The Dukes of Hazzard

1979-1985 American television series

The Dukes of Hazzard is an American television series that originally aired on the CBS television network from 1979 to 1985.

Waylon Jennings (The Balladeer)


[Theme song]

Just two good ole boys.
Never meanin' no harm.
Beats all you never saw,
Been in trouble with the law,
Since the day they was born.
Straight'nin' the curve,
Flat'nin' them hills.
Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will.
Makin' their way,
The only way they know how,
That's just a little bit more than the law will allow.
Just two good ol' boys,
Wouldn't change if they could,
Fightin' the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.



Uncle Jesse Duke

  • Shepherd to lost Sheep, Shepherd to lost Sheep.
  • That J. D. Hogg is more crooked than a dog's hind leg.
  • J.D. HOGG!

Bo Duke

  • [In one episode when talking to Boss] That Hughie Hogg is so crooked he makes you look straight.

Cooter Davenport

  • Breaker 1, Breaker 1. I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Craaaazy Cooter comin' atcha, any y'all Dukes out there on the Hazzard net, come on?

Boss Hogg: Blood is thicker than water, but money is thicker than blood.

Rosco: Boss, whose side are we on?

Boss: Whose do you think? The winnin' side!

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

  • I'm gonna cuff ya and stuff ya.
  • This is Sheriff RosCO... P. Coltrane here.
  • [When someone else is talking on the phone] Say hello from Rosco.
  • You dipstick!
  • Kew, Kew, I love it, I love it!
  • Don't you threaten me.
  • I'm in hot pursuit!
  • Enos, do you know what one casket said to the other casket? He said, 'Was that you coffin?'
  • That's a big ten-four, little fat buddy. I'm a commin', I'm a comin'!
  • Enos, this is your commanding officer speaking.
  • Judas priest on a pony.
  • Buckle up for safety Flash.

Enos Strate

  • Possum on a gum bush!
  • Enos: Yes, sir, "Hound Dog".
  • Rosco: It's not "Hound Dog", you dipstick. It's "Top Dog"!
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