The Berenstain Bears (2003 TV series)

2003 Canadian American TV series adaptation of the Berenstain Bears picture books

The Berenstain Bears is a Canadian-Chinese children's animated series based on the children's book series of the same name by Stan and Jan Berenstain. The series follows the lives of a family of anthropomorphic bears who learn a moral or safety-related lesson during the course of each episode. It ran for forty episodes in three seasons.

The series debuted on PBS Kids in the United States on January 6, 2003 and ended on December 6, 2004.

Season 1Edit

Trouble At School / Visit The Dentist [1.1]Edit

[first lines of the series]
Brother Bear: [voice over and first lines; just like from the book adaptation of said episode The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble at School] "When a problem at school is kept secret too long, it can grow until a cub thinks everything is wrong!"

Sister Bear: [to Brother; as she sees Brother still playing with his dinosaur models] If you can hold a (model) dinosaur, you can hold a pencil!
[While Brother had been having fun at home and not working, his fellow student cubs had been hard on work. In math, first they learned about multiplication. Now, they were learning about division. Indeed, they learned multiplication and division. Brother is supposed to be studying for the division quiz]

[Before the division quiz starts]
Teacher Bob: If you all take your seats, we can all get started on the math (division) test.
[Teacher Bob certainly hopes that Brother studied the math folder. Because today is the division quiz]

Teacher Bob: [to the other student cubs] Goodbye, sirs. See you tomorrow. (Remember, anyone with four or more mistakes must go home, have your parents sign the test, and study all weekend. And you can retake the division quiz on Monday.)
[Every cub in Teacher Bob's class did great on the division quiz except Brother who got every division problem wrong. Even though most of the students did great, there was one "F" and that was Brother]
Brother Bear: Uh oh...! This can't be good...!
Teacher Bob: I am afraid it isn't, Brother!
Brother Bear: [sees the zero on his division test. There is a big, fat number "0" on the test. He also catches sight of the phrase on it; "VERY POOR! MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT!"] ZERO (0)!?
Teacher Bob: Didn't you do the math worksheets which I sent home with your sister (before the division test to begin with)?
Brother Bear: [tries to talk in between coughs] Well, I was pretty sick. It took a lot out of me. Including that flu bug.
Teacher Bob: Hmmm?
Brother Bear: But I think I should be okay now. And I cannot wait to get those work sheets done!
Teacher Bob: I am happy to hear that.
Brother Bear: Oh, well. I better go and catch the bus.
Teacher Bob: [about the division test which he got a zero for] Oh, one more thing. [tells Brother to have his parents sign the test, study all weekend, and he can retake the division quiz on Monday] Please have your parents sign that test and turn it in again tomorrow.

Brother Bear: [looks at his test which was about division; just division facts from 1 through 12] Even the flu is worse than this!
[Mama and Papa are busy taking care of Sister and they do not notice Brother's division quiz where he got a great big zero on]

Brother Bear: [thinks out loud that he doesn't like school, soccer, and division] PHOOEY ON SCHOOL! PHOOEY ON MATH (MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION)! PHOOEY ON EVERYTHING!
[Brother folds his division quiz into a paper airplane and sails it out so neither him nor his family can see it and it lands near an old log]

Brother Bear: [to Gran after she rolled out his division quiz to flatten it and get rid of the wrinkles after he folded it into a paper airplane] The division quiz, it is way better than it did. [indeed, it looks much better, but Brother looks at the zero; meaning that he got zero out of one hundred and forty four questions correctly on the test] But it still has a great big "0" (zero) on it!

Brother Bear: [shows the zero on his division test] I told you it was pretty bad.
Papa Bear: [as he's about to sign the division test] Pretty bad? Can it get any worse than a zero?
Gramps: Well, it can get worse when you don't tell your parents and don't get on the school bus.
Brother Bear: That's for sure.

Cousin Freddy: I had no idea so many gooey gums can fit into one bag.
Brother Bear: Well, this way I'll have enough to last a while.
Cousin Freddy: A while? You'll have enough to last until next year.

Mama Bear: You'd better make sure you put your tooth under your pillow tonight.
Sister Bear: Why?
Brother Bear: Why? For the tooth fairy, of course.
Sister Bear: No way! This is my first tooth. I'm keeping it!

Mama's New Job / The Mighty Milton [1.2]Edit

Mama Bear: I've got a job! I'm going to start my own quilt-making business!
Papa Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear: [together] Huh?!

Sister Bear: No! You can't have them! These are our quilts! Mama made them for us!

Cousin Freddy: If you ask me, Too Tall doesn't think, period.

Go To School / The Week at Grandma's [1.3]Edit

Mama Bear: Oh dear, you've worked yourself into a tizzy!
Sister Bear: Mama, I don't want to go to school, I want to stay home with you! I could help you make pies!
Papa Bear: Did somebody say "pie"? I've got the apples an' Shift Cars. All I need is someone with pie-making know how.
Mama Bear: I have an easy recipe for pie. You've followed recipes before, Papa!
Papa Bear: Uh, but not for pie.......I can't make pies!
Mama Bear: Well, I've got a photo album to find.
Brother Bear: Why are you getting the photo album out, Mama?
Mama Bear: I was just thinking back to when Sister was as worried about going to kindergarten, as she is about going to third grade.
Sister Bear: I loved kindergarten!
Mama Bear: Well, yes. Once you got there you did.
Sister Bear: Miss Honey Bear was really nice, and that's where I met Lizzie, and they had lots of toys, and...
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Yes, yes. That's right, Sister. But you didn't know all those things before you went, you were very worried.

Brother Bear: Do you know what a synonym is?
Sister Bear: [mistakenly believes Brother said "cinnamon" and therefore mistakes it for "cinnamon" even though he said "synonyms"] Uh-huh. It is my favorite spice. Like synonym toast and synonym rolls.
Brother Bear: [he corrects her] That is "cinnamon". I said "synonyms".

Sister Bear: I don't want to go to kindergarten, Mama. I want to stay here with you!
Mama Bear: Sister, I know new things can sometimes be upsetting. But if we don't try them, we don't grow and learn. That's what kindergarten is all about.
Sister Bear: What if the teacher doesn't like me?
Mama Bear: Why wouldn't she like you? You're a very likeable cub!
Brother Bear: Yeah, well most of the time.
Mama Bear: I know Miss Honey Bear will be happy to have you in her kindergarten class.
Sister Bear: But I can't go tomorrow! I'm too busy.
Mama Bear: [gasps] Too busy?
Sister Bear: I promised Brother I'd make a picture.
Brother Bear: You can make me a picture at kindergarten, Sister. They've got lots of paint, and crayons, and every color you can think of.
Sister Bear: But I want to hear my storybooks!
Mama Bear: They have lots of books at kindergarten, too. With stories you haven't heard before.
Sister Bear: I was going to build something with my blocks.
Papa Bear: They have enough blocks to build a castle at kindergarten. That was one of Brother's things about school.
Brother Bear: There's a tub of blocks bigger than you.
Mama Bear: What do you say, Sister? Can you give kindergarten a try?

Mama Bear: And so, you went with Brother on the bus for your first day of school.

