The Bride (1985 film)

1985 film by Franc Roddam

The Bride is an adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, released in 1985 and directed by Franc Roddam. The film stars Sting as Baron Charles Frankenstein and Jennifer Beals as Eva.

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Viktor: Mine!
[gesturing at Eva]
Baron: Take your filthy hands off me!
Viktor: [grabbing Eva's hand] For me!
Baron: Yes, she's for you.

Eva: A woman should do as she pleases, just like a man. You taught me that.

Baron: You must trust me, and you must obey me!
Eva: I will not obey you! I will not!
Baron: Don't provoke me, Eva!
Eva: I will provoke you!

Baron: I created your body, just as I created your mind. And I can uncreate it too.

Clerval: The trouble with free women, Charles, is they're free to despise us. It's a risk I find unacceptable.

Rinaldo: [seeing Viktor's scars] Oh, my... here's a man's been mistreated in his life.

Eva: What is 'dead'?
Baron: Sleeping... sleeping forever. One day, we go to sleep and we don't wake up.
Eva: I don't think I could sleep that long.

Eva: You can do what you like! You can take apart the body you put together, you can take away the life you gave me, but you cannot have me. Not ever. Not even if you murder me and raise me up 1,000, 1,000 times, you cannot have me.

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