joined the Delightful Reaper] Soon all children will assimilate!

Irwin: Dude! You're late for the party, yo!
Delightful Reaper: You shall assimilate!
Billy: WAIT! Can't we have some cake before we assimilactate?
Delightful Reaper: [to Billy] NO!

Rainbow Monkey Girls: Rainbow Monkeys!
Mindy and friends: Sassy Cat!
Rainbow Monkey Girls: Rainbow Monkeys!
Mindy and friends: Sassy Cat!
Delightful Reaper: Assimilate!
Mindy, her friends, Rainbow Monkey Girls: Assimilate! [realizing what they just said, the girls start to mumble confusedly. Suddenly, the Delightful Reaper rises up behind them. They, along with the rest of the playground, try to run away, only to get cut down by the cold iron blade of the Delightful Reaper]
Delightful Reaper: ASSIMILATE!

Numbuh 3: Hey, look! It's Billy!
Numbuh 1: DON'T be rediculus, Numbuh 3. [to Mandy] And what've you done to our Moonbase, Mandy? OWW!
Numbuh 60: DO NOT speak to her mandyness without prior written permisson.
Mandy: It's ok Mandy Numbuh 60, now leave us.
Grim: What are you up to this time, girl?
Mandy: My destiny! These dumb kids have the means to conquer the world for centuries, but instead spent their time fighting over the right to eat cookies for dinner, but now that I'm in charge, WE'RE HAVING WORLD DOMINATION FOR DINNER... with the side of rice.
Numbuh 1: You'll never get away with it!
Mandy: And whose gonna stop me? Grim is powerless with out his scythe, and everyone still thinks you're that idiot Billy.
Grim: YOU'RE not really Billy?
Mandy: Silence! Take them away!

Numbuh 1: Well, isn't this just the perfect sunday! First I'm stuck impersonating some half-wit kid, then a maniacal girl takes over the Kids Next Door and now I'm locked in a cell with some guy in a halloween costume!
Grim: It's not a costume! I am the grim reaper, and YOU have NO idea of the power I possess.
Numbuh 1: Oh, yeah? Then why don't you use your "power" to open that door an get us out of here?
[Grim shrugs as the door opens on its own]
Numbuh 5: Numbuh 1, am I glad to see you. Everybody's gone crazy around here. [points to Grim] And what happened to that guy? Don't they feed prisoners around here anymore?
Numbuh 1: Never mind him, let's go.
Grim: Wait! Take me with you! I can help!
Numbuh 5: With what, a crash diet plan?
Numbuh 1: Hold on. Why would YOU help us?
Grim: Because I'm sick of everyone and their aunt-Trixie always taking me scythe! And together, using the Bone of Barnacles, we can fight the Delightful Children and Mandy. I'll get me scythe and you'll get your friends back.
Numbuh 5: Forget that fool, let's go.
Numbuh 1: No. Right now we need all the help we can get. You go find Numbuh 362, Abby. Grim and I will take care of everything planetside.
Numbuh 5: Well, you'll be needing THESE then. [hands Numbuh 1 his shades which she had secretly been hiding after Mandy left with Numbuhs 3 and 4]
Numbuh 1: Right So let's do this.
Grim: Sunglasses? Are you going to a fight or a fashion show?
Numbuh 1: Just get on with it!
Grim: [while grumbling under his breath] If you say so. [laughs]

Delightful Reaper: Assimilate! Assimilate!
Billy: [singing] Na na na na na na na na na! [The reaper stops and stands still, confused.] La la la la la la la la la!
Delightful Reaper: [annoyed] "Would you stop that!?! Ugh! I wish I had never assimilated you in the first place!"

Computer Voice: Mandy New Dictator, M.A.N.D.R.O.B.O.T. - Monkeys and Nice Doggies relax on Bodies of Turtles.
Mandy: What kind of acronym is THAT?
Numbuh 3: [testy] Well, if you weren't in such a rush, maybe I could've come up with a better one!
Billy: Hiya, Mandy! Did you come to assimimamamamalaminate... or whatever it is we're doing?
Mandy/M.A.N.D.R.O.B.O.T.: No, Billy. You're in the way of my world domination. So I'm taking you down.
Billy: Oh. Okay.
Delightful Reaper: Then let's fight!

Billy: [spotting something on a roof] Ooh! [The Delightful Reaper picks it up.] A bacon sandwich! Is anyone gonna eat this? [eats it happily as the rest of the assimilated look at him angrily. Only then does he notice the bone barrage] Hey! Who's shooting bones at my butt?
Numbuh 1: Our attacks aren't working!
Grim: It's those pants! I know those pants. [has a flashback where he is sitting on the couch next to Harold wearing the lucky pants]
Harold: Yep, this are my lucky pants alright! I wore these babies the night I engaged with Gladys.
Grim: You called THAT lucky?
Harold: Heck, no! They're lucky because they're immune to lasers, supernatural powers and mustards.

Mandy Reaper: That's right! You puny KND are nothing compared to what I've become!
Harold: Hey, you! [at the base of the Mandy Reaper, decked out in wrestling gear] Give me back my lucky pants! Give... them... BACK! [foaming at the mouth] AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YA!

[Behind Harold, the Mandy Reaper lies in a huge hole and groans. Shortly thereafter, kids begin to pop out of it in spurts. After the spurts become a flood, a scythe falls out and flies through the air, into the capable hands of the Skeleton Samurai.]
Grim: Finally! Me scythe!

Film Edit

Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure Edit

Grim: Hey, we got to this far. Not bad for a weenie, a dope and a useless bag of bones with no powers. You figure out the rest.
Billy: Am I the weenie or the bag of bones?

Grim: Love makes people do all sorts of stupid things.
Billy: I love everything!
Grim: That explains a lot.

Billy: Is Grim gonna be OK?
Mandy: He'll be fine. He's going through the seven stages of grief. Shock.
Grim: How could this happen?
Mandy: Denial.
Grim: It's a mistake. No way this can happen.
Mandy: Bargaining.
Grim: It's OK, it's OK, maybe I can fix it.
Mandy: Fear.
Grim: There's no way I can fix it!
Mandy: Anger.
Grim: I'm gonna pull Boogie's nose off and put it in a jar!
Mandy: Despair.
Grim: And when I'm done with Boogie, I'm coming for you little pukes!
Mandy: He's stuck on anger.

Fred Fredburger: Uh... we, the jury, find the defendant... uh... innocent!
Pale Ghoulish Juror: You idiot! That says guilty!
Fred Fredburger: Guilty! Yes.

Voice Cast Edit

Richard Steven Horvitz - Billy, Harold (Billy's dad), Billy-bot, and Saliva
Grey DeLisle - Mandy, Milkshake, Aunt Sis, Major Dr. Ghastly, and Betty Rubble
Greg Eagles - Grim Reaper and Sperg
Vanessa Marshall - Irwin and Clarie (Mandy's mom)
Rachael MacFarlane - Mindy and Eris
Jennifer Hale - Gladys (Billy's mom)
Jane Carr - Pud'n
Debi Derryberry - Nergal Jr.
Diedrich Bader - Hoss Delgado and Floss Delgado
Armin Shimerman - General Skarr
Kari Wahlgren - Velma the Spider Queen

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