Sister Bear: Is it all right if I sit here?
Lizzie: Uh-huh!
[When they got to school, back then]
Miss Honey Bear: Welcome to Bear Country School. My name is Miss Honey Bear, and I'm your new kindergarten teacher! Would you like to come inside and meet your new classmates?
[When it was time for recess, back then]
Mama Bear: [gasps]
Sister Bear: Mama! Why are you here?
Mama Bear: Oh, I just thought I would stop by to see how you were doing.
Sister Bear: I'm having fun! Brother was right, they do have lots of paint colors, more than a hundred!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Is that right?
Sister Bear: And they do have a big tub of blocks, just like Papa said. Lizzie and I built a giant castle!
Mama Bear: Lizzie?
Sister Bear: Uh-huh! She's my new friend!
Lizzie: New best friend!
Mama Bear: Pleased to meet you, Lizzie!
Lizzie: Hi, we're having recess!
Mama Bear: And what do you do at recess?
Sister Bear: Um, do you know?
Lizzie: This is my first one!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] I'll help you get started! Come on over to the swings and I'll push you.
Sister Bear: OK!
Lizzie: That's a good idea!

Brother Bear: Huh?
Sister Bear: Suitcases?
Mama Bear: So our reservations for Grizzly Mountain Lodge are all set? Thank you so much, see you soon.
Brother Bear: Reservations?
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: We're going on vacation!
Mama Bear: Well, actually, it's a second honeymoon.
Brother Bear: Still sounds like fun.
Sister Bear: Mmmm...especially the honey part.
Papa Bear: I haven't seen these in ages. I wonder if my serve is still...... [grunts] Ow!
Brother Bear: Papa, are you okay?
Sister Bear: Maybe you should just let Brother and me play tennis on the honeymoon.
Brother Bear: And you and Mama can keep score.
Mama Bear: Sorry, sweeties, but honeymoons aren't for cubs. Honeymoons are special trips that couples go on after they get married. It's an old tradition.
Papa Bear: Grizzly Mountain Lodge is where Mama and I went on our first honeymoon.
Brother Bear: But, what about us?
Mama Bear: Well, you're going on a special trip of your own.
Brother Bear: Is it Grizzly World?
Sister Bear: Is it Honeycomb Amusement Park?
Mama Bear: You're going to grandma's.
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: Gran's?
Brother Bear: That should do it. Board games, books, yo-yo. I wonder if I should bring my chemistry set.
Sister Bear: I'm bringing puzzles, coloring books, and teddy.
Papa Bear: Beep beep. Coming through! Hey, what's all this doing out here?
Brother Bear: Well, we are going to Gran's for a whole week. We need to keep busy.
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Come on, now. You always have fun at Gran's house without all this stuff!
Brother Bear: When we go for one afternoon, maybe. [whispers to Mama Bear] and Gran and Gramps are, well, old.
Sister Bear: Maybe they'll want to take naps all day.
Papa Bear: [grunts]
Sister Bear: Papa, what about our toys?
Papa Bear: You won't need all those. You're going to have too much fun with Gran and Gramps. I wonder if the lodge still has canoe rides on the lake.
Mama Bear: And live music in the dance hall.
Brother Bear: [sighs] Mama and Papa are going to have all the fun.
Sister Bear: And we're going to have none.
Gran: See you next week. Drive safely.
Mama Bear: Bye.
Papa Bear: Have fun.
Gran: Come on, cubs.

The Trouble With Pets / The Sitter [1.4]Edit

Sister Bear: I want something that is warm and cuddly.
Brother Bear: If you want a pet that's warm and cuddly, you should just get your old blanket.
Sister Bear: Well, if you want a pet that's cold and slimy, you should get some slime.

Mama Bear: Looking after a puppy is a round-the-clock job.
Papa Bear: It isn't something you can just put off until later when it's more convenient.

Too Much TV / Trick or Treat [1.5]Edit

Brother Bear: Give it to me!
Sister Bear: No way! It's my turn to choose!
[The cubs are in the living room trying to get the remote control]
Brother Bear: There's no way I'm watching Little Treehouse on the Prairie!
[The two grunt to get the remote]
Mama Bear: [off-screen] OKAY, THAT'S IT!
[The remote falls out of Brother and Sister's hands and flies straight into Mama's hand]
Mama Bear: NO TV FOR A WEEK!
[Mama turns the TV off with the remote control]
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: [after hearing that they are grounded from TV for a week due to the whole family watching too much TV] But, Mama...!
Mama Bear: [tries to get them being used to being grounded from it for a week; and therefore, she cuts off their arguing sentence] No, sir, I mean it.
[Papa enters the living room with sandwiches on the plate as he's ready to watch some of the hockey playoffs]
Sister Bear: Papa, Mama told us we can't watch TV for a whole week.
Papa Bear: Your Mama's got a point. You two cubs have been watching far too much television lately. [The cubs look upset] Now, if you don't mind, I'm just going to catch some of the hockey playoffs. [Mama takes the remote from Papa] Huh?
Mama Bear: [grounds Papa from the TV and he gets no TV for a week too] You too, Papa! [to the whole family] For once, the whole family is going to be TV free!
[This also means the whole family is grounded from TV for a week too]

Papa Bear: [sees a wrestling show while in his workshop] HA! I didn't see that coming!
Mama Bear: [off-screen; as she and the cubs catches Papa from watching TV even though Mama had said, "No TV for a week!"] And you didn't see me coming!

Mama Bear: Rain or no rain! "No TV for a week!", means "No TV for a week!".

Mama Bear: Looks like you skipped Widder Jones' house.
Brother Bear: Yeah. We kinda... did that on purpose.

Brother Bear: [to Mama; talking about Widder Jones] She's a witch!

Skuzz: We're going to put the trick back in Trick or Treating.

Sister Bear: Mama wouldn't be friends with a witch now, would she?
Brother Bear: Hmm, I suppose you're right.

The Trouble With Money / The Double Dare [1.6]Edit

Mama Bear: Sometimes when people are so busy working hard, they can forget about other important things in their lives.
Papa Bear: Even mamas and papas forget about very important things.

Brother Bear: I guess I've been too busy.
Cousin Fred: That's a surprise!

Sister Bear: [been bullied by Too Tall, Smirk and Skuzz] Brother, Brother!
Brother Bear: What's wrong, Sis?
Sister Bear: [about Too Tall and his gang Smirk and Skuzz who stole her jump rope while she and her own friends were playing] (Some big cubs) Too Tall and his gang, they took my jump rope! I tried to get it back! But they are still not going to give it to me!
Brother Bear: [angrily about Too-Tall and his gang Smirk and Skuzz who were picking on Sister and stole her jump rope] THREE AGAINST ONE! AND YOU ARE ONLY HALF THEIR SIZE! I CANNOT BELIEVE THOSE GUYS!
Sister Bear: You think you can get it back for me?
Brother Bear: [runs off to the park to find the bullies and dares Sister to try and stop him; the bullies Too-Tall, Smirk and Skuzz] JUST TRY AND STOP ME! (AND THEY BETTER GIVE IT BACK OR ELSE!)

Skuzz: [as Brother tries to cross the log bridge] ONE FALSE MOVE AND YOU'RE GOING TO (FALL INTO THE WATER AND) HAVE A CHILLY SWIM!

