The Adventures of Pete & Pete

American comedy television series

The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1993–1996) was an American comedy teen sitcom about two brothers named Pete which aired on the Nickelodeon cable channel.

  • "Did I ever tell you guys your the best family I know? I mean I'm making great time, I'm traveling with a great family....hey what do u say we do something special and make a pit stop! Bug juice on the house, and well even break out the paper plates!- Don Wrigley adressing his family in "King of the Road"

  • "You always see the truth in the shine." - Cecil Tucker (Pete and Pete)

  • "9 o'clock, and all is pipe!" Artie

  • "Hey a hot lather machine huh? Woo woo woo ingenius!"- little pete talking shit during "field of dreams"

  • "This is so much better than underpants… I used to look at all the flaws in the world and I'd think 'If I could make one thing perfect…', and then I did - underpants" ~ Inspector 34

  • "Passengers will refrain from KILLING MY SOUL!" ~ Bus Driver Stu Benedict

  • "Artie! The strongest man... in the world!" ~ Artie, The Strongest Man in the World

  • "I am the Doctor of Death, and I have come to cure you of your life." ~ Endless Mike Hellstrom

  • Older Pete Wrigley: I'll give you anything you want. You can destroy anything in the house, tear up the yard, anything.
Endless Mike Hellstrom: Anything?
Older Pete Wrigley: [thoughtfully] Anything.
Endless Mike Hellstrom: You got any... Neopolitan ice cream? [Older Pete nods] Good, Wrigley. Good

  • "Carrot-top Judas... THOU HAST FORSAKEN ME!" ~ Bus Driver Stu Benedict

  • "Pipe!" ~ Artie, The Strongest Man in the World

  • "Oohh sweet dark, sweet dark...the stars, don't you remember the stars? Oh the twinkly stinkly smelly belly stars"- Artie, in "the rangeboy"

  • "C'mon Pete, we gotta kill Bob while he's still alive!" ~ Don Wrigley

  • Park Ranger Thorsen: You got a license for that tattoo, son? [Young Pete shows him a license]
Young Pete Wrigley: Read it and weep, fungus-lick!

  • "Hey, Blowhole, wherever you are, in forty-five minutes I'm going to be famous. And you know what you're going to be? A blowhole!" ~ Little Pete Wrigley

  • "If you're gonna change something, I said change something that matters." - Little Pete Wrigley

  • "I just wanted to change the world but after a whole year of trying the only thing i changed was my underpants." - Little Pete Wrigley