The Father (2020 film)

2020 film directed by Florian Zeller

The Father is a 2020 film about a man who refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.

Directed by Florian Zeller. Written by Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton, based on Zeller's 2012 play Le Père.
Nothing is as it seems.


  • [to Anne] You keep looking at me as if there was something wrong. Everything’s fine, Anne. The world is turning. You’ve always been that way. A worrier. Like your mother. Your mother was always scared. Always looking for reasons to be scared. Whereas your sister has always been much more... At least she doesn't keep badgering me.
  • Who exactly am I?
  • I don't need any help from anyone. And I'm not going to leave my flat. All I want is for everyone to fuck off. Having said that... it's been a great pleasure. Au revoir. Toodle-oo.
  • I am worried. It's very worrying. I mean... Losing all my things, everyone's just helping themselves, and... If this goes on much longer, um, I'll be stark naked. And, um, I... I won't be able to tell what time it is.
  • There's something doesn't make sense about this. Doesn't make sense.


Anne: I’m going to have to move, Dad. I’m going to have to leave London.
Anthony: Really? Why?
Anne: We talked about this. Do you remember?
Anthony: Is that why you’re so keen on this nurse living with me? Well, obviously it is. The rats are leaving the ship.
Anne: I won’t be here, Dad. I won’t be able to come here everyday. You need to understand that.
Anthony: You’re leaving? When? I mean...why?
Anne: I’ve met someone.
Anthony: You?
Anne: Yes.
Anthony: You mean... a man?
Anne: Yes.
Anthony: Really?
Anne: You needn’t sound so surprised.
Anthony: No, it’s just that... since your... What was his name?
Anne: James.
Anthony: That’s right. You have to admit, since James, there hasn’t been a lot of... What’s he do, anyway?
Anne: He lives in Paris. I’m going to go and live there.
Anthony: What, you? In Paris? You’re not going to do that, are you, Anne? I mean, wake up... They don’t even speak English. [pause] Do I know him?
Anne: Yes. You’ve met him.
Anthony: [pause] So, if I understand correctly, you’re leaving me. Is that it? You’re abandoning me...
Anne: Dad...
Anthony: What’s going to become of me?

Anthony: Let me explain. My daughter is of the opinion that I can’t manage on my own. So she’s moved in with me. Ostensibly to help me. With this man she met not long ago, just after her divorce, who has a very bad influence on her, I have to tell you.
Anne: Look, what are you talking about, Dad?
Anthony: And now she’d like to convince me that I can’t manage on my own. The next stage will be to send me away I don’t know where... Obviously, it’ll be a much more efficient way of getting hold of my flat.
Anne: Dad...
Anthony: But it’s not going to happen that way. I may as well tell you. I have no intention of leaving any time soon. No, you heard me. I intend to outlive you. Both of you. Yes. Well, I don’t know about you... But my daughter, yes. I shall make a point of it. I’m going to inherit from her. Not the other way round. The day of her funeral, I shall give a little speech to remind everyone how heartless and manipulative she was.

Anthony: I feel as if I'm losing all my leaves.
The Woman: Your leaves?
Anthony: Yeah.
The Woman: What do you mean?
Anthony: The branches and the wind and the rain. I don't know what's happening anymore. Do you know what's happening? All this business about the flat. I... I have nowhere to put my head down anymore. But I know my watch is on my wrist, that I do know. For the journey. If not, I... Don't know if I'll... be ready to, uh... To... To...

Anthony: Can I ask you a question?
Laura: Yes.
Anthony: Are you a nun?
Laura: No.
Anthony: Then why are you speaking to me as if I'm retarded?

The Woman: I've brought you your medication.
Anthony: Why don't you just fuck off with your medication?

The Woman: First... we'll get dressed, shall we?
Anthony: Yes.
The Woman: We'll get dressed, and then we'll go for a walk in the park, shall we?
Anthony: Yes.
The Woman: Good. The trees and all the leaves. Then we'll come back here, and we'll have something to eat.
Anthony: Yes.
The Woman: And then you can have your siesta, alright?
Anthony: Yes.
The Woman: And then if you're feeling on good form, we can go for another little walk in the park. Just the two of us.
Anthony: Yeah.
The Woman: Because it's such a lovely day.
Anthony: Yeah.
The Woman: It's sunny outside. And we have to go while it's sunny. We have to take that chance.
Anthony: Yeah.
The Woman: 'Cause it never lasts long when the weather's this good, does it?
Anthony: No.
The Woman: So... let's get dressed. Is that alright?
Anthony: No.
The Woman: Come on now.
Anthony: No.
The Woman: Come on, baby. It's all right. Come on... Shh. Easy now. Easy. You're going to feel all right in a minute, I promise you. Everything will be alright.


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