[Too Tall and his gang run away screaming. Farmer Ben does not know they have dee double dared Brother. But he is on to Brother. Just when Brother has one of the watermelons, Farmer Ben catches Brother]
Farmer Ben: [after Too Tall and his gang run away] Brother Bear?! What in the Earth are you doing stealing watermelons with Too Tall and his no good gang?!
Brother Bear: [not lying, he tells a story; but a true one] First they dared me...! And then, they double dared me...! AND FINALLY, THEY DEE DOUBLE DARED ME!
Farmer Ben: That dee double dare (by Too Tall and his gang) is so hard to resist.
Brother Bear: [continues his dee-double dare story] I wanted to walk away. But then they called me chicken!
[Brother ends his story, then apologizes to Farmer Ben as he knew he should not have been in his watermelon patch to steal one of the watermelons]
Brother Bear: I am sorry, Farmer Ben.
Farmer Ben: Well, it is okay, Brother Bear. I won't tell your parents about this one watermelon stealing mistake.

Too-Tall: Brother?! You got away with it! And you got the watermelon.
Skuzz: [gives Brother a thumbs up] Way to go.
Smirk: [also gives Brother a thumbs up] You're the man!
Too-Tall: Come on, [off-screen] we're going to have more fun at the Widder Jones' house.
Brother Bear: No way.
Too-Tall: [as he and his gang stops walking] Oh, really? well, I dare you to come with us.
Brother Bear: Not this time.
Too-Tall: [off-screen] Okay, then, [on-screen] I double dare you.
Brother Bear: Nope. Not interested.
Too-Tall: [teases Brother] What the matter? Chicken?
[Smirk and Skuzz are miming like chickens]
Brother Bear: I'm not chicken, and I'm not a sheep either.
[In the spite of being dee-double dared by Too-Tall and his gang, after considering the consequences, he still says "No" and walks home. Because he discovers that there are consequences if he follows Too-Tall and the gang to the Widder Jones's house]
Brother Bear: [to Too-Tall] That stuff may have worked before, but it won't (ever again) now! [then, knowing about the consequences, he heads back to the treehouse] See you later. I'm going home.

[Farmer Ben comes out of the bushes. He is going to come over and talk to Too-Tall, Smirk and Skuzz about the dee-double dare incident which they just put on Brother when they and Brother invaded his watermelon patch]
Farmer Ben: [to Too-Tall and his gang about the watermelon patch] Too Tall...! IF I CATCH YOU OR ANY OF YOUR GANG IN MY WATERMELON PATCH AGAIN, YOUR PARENTS ARE GONNA HEAR FROM ME! NOW GET ON HOME!
Smirk: We're...! We're sorry, Farmer Ben.
Skuzz: Thank you, Farmer Ben. It...! It is never going to happen again.
Too-Tall: Please don't tell our parents...!
[Too-Tall, Smirk and Skuzz turn their backs and run after promising Farmer Ben that it never again is going to happen; as they have listened to the warning from Farmer Ben. Farmer Ben threatens that Too Tall's parents is going to hear from him if he ever catches him in his watermelon patch. They scream and run away after hearing his warning]
Farmer Ben: [chuckles] Those cubs make my chickens look tough. [chuckles]

Out For The Team / Count Their Blessings [1.7]Edit

Brother Bear: Why did Sister sign up for baseball tryouts anyway? Why couldn't she be good at something else? Baseball is my game, not hers.

Papa Bear: Well, Mama. It feels good to have raised two star athletes!
Mama Bear: It sure does, Papa.

Papa Bear: [to Mama] You're talking to yourself. [chuckles] That's not a good sign.
Mama Bear: You're right. I'm being silly!

Mama Bear: Listen to yourselves. All you EVER do is complain about what you don't have.
Papa Bear: What about being thankful for all the things you have?
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: Huh?
Mama Bear: It's called counting your blessings.

The Slumber Party / The Homework Hassle [1.8]Edit

Queenie: Did I hear you say you're having a slumber party? Can I come?
Lizzie: Sure, what's one more.

[That night, the Bruins have called the other cubs's parents. Sister's friends and Too-Tall and his gang are sent home. The angry and disappointed parents arrive to take the other girls home; including Mama on Sister]
Mama Bear: Sister, I am so angry and disappointed!
[The scene cuts back to the treehouse]
Mama Bear: You are grounded young lady! One day in your room and one full week in the house!
[Sister sadly walks upstairs to her bedroom. She is grounded and sent to bed. She's grounded; doubly grounded. She has to spend one day in her bedroom and one full week or possibly a month, a year, a decade, a century, or a millennium in the treehouse. In other words: "She is grounded; one day in her bedroom and grounded indefinitely in the treehouse"]
Papa Bear: [as now Mama is in with a cup of tea] That bad. Huh?
Mama Bear: [tells Papa what happened as if he had seen the Bruins's living room] You should have seen the place! Popcorn stuck to everything, soda spills all over the carpet, and furniture knocked this way and that! It was an absolute disgrace! And everything that I said about privilege and responsibility! In one ear and out the other!
Papa Bear: Sister does have to share the blame.

Lizzie: Everyone is doing such a good job. I think we should call this a clean up party.
Sister Bear: Let's not Lizzie. And if you don't mind, I rather not hear the word "party" again for a long time.

Mama Bear: [reads the letter that she got out from Brother's backpack which is from his teacher; Teacher Bob] Dear Parent, I regret to inform you...!
[Mama reads it. Not only she has found garbage including an old banana peel, a brown apple core, and a moldy piece of bread which Brother had for lunch at school. But also, there is an old and wrinkled but "loud and clear" letter from Brother's teacher about his homework. By reading the letter, Brother has fallen too far behind in his homework, and the letter orders Mama or Papa to call Teacher Bob as it says, "Please call me". Then to Papa after she hears from the letter that Brother is falling behind in his homework. Papa takes the letter from Mama and he reads it too]
Mama Bear: [to Papa after he reads the letter from Brother's teacher] It is going to be that you and I better have a talk with our cub!

Papa Bear: If you did a little bit of homework every day, it wouldn't pile up to a mountain of work! [shows Brother the rest of his untouched homework] Which is what you have here!
Brother Bear: Oh...!
Mama Bear: I'm afraid Papa's right. There are going to have to be some changes around here (until you're all caught up).
Brother Bear: Like what?
Papa Bear: [about what the changes are going to be on Brother until he catches up. It is just up to him and his homework until he is all caught up] Like no more music, no more TV, no more talking on the phone.
Sister Bear: What about video games, Papa? [smiles cleverly]
Papa Bear: And no more video games (and furthermore). It's up to you and your homework until you get caught up!
Brother Bear: But you don't understand, that'll take forever!
Papa Bear: Then you better get started (with that homework)!
Brother Bear: [sadly jumps off the couch and heads to the back door] Oh...!
Papa Bear: Where are you going?
Brother Bear: [sadly; to Papa] I'm just going outside to see the sunlight and... smell the fresh air one last time.

