Tempest (1982 film)

1982 film directed by Paul Mazursky

Tempest (1982) is an American comedy-drama film directed by Paul Mazursky, co-written by him and Leon Capetanos. It is a very loose adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, starring John Cassavetes as Phillip Dimitrius, Gena Rowlands as his wife Antonia, Susan Sarandon as his lover Aretha, Molly Ringwald as his daughter Miranda, and Raúl Juliá as Kalibanos.

Show me the magic.
Son-of-a-bitch! What I wouldn't give for a different nightmare.

Phillip Dimitrius edit

It's all here, dogbeauty, magic, inspiration … and serenity.
What have you got to be nervous about? Aside from the fact that you're nuts?
Bad. Bad… Phillip is angry.
You are God, Boss!
Gangsters are everywhere, business, sports, government — at least with Alonzo its all right out front.
  • Son-of-a-bitch! What I wouldn't give for a different nightmare.
  • Don't call me boss. … Don't call me boss at all. I don't want to hear any "boss" from you anymore, you understand?
    • To Kalibanos
  • Show me the magic. Come on, show me the magic.

Antonia Dimitrius edit

  • What have you got to be nervous about? Aside from the fact that you're nuts?
  • So that was truly, uniquely, disgusting.
    • After her husband's drunken behavior ends a party.
  • Well, there seems to be some question of authority on your island.

Miranda Dimitrius edit

  • Kids have no economic base. We're practically hostages.

Aretha Tomalin edit

  • I've forgotten what its like to be sad after sex.
  • Why don't we grab a bite to eat and I'll tell you my life story.
  • You know, the only reason I gave you my key was because I have an incredible fear of… you know… not giving my key to the one person I should give my key to, because they might be the perfect one — that's all.

Kalibanos edit

  • Sonovabitch storm coming.
  • I was boss before you show up!
  • I show you the olive and the fig and the sweetwater, and now you drowning me because my bonny johnny dance in my pants!
  • You are God, Boss!
  • You not God! Only God, God!

Alonzo edit

  • If you were a good doctor, you would find something wrong.
    • To his doctor Sebastian, after he declares him "fine."
  • I know that every moment may be my last, so I'm in one big hurry.

Harry Gondorf edit

Dialogue edit

I had the dream again.
Phillip: I had the dream again.
Miranda: I had a dream too. I dreamed I was smoking pot at a Go-Go's concert.

Phillip: I should have stayed home and watched Guy Lombardo on television.
Antonia: Guy Lombardo's dead.
Phillip: Really?
Antonia: Yeah.
Phillip: How sad.
Antonia: Yeah.
Miranda: Who's Guy Lombardo?

Miranda [at Alonzo's New Year's party] : I just saw John Travolta here!
Phillip: Who's John Travolta?

Miranda: There's Woody Allen!
Phillip: Who's Woody Allen?

Alonzo: I want this to be the greatest casino ever built. Every floor named after a Roman emperor, every suite named after a poet.
Phillip: What? No gods?

Phillip: All you have on your mind is sex.
Aretha: Well, six months is a long time to do without!

Kalibanos: I got surprise.
Miranda: No thanks.
Kalibanos: No, it's good surprise! Come! It's good surprise, it's secret!
Miranda: What's a secret?
Kalibanos: I got TV in my cave.

Kalibanos: I will eat you like this fig.
Miranda: Can't you ever stop? Eww!

Kalibanos: I want to touch... I want to kiss... I want to balanga you with my bonny johnny!
Miranda: You mean sex?
Kalibanos: I mean, I mean love, I mean agape!

Phillip: What a way to break a contract: trade your wife in for your job.
Antonia: That's low.
Phillip: Yeah. But its true.

Miranda: Kalibanos kissed me.
Aretha: Hmmm... What you do?
Miranda: I decked him.

Aretha: So he asked you to go up and see his TV huh?
Miranda: Yeah. … We have got to convince Dad to go.
Aretha: Well, sweetheart, it's not going to be that easy, you know.
Miranda: He's crazy isn't he?
Aretha: Yeah. Sometimes he's crazy, sometimes he's not, mostly he is.
Miranda: Then why do you stay?
Aretha: Ummm…folie à deux.
Miranda: Explain.
Aretha: Well that's a French expression, and what it means is… well when one person's nutty, and he's with another person, and pretty soon the other person catches the nuttiness… and then they're both nutty — well that's folie à deux.
Miranda: You mean love.
Aretha: Yeah.

Phillip: This is very difficult for me.
Aretha: Going to bed with me is very difficult?
Phillip: Not going to bed with you is very difficult. I can't do it. It's wrong. I came to give you back your key in person. You're one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. You're funny, and you make me feel good. But it's wrong. And my daughter is only part of it. I mean I have a long list of reasons. My life is very complicated right now. Five minutes after the sex, I'd be looking at my watch — and I don't even have a watch. Not that the sex wouldn't be wonderful. The sex would be incredible — of that I feel certain. It'd be the fourth of July. But I'd be thinking about my kid. I'd be thinking about my wife. I'd be thinking about storms, nightmares, waves, electricals. You understand?

Miranda and Aretha [shouting up to Phillip]: We're tired of being prisoners!
Phillip: Tough shit.
Miranda and Aretha: Oooh!… [both breaking into song] Ooh ooh ooh wah … why do fools fall in love?

Kalibanos: You're God, boss.
Phillip: I'm no god. I'm a monkey just like you.

Dolores: You know Gurdjieff don't you?
Antonia: Oh, intimately.

Dolores: My god, Harry, we could start an ideal society. Just think, no more wars. No more traffic jams.
Harry: Matter of fact, this might make a very good Club Med.
Dolores: Oh, Harry!

Harry: Who is the boss here?
Phillip: Harry, can't you live without a boss?
Harry: Probably not. I like taking orders.
Aretha: Well, then you came to the right place.
Harry: Yeah? Are you the big guy here, Phil?

Miranda: I've never been in love.
Freddy: I haven't either. [They kiss]
Miranda: I'm not on the pill, so I guess that's all there is.

Aretha: It's time to forgive.
Phillip: Are you my teacher or my pupil?
Aretha: Oh, I'm just a catholic girl from New Jersey whose destined to roam the Earth in search of Mr. Nice. In the meantime, you want to dance?

Phillip: So, how's baseball?
Antonia: There's a baseball strike.
Phillip: Oh. I knew that — I dreamt that. How's the cat?
Antonia: Pregnant.
Phillip: Forgive me.
Antonia: Okay.
Phillip: Just like that?
Antonia: I love you.

Phillip: Kalibanos.
Kalibanos: What Phil?
Phillip: Forgive me
Kalibanos: For what?
Phillip: Ahh — just forgive me.
Kalibanos: Okay, okay, okay.

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