The Barefoot Contessa

1954 film by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

The Barefoot Contessa is a 1954 film about a Spanish dancer named Maria Vargas who becomes a Hollywood movie star with the help of washed-up director Harry Dawes.

Written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Harry Dawes edit

  • Life, every now and then, behaves as though it had seen too many bad movies, when everything fits too well - the beginning, the middle, the end - from fade-in to fade-out.

Alberto Bravano edit

  • To make a hundred dollars into a hundred and ten dollars - this is work. To make a hundred million into a hundred and ten million, this is inevitable.

Dialogue edit

Drunken, envious blonde [of Maria]: She hasn't even got what I've got.
Jerry: What she's got, you couldn't spell...and what you've got, you used to have.

Maria Vargas: In Hollywood, it is not easy to become a star.
Harry Dawes: Ah, where is it easy?

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