[The scene cuts to where Brother is at Gramps and Gran's house]
Brother Bear: [about the "no anything"; which means he gets no TV, no video games, no movies, no talking on the phone, no boom box, no popcorn, no rollerblading, no soccer and no sports of any kind until he's all caught up with his homework] And now I can't watch TV nor play video games nor do anything. Not until I get caught up with my homework.
Gramps: That does not sound unreasonable to me.
Brother Bear: But Papa does not understand! I'm never going to catch up!
Gran: I know that the situation seems terrible right now. But you're going to catch up.
Gramps: You're right. [begins a story of when Papa was a cub who also fell behind with his homework when he was still in school back then] Just like your father did.
Brother Bear: What do you mean?
Gramps: The same thing which happened to him when he was younger.
Gran: Of course, there was no television back then.
[As Gran and Gramps mention this, when Papa was younger, there was no television nor any electronic equipment back then whatsoever. None whatsoever, whether regarding to television and video games]
Brother Bear: No TV at that time?!
Gramps: Oh no! But we had radio instead. We still have it. But radio was like TV at that time. [By that, in the era of Papa's young age, there was radio. But radio at that time was like TV] In those days you could listen to fantastic stories every night.
[The flashback shows to when Papa was a cub. And he listened to radio shows while he did his homework]
Gran: [narrating] And Papa loved to listen to the radio. He did it while he was doing his homework. His favorite radio show was "Jet Bear George of the Space Frontier".
Gramps: [narrating] Only, the more interested he became with the radio, the further he fell behind in his schoolwork.
[As Papa as the cub is listening to his favorite radio show, his father Gramps turns off the radio. Like how Papa took away Brother's TV, talking on the phone, music and video games until Brother catches up with his homework, in said flashback, Gramps takes away Papa's radio privilege until Papa catches up. He tells Papa to catch up with his homework; just as Papa did to Brother earlier when Brother became interested with music, TV, talking on the phone and video games. In the flashback, the changes on Papa as a cub turns out that there is going to be no more radio and no more talking on the phone until he catches up with his homework. So Papa in frustration but not crying nor arguing, gets to his homework in the spite of the radio being off]
Gramps: [narrating] And I made sure he got it done. I clamped down on him the way how he has been clamping down on you.
[The story finishes and goes back to the present day. This story is to teach Brother how he is going to catch up on his homework]
Brother Bear: Maybe Papa does understand. [about his homework; even though he has the remainder of the "no anything" until he catches up with his homework] And I guess that I have not been doing a good job with keeping up on my homework.
Gramps: The worst thing that you can do with your homework is put it off until later.
Gran: Of course. It's called "procrastination".
Brother Bear: Pro-crast-a-what?
Gran: Procrastination. That means "putting off a job until tomorrow". It's when you know that a job should be done today.
Gramps: You're right. So from then on, Papa buckled down and did his homework every day. And (even though Papa had no radio ever for falling behind with his homework, even though he was grounded from it forever), when he did his homework, he became a much better student.
[So Papa when he was a cub could never again be on the radio and furthermore. It was indeed forever for Papa since Gramps took away his radio and phone privileges permanently. But even though he had the no radio and "no anything" forever or in other words "in the spite of being grounded forever", he did his homework and became a much better student. He was a much better student in every school grade despite being grounded from radio and talking on the phone forever]
Brother Bear: I understand, Gramps. [notices how his father back when he was in school became a much better student in the spite of being grounded from radio and phone privileges forever] But how am I ever going to be caught up?
Gramps: You may ask Teacher Bob to give you a catch up period. I think he should go along with that. He is a pretty good guy.
Brother Bear: That's a good idea. But the first thing that I must do is go home and get some of it done today.
Gramps: That's the spirit.
Brother Bear: [remembers how Papa did it when he was a cub from Gran and Gramps's said flashback] If Papa was able to do it, so can I.

The Talent Show / The Haunted Lighthouse [1.9]Edit

Teacher Bob: I believe that everyone has a special talent, but sometimes it can take a little help to find out what it is.

Brother Bear: [to Too-Tall] You want to be in the talent show?
Cousin Fred: Does having the hairiest knuckles count as a talent?
Too-Tall: Very funny.

Brother Bear: Hey! there's something outside!
Papa Bear: Huh?
Mama Bear: Huh?
[They all look outside the window]
Brother Bear: Really, something was there! I saw it! It was glowing.
Mama Bear: [laughs] My guess would be it was your glowing imagination.

Sister Bear: This looks like a job for...
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: The Bear Detectives.

Brother Bear: We knew you were special, Captain Salt.
Sister Bear: You just needed to know it too.

The Birthday Boy / The Green-Eyed Monster [1.10]Edit

Lizzie: Maybe you can make a movie about Brother.
Sister Bear: What's so special about him? He's just a brother.

Papa Bear: Basketballs weren't made to be gift wrapped.

Mama Bear: Showing someone how you feel about them can be the greatest gift of all.
Papa Bear: And you don't even have to wrap it.

Papa Bear: Your car is running, Mr. Bruin.
Mr. Bruin: Yes, I guess I should be happy it's running at all.
Mama Bear: No, Mr. Bruin, he means it's running away!

Sister Bear: Is the green-eyed monster still knocking, Papa?
Papa Bear: Yep, but I won't let him in.

[It is revealed that the green eyed monster was exactly like Sister Bear. But aside from Sister Bear's normal outfit, she had green fur, green eyes, horns, and a reptilian monster tail]
Green-Eyed Monster: [to Sister] Don't you think it's not fair that Brother gets the pretty bike and you get an old bike?!

Sister Bear: [riding on Brother's bicycle] I knew this bike wasn't too big for me!

The Baby Chipmunk / The Wishing Star [1.11]Edit

Sister Bear: All Brown Eyes does is eat and sleep.
Mama Bear: Well, that's what babies do. When they aren't eating and sleeping, ...
Sister Bear: [giggles] They're sleeping and eating.
Mama Bear: Exactly.

Mama Bear: They say the first star you see at night you can make a wish on. That's why it's called the wishing star.

Papa Bear: It's really amazing how hard work and determination can magically give you what you deserve.

Get the Gimmies / Lost In A Cave [1.12]Edit

[The cubs get the gimmies at the supermarket. Their first "fuss" is over the rings and stickers]
Brother Bear: I want one of those rings, Mama.
Sister Bear: I want some stickers.
Mama Bear: Now what did I just tell you on the way here?
Brother Bear: I do not know.
Sister Bear: I forget.
Mama Bear: [reminds the cubs for the first time about not buying toys nor treats] That we are not here to buy toys nor treats. Now come along. (Please put those toys back.)

[Brother and Sister make a fuss over about the chocolate covered marshmallow bears. Their second "fuss" is about candy. They begin to get the gimmies about it too]
Mama Bear: [reminds the cubs for the second time about not buying toys nor treats] You know the answer. Now put those back.

