The Beginning (1970 film)

1970 film by Gleb Panfilov

The Beginning (Russian: Nachalo) is a 1970 Soviet romantic drama film about a factory worker and a small-time actress whose life is transformed, first by falling in love with the married Arkady and then by being offered the lead in a movie about Joan of Arc.

Directed by Gleb Panfilov. Written by Gleb Panfilov and Yevgeni Gabrilovich.


Pasha. What do we do?
Movie director. Casting.
Pasha. Well, is it worth worrying, I already agree, without casting.

Pasha. I will play many roles. All the most difficult ones. I want Mary Stuart.
Katya. And who is she?
Pasha. The queen. They cut off her head.
Katya. How?! At all?
Pasha. At all.
Valentina. For what?
Pasha. For a beloved man.

Jeanne. What is their fault?
Sergeant. Deserters.
Jeanne. Where is your weapons?
1st deserter. There.
Jeanne. And your?
2nd deserter. I don't know…
Jeanne. Why? Answer.
1st deserter. It was scary, that's why!
2nd deserter. Jeanne, forgive me, I won't be like that... Forgive me, Jeanne!
Jeanne. Hang traitors up.
Sergeant. Both?
Jeanne. Both.
D'Olonne. Time to go, Jeanne. What happened to you?
Jeanne. (through tears) I'm scared...
D'Olonne. Time to go, Jeanne.
Jeanne. (firmly) A horse.
D'Olonne. A horse!
Jeanne. (mounted) Everyone who believes me, follow me.

Cauchon. So you're justifying a human? Do you think it is one of the greatest Divine miracles?
Jeanne. Yes.
Cauchon. You are blaspheming, Jeanne. Man is filth, meanness and obscene conduct.
Jeanne. Yes, sir. He sins. He gets sometime vile. And then, it is not known why, he throws himself across a rushing horse in order to save a child unknown to him, and dies with broken bones — calmly.
Cauchon. He dies like a beast, in sin.
Jeanne. No, sir. He dies shining, pure, and God is waiting for him smiling.


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