The Amazing World of Gumball (season 1)

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The Amazing World of Gumball (2011–2019) is an animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Gumball Watterson, a blue cat, and his goldfish best friend—adoptive brother 10-year-old Darwin, who attends middle school in the fictional city of Elmore.

The DVD [1.01]

Gumball: Can you provide inspirational leadership to a core team of thirty people, covering both national or international markets?
Darwin: Mmm, no.
Gumball: Wait! how about this one? "Looking for a person with no skills or training to serve as a scientific subject for the cosmetics industry."
Darwin: What does that mean?
Gumball: It means they'll put makeup on us and see if it looks nice.
Darwin: [Gasp] Kind of like modeling?!
Gumball: Yeah.
Darwin: I've always thought I'd make a good model.
Gumball: What makes you think that?
Darwin: My cheekbones.
Gumball: There are bones in there?
[Gumball pushes his hand into Darwin's cheek tighter and tighter, then]
Gumball: Oh, huh. There are.

Gumball: See, Darwin, you should always tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions.
[Darwin looks surprised, then punches Gumball in the arm]
Gumball: Ow!

The Responsible [1.02]

Gumball: So, how do you feel, Darwin?
Darwin: Pretty responsible. And you?
Gumball: I feel like a new man, a responsible man.

The Third [1.03]

[Gumball is struggling to make it up the road]
Gumball: Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ugh! Ugh! Agh! AGH!
[Gumball smiles as he thinks it is over but unfortunately it isn't, as more hills are shown from afar]
Gumball: AGH! [Echoing] GOSH....DARN IT!
[Scene fades to Gumball gradually going farther up the road as the day changes to evening]
Gumball: Ngh! Ngh! All because of those stupid ants and their stupid cookie! This is all their fault! [Mockingly] "Ooh! Look at me! I’m a third ant!" [Babbles] THOSE STUPID, STUPID ANTS! Oh! Made it to the top!

The End [1.05]

Gumball: Darwin, what are we doing here?
Darwin: Learning hard, so we can get a career, a home, and feed our children in the future.
Gumball: But there is no future, Darwin! We need to study and make the most of it RIGHT. NOW. Not listening to some baboon drone on about algebra or biology.

The Quest [1.07]

[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are in their bedroom]
Anais: Listen, Gumball, I am not spending the night without Daisy. You'll just have to go to Tina's place and get her back.
Gumball: Me?! But why?
Anais: Because....because....[Makes a cute face] Because you were the one who lost it in the first place.
Gumball: [Makes a cute face too] But I'm just a little boy, and she's a giant T-Rex.
Anais: But you are my big brother.
Gumball: But I don't want to get my face pounded to a pulp.
[Both of them continue to exchange cute faces at each other until Gumball gives in]
Gumball: Okay. I'll go.
Anais: Hahahaha!
Gumball: But you two are coming with me.
[Darwin and Anais both cheer in acceptance]

The Spoon [1.08]


The Pressure [1.09]

Darwin: [Whispering] Gumball!....
[Gumball looks under the table]
Darwin: [Whispering] I'm scared.....
Gumball: Darwin? I thought you ran away forever.
Darwin: I got hungry.....

Gumball: [Furious] What was THAT?!
Darwin: [Comes clean instead of being angry] This is all my fault, okay?... I... I owned up to Masami and asked her to go to the treehouse so I can kiss her, she was being manipulative I.... I backpedaled on my own... I... I didn't know what else to do... I'm sorry, Gumball.... [Walks off]
Gumball: Well, what are you gonna do now?!
Darwin: I know what I need to do, I know what I finally need to do to end all of this... [Leaves]
Gumball: W-What?....
Darwin: [Offscreen] I'm so sorry, man.....
Banana Joe: [With Tobias] And what happened to "pals before gals"?
Gumball: Look.... everything is cool, okay? I'll... I'll find a way to save him.
Banana Joe: You better, cause if you don't, we will.
[Banana Joe and Tobias leave]
Penny: [Passing by] Hi, Gumball.
[Gumball follows Penny happily while giggling]

The Painting [1.10]

Richard: [Whispers to Gumball] What did I just agree to?
Gumball: [Whispers back] You gotta get a job.
Richard: [Pulls his face in shock] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Nicole: Well, thank you, Principal Brown. We'll do our best.
[The Wattersons, minus Richard, leave the office. Principal Brown looks at Richard as his screams begin to die down.]
Principal Brown: Uh, Mr. Watter --
[Richard starts screaming again.]