Brother Bear: Wow! Neat! Glow in the dark flyers! This would be lots of fun to play with it at night. Can I get it?
Mama Bear: No. I told you not more than ten minutes ago.
Sister Bear:: Mama? Papa? Can I get this?
Papa Bear: An apple? Sure.
Sister Bear: Thanks!
Papa Bear: Oh, careful now, you'll bruise it!
Sister Bear: It's not a real apple, Papa, it's bouncy fruit. Neat, huh? They've got bouncy oranges and bouncy pears and bouncy bananas.
Brother Bear: Hey, if Sister can have bouncy fruit, then I can have this.
[The cubs's third "fuss" is about toys; glow in the dark frisbees and bouncy fruits. Mama then takes the toys and reminds them for the third time about not buying toys nor treats]
Mama Bear: Now listen, you two. It's not your birthday, (it's not Halloween), and it's not Christmas. And it is not "Give Your Cubs a Treat" day. So you go and put these toys back right now.
[Mama makes the cubs put the toys back to where they found them after telling them that they can put the toys back and forget about them. Because it's not their birthday, Halloween, nor Christmas]
Papa Bear: Give your cubs a treat day? (I have never heard of this holiday before.) When is that?
[Papa is aware that there is appearance of a birthday, Halloween, and Christmas, but not a "Give Your Cubs a Toy/Treat" day]
Mama Bear: There is no appearance of a plan. But the way Brother and Sister carry on, you thought it was every day of the year.

[The cubs's fourth and final "fuss" is about toys; the rubber pussycat toys. Mama and Papa remind Brother and Sister for the fourth and final time about not buying toys nor treats]
Papa Bear: Now just hang on! We didn't come here (to the supermarket) to buy toys nor treats!
Mama Bear: [for the fourth and final time] Papa's right. [reminded the cubs four or more times about the "toys and treats" rule at the supermarket] Remember what I told you about buying toys and treats?
[Brother however thinks it's OK to ask for toys and treats just because they are finished with their groceries; though he does not know that Mama and Papa said "no asking for toys/treats at all at the supermarket"]
Brother Bear: But that was when we were getting our groceries. So we're finished now.
Sister Bear: And look at how cute they are!

Papa Bear: [roars in frustration and his voice is heard loud and clear so the cubs and Mama can hear it] OF ALL OF THE OUTRAGING, DISGRACEFUL, AND EMBARRASSING BEHAVIOR! THAT WAS THE WORST CASE OF THE GALLOPING GIMMIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!
Mama Bear: You're right, Papa. But perphaps, it's partly our fault for giving in.
Papa Bear: [gets tired of his roaring in his Papa Bear voice as he continues his story about the cubs's greedy gimmies at the supermarket] Well, what do you think we could have done with all those strangers looking at us? Now I think that it is time that we have a talk with our cubs! BROTHER? SISTER?
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: Yes Papa?
Papa Bear: [calls them in the living room for a talking to and family meeting] Into the living room please. It's time for a family meeting.

[Gramps and Gran have just arrived at the treehouse for a visit. Papa opens the door for his parents and welcomes them]
Gramps: Hi there!
Brother Bear: What did you bring me?
Sister Bear: Yeah, what did you bring us?
Papa Bear: [about the cubs's behavior around Gramps and Gran] I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TWO! YOU EVEN DIDN'T SAY "HELLO"! [roars in his loudest Papa Bear voice after Brother and Sister got the gimmies on Gramps and Gran] THAT IS IT! UP TO YOUR ROOM! [The cubs go upstairs to their bedroom] AND THERE IS GOING TO BE NO TREATS FOR A WEEK! FOR A MONTH! FOR A YEAR! (A DECADE! A CENTURY! A MILLENNIUM!)
[That means the cubs are not allowed to have TV nor treats for a week, a month, a year, or possibly a decade, a century or even a millennium. It is their punishment for getting the gimmies at the supermarket and on Gramps and Gran. In other words: "They are grounded from TV and treats indefinitely". And it may be forever since it's an entire millennium but that is Brother and Sister's punishment]
Gramps: [thinks that Papa is having a bad day] You're having a bad day, son?
Papa Bear: [sighs; after he grounds Brother and Sister for one whole millennium from TV and treats] I'm sorry about the unpleasant welcome. Brother and Sister have the bad case of the galloping greedy gimmies. (But getting away with trouble is never going to be served the same way for our selfish greedy cubs again.)
Mama Bear: The worst case yet. (But Papa is right. They are going to be grounded from television and treats until they learn to behave and stop with the galloping greedy gimmies.)

[After Gran and Gramps tell the story about when Papa was a cub and got the gimmies like Brother and Sister. Papa as a cub, he always had it whenever he wanted toys and treats at Rufe's Grizzly General Store; or in other words "everything in sight". He was like that as a cub each time he and Gran and Gramps went to that store]
Brother Bear: [as he and Sister have snuck out from their bedroom and are eavesdropping on Papa, Gran and Gramps's story about Papa when he was a gimmie cub] It's like how we fussed about the kitty cats.
Sister Bear: And embarrassed Papa (and that's why we are grounded from television and treats for a millennium).
Papa Bear: [after Gran and Gramps tell their story about Papa as a gimmie cub] Well, I'm glad that you didn't give in.
Gramps: I'm afraid we did.
Papa Bear: Oh?
[Then back to the flashback about Papa as a gimmie cub]
Gramps: [narrating] You got what you wanted that day.

Sister Bear: [to Gran and Gramps] Yes. And if you have brought us any toys or treats, you can just leave it in your car. Because we are not even thinking about it.
[Papa is pleased by Brother and Sister's greeting on Gran and Gramps and decides to lift the grounding. Now the cubs have back their TV and treats]

Papa Bear: You never can tell what a cave is going to be like on the inside, just like from what it looks like on the outside.

Brother Bear: Look! Wow! Real, live fossils.
Cousin Fred: Maybe a million years ago they were alive!

Brother Bear: Things that seem scary really aren't, once you know what they really are.
Cousin Fred: I know. There's a logical explanation for everything.
Brother Bear: Exactly! [his voice echoes]

Too Much Junk Food / Go To Camp [1.13]Edit

Dr. Grizzly: Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
Papa Bear: [panting] I agree with you, one hundred percent.

Sister Bear: [panting] Gees, I don't get this tired when I play baseball.
Brother Bear: Well, you're running much farther than second base, Sis.

Papa Bear: I have an idea. Why not we go and celebrate by opening up the freezer and...!
[Though Papa, Brother and Sister are able to have sweets occasionally since a little is potentially okay but just a little or using it sparingly according to Dr. Grizzly, they want to go back to having healthy food for most days of the week or almost every day. So Mama and the cubs stop him from mentioning "junk food". The plans that the cubs have had is to have a little sweets occasionally or use it sparingly, but otherwise stick to healthy food]
Mama Bear: Uh-uh-uh, it is far too easy to fall back into the junk food habit.
Brother Bear: [aside from the junk food snacks that he and Sister can have occasionally, he mentions the healthy snacks which he and Sister have been having and sticking with almost every day; either at the mall which is frozen yogurt instead of gumballs and candy, or at the movies which is nuts and raisins instead of popcorn, or when watching TV which is apple slices] Well, celebrate with carrot sticks.
Sister Bear: And nuts and raisins.

Sister Bear: Do you think this sleep-out is a good idea?
Brother Bear: No.
Sister Bear: Oh, good.
Brother Bear: I think it's a great idea!

Season 2Edit

The Excuse Note / On The Job [2.1]Edit

[while Teacher Jane and her class are doing deep knee bends in gym]
Sister Bear: I'm getting tired already.
Lizzie: I was getting tired just...thinking about it.
Millie: Why do we have to do so many?

Lizzie: [during gym class] Why do we have to walk like ducks?
Millie: Beats me.
[The whole class does the duck walk]
Sister Bear: I'll bet nobody makes ducks walk like bears.

Sister Bear: Why is exercising in gym so important anyway?
Brother Bear: Exercise makes your muscles stronger. And stronger muscles can make you a better soccer player. That's what I want to be.

Lizzie: [looks at Sister's excuse note] Now who's the lucky one?
[She passes the note back to Sister who then passes it to Millie]
Millie: [looks at the note] Gee, when will it be my turn to sprain something?

Lizzie: Remember the time I fell out of a tree and sprained my wrist, and y mom wrote me a note to excuse me from gym?
Sister Bear: I remember. How come you get all the luck?

Teacher Bob: I found all the jobs you wrote about very interesting, Brother.
Brother Bear: I had a hard time picking just one.
Teacher Bob: [reading Brother's report aloud] "There are many wonderful jobs and opportunities to choose from, and there's plenty of time for me to decide what I'd like to be when I grow up." Very thoughtful words indeed, Brother Bear.

Cousin Freddy: Do you have any ideas on what you want to be when you grow up?
Brother Bear: When I was younger, I wanted to be Superbear.
Cousin Freddy: [chuckles] I don't think that counts.
Brother Bear: You're probably right.

Too Small For The Team / The Jump Rope Contest [2.2]Edit

Sister Bear: If I'm not big enough for the team, how come I'm big enough to be team manager?

Sister Bear: I'm fast, I'm tricky, and I kick really hard.

Sister Bear: Maybe you're just jealous, Lizzie Bruin, because I'm the best jump roper in Bear Country and you're not.
Lizzie: I am not Jealous.
Sister Bear: Are too jealous.

Sister Bear: I just want to say, may the best bear win.

The Bad Habit / The Prize Pumpkin [2.3]Edit

Brother Bear: Gee, I wish I had a bad habit to break so I can earn some extra money.
Papa Bear: [laughing] Oh, go on.

Papa Bear: You know, you can have your colorful autumn leaves and your golden sunsets. What I like best about fall is a big spread of orange pumpkins.

Sister Bear: What is Papa doing?
Papa Bear: [to the Giant] Come on, Buddy. Keep growing. You can do it. Think big.
Mama Bear: [laughs] Papa just read a book that says you can make plants grow faster by talking to them.
Sister Bear: Hmm. Was it a comic book?
[Brother and Sister started to laugh]
Papa Bear: I heard that. Laugh if you want to, but I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Mama Bear: Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and not about beating the pants off someone, especially your best friend.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] There are no friends in pumpkin growing contests.

Ferdy Factual / Lend a Helping Hand [2.4]Edit

Brother Bear: I don't get it. [starts counting off items on his fingers] Queenie pretends to be his friend, we're really trying to be his friends, and we're the ones he ignores.
Cousin Freddy: How can somebody so smart be so dumb?
Sister Bear: Ferdy knows a lot of things, but I don't think he knows very much about friends.
Cousin Freddy: Guess he'll just have to find out about Queenie the hard way.

Sister Bear: Widder Jones is really nice, isn't she?
Brother Bear: And she's always doing things for everyone else.

Sister Bear: [to Brother] Are you doing anything important on Saturday?
Brother Bear: Yeah, sort of. I'm helping out a neighbor at her yard sale.
Sister Bear: Me too.

The Big Blooper / Nothing to Do [2.5]Edit

[Brother accidentally knocks over Sister's milk after he grabs the ketchup bottle]
Sister Bear: Brother! Look what you've done!
Brother Bear: Sorry.
Sister Bear: [calls Brother a bad name; a name that she recited from a movie "Trouble at Big Bear High"] You're such a furball!

Mama Bear: Wherever from, did you get language like that?
Sister Bear: On a video.
Mama Bear: What sort of video?
Sister Bear: [names the video where she learned that name from] "Trouble at Big Bear High".

Millie: Crude talk is rude talk.
Stacy: And name calling is nasty.

Sister Bear: Saying words that hurt other people's feelings doesn't sound too grown-up to me.
Mama Bear: You're right. Our language has so many words to choose from.

Mama Bear: What are you cubs doing?
Sister Bear: [sighs] Nothing.
Brother Bear: There's nothing to do.
Mama Bear: Nothing to do? Everybody else seems to be able to find something to do.

Papa Bear: Yes. Four hands may clean up faster than two, but eight hands clean even faster.

House of Mirrors / Too Much Pressure [2.6]Edit

Mrs. Bruin: Some little bears have big ears.
Lizzie: You mean Sister has big ears?

Sister Bear: I have big ears!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Big ears? Goodness, I don't know where you got the idea. But your ears aren't big.
Sister Bear: Yes, they are! They're big. Big as an elephant's!

Sister Bear: Lizzie, maybe you're a bit loud and maybe you talk a lot. But don't ever listen to anyone who says you have a big mouth.

Papa Bear: [as he sees that Mama, Brother and Sister are crying while carrying Mr. Bruin's shovel] What in the Earth?!
[Mama, Sister and Brother are crying because Mama forgot to get the car fixed before they can go]
Papa Bear: [sighs] So this is what it has come too! [to the whole family] All right then! As of this moment, I am calling absolutely everything for today officially off!

Visit Fun Park / The Perfect Fishing Spot [2.7]Edit

Mama Bear: It's easy to boast, but it's not so easy when you have to do the big things you boast about.
Sister Bear: So you shouldn't brag about things you've never done before.

Papa Bear: If there's no prize-winning fish in this lake, why, I'll eat my hat!

Sister Bear: I think we should have stuck with the fish we had before.
Papa Bear: But I wanted a real prize winner.
Sister Bear: But Papa, we weren't catching a fish to win a prize. We were catching a fish for dinner. I don't think Gran and Gramps need a whale.

The Summer Job / The Big Red Kite [2.8]Edit

Farmer Ben: You cubs look awfully cheery today!
Sister Bear: That's because school's out.
Brother Bear: Yep, it's the first day of summer!

Farmer Ben: [referring to the farm] Peace and quiet doesn't last long around here.

Sister Bear: [after pumping the water] I think my arms are going to fall off.
Brother Bear: If they do, may I use them to carry two more pails of water?

Sister Bear: Gee, Farmer Ben is going to lose his whole crop! He doesn't need to hear about losing his helpers too.
Brother Bear: I know.

Papa Bear: You don't need to buy a kite when you can make one.

Too Much Vacation / The Trouble with Grown-Ups [2.9]Edit

Mama Bear: Are we forgetting something?
Sister Bear: [gasps] Brother!
[Brother comes running out of the house]
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Well, we can't forget Brother!

Mama Bear: Sometimes the difference between having a bad time and a great time all depends on how you look at it.

Papa Bear: [sees Brother using the newspaper painting something to keep paint off his desk even though it was the rest of Papa's newspaper] What are you doing with the (rest of) my newspaper?!
Brother Bear: Using it to keep the paint off my desk.
Papa Bear: [takes the newspaper since Brother had the rest of Papa's newspaper] YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!
Brother Bear: But nobody in this family reads the for-sale section.
Papa Bear: [knows that he had a lot more newspaper than that and Brother took the rest of it so he could use it for his project of a model airplane] WELL GUESS WHAT?! I AM READING IT NOW!