The Laziest [1.11]

[Richard is snoring on the couch and Gumball awakens him]
Richard: Huh? Well, that was a pretty long timeout.
Gumball: Yeah, but now we've got somebody who can beat you -- Lazy Larry.
Richard: Lazy Larry, huh? Why, that's a name I haven't heard since the summer of eighty-three ....
Richard: Sorry... So, where is he?
Gumball and Darwin: Here!

The Mystery [1.13]

Gumball: I think cheese is better than cake, because you can have cheesecake, but you can't have cake cheese.

The Prank [1.14]

Gumball: Maybe we should just go outside again, this time through the front door.
Darwin: Good idea, Gumball!
Gumball: Okay, prepare to get wet.
[Gumball opens the door, but the bucket containing dried concrete falls in front of Gumball and Darwin almost hitting them]
Gumball: WHAT THE WHAT?!

Darwin: Gumball, what's wrong with you? You're hyperventilating! [grabs Gumball] Stop panicking, Gumball! Just calm down! (slapping Gumball) GET...A...GRIP! SNAP...OUT...OF...IT!!!
Gumball: CUT IT OUT! You're making it worse.
Darwin: Oh. Sorry. How's this? [rubs Gumball gently] Does that feel better?
Gumball: [calms down] Much better. Now hold me and tell me everything's gonna be okay.
Darwin: Everything's gonna be okay, buddy.
Gumball: How about a little kiss?
[Darwin kisses Gumball on the head. However, their moment of peace abruptly ends when Richard crashes through the wall, scaring them]
Richard: PRANK TIME!!

The Kiss [1.16]

Squirrel: Aww. Why so sad? You need to find your happy place!
Gumball: THERE IS NO HAPPY PLACE!!!! [The squirrel falls over from the loudness. Gumball starts sobbing] Oh, I'm sorry, little creature!
Darwin: [sobs] I'm sorry I couldn't help you forget.
[The squirrel starts sobbing as well]

Gumball: [Screaming] Aw man, that was intense.
Soup: Give us a kiss!
[Gumball wakes up for real]
Gumball: NOOOOO!!!!!
[Gumball and Anais scream; Gumball then stops screaming, and sighs three times]
Anais: Oh, come on! That's the fifth time tonight!

The Party [1.17]

Darwin: I feel awkward.

The Refund [1.18]

Darwin: [Shouts at Gumball in excitement] Come on! Put the game on!
Gumball: [Opens the disc tray] Come on, come on. [Gasps] Oh, there you are. [Attempts to insert the cartridge in the disc tray, but it obviously does not fit] There's something wrong with it!
Darwin: [Shouting] Try the other way around! [Shakes flippers]
[Gumball tries again, to no avail]
Darwin: [Shouting] Come on! Can't you see I'm practically flipping my flippers?
Gumball: What is that supposed to mean?
Darwin: [Anxiously flapping his flippers] IT MEANS PUT THE GAME ON!
Gumball: I can't! It's not working!
[Darwin stops flipping his flippers]
Gumball: [Looks at the game cartridge] I think we got stiffed.

The Robot [1.19]

Gumball: What’s that?
Bobert: It’s the algorithm for smile.
Gumball: Bobert... [throws Bobert’s smile algorithm away] You’ve got a lot to learn, If you want to be real, then you had to have proper emotions.
Bobert: Define emotions.
Gumball: You know... Like feelings and stuff.
Bobert: Define feelings.
Gumball: You know... When you feel things... Like pain.
Bobert: Define pain.

The Picnic [1.20]

Darwin: Did she say avoid or go through the Forest of Doom?
Gumball: [Sighs] What would I do without you, Darwin? She said go through the Forest of Doom. Am I right, or am I wrong, Miss Simian?