Mama Bear: Just think, someday you'll be parents with cubs all your own to take care of.
Brother Bear: I think maybe we'll skip that part.
Sister Bear: And we'll just become grandparents.

[As the school play ends]
Lizzie: You know sometimes.
Cousin Freddy: Our parents are all right.
Sister Bear: But sometimes it's hard being a cub when parents seem to blow their tops without a good reason.
Brother Bear: Sooner or later, parents grow out of it and become grandparents.
Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Lizzie and Cousin Freddy: And grandparents never blow their tops at their grandcubs.

Go to the Doctor / Don't Pollute (Anymore) [2.10]Edit

Dr. Grizzly: Papa, I'm afraid you're sick.
Papa Bear: I never get sick... well, almost never.

Honey: [hides in the quilt because she does not want to have her second checkup even though she had her first one already] I am not coming out until you promise that I don't have to go to the doctor!

Mama Bear: When we do the work together, it makes a big job smaller.
Sister Bear: And easier.
Mama Bear: Uh-huh.
Brother Bear: And more fun.

Professor Actual Factual: Sometimes, little ideas can help solve the biggest problems.

The In Crowd / Fly It [2.11]Edit

Hilary: Go ahead! Whoever wants to go play with Little Miss Hairbow can be my guest!

Sister Bear: Mama, do you think jumping rope is just for little cubs?
Mama Bear: No, I don't think so.

Teacher Bob: If at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.

By The Sea / Catch the Bus [2.12]Edit

Mama Bear: We have some work to do.
Brother Bear: Work? But I thought this was supposed to be a vacation.
Sister Bear: Brother's right. It's not fair!

Mama Bear: Ah-ha. Now I see. The cubs are learning a lesson today.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] That's right. It's Papa Bear's crash course in vacation cooperation, consideration, and participation.

Papa Bear: What's the matter, Brother? Have you got ants in your pants?
Brother Bear: [tells Papa that he has sand in his swim suit] No, I have sand in my swim suit.

[After Sister and Brother have to miss out going to the book store because it's closed; thanks to Brother who was late]
Brother Bear: Maybe next time, I should pay closer attention to my watch.
Mama Bear: [to Brother] A watch is not going to take you where you have to be. [turns to Brother and Sister and explains to both of them about how the time works] It is up to you to decide whether you want to be on time.

Family Get-Together / The Stinky Milk Mystery [2.13]Edit

Mama Bear: It takes all kinds to make up a family.

Sister Bear: [sighs] I wish I lived on a farm.
Farmer Ben: Oh, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, even though there are many chores to do.

Brother Bear: I wouldn't want to do anything that would make Farmer Ben upset. He might not let us come back and help him again.
NOTE: This is the last episode where Michael Cera voices Brother, as Cera left the show because of his voice changing. Michael D'Ascenzo replaced Cera for the rest of the series' run.

Season 3Edit

New Neighbors / The Big Election [3.1]Edit

Mama Bear: The best way to have a good neighbor is to be a good neighbor.

Papa Bear: If I were mayor, I wouldn't be wasting my time in meetings. No, sir! I'd be out getting things done like fixing the pot holes.

At the Giant Mall / The Giddy Grandma [3.2]Edit

Papa Bear: Rules are for everyone. Big or small, rules keep all of us safe.

Mama Bear: Has anybody seen a parking space yet?
Papa Bear: Well, if we keep going around and around like this, we'll run out of gas before we even find one.

Mama Bear: I believe every bear has something about them we can admire.

Gran: According to Gramps, everything is an antique if you keep it long enough.

Sister Bear: Heroes aren't just found in books. They're everywhere when we take time to find out about them.

Think of Those in Need / The Hiccup Cure [3.3]Edit

Brother Bear: Gee, Sis. Look at all the good things that could happen when you give someone your old stuff.
Sister Bear: And when you give someone your extra time.
Brother Bear: Right. That's even better.

Brother Bear: Can't Sister and I clean our room tomorrow?
Mama Bear: Afraid not. It's too messy.
Papa Bear: "Messy" is not the word. [peeks into the cubs' bedroom] If I didn't know better, I think you have been raising a family of monkeys in there.

Papa Bear: I suppose I have been eating a little too fast lately.
Mama Bear: [chuckles] A little too fast? My, you've been eating like a vacuum cleaner.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] I do like cleaning off my plate.

Papa Bear: I'm spending more time... [hiccups] ...on hiccup cures than I am on finishing that chair.

Sister Bear: Why don't you try hopping up and down on one foot while holding your nose.
Papa Bear: That sounds so crazy, it just might work.
Brother Bear: And if that doesn't get rid of hiccups, at least we've created a new dance move.

Go to the Movies / Car Trip [3.4]Edit

Mama Bear: [embarrassingly annoyed] Good morning, everyone! I'd made us a nice... family... breakfast.

Brother Bear: I know, we can go to the movies.
Mama Bear: But we would be just sitting in a dark room eating popcorn.

Sister Bear: Mama, a star is coming closer, and it's landing on my nose!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] That's a firefly. I think it likes you!

Movie Theater Ticket Vendor Bear: [when Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother try to buy the tickets] I'm sorry. But all shows are sold out tonight. [closes the curtain on the ticket station; all the films are sold out]
Mama Bear: [becomes really sad because all the movies are sold out tonight] We have tried so hard to get some special family time together! But THIS is what happens!

Mama Bear: If you keep an open mind, you just might be surprised.
Sister Bear: Keep an open mind?
Mama Bear: That means you have to wait and see what is coming before you decide whether you like it or not.

Sister Bear: All we've been seeing is nothing but trees and rocks for the last hour and a half.
Mama Bear: Be patient. Our first stop is coming up very soon.
Brother Bear: That's what Mama said two thousand trees and rocks ago.

Sister Bear: This trip is great!
Brother Bear: You can say that again.
Sister Bear: Okay. THIS TRIP IS GREAT!! [voice echoes]

The Pet Show / Pick Up and Put Away [3.5]Edit

Brother Bear: [referring to Gran's bird] I'm not going to the pet show with this bird.

Mama Bear: It's easier to find what you need when everything is kept in its proper place.

Papa Bear: [about the birdhouse that Brother have made] That's not a birdhouse, that's a bird mantion!

Mama Bear: Once everything has a place to go, it is a lot easier to be sure it is put away.
Sister Bear: So we can find it when we need it.

Hug and Make Up / The Big Road Race [3.6]Edit

Sister Bear: We don't need two cubs doing a cycle trick.
Brother Bear: Good point, Sis! If you need any help with another circus act, you let me know.

Lizzie: I liked your bicycle act, Sister.
Sister Bear: Thanks, Lizzie. But there's only room for one cycle act in this circus, and Brother took it.

[Sister gives Brother a hug]
Brother Bear: Sister, no hugs! What if my friends see?
Sister Bear: They will think you're the best big brother ever.
Brother Bear: Thanks.

Brother Bear: You go everywhere with your wagon, Kenny.
Kenny: But you can't race without wheels.

Freddy: You never go anywhere without your wagon. Do you, Kenny?
Kenny: Nope. Wherever I go, my wagon follows.

Attic Treasure / Moving Day [3.7]Edit

Sister Bear: What were Brother and I doing then?
Mama Bear: That was before both of you born.
Sister Bear: You mean, back before there was a mall?
Brother Bear: And before they used to put fires out with pails?
Mama Bear: Well, back before there was a mall!
Papa Bear: But not so far back as the volunteer fire bears!

Papa Bear: Moving can certainly be very hard.
Mama Bear: And even a little scary.
Sister Bear: It must be the most awful thing in the whole world.

Papa Bear: Too bad there aren't more trees.
Brother Bear: Come, papa, come!
Brother Bear: Oooh! Diamond!
Papa Bear: [laughing] I'm not sure if this is a diamond, brother! It looks like a piece of quartz, but it's a real fine, just the same!

Papa Bear: Well, not much left of the wood pile! Uh-oh...
Mama Bear: Oh dear!
Papa Bear: Well, the mountain soil's too thin to grow trees! Having not enough trees makes it hard for a woodbear.
Brother Bear: What's for dinner mama?
Mama Bear: I'm not exactly sure why this happened, our garden is so small, and Brother's growing so big, well I'd like to make the garden larger but it's right up against a rocky ledge.
Papa Bear and Mama Bear: [sigh together]
Mama Bear: Brother, Papa and I have something very important to talk to you about.
Brother Bear: What, Mama?
Papa Bear: We decided that it's time we moved from Great Bear Mountain down into the valley.
Brother Bear: We're going to move away?, Why, Mama, Why?
Papa Bear: Because there aren't enough trees on the mountain for my woodworking.
Mama Bear: And our garden is much smaller than I'd like it to be.
Papa Bear: And there's barely enough room for your bed and your cubby for you.
Brother Bear: But what about my toys, and my books, and my rocks?
Mama Bear: Don't worry, we'll put all of our things into boxes and take them with us!
Brother Bear: And what about my friends, the deer and the rabbits, we can't put them in a box and take them with us.
Papa Bear: That's true, you'll be leaving your friends that belong to the mountain behind, Mama and I will too, but you'll meet new friends in the valley, and we can always come back to visit!
Brother Bear: But I love it here on the mountain!
Mama Bear: I know you do, We do too. But I'm sure we'll all love our new home just as we love this one.

Sister Bear: I'm glad we moved to the treehouse, if we haven't moved, I wouldn't be best friends with Lizzie Bruin, or be in Teacher Jane's class, or wouldn't have met Sally Beary!
Brother Bear: And I wouldn't have met Stewart Beary or Cousin Fred, or any trees to climb!
Papa Bear: Or any trees for my woodworking.

Stewart Beary: Okay, Sally, time to go.
Brother Bear: We're gonna write you first!
Stewart Beary: No, we're gonna write YOU first!

Gotta Dance / The Bad Dream [3.8]Edit

Papa Bear: Mama and I used to be quite a dance team back when we were younger.

Papa Bear: The only way I'll have time to practice dancing with Mama is if I have some help.
Brother Bear: Sure. But no dancing.
Papa Bear: No dancing.

Brother Bear: When you look at something in a different way, it does make it easier.

Sister Bear: What are we going to do with all these honey squares?
Mama Bear: I think Papa has the answer to that.

Mama Bear: You're not really fond of Sleazo, are you?
Sister Bear: He kind of scares me.
Mama Bear: Well, the best thing to do when you're scared of something is to talk about it.
Sister Bear: I've been having bad dreams about Sleazo, Mama. In one of my dreams, he comes right out of the television set, laughing that scary laugh.

Say Please and Thank You / Help Around the Workshop [3.9]Edit

Papa Bear: Everyone gets grumpy once in a while, even me.

Sister Bear: It's very important to remember to say "please" and "thank you".
Brother Bear: Three little words that are easy to forget, but mean a lot.
Sister Bear: They mean a lot to everyone.

Papa Bear: What are the cubs forgetting, Mama?
Mama Bear: Something very important, Papa. Their please and thank you's.

Papa Bear: Mama has been trying to help me speed things up, but having to get her every time is slowing everything down to a snail's pace.
Brother Bear: And it's wearing out my feet.

Miss Grizzle: Lady Grizzly's birthday party isn't until--
Papa Bear: [enters the quilt shop] Next weekend.
Mama Bear: NEXT WEEKEND?! But, Miss Grizzle, you said on the phone that it was this weekend.
Miss Grizzle: I did? Oops! Well you know me, I always get mixed up sometimes.

White Water Adventure / Showdown at Birder's Wood [3.10]Edit

Too-Tall: There's nothing wrong with not knowing how to do something.

Teacher Bob: Birds aren't boring at all. Even though I see you're not exactly flying high about our new topic, I wouldn't want anybody trying to duck out of assignments or chicken out of our class trip.

That Stump Must Go / Draw It [3.11]Edit

Papa Bear: This stump has been here for years, and it spoils the appearance of my perfect yard. It's time to get rid of it once and for all. That stump must go!

Papa Bear: [after figuring out his problem] I guess there's always a good side to every problem.
Mama Bear: You just have to find it.

Mr. Drewberry: You know, learning to draw faces well is hard. Since it's difficult, there are things you must learn how to do first.

Papa's Pizza / The Female Fullback [3.12]Edit

Sister Bear: It's great that everybody likes and dislikes different things. It's all part of what makes each of us special.

Brother Bear: Liking and disliking different things may be part of what makes everybody special, but it really makes it hard to figure out what to feed them at a party.

Too-Tall: Maybe one of you guys would like a change. Ballet really isn't as hard as I thought.
Cousin Freddy: No thanks, Tutu... I mean, Too Tall.

Bears for All Seasons / Grow It [3.13]Edit

Papa Bear: When was the last time we all went to the swimming hole for a family swim?
Brother Bear: [chuckles] Swimming? But it's the end of October, Papa.
Sister Bear: Yeah, [giggles] it's almost winter.
Mama Bear: Not according to good old Mr. Sun, who's given us the gift of an unusually warm day.

Sister Bear: [sadly] I wish the weather was hot and sunny like yesterday.
Brother Bear: [sadly] Me too. Why did the weather have to change?
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: [in unison] Now there's nothing to do.

Papa Bear: Whatever kind of weather will be having tomorrow, I know we're going to enjoy it.

Sister Bear: I'm never falling into a thistle bush again, especially now that I'm going to be bald.
Brother Bear: You're going to be bald?!

Go Up and Down / Big Bear, Small Bear [3.14]Edit

Mama Bear: It's always a good idea to plan ahead and make a list of everything you might need so you won't forget anything.

Lizzie: I'll make a list.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] You don't catch fish with a list.

Mama Bear: [referring to Papa] Sometimes he's more of a cub than the cubs.

Mama Bear: Would you like some cereal, Brother?
Brother Bear: Umm...
[Brother sees that Papa is eating his breakfast]
Brother Bear: No thanks, Mama. I think I'll have some toast with honey and a cup of coffee.
Mama Bear: I don't think so.

[last lines of the series]
Papa Bear: Anytime. Your tool belt will be right here waiting.

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