Gumball: Darwin, you know what's important in a situation like this?
Darwin: A map?
Gumball: [Laughs loudly, then sighs] No, teamwork.
Darwin: Oh. I was gonna say that next.
Gumball: Don't worry, buddy. You're part of my team, and I'm a born survivor!
Darwin: I'm glad I'm on your team! Hey, little squirrels! [Walks off]

The Sock [1.23]

Gumball: Hmm...Okay, I think I got it. You should always tell the truth, unless you have to lie, but if you do lie, you should tell the truth about it, unless you're talking to someone who's lying, because if they tell a lie and you tell the truth for once, then it'll be a lie because you were lying about telling the truth, inside of a lie, so the whole thing is a lie while you are still being true in your heart.
[Having overheated from all the exposition, Darwin's head explodes, and his body lies down to the floor]

The Wand [1.29]

[Gumball and Darwin are playing with a plastic toy wand that they got from a cereal box.]
Richard: [Gasps] Magic wand! [Runs, then falls over] Can I have a turn?
Gumball: Sure, but it doesn't really --
Richard: Cool! With this, I can make all my wishes come true. [Waves wand] My first wish is that this doesn't turn out to be a big fraud. Like that stupid wishbone!
Gumball: What wishbone?
Richard: Well, when I was a boy about your age...
[A flashback plays, where a young Richard and Granny Jojo break a wishbone.]
Young Richard: I wish that the sausages would fly into my mouth. [He opens his mouth, but nothing happens] Mom, I made a wish on the wishbone but nothing happened.
Granny Jojo: What did you think, that it was gonna come true? Magic isn't real.
Young Richard: [Gasps] You mean, it's a fraud?
Granny Jojo: Yeah, it's a fraud.
[Richard screams throughout his childhood, including his teenage years, which we hear him hitting puberty.]
Richard: [Voice-over] And I didn't stop screaming for 15 years.
[Richard can be seen screaming in his yearbook photo. As an adult, he screams at the movies, and finally, during his and Nicole's wedding. Flashback ends.]
Richard: I never believed in anything again. But I believe this will be different. Now, I've got some wishing to do! Hehe, hehe, hehe!

The Car [1.31]

Gaylord: This is what happens when you mess with Gaylord! [He and Margaret start destroying Richard's car] This is what happens! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! THIS... IS... WHAT... HAPPENS!
Richard: They look kind of angry, Gumball.
Donut Cop: Please, stop! Please!
[Margaret turns around, hissing, as she is about to assault the Doughnut Sheriff with the duster, making him more nervous]
Donut Cop: Please, ma'am, drop the duster! Please! No, ma'am! [Pulls out his taser] No, no! [Zaps Margaret]
[Margaret falls down, The Doughnut Sheriff realizes his mistake, and Gaylord slowly turns his head to see the electrocuted Margaret, assuming she is dead]
Gaylord: [In slow-motion] MARGARET!!
Donut Cop: No, sir! No, please!
[Gaylord angrily jumps over the Doughnut Sheriff, ready to attack him with the golf club, then camera cuts to the electrified Gaylord and Margaret]
Nicole: Maybe we should give them time to calm down.

The Curse [1.32]

Gumball: Well, it seems like it's just not my day, but that's ok, because it's nothing a good song won't fix! [Singing] When life hands you lemons, you gotta make some lemonaaaade... [Breathes in, about to sing louder, but is stepped on by Hector]

Banana Joe: Where did you get your clothes, the Lost and Found?! Hahaha!
Gumball: Well actually, yes, I did.
Banana Joe: Ohh, where did you get your clothes, the circus?! Haha!
Gumball: Dude, we kind of just went over this already, Lost and Found.
Banana Joe: Where did you get your clothes, the swim shop and the hat shop?! Hahaha!
[Principal Brown opens the door]
[Sees Principal Brown leaving him shocked, Banana Joe and Idaho walk away, Gumball smiles nervously at Principal Brown]

Darwin: Yay! I wished for snow!